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    Part 63: designing garden tiles in luxury hotels

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    As Hotel Designs discusses outdoor design solutions for wellbeing and wellness, this month Hyperion Tiles reveals why porcelain garden tiles could provide the best flooring solution underfoot…

    Hotel outdoor space should no longer be seen as an afterthought. In fact, these days, this area is ripe for development. Creating a garden retreat in which guests can relax and unwind to enhance their wellbeing, is now huge in hospitality. Often, the hotel exterior can be the first point of contact a guest has with a hotel. So, the surrounding environment needs to be aesthetically pleasing for every visitor.

    Hyperion Tiles Pierre Porcelain Textured in Gris

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    Whether you’re considering a welcoming front entrance or striking outdoor pool area, porcelain garden tiles can instantly help to enhance these key areas with a stylish solution underfoot. So, consider the design of your outdoor spaces carefully and don’t forget to plan in your paving from the start. Then your guests can enjoy an indoor-outdoor sanctuary featuring plenty of style.

    Garden tiles for wellbeing

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    Alfresco entertaining has become more popular than ever and there are key benefits for spending time in the great outdoors. This has already been proven to be a mental health and mood booster. In fact, being outside can help to lower stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate, too. So, the more creativity and personal touches you add to your hotel outdoor space for guests, the better. After all, visitors will be more likely to enjoy their stay and return for more. And, as a result, this will put you one step ahead of your competitors.

    Porcelain perfection

    Porcelain is not only ultra-durable and slip-resistant, but it looks good and will be easy to maintain, too. You’ll also find these garden tiles will accommodate all weathers. So, they can be used for a variety of outdoor design ideas, from a practical path and patio to a stylish balcony or pool area.

    If you’re considering high-performance poolside perfection, porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water and pool additives and chemicals. These garden tiles also don’t need to be sealed like stone. Other key benefits include their resistance to colour-change. Sunlight, for example, will not affect their original colour and they can easily withstand frost. As a result, your outdoor space will not only look welcoming but it will stand the test of time.

    Patterned over plain 


    Hyperion Tiles Solar Porcelain Star Blue garden tiles

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    Patterned tiles can form some of the most exquisite flooring designs for exterior commercial projects. After all, this look has been inspired by luxury outdoor living. Patterned garden tiles also tend to be available in more colourful finishes, which will look good for years to come.

    Whether you’re looking for a more contemporary or rustic look, patterned tiles can also define a particular area, when it comes to garden landscaping. You can create instant patio appeal with an innovative patterned tile, for example. Or why not distinguish your walking areas with a particular tile style?

    If you’re looking for a more toned-down aesthetic poolside, a plain stone-effect paving tile could be ideal. These garden tiles still feature all the benefits you can expect from porcelain with a more natural effect. You can use them to create a classic or contemporary touch to your outdoor space. Think rooftop bars to terraces, with all the practicalities and aesthetics you can expect from a porcelain stone-effect tile.

    Indoor/outdoor garden tiles

    Hyperion Tiles Provence Porcelain Textured Cenere

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    Another key trend in hotel design is to expand your indoor space outside with the same tiles. This will instantly create a more cohesive finish and look suitably stylish, whether you run your porcelain garden tiles from the entrance to the lobby or from the restaurant to the pool. Simply choose from a variety of sizes and colours, to create a bespoke, luxurious space that will last a lifetime.

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