bathroom with white freestanding bath and crosswater mirror and lights

    Part 88: shifting expectations and hotel bathroom design

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    Tom Burdon, Director of Specification Sales & Projects at Bathroom Brands Group throws the focus on the shifting shapes and expectations in the hotel bathroom, along with some Crosswater design solutions…

    As hotel bathroom expectations evolve, the impact of design enhancing guest experience is not to be underestimated. Bathroom Brands Group works closely with hotels to specify products, putting luxury at the forefront of every project. More than simply functional spaces, hotel bathrooms are increasingly expected to be sanctuaries where guests can enjoy a relaxing experience and elevated escapism, and both boutique and brand hotels are seamlessly merging wellness and practicality in these spaces.

    Tom Burdon Bathroom Brands Group

    Image credit: Bathroom Brands Group

    Blurring the boundaries between luxury design and functionality has become a feature of contemporary bathroom design and it’s important to strike a balance between creating a bathroom that is visually impactful yet practical. Guest expectations on both a design and experiential level are becoming more and more, so hotel designers are pushing the boundaries. Seamlessly blending luxurious materials, sophisticated fixtures, and innovative features, designers are striving to create spaces that inspire guests and encourage interaction, while serving practical needs. Achieving this delicate balance is crucial in ensuring that guests feel indulged from the moment they step into the bathroom. When we work on specifications for luxury hotels, as with recent Ennismore, Montcalm, Hilton and Gotham openings, we strive to meet practical requirements while offering inspiration, as hotel bathroom projects are open to design innovation and consideration.

    patterned floor tiles below double vanity with round mirrors and lights from Crosswater

    Image credit: Crosswater

    Should we be injecting more personality into hotel bathroom designs? Absolutely. Hotel bathrooms offer the perfect opportunity to inject character and personality and push the boundaries of design. Embracing bold colours, distinctive textures, and unique materials can transform a functional necessity into a memorable part of the guest experience. Furniture and basins in an extensive colour palette, from pastel tones to chic earthy hues, the options are endless, allowing each hotel to showcase its distinct style.

    Form and function find equal balance with bathroom lighting that significantly impacts the overall ambience, functionality, and aesthetics of a hotel bathroom and elevates a guest’s sensory experience. When creating a spa-like haven, soft warm lighting is essential to create the right atmosphere. Thoughtfully designed lighting is being used more and more to accentuate luxury design features in hotel bathrooms, such as textured furniture and brassware. It can be used to cleverly draw attention to the finer details that define the space, rather than simply being a practical solution.

    moss green mottled shower and bathroom floor with pebble shaped illuminated mirror

    Image credit: Crosswater

    Illuminated mirrors are useful but can also be used to make a design statement. New Crosswater mirrors are available in various shape and size options so designers can choose mirrors that complement warm and cool metallic tones to match brassware and other accessories.

    The wellness trend for creating a spa-like hotel bathroom aesthetic is continuing to gain momentum and it’s here to stay. Beyond providing basic amenities, hotels are increasingly incorporating elements that promote relaxation and well-being, such as spacious showers with rainfall heads, luxurious baths, and ambient lighting, all becoming staples of modern bathroom design, promising a sense of tranquillity and serenity.

    Hotel designers are often looking to maximise space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Crosswater designs offer clever storage solutions and space-saving fixtures, ensuring hotel bathroom space is utilised effectively. Smart storage solutions and modular furniture, clever design touches and space-saving bathroom fittings – think wall-hung basins, vanity units, and toilets – work well in hotel bathrooms as they enable additional floor space, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

    Exclusive luxury and democratising design are both key elements in hotel bathroom design moving forward. Crosswater’s distinctive style for the next generation of bathroom design is characterised by meticulous design, high-performance materials and premium details. Offering luxury finishes, full bathroom solutions and an extensive range of colours – from brassware to furniture – our commitment to design helps hotel designers elevate the guest experience to new heights, leaving a lasting impression of an unforgettable experience.

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    Duravit main image - rimless toilet graphic and flowing water

    Part 82: tips on saving water in the bathroom

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    With more than 200 years’ experience in bathroom design and technology, Duravit is more than qualified to give us some industry tips around saving water in the bathroom…

    Climate change means we need to alter our relationship with water: The UN estimates that the global demand for water will increase by 55 percent by 2050, while the reserves of available water will decline. Greater awareness of this vital resource for everyday body care, showering, bathing, and flushing the toilet can significantly reduce both consumption and costs.

