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First look: Modieus launches Makers’ Mark rug collection

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First look: Modieus launches Makers’ Mark rug collection

Makers’ Mark is a collection by Modieus of unique rug designs inspired by the process of making art. The brand’s latest body of work began with the design team experimenting with a series of traditional artistic techniques – dedicating time to painting, creating collages and drawing. The team then took their original artist work and digitally manipulated the images to achieve an immersive and interactive art experience…

New from Modieus, the Makers Mark Collection is defined by the lines, dots, marks, patterns and textures they create in artwork. It can be loose and gestural, controlled or neat. It can apply to any material used on any surface: paint on canvas, ink/pencil on paper, scratched mark on plaster, digital paint tool on a screen, a tattooed mark on skin can be a form of mark making.

The end result is nine encapsulating art stories. From colour blurs to graffiti and stylised monochromatic graphic effects, this unique collection of rug designs belongs in an art gallery. The collection launches on Modieus Instagram account on June 16th. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at what to expect.

Established in 2015, founder, Xander Okhuizen has assembled an expert team to deliver unrivalled commercial flooring solutions. Backed by an extensive global network, Modieus provide exceptional, contemporary flooring throughout Australasia, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe.

Spontaneous mark

Spontaneous Mark – Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Colour Blur

Colour Blur - Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Grid and Blocky Arrangements

Grid and Blocky Arrangements

Image credit: Modieus

Feel the Mark

Feel the Mark - Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Colour Sharp Movements

Colour Sharp Movements - Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Graffiti Combined with Systems

Minimal scene with podium and abstract background. Geometric shapes. Pastel colors scene. Minimal 3d rendering. Scene with geometrical forms and textured background for cosmetic product. 3d render.

Image credit: Modieus

Collage Colour

Collage Colour

Image credit: Modieus

Collage Black & White

Collage Black & White - Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

Digital Distort

Image credit: Modieus

Modieus is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Modieus

TSAR Retreat Collection—Shoreline Axminster Carpet

“A Designer’s ‘Retreat’ – the carpet collection inspired by Covid-19

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“A Designer’s ‘Retreat’ – the carpet collection inspired by Covid-19

We have always been impressed with the relevance of TSAR Carpets’ collections, but this is something else… The carpet brand launched a collection during that oozes tranquility and harmony for designers during the Covid-19 crisis. Grab a coffee and let’s take a look…

TSAR Retreat Collection—Shoreline Axminster Carpet

In Autumn 2020, months after governments around the world closed their boarders and populations were instructed to work from home, TSAR Carpets innovatively launched the Retreat collection, which translates ink-on-paper artworks and biophilic water motifs into new Axminster carpet designs.

TSAR Retreat Collection—Ocean Song Axminster Carpet (blue carpet)TSAR’s Melbourne-based Head Designer, Ross Cleland, channeled his creative exploration during Covid-19 lockdown into a series of soothing and biophilic floor covering designs. Centered around the concept of “The Future of Hospitality,” TSAR’s Retreat Axminster carpets use natural bodies of water as inspiration to add visual movement and flow underfoot.

By using interchangeable colours, each design can take on a new meaning and purpose, as the fluid designs are responsive to a building’s architecture and add a bespoke element to an interior context.

Available since October 2020, the collection is sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

The Retreat collection joins the brands impressive and dynamic ranges of carpets, including the Chromatic collection and the Sierra Collection.

TSAR Carpets, which is an Industry Support Partner Hotel Designs, is a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, it is now a global company recognised for its passion for textiles and its profound knowledge of the handtufted technique. TSAR delivers bespoke floor coverings for high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial environments worldwide.

Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

Classics reimagined: Triumphantly tenacious tartan

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Classics reimagined: Triumphantly tenacious tartan

Wilton Carpets explore textile design’s long and chequered relationship with tartan…

Textile historians date tartan as far back as 8th Century BC in central Europe with the earliest documented tartan find in Britain dating from 4th Century AD. We have a very long relationship with this textile, interwoven with our social and military history.

Rather than waning, tartan continues to offer great inspiration for interior and textile design; from golf clubs, country house hotels to mansion blocks and in private homes. Wilton Carpets is about to launch a new collection of tartans, celebrating its rich history and reimagining it in fresh, cool takes on this enduring design motif.

“Within the boundaries of Tartan we wanted to show the full spectrum of the aesthetic,” explains Damian Roscoe, Design Director, Wilton Carpets. “From subtle, sophisticated tone on tine patterns suitable for guestrooms to more avant-garde expressive designs that would look amazing in larger spaces. The purity of Tartan is it’s beauty but this doesn’t stop you introducing other elements and themes to create something even more beautiful.”

Woven in Wiltshire, in quality axminster carpet, this new collection will be launched in April offering a great range of tartan inspiration.  As these carpets are woven to order, the Design Studio at Wilton are able to offer a semi-bespoke service meaning the designs can be recoloured to suit specific colour schemes.

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Main image credit: Wilton Carpets

Pink room with TSAR carpets

Product watch: TSAR launches the Chromatic carpet collection

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Product watch: TSAR launches the Chromatic carpet collection

Talk about taking art outside the frame… the Chromatic carpet collection by TSAR distills feelings of otherworldly escapism into new Axminster carpet designs…

Pink room with TSAR carpets

With the A/W 2020 Chromatic collection debut, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets offers end-users reprieve from a troubled world through a synesthetic experience that evokes feelings of optimism and delight.

Centered around the concept of “the future of hospitality” – a theme explored during Hotel Designs LIVE last month – the state-of-the-art collection is an experiential approach to defining transitional public spaces in a socially distanced landscape, filtered through playful prisms of surrealism, futurism, and fantasy.

Available since November 2020, the collection is sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

Rooted in digital abstraction and translated into reality by TSAR’s 30 years of manufacturing expertise, the Chromatic collection comprises six distinct patterns that feature both harder-edged geometric patterns as well as organic liquid forms — each utilising signature gradients and the integration of a full-spectrum of mood-altering colour, thoughtfully selected to emphasise the characteristics of each design and naturally compliment the designs.

Image of blue funriture on blue/green/purple carpet

Image credit: TSAR Carpets

Drawing inspiration from visions of futurism and fantasy, this surreal and abstract collection supports an emerging design trajectory in the world of high-end hospitality, and is suitable to a wide variety of highly-trafficked public spaces including hotels, corporate offices and event centres.

“With Chromatic, my objective was to create a visually-intriguing collection that elicits a sense of elation and happiness, offering an aspirational escape from the current state of the world,” said Andrew Cenita, TSAR’s New York-based designer who created each digital pattern in Adobe Illustrator. “For this collection TSAR’s goal was to introduce a new experimental aesthetic into our ready-made offering, providing our customers with a high-quality product that serves various hospitality interior applications and beyond.”

long corridor in a hotel with blue/green carpet

Image credit: TSAR Carpets

In the wake of Covid-19 mitigation strategies, the Chromatic collection’s unique ‘gradient mapping’ attributes provide interior designers with new tactics in the creation of human-centered spaces. Leveraging TSAR’s Axminster broadloom custom-carpet design workflow, designers may apply these custom-colour gradients to create bespoke floor-based way-finding systems and social distancing markers, demarcating private zones from transitional spaces like corridors and circulation areas. Specification, colours, and image scale can also be customised to suit any project scheme.

In bringing the collection’s launch to life, TSAR partnered with 3-D Artist Joe Mortell and creative director Charlotte Taylor to develop a suite of digital stills and animations depicting the collection within a series of futuristic hospitality and interior environments. Following a successful collaboration with Joe on the visual assets for TSAR’s Spring 2020 Circ collection, Andrew re-approached Joe, as well as Charlotte, during the design and conceptualisation process of the collection. Attracted to each designer’s ability to balance realism with a fantastical and otherworldly design approach, the visuals represent a seamless shared vision between Joe, Charlotte and TSAR’s creative team. Generating a compelling universe of realistic spaces, each image expresses a captivating and colourful digital world that compliments abstract objects and furniture vignettes with each Chromatic rug design.

