• Guide To Hotel Design

    This is a series guiding you through what a hotel designer is, the different sorts of designers, and how to manage the design process. It will include sections on the different areas of the hotel and suggest criteria for their design. Articles will be illustrated with the authors photographs and video.

    Part 19: Using Colour

    Part 20: Colour In Interiors

    Part 21: Bar Design

    Part 22: Spa Design 1

    Part 23: Spa Design: The Treatment Room

    Part 24: Spa Design: Fitness

    Part 25: Look Backwards To The Future

    Part 26: Flooring and carpets

    Part 27: Top 5 essential tips for procuring a client’s decorative lighting

    Part 28: Essential fire safety protocols all hotels should follow

    Part 29: Top 10 architectural signage for the hotel industry

    Part 30: 5 tiling tricks to transform hotel interiors

    Part 31: Tips to make your hotel bathroom cost effective

    Part 32: How to Make an Oddly Shaped Bathroom Safe

    Part 33: The significance of art and photography within hotel design