    Everyday water-saving tips

    Do not leave the water running when washing your hands, cleaning your teeth or shaving is a particularly effective way of reducing daily water usage. Taking shorter showers reduces consumption by approx. 12 litres per minute with conventional attachments. Repairing dripping or leaking faucets and attachments promptly or even to replace them with new, water-saving variants.

    Faucets and showerheads to save water and energy

    Innovative and water-saving solutions are the logical choice – whether you’re planning a new bathroom or refurbishing an old one. They
    contribute to sustainable water use in the bathroom without reducing comfort. Washbasin faucets with AirPlus technology enrich the water with air for a full, gentle stream while reducing both water and energy costs.

    The MinusFlow technology decreases the water consumption of washbasin faucets and hand showers by up to 40 per cent, and up to 60 per cent for showerheads.

    Using less water in general leads to lower energy consumption as large amounts of water are often heated before use. The single-lever mixers in the energy-saving FreshStart variant mean that coldwater flows when the lever is in the middle position, hot water is only introduced when the user deliberately moves the handle to the left. The energy-intensive production of hot water is then limited to situations where it is needed.

    Image caption: With the single-lever mixers in the energy-savingFreshStart variant, only cold-water flows in the middle position. The water is only heated when the lever is actively turned to the left. | Image credit: Duravit AG

    Image caption: With the single-lever mixers in the energy-saving FreshStart variant, only cold-water flows in the middle position. The water is only heated when the lever is actively turned to the left. | Image credit: Duravit AG

    Water-saving toilet technologies

    Rimless toilets with a reduced flush volume of 4.5 litres are easy to clean using small amounts of water. This is in part due to the innovative, easy-clean surfaces such as the WonderGliss coating or the HygieneGlaze antibacterial ceramic glaze amplify this effect. The smaller button on the actuator plates with two-volume flushing technology offers a flushing option of just three litres. The larger water quantity should only be chosen when it is really needed.

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    Main image credit: Duravit AG

    Commercial desk in gold

    Part 72: 4 artistic ways to use glass panels in hospitality design

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    Breaking down the barriers between art and surface design, Sally Coulden, Founder of Red Dog Glass Design, provides shares interesting ways to utilise glass panels in hospitality spaces…

    Surface design and emotional responses to art continue to be a topic of conversation amongst designers, particularly in the hospitality sector. Where hotel interiors may have once focused on functionality and mass appeal, we now have the opportunity to create something more interesting, crafting intimate spaces that speak to our guests’ hearts, not just their heads.

    It’s no secret that as we emerge from the pandemic, consumers are also increasingly looking for experiences and environments that nurture and nourish the soul. Here are four ways that Red Dog Glass Design will bring colour and personality to your hotel space through their decorative glass panels and splashbacks, featuring my original abstract art.

    1) Reception desk glass panel

    First impressions count! Set the scene and add immediate impact to your lobby area with a large installation across your reception desk. Using a piece of bespoke glass in this area creates an immediate sense of being somewhere special, subconsciously demonstrating to your guests that they are also something special. Depending on how you want your guests to feel, you can create a calming effect with monochrome tones and pastels or create energy with bold colours and forms.

    Black and white glass panel on the wall of restaurant

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    2) Restaurant glass wall panel

    Decorative glass art for walls can be used to great effect in a dining area, whether it’s your coffee shop or your fine dining restaurant. The presence of art in a restaurant is known to enrich the sensory experience of diners by adding visual stimuli to the taste sensation. A glass wall panel featuring original abstract art is visually stunning, but with the advantage of being highly durable and incredibly easy to clean.

    Pantone colour of the year surface in bathroom

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    3) Bathroom splashbacks

    Bathroom splashbacks serve many purposes, both practical and visual. Installing even a small piece of bespoke glass behind a sink can elevate a simple bathroom space into something luxurious. Red Dog Glass Design offer ready-to-install glass in a range of standard sizes and are a quick and easy way of updating a bathroom. If you’re looking to create lots of impact, consider a shower or bath splashback installation. Fully waterproof and without grout to get mouldy, a bespoke glass wall panel will make your space stand out from the competition.

    Red Dog Glass coasters

    Image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    4. Original abstract art coasters

    The easiest way to add something a bit different to your public spaces and bedrooms is with a Red Dog Glass Design original art glass coaster. Available in 19 designs, the coasters are heatproof and washable.