The collection is available in the following patterns: Reveal, Ripple, Ember, Aurora, Neo and Lucid.

TSAR Carpets, which is an Industry Support Partner Hotel Designs, is a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, it is now a global company recognised for its passion for textiles and its profound knowledge of the handtufted technique. TSAR delivers bespoke floor coverings for high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial environments worldwide.

Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

Image of rug in a lounge-like setting

Product watch: Wilton Carpets unveils the Vignette collection

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Product watch: Wilton Carpets unveils the Vignette collection

Close working relationships with clients has meant Wilton has always produced bespoke rugs for specific projects, but increased demand has inspired them to put together this collection of stylish commercial rugs…

Image of rug in a lounge-like setting

Designed to look great and wear well in commercial environments, Vignette from Wilton Carpets is available with short lead times and with attractive volume discounts.

The cool, contemporary rug collection includes a suite of 14 dynamic rugs offer flexibility for the design scheme and usable, durable colourways. At the start of the brief, Design Director Damian Roscoe reached for original inspiration.“When looking for inspiration for a rug collection the designers at Wilton decided to go back to the very origins of the art form, he explained to Hotel Designs. “No matter where a rug would have come from, all told a story and as such all had symbols, motifs and meaning. The Figurine, The Amulet and the Tree of Life are just three of many such concepts. Our designers took these ideas and developed themes, colourations and patterns that embody these origins.”

Anchored to carpet heritage, but looking to the future, Wilton wove these stories into modern design and palettes, drawing inspiration from Pantone colours of the year; a vibrant yellow and the strong warmth of the most enduring grey, and the re-emergence of bold abstracts in pattern design. As design turns away from the trend for minimalism, and re-engages with the ‘more-is-more’ philosophy of design, the rugs are striking abstract pieces featuring vivid colours and unique shapes, in line with that design direction.

While brave tones and abstract shapes are red hot for the coming year, the enduring appeal of calming, restorative natural neutrals offers balance in this collection. Inspired by the natural and ethereal, there are elements of this collection which encourage a connection with landscape, imagination and wellbeing.

Woven to order in its Wiltshire factory, this rug collection is manufactured in contract quality, offering superb lifetime value. Customisable, and ready for delivery when you need them, the Vignette range provides a cost-effective lift to your interior scheme.

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Main image credit: Wilton Carpets

Image of guestroom, modern, with blue carpets

Product watch: TSAR Carpets introduces Sierra Collection

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Product watch: TSAR Carpets introduces Sierra Collection

Hotel Designs learns more about the recently launched Sierra Collection by TSAR Carpets, which is described as an ‘exploration in woven process and natural textures’… 

Image of guestroom, modern, with blue carpets

A global industry leader in luxury custom-made carpets and rugs, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets is pleased to introduce the new Sierra Collection, a series of broadloom wool-rich Axminster carpet designs inspired by mountainous terrains and desert landscapes. Available February 2021, the collection will be sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

While keeping in line with TSAR’s signature use of bold and signature designs, the Sierra Collection transforms the company’s vision for the future of hospitality, commercial and residential projects into paired-back contemporary statements teeming with topographical dimension. The collection features an array of natural, earthy tones in five distinct patterns, ranging from geological motifs to glacial-like elements that offer a sense of tranquility and fluidity.

“The Sierra Collection was first and foremost inspired by Iceland’s historic and impressive female-led weaving industry and the natural beauty of the country’s stark and craggy landscape. That investigation further spurred interest in bringing to life additional rugged and arid landscapes worldwide — from California’s Coachella Valley to the rugged cliffs of the Shire at Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne,” says Charlotte McGeehan, a trained weaver and TSAR’s in-house designer. “The ultimate goal of the collection is to ground the end user, while providing a high-performing and luxuriously comfortable experience underfoot.”

The collection’s textures were derived from an array of McGeehan’s experimental and labor-intensive hand, seersucker and jacquard weaving techniques, which were then digitally translated into broadloom Axminster carpet designs. Incorporating 80 per cent New Zealand wool — a durable material thanks to the fibre’s unparalleled diameter and strength — the collection is suitable for a wide variety of highly trafficked public spaces as well as residential environments. Specification, colours, and scale can also be fully customised to suit any project.

“TSAR’s thirty years’ of manufacturing expertise combined with our unique vertical integration practices — from sourcing raw material in fleece form and spinning the yarn to our own specification, to the dyeing and sampling process — results in exceptional consistency and quality control, “says McGeehan. “Like the enduring terrain that inspired the Sierra Collection, each hardwearing carpet is built for longevity.”

In bringing the collection’s launch to life, TSAR partnered with Italian image production studio Nova Visualis (@novavisualis) to create a series of digital vignettes that reflect the collection’s terrene ethos and intended end use. Nova Visualis, known for their creative direction and technical precision, designed five dynamic renders that imagine the collection in various trend-forward hospitality and residential environments. The end result is a suite of visual settings that evoke a transportive and serene experience.”

TSAR Carpets, a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs, is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here.

Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

close up flowers brown sml

Case study: adding personality in the carpets at Grantley Hall

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Case study: adding personality in the carpets at Grantley Hall

Carpet manufacturer Wilton was commissioned to design and supply the carpet for the listed Yorkshire gem Grantley Hall, an exquisite space that dates back to 1680…

close up flowers brown sml
Formally a private home, the owners of Grantley Hall were determined the property would retain the sumptuous extravagance of its past during its conversion to a five-star luxury destination.  The complete refurbishment of Grantley Hall Hotel into one of the country’s most desirable places to stay has been completed with individually designed, exquisitely crafted Wilton carpets.

Outside image of Grantley Hall

Image credit: Grantley Hall

“The brief was very demanding in terms of the final finish; the client wanted to achieve the highest possible rating and as such, every aspect of the interior had to live up to those exacting standards both in terms of design and product quality.”

Set in the outstanding natural beauty of Yorkshire, and bordered by historic woodland, the estate boasts extensive landscaped gardens, a kitchen garden and an English Heritage listed Japanese Garden. The team at Grantley was keen to reflect the splendour of outside in the opulent indoors.

To know more about Grantley Hall, why not also read our feature on renovating its public areas with stylish lighting?

A creative approach

All of the designs had to have a timeless quality with contemporary styling. Damasks were fused with herringbones with subtle, luxurious grounds and bold accent pops. Grand florals were used to bring the flora from the surrounding gardens into the property.

The Skykes family, who own the property, trusted the Wilton team to explore adventurous design concepts to elevate the sumptuous interior to even greater heights. Colour and design was tailored to the style and tone of each room.

Solution delivered

5,400sqm of axminster carpet was delivered to Grantley hall. Lavish 7×11 row quality throughout the public areas, including four restaurants, three bars, lounges and gym and spa suite, and 7×9 row quality through the 47 luxury guest bedrooms and suites.  We delivered over 20 bespoke designs to this unique, heritage building, using bespoke colours throughout.

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PRODUCT WATCH: Stock Collection by Ulster Carpets

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PRODUCT WATCH: Stock Collection by Ulster Carpets

The collection by Ulster Carpets is full of quick contract carpet solutions…

Ulster Carpets understands that many projects require quick turnaround times and speedy delivery. That’s why many of its stock ranges are becoming ever more popular within the commercial market.

From contemporary styles to traditional elegance, the diversity of Ulster’s stock ranges means there is a stock collection to suit every type of project and the quality, extensive colour and design options will leave interior designers spoilt for choice.

Here’s a look at some of the stock designs on offer:

  • Vescent – The eclectic new contract stock collection features six contemporary designs – Linea, Arbor, Nebula, Calx, Vapor and Nexus – in 21 colourways. The neutral colour palette reflects modern textile trends, while a flash of colour is added for those seeking something different. From structured designs to more organic styles, the secret to the success of Vescent is the diversity of the collection.

