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    Part 83: meeting upholstery fire regulations

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    Hotel Designs and Edmund Bell discuss how hotel interior designers can meet the global challenges around fire regulations without sacrificing on style…

    In hotel interior design, choosing the right upholstery fabrics is nothing short of an art. Upholstery fabrics not only determine the overall style and comfort of a space but also need to adhere to fire regulations that vary across the globe. Edmund Bell, a venerable name in the textile industry for more than 150 years, stands out as a champion in this field, offering a diverse range of fabrics that combine aesthetic excellence with stringent safety standards.

    The company’s legacy of textile manufacturing spans more than a century and a half, and it’s this wealth of experience that underpins their commitment to quality and innovation. Edmund Bell has consistently been at the forefront of fabric design, and their range of upholstery fabrics covers an impressive spectrum of styles, textures, and colours. These fabrics are not just beautiful; they’re built to withstand the rigours of daily use, making them an ideal choice for the demanding hospitality industry.

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    Meeting the global challenge of fire regulations

    Hotel interior design is a realm where safety can never be compromised. Yet, navigating the labyrinth of fire regulations, which differ from country to country and sometimes from region to region, can be perplexing for hoteliers. Fire-resistant fabrics are crucial to ensuring guest safety in the event of a fire, but the standards governing these fabrics are far from uniform around the world.

    Edmund Bell recognised the pressing need for a consistent, reliable, and globally applicable solution. In response, it has invested substantially in the development of an extensive line of fire-resistant upholstery fabrics and finishes. These fabrics have been meticulously crafted to meet, and often exceed, the strictest fire regulations worldwide.

    The company has its own fabric finishing mill dedicated to applying fire-resistant (FR) coatings to their upholstery fabrics. This in-house capability gives the team unparalleled control over the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of base fabrics to the final application of fire-resistant finishes.

    Inside the Edmund Bell factory

    Image credit: Edmund Bell

    This vertical integration not only allows for a high degree of quality assurance but also enables the company to maintain competitive pricing. It ensures that every yard of fabric leaving their mill is crafted to meet its rigorous safety and aesthetic standards.

    Edmund Bell’s upholstery fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with various international standards, such as the British Standard (BS), European Norm (EN), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fabrics are designed to inhibit the spread of flames and the release of harmful smoke and toxic gases, a pivotal feature in upholding guest safety.

    Hotels that operate across borders and regions face a formidable challenge: adhering to different fire regulations in different locations. This is where Edmund Bell’s fire-resistant fabrics shine. Its products and fabric FR finishes are designed to be globally applicable, offering the peace of mind that comes from a consistent, high quality solution regardless of where your hotel is located.

    Edmund Bell’s fire-resistant upholstery fabrics have found their place in hotels across the globe, from the UK and Europe to North America, the Middle East, and Asia. This global presence is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing a product that consistently meets the diverse regulatory requirements encountered in the hospitality industry.

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    Image credit: Edmund Bell

    Customisation and aesthetics

    Edmund Bell understands that while safety is paramount, aesthetics remain central in hotel interior design. Its fire-resistant fabrics come in an array of colours, patterns, and textures, giving interior designers the creative freedom to align with the hotel’s unique style and ambiance without compromising safety.

    Moreover, the brand’s offers a high degree of customisation. Its team work closely with interior designers to craft solutions that seamlessly blend with the hotel’s design concept. This flexibility ensures that the fire-resistant upholstery fabrics do not just meet safety standards but also become an integral part of the overall design narrative.

    In the world of hotel design, choosing the right upholstery fabrics is no longer a matter of compromise. With Edmund Bell’s fire-resistant upholstery fabrics, safety and style harmoniously coexist, ensuring that hoteliers can prioritise guest safety while maintaining the individuality and creativity that defines their interior spaces.

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    Main image credit: Edmund Bell