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    Main image credit: Red Dog Glass Design

    Black matte tap in modern bathroom

    Part 70: bathroom taps – things to consider when specifying

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    Beyond aesthetic qualities, there’s a lot to consider when specifying bathroom taps – more than you perhaps realise. To help us make sense of bathroom tap specification, the team at Duravit is here to give us a breakdown of what to prioritise – from water consumption to colour and texture…

    Various decisions need to be taken before buying bathroom taps as the variety of ranges is wide. They differ mainly in terms of design, function, and price, however, aspects such as durability and the economical usage of water and energy are becoming increasingly important.

    Timeless modern versatility of design

    Decisions on the installation of a new bathroom are primarily based on aesthetics, but it is worth noting that a bathroom tends to remain for around 15 years. Modern design is deeply rooted in Duravit’s DNA – product management, the internal development team, an international supplier network as well as external designers such as Philippe Starck, Kurt Merki Jr., Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and Bertrand Lejoly collaborate to develop taps and shower sprays. Duravit offers a wide range of design variants for differing styles and holistic bathroom design. There is something for every budget, at a consistently high design quality, and with the durable, easy-to-clean surface options Chrome and Black Matt.

    White Tulip by Phillip Starck tap

    Image credit: Duravit

    Tap applications for the whole bathroom

    Duravit offers single-lever mixers in a range of sizes (S–XL) with an optimum height for all washbasins, from handrinse basins through washbowls. As a complete bathroom supplier, Duravit aspires to offer something for every part of the bathroom: from the washbasin through the shower and bathtub, as surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions.

    The Duravit BlueBox®, a universal installation system for a range of tap designs (lever mixers or thermostats), is used for concealed installation. This allows the design decision to be taken even after the basic set has been installed. 

    Matching range of shower sprays

    Shower sprays are the perfect addition in every area – whether in the shower or on the bathtub.Duravit’s optimized range of shower sprays offers something for everyone. Hand showers and showerheads are available from a range of price points and feature different spray modes and surfaces. Functions such as EasyClean for ease of cleaning or the Click! technology for changing spray mode at the push of a button enhance convenience and comfort. A range of designs, from the classic, wide-diameter hand shower through the minimalistic hand shower wand with a cylindrical or square design also guarantee that the optics will be just perfect.

    As practical all-in-one-solutions, the shower systems work as a single-lever or thermostat variant and are ideal for renovation work as they do not require complex in-wall work.

    Duravit showers against grey backdrop

    Image credit: Duravit

    Comfortable operation

    Ergonomically designed handles that feel pleasant in the hand are a key feature in designing faucets that are comfortable and easy to use. This enables water quantity and temperature to be set exactly. Thermostat faucets for the shower and bathtub are available as an alternative to single-lever mixers: the advantage of these is that they can be set to the desired temperature, which ensures constant water temperature and irons out fluctuations in pressure.

    Sustainable economy functions

    The Duravit taps and shower sprays use intelligent technologies to offer concrete economic benefits. In the centre position, energy-saving washbasin faucets with a FreshStart function only produce cold water to start with. Hot water is only added when the handle is deliberately moved to the left. This reduces energy requirements and lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions as hot water is only used in situations where it is needed. Cold water is perfectly adequate for washing hands, cleaning teeth, and watering plants. 

    With a flow rate of 5.5 l/minute, all Duravit washbasin taps are sparing in their consumption of hot water and energy. The MinusFlow taps are more sparing still, with a flow rate limited to 3.5 l/minute. The AirPlus technology additionally adds air to the water jet, creating a gentle, voluminous stream. 

    There are also enormous potential savings for water and energy especially when it comes to showering: Compared to standard showers, Duravit MinusFlow hand showers have a reduced flow rate of up to 40 per cent, rising to as much as 60 per cent on the showerheads (MinusFlow showerheads = 9 L/minute, standard hand showers 15 l/minute, standard showerheads 25 l/minute).

    Quality and guarantee

    Duravit uses high-quality materials for all taps and reliable ceramic cartridges for a long service life. Before launch, the taps are subjected to stringent tests such as washing comfort and splashing behaviour. This guarantees the Duravit Best Match: A configurator developed in-house by Duravit that helps users find the best combination of taps and ceramics for any washing area. Duravit offers a voluntary five-year guarantee on all taps and shower sprays. Spare parts are kept available for a whole 15 years after each product line is discontinued.

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    Main image credit: Duravit 

    Main image credit: Duravit