  • Fusion – Striking patterns and colourways that have been designed to make an impact set Fusion apart. The selection of blues, greys and neutrals are perfect for current colouring demands, while the scale of the bold designs is tempered by the use of texture to accentuate the softness and practicality of the axminster pile.


Image credit: Ulster Carpets

  • The Mix – this collection, typifies our core values of design, excellence, customer focus and outstanding product quality. Designed exclusively to meet the varied demands of the international hospitality industry, The Mix consists of 8 contemporary designs that are as eye-catching in public areas as they are in guestrooms.

Image credit: Ulster Carpets

As well as design choice, Ulster also provides quality. As we control every aspect of the manufacturing process, we can guarantee the quality of every carpet. Carpets in the Stock Collection are manufactured in a hard wearing combination of 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon in a variety of colour matching widths making them perfect for a wide range of busy contract applications, including bedrooms and suites; corridors; meeting rooms; and public areas.

Vescent, Fusion and The Mix are just three examples of our comprehensive stock collection, giving you an unrivalled level of choice.

Ulster Carpets is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here

Main image credit: Ulster Carpets

PRODUCT WATCH: Ulster Carpets’ design portal

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PRODUCT WATCH: Ulster Carpets’ design portal

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or hotelier finding that all important inspiration is key, and that is where Ulster Carpets’ Design Portal can make all the difference…

Inspiration comes in many forms. It could be a stunning view from the top of a mountain, a sparkle that catches your eye in the mundane grey of a city’s concrete jungle or these days your own abode.

Packed full of more than 9,000 designs, the company’s online archive is easy to use and is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

You can get a sense of what is currently on-trend by taking a look at some of the most recent designs from the brand’s creative teams based across the world or browse the Gallery, where Ulster Carpets showcases some of our stunning installations.

Image credit: Ulster Carpets

If you want some ideas for organic designs, Japanese form or mineral styles, then you can browse the comprehensive Collections that have been expertly curated by the company’s own archivist.

Styles also have a habit of returning, so the archive is also a great place to look. It contains thousands of different designs ranging from Abstract and Art Deco to Classical, Floral, Contemporary and many more.

Design Portal is also fully searchable using key words or by design numbers while you can also create your own favourites to keep for future reference.

Image credit: Ulster Carpets

Once you’ve found the design you want, you can even recolour it to suit the project you’re working on. If we have created a custom design for you, then these can also be uploaded into your individual collection. You can then use our standard or neutral tuft boxes to choose from more than 650 colours and recolour to your heart’s content. A sample of your new creation can be requested on the fast three-day turnaround to assist you with your project development.

In terms of designs and colours, Design Portal offers an abundance of choice and a plethora of inspiration, so why not make the most of it?

If you would like to be inspired and enjoy the benefits of Design Portal but don’t have an existing username and password email marketing@ulstercarpets.com to find out more.

Ulster Carpets is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here. And, if you are interested in also benefitting from this  three-month editorial package, please email Katy Phillips by clicking here.

Main image credit: Ulster Carpets

CASE STUDY: Designing the carpets for Tewkesbury Park

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CASE STUDY: Designing the carpets for Tewkesbury Park

Brintons Carpets, together with ADS design, have designed stunning, high-performance axminster carpets for independent luxury country resort, Tewkesbury Park…

The resplendent 18th century manor house, Tewkesbury Park, with some later additions, sits proudly above the historic riverside town of Tewkesbury, which is famous for its battle in 1471. Over the last couple of years, under new ownership, the hotel has undergone a major renovation and refurbishment, resulting in a wonderfully intimate yet stylish space for guests torelax and unwind.

The modern glass fronted extension by Bristol architects Childs & Sulzmann with interior design overseen by ADS Design, includes a £3 million suite for conferences and events such as weddings. Built in just under a year, it was the fourth stage of the independent hotel’s £9 million investment. ADS Design worked on the new Cotswolds Suite and Berkeley Bar. The overall brief was to design a timeless yet luxurious and welcoming hotel. Brintons was commissioned by the design firm to create bespoke carpets for the new conferencing areas. “Our aim was to create an exciting, multi functional space for events, appealing to both corporate clients and weddings,” said interior design at ADS Design, Rachel Eaton. “The large conference room with full height glazing has amazing views of the Gloucestershire countryside and features a Cotswold stone wall to add texture and depth, these tones are reflected in the carpet design. The space can be divided into smaller spaces for a variety of functions and works well with the adjoining Restaurant and Bar which feature deeper colours, subtle plaids and rich velvet upholstery, the flexible lighting changes to create a daytime or evening atmosphere.”

The Cotswolds suite is a large function room and exclusive-use bar accommodating both wedding and business functions. It is a largely glass structure that provides panoramic views of the countryside. The design theme is classic and timeless incorporating a colour palette of steely blues and golden honey hues, reflecting the generous sense of light and space.

“The pattern has Gothic undertones helping to link the story back to the old manor house.” – Senior creative designer at Brintons, Jane Bradley-Bain.

“We selected Stacey Garcia Dark Fairy Tale for its classic design but treated in a contemporary way, by using a modern neutral colour scheme it combined the two areas giving a flexible interior that spans classical and modern themes equally suitable for all events,” said senior creative designer at Brintons, Jane Bradley-Bain. “The pattern has Gothic undertones helping to link the story back to the old manor house.”

Brintons worked alongside Eaton to create an inviting and opulent atmosphere supplying bespoke carpet for the recently refurbished function rooms, meeting rooms, corridors and Berkeley bar. Sumptuous designs from the Stacey Garcia Dark Fairytale collection were selected to complement the upscale interiors. The collection offers designs embellished with shadowy imagery, forest tones and dark feminine motifs which complement the history of the surrounding area and are reflected in subtle elements of Tewkesbury’s medieval past.

Manufactured using Brintons signature axminster blend of 80 per cent wool 20 per cent nylon to provide a durable and stylish carpet that will withstand footfall over a prolonged period of time. Brintons’ carpets contribute to the intimate and welcoming ambience that ADS Design aimed to create.

Main image credit: Tewkesbury Park

PRODUCT WATCH: A Super-fast carpet full of spirit

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PRODUCT WATCH: A Super-fast carpet full of spirit

Spirit is the latest Ready to Go woven axminster collection from Wilton Carpets, bringing all-over interpretations of repeating geometrics inspired by Greek key patterns…

Impressively versatile, thoroughly modern and perfect for hotels seeking a glamorous deco feel, Spirit comes in three strong patterns that add poise and purpose to corridors, receptions, lounges and guest bedrooms.

Using the rich and luscious colour combinations found in Wilton’s Creations colour palette, Mettle, Moxie and Magic bring an intoxicating and captivating carpet for hospitality interiors.

“Spirit captures the elegance of the Art Deco era for a look that is ideal for hotels wanting to create a rich and lavish interior,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton Carpets. “From the gold and grey combinations in Mettle Demerara to the midnight and gunmetal of Moxie Black, we’ve given Spirit great depth throughout, ensuring it can lend its sophisticated and luxurious period feel in traditional and modern interiors alike.”

Designed and made in Britain, Spirit comes in an enduring eight-row woven axminster construction that’s ideal for all-round use. Crafted from a high-quality, wool-rich blend that delivers superb appearance retention, as part of the Ready to Go collection, Spirit is available in a super-fast turnaround of just 14 days and with no minimum order.

Main image credit: Wilton Carpets

Sensitively carpeting Grade-I listed Hawkstone Hall Hotel

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Sensitively carpeting Grade-I listed Hawkstone Hall Hotel

Brintons’ sensitive approach to hotel design was required when sensitively creating the timeless interiors inside Hawkstone Hall Hotel, a 37-key luxury abode that has emerged following a two-year restoration…

Grade-I listed 18th century Hawkstone Hall, which is owned by The Distinctly Hospitable Group, has been sympathetically restored over a two-year period and has now opened as a hotel for the first time in its 550-year history.

