Part 49: How to use mirrors in the guestroom

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    The right mirror in the right place can have a huge impact on the first perception of the room, explains Mirror Mania. It makes a big impression – a statement about the place where they are. It sets the standards of the room…

    Your guests want to be able to see their reflection clearly, in bright light. Mirrors should be in the view of natural light if possible – reflecting a window is perfect for reflecting a feature or stunning view too.

    Where to place mirrors

    In many cultures, mirrors have a superstition attached to them – especially when it comes to the placement. It’s up to you whether you decide to abide by things like not placing a mirror opposite the bed – but it does often work from an interior design aspect.

    Full length art deco mirrors

    A full length mirror is an excellent choice for a guest room. It gives your guests the best view of their outfit – and plenty of photo opportunities to post on Instagram. A full length mirror brightens up the space and gives it a feeling of luxury – which is only emphasised by the art deco style.

    Full length mirrors shouldn’t just be limited to guest rooms either: communal areas like the reception and corridor junctions are a great way to create the feeling of more space, fill empty walls and give your guests an opportunity to check their appearance before they leave.

    Art deco bathroom mirrors

    Arguably there’s no such thing as ‘too big’ when it comes to a bathroom mirror. If you’re going for a sleek and contemporary feel, an art deco mirror is the best way to go. Made to fit your exact requirements, our art deco mirrors combine a huge reflective surface with smaller, often tinted mirrors to create a stunning design that beautifully complements any modern interior.

    Your guests want a bright bathroom. It feels welcoming – and those extra touches can really create a feeling of luxury. Quality complementary products will always be appreciated. Be considerate of fixtures and fittings. Your bathrooms should always smell nice – reed diffusers work wonderfully and work well in most interiors.

    Inspired by luxury

    Each mirror we sell is handmade and designed exclusively for Mirror Mania by world-renowned mirror artist Phillip Orr. Taking inspiration from art deco styles, Phillip creates beautiful mirrors and mirror wall art inspired by luxury: chandeliers, diamonds, gold and glamour. A hand-crafted mirror looks glamorous and only adds to the luxury.

    Bespoke hotel mirrors

    At Mirror Mania, all of our mirrors are handmade to your exact requirements. We can also give you advice about the size and design of mirror if you’re struggling to decide. A beautiful mirror truly is an investment in your guest’s experience at your establishment. Create a lasting impression with a stunning hand-crafted mirror from our exclusive art deco mirror collection.

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