Located in the beautiful Shropshire countryside and set within 88 acres of gardens, the country mansion, which was originally built as a stately family home, features ceilings gilded with gold, sweeping staircases, four-poster suites and a private Chapel.

The Distinctly Hospitable Group decided to undertake a multi-million renovation of the building and re-open it as a luxury boutique hotel, with designer Kay Petrouis overseeing the renovation. The interior styling results at the newly- opened hotel have been breathtaking, Kay used an English heritage colour palette throughout the property to suit the listed period details and the Georgian manor has been restored to its original splendour, with many original features being reinstated.

The main hall hosts 12 sumptuous suites, all of which are named after British artists, writers, poets, and playwrights. Adjacent to the main building, The Orangery Wing has also undergone complete renovations, encompassing a further 25 bedrooms. Inside the rooms, colour tones mirror that of the main hall using the soft hues of duck-egg blue and calamine pink.

Jane Bradley-Bain, Brintons senior creative designer created bespoke, contemporary carpet designs for the Guest Suites within Hawkstone Hall featuring a warm grey and blue colour palette. The chosen designs capture the latest trend by taking a traditional design form and then giving it an abstract treatment to create a distressed classic elegance. Jane also developed a timeless classic motif design for the Library room using a cool neutral palette, the custom designs complement the sophisticated and contemporary interiors bringing a modern element that harmonises with the period of the building.

Amber Kashan from Brintons Renaissance stocked collection was selected by designer Nasim Köerting at Studio Köerting for the Byron Suite, the intricate large-scale design in bold, rich opulent colours is inspired by the golden age of Persian art and literature and compliments the mansions grand interiors. The design was also used in hotels bar area and snug.

“It was an absolute pleasure to design in a exceptional Grade-I listed building like Hawkstone Hall,” said Köerting. “We were able to create a real fairytale space. Brintons were flexible and could work within our building constraints like creating beautiful edged rugs to protect the original timber plank flooring.”

Traditional trellis patterns from Brintons QuickWeaveTM collection were chosen for key public areas including the Ceremony Room, corridors and reception, the trellis designs treated with texture provides a modern but contemporary feel.

The designs throughout the hotel vary, so each fitted carpet suits the specific finished space accordingly. Designs are classic patterns which harmonise with other interior surfaces and materials.

Main image credit: Aubadecreative

Brintons archive helps transform Queen Victoria’s rooms at Kensington Palace

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Brintons archive helps transform Queen Victoria’s rooms at Kensington Palace

Recommended Supplier Brintons, which was awarded the Royal Warrant at the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in 1958, was involved in helping to transform the rooms in Kensington Palace…

Childhood home of Queen Victoria and home to young royals for over 300 years, Kensington Palace is now a building of two halves, with the parts open to the public cared for by Historic Royal Palaces, an independent charity.

On May 24 1819 at Kensington Palace, Queen Victoria was born. On 24th May 2019, her 200th birthday, the home of her youth re-opened to visitors after a major makeover in the form of a new semi-permanent display called ‘Victoria: A Royal Childhood.’ As part of the work to recreate the rooms where Victoria grew up, Historic Royal Palaces curators carried out extensive research into the decorative schemes she would have known as a child.

Brintons worked with the curators at Historic Royal Places, to create bespoke period carpets for the rooms where Victoria was born and raised at Kensington Palace.

It started with a trip to Brintons archive, which holds patterns from as early as 1790, the curators worked with Brintons Archivist Yvonne Smith to select original hand painted designs from the Georgian era. Historic Royal Palaces required designs that were authentic to the period when Victoria would have lived in the Palace and so Brintons was an obvious choice for this very special project. Brintons Creative Designer Kay Jones subsequently worked on a detailed specification to prepare the designs for manufacture. To meet the demands of a busy location, a high performance Brintons axminster carpet with a complex wove and locked yarn that creates a strong, integrated three dimensional structure was selected.

“Taking the rooms back to their 1820s decorative scheme was crucial to Historic Royal Palaces’ ambition to give visitors a real sense of what life looked like at Kensington Palace for Princess Victoria,” said Caterina Berni, Interpretation Manager, Historic Royal Palaces. “Brintons’ archival patterned carpets were ideal to help recreate the style and feel of these regency interiors, and along with the curtain textiles, wallpapers and room colours, definitely surprise visitors who are not expecting such a feast of colour, texture and pattern.”

Brintons own one of the world’s largest commercial design archives and historical pattern libraries in the industry, restored and preserved by their dedicated Archivist. The archive library is a facility unique to Brintons and is an invaluable resource to designers, conservators, decorators and contractors worldwide.

Utopia Projects is one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email  Katy Phillips by clicking here.

Main image credit: Brintons

Wilton Carpets delivers a speedy service

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Wilton Carpets delivers a speedy service

Ready to Go is the name for the initiative from British carpet designer and manufacturer, Wilton Carpets.

Anyone involved in the specification of carpets can enjoy beautifully woven, tufted wool-rich carpets within just 14-days.

The service isn’t limited to a minimum order quantity and offers a great way to unlock the creativity of the Wiltshire-based manufacturer across a range of modern and traditional carpets with the performance for demanding hospitality environments.

With ranges spanning the stylish Havana through to the contemporary plaid of Nova Scotia, Ready to Go delivers elegantly styled off-the-shelf carpets that are designed to work across a broad spectrum of interiors.

For high footfall areas, the 10-strong range of wool-rich Axminster styles are highly suited and available in a range of functional palettes that suit bars, pubs, hotels and other hospitality and leisure spaces. Available in broadloom or narrowloom and ideal for complex layouts, the carpets are woven in the UK in a performance 80/20 wool nylon blend for quality and practicality.

The five collections available in a tufted construction are ideal for hotel bedrooms, corridors, meeting rooms and offices; featuring contemporary designs in a broad range of colourways. Each using the same quality 80/20 wool-rich blend, Ready to Go tufted designs deliver performance and value.

Used by hospitality businesses right across the UK, Ready to Go gives carpet specifiers fast-access to high-quality commercial carpet for a wide range of locations.

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Full details on Wilton Carpets can be found here, within their Hotel Designs Recommended Supplier Directory listing.

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Image Credit – Wilton Carpets

20 new resorts slated to open in The Maldives in 2019

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20 new resorts slated to open in The Maldives in 2019

Top Hotel Projects has announced that the region will see a large increase in developments this year as demand for luxury in the Maldives continues to grow…

The President of The Maldives has announced that the tropical region made up of 26 ring-shaped atolls will welcome 20 new resort openings this year. In his presidential address to a sitting of parliament, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said with the new resorts, the number of beds in the country will increase to more than 47,000.

“By the end of last year, 1.4 million tourists from around the world visited the Maldives, and there were 145 resorts and 521 guest houses operating with a total of 44,860 beds,” the president said as reported by Top Hotel News.

Tourism and hospitality in the tropical nation has been steadily growing in recent years. Eleven new resorts opened in 2016, followed by at least 15 new resorts in 2017 and 20 new properties last year. Over the past few years, dozens of uninhabited islands have been leased to local and foreign resort developers as well. Several international brands have entered into the market too, increasing the number of resorts in operation to more than 140.

Singapore’s Park Hotel Group has opened its first resort in the Maldives, while major international hotel chains such as AccorHotels have entered the Maldives with three openings, including Mercure Maldives Kooddoo ResortFairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi and Mӧvenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives, with two more in the pipeline.

Brands like Hard Rock InternationalCapella Hotel Group, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Emaar Hospitality GroupBaglioni Hotels, Emerald Collection and Meliá Hotels International have all announced their own entries to the Maldives as well.

Main image credit: Radisson Blu Maldives

Final call for entries: Shaw Contract Design Awards 2019

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The deadline for entries is March 1, 2019…

A global programme, the Shaw Contract Design Awards recognise the creative vision of the architects and designers who inspire new ways of living, working, learning and healing. The Awards place a spotlight on a diverse range of talents from across the globe, celebrating design in action and purposefully rewarding the innovative and truly inspiring work being done by the architecture and design community.

The Shaw Contract Design Awards programme is open to all professional interior design firms, architecture firms and end users. Projects must feature a Shaw Contract product as the predominant flooring in the space and must have been completed between February 2017 and February 2019. There is no cost to enter you just need to submit your design story by March 1, 2019.

Supporting a cause

In its 14 years, the Shaw Contract Design Awards Programme has given nearly $200,000 to non-profit and charitable organisations around the world. Each year, the final winners and People’s Choice Award winner select a charity of their choice to donate $2000 USD as part of their prize winnings. This allows designers the opportunity to make an impact beyond the built environment.

Fokkema & Partners Architecten Bv, the Netherlands-based firm whose work drew the judges’ attention for a win in the Small Office category, chose a cause that was near and dear to their firm. A former colleague oversees the construction of schools in Tanzania, and the firm chose to support her work with their winnings.

RossTarrant Architects, the People’s Choice Award winner, designed Western Kentucky University, USA and chose to give back to the Institution’s science and experimentation programmes.

For a chance to win the 2019 Design Awards and support the cause that matters most to your practice or company, please enter here.

Wilton tees off with bespoke tartan at Huddersfield Golf Club

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A bespoke tartan carpet made by Wilton Carpets in modern shades of grey and burgundy, now adorns the floor of Centenary Hall, the main function room within Fixby Hall, home of Huddersfield Golf Club…

As part of an ongoing refurbishment of the club’s facilities that has included shower rooms, the Yorkshire Bar, Fixby Room, Conservatory and Entrance, interior designer and House Committee member, Joan Webb of JW Design, Huddersfield, has breathed new life into the club’s main function room and wedding venue.

“We wanted to create a lovely room for members’ functions that would also prove attractive as a wedding venue,” explains Webb. “I knew that a classic tartan design for the carpet would complement Fixby Hall’s historic interior, but I chose a modern palette, teaming this with the silk-effect wallpaper and deep padded pelmets and curtains. The contemporary colour scheme and simplicity of the pelmets balance perfectly with the traditional designs for the curtains, giving the hall a modern feel.”

“Through an 11-row woven axminster construction, Wilton Carpets was able to meet the club’s need for a spike-resistant carpet.”

Working carefully to ensure the new carpet balanced with existing colours in the hall and the decoration schemes of adjacent rooms, Webb turned to Wilton Carpets for the first time, being made aware of the Wiltshire-based manufacturer’s ability to weave carpets in a spike-resistant quality.

Through an 11-row woven axminster construction, Wilton Carpets was able to meet the club’s need for a spike-resistant carpet in a British wool-rich make-up that is perfect for withstanding the demands of a busy function space. Along with a quality that’s durable and easy to maintain, the carpet’s tartan pattern helps to disguise dirt between cleans. Some 150m2 of carpet for the 120-capacity room was woven by Wilton Carpets at its Wiltshire production site.

“Creating the custom design was a simple and quick process and working with Wilton Carpets was a pleasure from start to finish,” adds Webb.

Known as the ‘Home of Yorkshire Golf’, Fixby Hall has a golfing history dating back to 1891 when the original courses were laid out by Tom Dunn, one of the leading golf course architects of the day. Now with its role as a multi-purpose space for members, corporate events, business meetings, family occasions and weddings, Fixby Hall enjoys a year-round calendar of events.

Main image credit: Wilton Carpets

Wilton Carpets launches a creation of colours

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The new colours are now available on all Ready to Weave carpets and Ready to Go fast-track collections…

Featuring the Icelandic blue of Fjord, rich ochre of Demerara, rust tone of Burnt Copper and velvet-like Ruby; Creations is the latest colour palette now available on all Ready to Weave carpets and new Ready to Go fast-track collections from Wilton Carpets.

A ranging, lively colourbank that has been developed to provide depth to accommodate hotel and hospitality interiors of all kinds, Creations encompasses functional, workman base tones and gorgeous radiating highlights. Bringing a sense of vitality and spirit to any traditional or modern design, the palette provides complement and contrast enough to create beautiful colourways on even the most complex of patterns.

Rooted in the latest commercial interior trends, Creations can now be enjoyed on any of Ready to Weave collection, bringing fast semi-bespoke design to hotels, pubs and leisure venues. In these locations, base Gun Metal, Black, Jade and Granite can be combined with flashes of Fjord, Pebble, Demerara, Burnt Copper, Karma and Lime Zest to stunning effect.

The first Ready to Go collection featuring Creations is also now available in the brand-new Havana, a narrowloom woven axminster available in 10 incredible fusionist designs that artfully blend layers of abstract pattern and familiar floral and geometric motifs.

Dominated by the rich blues of Jade and Fjord with accents from Karma, Pebble and Burnt Copper, Havana’s enticingly named designs are inspired by cocktails with Pina Colada, Bellini, Black Velvet and Mint Julep, among others, reimagining themselves in the beautiful patterns and combinations throughout the collection.

Woven in Wiltshire, Havana is crafted from 80 per cent pure new wool and 20 per cent nylon to provide an obtainable, long-lasting blend in an all-round seven-row quality perfect throughout corridors, lounge areas and busy bars.

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Spotlight On: A Year in Review – top products launched in 2018 (Part 2)

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Continuing this month’s Spotlight On feature on ‘A Year In Review’ (Products of the year 2018), we have highlighted what we believed to have been the game-changing product launches of 2018. Here is part two of our ultimate throwback…

Following popular demand of our first article that we published on the top products that have launched in 2018, we have decided to revisit the archive to dig out the many other game-changing product launches of the year.

1) Grohe: Is this the future of hotel toilets? (Recommended Supplier)

Image credit: Grohe

Since launching, GROHE Sensia Arena with its app-control features and three different spray patterns is becoming a popular choice among designers and hoteliers. Defined by GROHE as ‘new standard of personal hygiene’, The Sensia Arena (showcased at SLEEP + EAT) is a shower toilet, fast-becoming increasingly popular in international hotels thanks to its many unique features.

2) Skopos: Mau Loa 

Image credit: Skopos

Mau Loa adds to the Skopos print portfolio and was seen on exhibition stands throughout Autumn and Winter.

Inspired by the relaxing pace of Hawaiian life, Mau Loa (meaning ‘forever’) conveys a tranquil, exotic paradise through exquisite illustration, hand painting and mixed media.

3) Meystyle LED wallpaper (WINNER: The Brit List 2018)

Image credit: Meystyle

Wallpaper specialist Meystyle launched the Conductivity collection with the mission to rescue walls from the background. The company has done this by integrating bold patterns with LED lights and crystals to create deep visual experiences that totally transform walls and wallpaper into works of art. The sister duo went on to win Inspiration in Design – Innovative use of Technology at The Brit List 2018.

4) Interface go carbon neutral on all products

Image credit: Interface

We love a juicy eco story here at Hotel Designs, so when we heard that contract carpet manufacturer Interface was going 100 per cent carbon neutral we hit the keyboard fast to amplify to our readers. Considering there is a major focus at the moment on manufacturing eco-friendly materials, this story has to land on our list of the top product launches and announcements in 2018.

5) Morgan: Rio 2 collection (Recommended Supplier)

Image credit: Morgan

Contract furniture designer and manufacturer Morgan Furniture launched its new Rio 2 collection, created in collaboration with studio Integrate, at Sleep + Eat this year. Ahead of its launch, we had exclusive access to interview the architect behind the futuristic product, Mehran Gharleghi.

6) Wilton Carpets: Kinetic Collection (Recommended Supplier)

Image credit: Wilton Carpet

Full of energy and design, Kinetic from Wilton Carpets features striking modern patterns made for forward-thinking leisure and hospitality spaces. Using colourways drawn from the manufacturer’s new Creations colour palette, Kinetic is bursting with dynamic shades of grey, blue and green.

7) Kaldewei: Steel Enamal (Recommended Supplier)

Image credit: Kaldewei

Bathroom specialist Kaldewei fuses robust steel and exquisite glass together to create superior Kaldewei steel enamel. Bringing 100 years of experience to bear, the company today produces premium bathroom solutions made of a single material to a consistently high standard of quality that are appreciated all over the world.

To read part one of our ultimate throwback, click here

Main image credit: Meystyle


Spotlight On: A Year In Review (products)

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Throughout December, Hotel Design’ Spotlight On will be throwing it back to the major products that have launched over the last 12 months… 

Next month, as the industry starts wrapping up the year, Hotel Designs will be giving you the ultimate throwback, highlighting the major products that dropped in the hotel industry this year.

By revisiting this year’s international trade shows – including Milan Design Week, Clerkenwell Design Week, Decorex, 100 % Design, designjunction and SLEEP + EAT – we will bring you all the hottest product launches.

We will cover everything from the idea of personalised lighting to new bathroom furniture, impressive carpet collaborations to apps that allow consumers to purchase items in the hotel (and everything in between). Hotel Designs will be celebrating the products that have launched to become gamechangers in 2019 and the international hotel design.

If you wish to find out more, or know of a product that we should be talking about, please contact Zoe Guerrier on 01992 374059 or z.guerrier@forumevents.co.uk

Main image credit: Deadgood, Brintons, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hamilton Litestat, Bang Olufsen, Chelsom Lighting

From luxe hotels to Golf clubs, Wilton Carpets offers the perfect round

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Hotel Designs Recommended Supplier Wilton Carpets has injected a little bit of hotel luxe into high-end golf clubs in the UK… 

Far more than just a place to enjoy socialising after the back nine, modern golf clubs place their interiors under high demand. With a dual-role as a daytime sporting and conferencing venue and night-time wedding, party and event space; extensive opening hours are particularly hard on flooring and so many clubs turn to woven carpet from Wilton Carpets.

Wool-rich carpets from Wilton are particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain and this makes them ideal for use in lounges, suites, receptions, function rooms and dining areas. Successfully installed in prestigious golf and country clubs the world over, Wilton continues to deliver stylish tailor-made carpets that reflect the ambitions of these multi-purpose venues to be a welcoming, high-quality space for members and bookings.

Whether designs straight off the loom with ready-to-go stock designs, a semi-custom carpet with Ready to Weave, or a completely bespoke pattern created with the design team at the Wilton, the company has something to offer every size of establishment. For a carpet that embraces high standards and reflects the design and ambience of the building in question, golf clubs need look no further than the British manufacturer. With quality recognised nationally by many clubs including Formby Hall Golf Resort, Huddersfield Golf Club, Mere Golf Club and Gleneagles, and internationally with America’s Hyde Park Golf and Country Club, Mountain Brook Club and Frenchman’s Reserve Club; Wilton has a proven track-record.

Long corridors at Gleneagles

Image credit: Goddard Littlefair, Gleneagles

Weaving beautiful wool carpet in the Wiltshire town from which the company derives its name, Wilton can provide numerous qualities to suit the individual needs of spaces.  Whether a purposeful seven-row woven axminster for general use areas, nine-row for function spaces, or 11-row spike-resistant carpet for thoroughfares and course entrances; each carpet retains the quality and longevity that has made woven carpet the recognised premium choice for golf and country clubs.

Now with the excellent value of ready-to-go carpets, Wilton is ensuring clubs can begin enjoying a new British wool carpet with excellent value and no minimum order in just 14 days. The collection holds a broad library of traditional and modern designs, including exciting fusions such as the new Kinetic or Urban ranges and the distressed vintage tartans of Nova Scotia. Meeting the challenge when a fast refurbishment is required, Ready to Go offers huge scope to find the ideal carpet.

For a carpet that can echo a club’s identity, or simply tie-in beautifully to a colour scheme, the Ready to Weave concept allows any design to be created in a combination of colours selected from one of three permanently-loomed palettes. The advantage here is a bespoke look with quicker production and a more obtainable cost from a minimum order of 100m2. Ready to Weave is fast becoming a favourite among golf clubs refurbishing interiors and wanting to add a touch of personalisation.

For establishments where specific requirements are set in terms of interior layout, colour, design and pattern, or simply when a bespoke carpet would best suit ambition, the manufacturer can offer a bespoke solution. From club motifs and logos to intricate traditional or modern patterns, the Wilton Carpets bespoke programme delivers the very finest wool-rich woven axminster carpets.

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Brintons and Studio Elke join forces for new Composite Collection

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The range is a selection of wall-to-wall carpet designs that pay homage to Studio Elke’s decade-long archive of jewellery collections…

Global carpet manufacturer Brintons has outlined its new Composite Collection created in collaboration with Studio Elke.

Recognised for its unique jewellery and accessories, Studio Elke and Brintons have both joined forces to showcase the studio’s aesthetic into a collection of customisable carpet designs.

The range consists of a selection of wall-to-wall carpet designs that pay homage to Studio Elke’s decade-long archive of jewellery collections, which translate the company’s founder and creative director Elke Kramer’s artistic and cutting-edge designs into large-scale interior surfaces.

“I had written down a list of dream collaborations on a blank piece of paper many years ago, and a carpet collaboration was at the top of that list,” said Kramer.

“When I was approached by Brintons, and invited to partake in their first Australian collaboration, I was thrilled at the opportunity.”

The collection boasts ten designs including: Sorceress and Sorcerer, Ceremonial, Keep Watch, Tassels, Existence, Arches, Musk and Jasper Nucleus, The Thunder Below, Charcoal and Concrete Brutalist, and Power of Symmetry.

Using the influence of materials such as terrazzo, concrete, marble and mother of pearl, the range pairs Studio Elke’s striking textures with Brintons’ woven Axminster carpet.

Jo Woolley, field designer at Brintons, added: “We began by looking at the structure and geometry of each piece – it was a process of abstracting the shapes and elements, sketching and painting, and trying to capture the essence of the jewellery into large scale repeating patterns.

“Recreating Studio Elke’s unique use of materials was integral to the collection – translating glittering metallic shine, stone terrazzo and natural marble into carpet was a highlight.”

Carpets from the Composite Collection can be seen in a selection of rooms at the Collectionist Hotel in Sydney, as seen in the lead image.

Sense the Spirit with Kinetic from Wilton Carpets

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Wilton Carpets has launched Kinetic, a wool-rich woven axminster carpet, available in just 14 days…

Fizzing with energy, Kinetic features striking modern patterns made for forward-thinking leisure and hospitality spaces. Using colourways drawn from the manufacturer’s new Creations colour palette, Kinetic is bursting with dynamic shades of grey, blue and green. Whether fine-line geometrics in Pulse, fractals in Gravity, Atomic and Radiate, or modern botanicals in Magnetic and Dynamic; Kinetic brings unwavering spirit to the floor.

A Ready to Go carpet with the ability to bring modern style to any venue, Kinetic is made up of 10 designs, each providing a strong and powerful base to a breath-taking interior scheme. Off the loom within just 14 days, it is a collection perfect for fast-paced projects, where its heavy contract rating and soil-hiding pattern can bring genuine longevity in the long opening hours of today’s hospitality and leisure spaces.

“The result is a modern-looking Ready to Go collection that can be used across a wide range of hospitality and leisure spaces with confidence.”

Damian Roscoe, head of creative, reveals the thinking behind Kinetic, the fourth in a slew of recent Ready to Go carpet launches for Wilton:“Modern hospitality and leisure spaces are very demanding spaces for carpet indeed, not only in terms of performance but also in the look. Carpets must feel modern, clean and welcoming at all times, while also considering the need to create a space that can encourage people to spend time there well into the future.

“With Kinetic, we’ve used our new Creations palette as the base because it offers the latest colours appearing in hospitality and leisure spaces, teaming it with gorgeous modern designs that have a feel full of positivity and movement. The result is a modern-looking Ready to Go collection that can be used across a wide range of hospitality and leisure spaces with confidence.”

Woven in Wiltshire from a tough blend of 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon that provides the performance and appearance retention needed for busy establishments, Kinetic comes in a versatile 3.66m width and is suitable for setting a contemporary style in public areas, corridors, lounges, ballrooms, bars and restaurants. As part of Wilton’s Ready to Go collection, Kinetic is available with no minimum order quantity.

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Wilton Carpers' take on tartan

Wilton Carpets launches a fast and fresh take on tartan

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As Hotel Designs this month lays down the topic of flooring and carpets, Recommended Supplier Wilton Carpets has just launched a new carpet range.

As the eyes on the world focus on Scotland this month for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Wilton Carpets is in the spirit of things and has released its take on tartan with the Nova Scotia collection, a wool-rich woven axminster carpet that’s available within just 14 days.

A tartan design modernised with a distressed, vintage feel, Nova Scotia is released as Wilton Carpets continues to boost its Ready to Go axminster programme. Available in nine colourways drawn from the new Creations palette, Nova Scotia gives new meaning to a classic design, ensuring it works in today’s modern hospitality and leisure venues.

Helping to disguise dirt between cleans, this distressed tartan design is perfectly suited for hotels, golf clubs, restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels looking for a heavy contract carpet delivered in under two weeks.

“Tartan is undoubtedly a timeless pattern that’s always in fashion in traditional hotels, bars and restaurants, but these establishments also need to reflect a modern, thoughtful approach to the presentation of the interior,” said Damian Roscoe, head of creative at Wilton Carpets. “So, we’ve re-imagined this enduring look by adding a distressed, worn effect in colourways from our Creations palette that includes the latest popular colours. Nova Scotia is a great way to add an instant sense of heritage with a modern edge in a carpet right off the loom.”

Colourways include the graphite and moss of Glencoe Mood, the rust red of Lochniver Breeze and steely blues of Cromarty Bay. Woven in Wiltshire from a tough blend of 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon that provides the performance and appearance retention needed for busy establishments, Nova Scotia comes 3.66m wide.

Helping to disguise dirt between cleans, this distressed tartan design is perfectly suited for hotels, golf clubs, restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels looking for a heavy contract carpet delivered in under two weeks. As part of the Ready to Go collection, all Nova Scotia colourways are available with no minimum order quantity.

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Top 5 stories of the week: Mountain-mad retreats, chart-topping hotel groups and cliff-hanging hotel design

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As our month of threading together the latest in fabrics and soft furnishings comes to a close, we wrap up another fast-paced week in the creative world of international hotel design with the top five stories of the last five days…

Following on from the successful Meet Up North networking event we hosted in Manchester’s King Street Townhouse, this week we’ve covered hotel design news from around the world. We’ve seen ambitious plans launching, hotel groups becoming leaders and Hotel Designs has announced its Spotlight On features for August. Here are the top five stories of the week, as selected by editor Hamish Kilburn.

1) Spotlight On: Hotel Concepts and Flooring & Carpets

Throughout August, Hotel Designs will be putting the spotlight on two massively talked-about areas of international hotel design, namely: Hotel Concept and Flooring & Carpets…

2) IHG becomes the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator

The story with the most views this weeks comes from a brand that is taking luxury travel to a new level – and fast! IHG has just been named the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator after a series of shifts and openings. The hotel group has confirmed the UK debut locations for its boutique brand Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants and its recently launched upscale brand, voco™ Hotels. This move follows the announcement made in May of an agreement with Covivio (formerly Foncière des Régions), to rebrand and operate 12 high-quality open hotels in the UK and one pipeline hotel. Nine of the hotels join IHG’s brand portfolio today, making IHG the UK’s leading luxury hotel operator. The remaining three open hotels are anticipated to be added in the coming weeks…

3) Design hotel in the Dolomites will define a new model of mountain luxury hotels

The plan for the new Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, historical glamorous hotel based in Cortina, has finally been unveiled. A new design hotel in the Dolomites, the Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, is said to set a new standard in mountain luxury hotels. The project, signed by the architect Flaviano Capriotti, upgrades the resort to the highest hospitality standards, achieving the fifth star and presenting a new hospitality model: at crossroads between local tradition, innovation and comfort.

4) Opposites attract at Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay

Guestroom image with stunning ocean views

Nestled behind vibrant streets, where thousands of Gap-Year backpackers find shelter in cheap hostels, rises a luxury hotel with personality, style and unmatched ocean views. Editor Hamish Kilburn checks in to ‘a new kind of luxury’ at the Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay to see for himself how opposites in South East Asia can attract after all…

5) Waldolf Astoria Bangkok prepares for ‘Asia’s most anticipated hotel openings this year’

Image credit: AFSO

The anticipated opening of Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, designed by the award-winning André Fu is said to evolve the hotel landscape in Southeast Asia. The end of August will see the opening of what is said to be Asia’s most anticipated hotel openings of 2018. The grand Waldorf Astoria in Bangkok, meticulously designed by, André Fu, from AFSO who was named Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet Asia in 2016, captures the brand’s iconic image in the vibrant Thai capital.

Grade II listed luxury hotel commissions Brintons carpets for extensive refurbishment

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The Principal Manchester commissions Brintons carpets for extensive refurbishment…

Principal Hotel Company Ltd and Starwood Capital Group has commissioned premium carpet manufacturer Brintons to design the carpets for luxury four-star hotel, The Principal Manchester. Brintons created bespoke carpets to suit the hotel’s colour palettes and listed period details.

Recognised by several awards, The £25 million renovation now hosts 270 guestrooms with details that reflect the building’s period, including wood paneling and tiled brickwork. The numerous designs Brintons created for the rooms all reflect the building’s original purpose.

“Our Brintons bespoke carpets are a significant element to the hotel’s renovation,” said Sarah Thorpe, Commercial Business Manager at Brintons. “The design details and colour scheme of the carpets highlight the classic Victorian features, from wood panelling and fireplaces to tiled brickwork, evident in the majority of the venue’s guestrooms and common areas.”

Brintons’ team of leading designers works closely with client project teams to create designs that meet the needs of individual projects of every size, specification and level of design complexity – be they classic, traditional or contemporary in style.

Brintons are one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, click here.


Wilton Carpets factory

Wilton Carperts creates beautiful carpets with creations

800 793 Hamish Kilburn

Featuring the Icelandic blue of Fjord, rich ochre of Demerara, rust tone of Burnt Copper and deep grey of Gun Metal; Creations is the latest colour palette now available on all Ready to Weave carpets and four brand-new Ready to Go ranges from Wilton Carpets.

A lively colourbank that has been developed to provide depth to accommodate hotel and hospitality interiors of all kinds, Creations encompasses functional, base tones and gorgeous radiating highlights. Bringing a sense of vitality and spirit to any traditional or modern design, the palette provides complement and contrast enough to create beautiful colourways on even the most complex of patterns.

Including of-the-moment grey – in three shades from base to highlight – and a boost to the blue spectrum, Creations is responding to the traction of these calm and cool tones in commercial interiors, as Damian Roscoe, head of creative, illuminates: “Our Ready to Weave palettes are the heart of many carpets crafted by our design team, whether for our stock Ready to Go ranges or recolouring library patterns for customers; so it’s important that they deliver commercially viable colourway options. We’ve introduced Creations as our response to a move away from richer, regal bases, giving depth in blues and greys to provide a strong foundation, with a flash of ultra-popular ochre, the green of Karma and the intense icy blue of Fjord working as beautiful highlights.”

These new colours join classics such as Ruby and Lime Zest for a palette that demonstrates extraordinary flexibility. The 12-strong Creations is now available on all Ready to Weave carpets, joining the existing Optimum, Elements and Dimensions. The palette is already forming the base for the seven-row narrowloom Havana and two new eight-row broadloom ranges in Urban and Nova Scotia. Along with the soon-to-release Kinetic, these Ready to Go carpets are available for delivery in just 14-days.

Wilton Carpets are one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, click here.

Brintons and Timorous Beasties to launch Craigend Collection at Clerkenwell Design Week

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Carpet manufacturer Brintons will launch the new Craigend Collection designed by long-term collaborators Timorous Beasties at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. Taking over St Johns Square the collection will be debuted in a pop-up installation designed by Studio Shaw Architects.

Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties will present Craigend, their third collection with Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word ‘Creag’, which means rock.

Render of the Brintons and Timorous Beasties installation designed by Studio Shaw Architects at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 to launch the Craigend Collection

This commercial collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found naturally underfoot, including sand dunes, stone moss and lichen, all reimagined in the Brintons’ signature 80/20 blend of 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon. With Craigend, Timorous Beasties have called upon their fascination with the oftenbrutal beauty of the natural world, as well as taking aesthetic inspiration from different crafting materials including paint, ink and fabric.

Emma Cassidy, Head of Creative Design EMEA at Brintons commented: “Brintons are delighted to launch the highly anticipated Craigend Collection, our latest collaboration with Timorous Beasties which celebrates our 10-year anniversary of collaborating together. The collection brings to life a diverse range of bold, colourful and dynamic designs that will inspire and surprise the design community; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in carpet design, for commercial spaces.”

Above from left: Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties in the Glasgow studio

The installation will showcase a unique selection of woven carpets taken from the new Craigend Collection. Visitors will be taken on a journey through the pop-up installation, where the full-scale patterns will transport the audience into a world inspired by the textures and sights of the natural world.

Founders of Timorous Beasties Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons comment, “For our new Craigend collection, we took inspiration from what we see under our feet, taking cues from natural carpets such as sand dunes, moss, stone, and waves of water. We also thought about how carpet can be dramatic in transitional spaces such as lobbies, corridors, and grand dining rooms. We also considered how the functional aspects and minimal aesthetic can work in more personal spaces such as bedrooms, whilst still keeping the link between the dramatic and the serene. We first collaborated with Brintons a decade ago, and our love of pattern repeats from our wallpapers and fabrics, has been a very productive pairing, and adapts perfectly to carpet design.

Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons will be taking part in the Conversations at Clerkenwell talks programme and will be in conversation with Priya Khanchandani, deputy editor of ICON Magazine on Tuesday 22 May, 10.30am. Book your place here.

Hotel Designs editor Hamish Kilburn will be at Clerkenwell Design Week on the 24 May. Please tweet us if you would like to book in a meeting.

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Brintons designed bespoke carpets for Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle

700 476 Hamish Kilburn

Leading carpeting manufacturer Brintons has manufactured quirky bespoke carpets for the Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle’s flexible working and meeting space, Le Campus.

The carpeting manufacturer worked in conjunction with design company Virserius Studio and general construction company, Vöcker Hospitality on the renovation, following the design brief to evoke nostalgia for university, to inspire creative thinking and enhance the exchange of ideas.

This direction led Virserius Studio to take inspiration from the structure of molecules, using the hotel’s bright colour palettes as stimulus for the bespoke designs.

“We manufactured Brintons bespoke axminster carpets using strong, really vibrant colours to stand out against the grey background,” said Mahlmann. “The pattern is made up of cubes of different sizes, and appears to fade from dark to light. The placement of the pattern is designed to draw you in as you approach a room, and as you enter reveals itself as an artwork on the floor. The carpets add a lot of value to the overall feel of the finished spaces.”


Brintons manufactured approximately 700sqm of carpets for the renovation of the hotel. The pattern colour scheme is purposefully different in each room and the vibrant colours were chosen deliberately to match the rest of the interior design elements, from curtains to wall paint.

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Wilton Carpets debuts Decadence collection

1024 1006 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets has unveiled its latest collection, reinventing Art Deco by introducing new textures for clients to enjoy.

Dubbed Decadence, the line boasts tones of orange and brown, teal and salmon pink, bringing a refreshed approach to Art Deco.

“As part of the Designer Collection, Decadence reveals the true elegance of unrestrained modern carpet design,” said Damian Roscoe, head of creative at Wilton Carpets.

“As we explore our creativity without the usual practical limitations, such as designing for a particular location, we can apply a bold use of both pattern and colour and the results really do make for a truly extraordinary collection.”

Developed by Becky Smith, senior designer, Decadence is available in eight patterns and each carpet has been crafted in a high-quality 80/20 wool blend and can be specified in any quality.

With the ability to adapt any of the eight woven axminster designs in a colourway suited to any interior, this is a collection that offers huge potential for designers looking to strike out with statement carpet.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets. Commercial; wiltoncarpets.com, 01722 746000, sales@wiltoncarpets.com.

Kit Kemp Wilton Carpets

Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets receives acclaim since launch

850 587 Daniel Fountain

The Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection was launched at a glittering event at London’s The Soho Hotel, named the ‘World’s Most Glamorous Hotel’ by Tatler magazine. Since then the range has enjoyed widespread acclaim, grabbing the attention of leading luxury consumer lifestyle publications and notable influencers from across the interiors industry.

Created by Kit Kemp, design director of Firmdale Hotels PLC and well-known author and art collector, the made-to-order collection features nine exquisite patterns drawing from influences as diverse as folklore, botany and architecture. Kit worked with the Wilton Carpets design team to create a stand-out collection for hospitality environments that is unique and individual. Using traditional axminster or wilton weaves, or incorporating the added texture of a Brussels weave, the collection delivers the finest British wool-rich qualities in bespoke size wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs.


“The designs in the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection truly are extraordinary and we’ve pushed the limits of our design and manufacturing expertise to faithfully interpret the sophisticated, subtle elements of Kit’s original creations,” explains Damian Roscoe, head of creative for Wilton Carpets. “In fact, patterns such as Batik were only possible because of the detail achievable with our robotic Axminster loom; the country’s most advanced. The collection was a joy to develop and shows just what can be achieved when two creative forces collaborate.”

Presented in a luxurious hardback book, the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection has made the difficult transition between a carpet created for hospitality and leisure spaces to one equally at ease in luxury homes. Recognised for this by leading interior journalists, it demonstrates that when good design and carpet craft combine, the results deserve attention. In fact, the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection has already been recognised by English Home magazine in its prestigious ‘New Year Honours’ special edition.

Designs from Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets can now be seen in corridors and rooms at The Soho Hotel. From the stunning Batik used as runner in the reception and By Way as an area rug in the library, to the flexibility of Tweed Fleck demonstrated in one of the impressive Terrace Suites; the carpets reflect the richness of pattern and understanding of colour that is signature Kit Kemp.


T: +44 (0) 17 22 74 60 00
F: +44 (0) 017 22 74 29 23
E: sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Case Study: Brintons at Hotel Walther, Switzerland

Case Study: Brintons at Hotel Walther, Switzerland

999 614 Daniel Fountain

In celebration of its 110th anniversary, the Hotel Walther commissioned Brintons to translate the elaborate designs of interior designer Virginia Maissen into woven Axminster rugs and fitted carpet to complement the refurbishment of the hotel.

The concept of the design was to create a modern, inviting and comfortable feel in this grand hotel with inspiration taken from its surroundings and history. Zürich-based interior designer Virginia Maissen worked with Brintons to redesign the interior to highlight the heritage of the hotel, but also incorporate modern art installations by Rolf Sachs and Sandro Fabbri.

Case Study: Brintons at Hotel Walther, SwitzerlandThe newly refurbished hotel, a member of the Relais & Châteaux group, unveiled its updated design earlier this year. The 17 bespoke carpet designs throughout are bold and abstract, in a colour palette of reds, greens and yellows that reference the hotel’s alpine surroundings.

Brintons collaborated closely with Virginia Maissen to translate her designs into Axminster carpet. The layering of imagery within the designs, mixing bold colours and the subtle photographic representation exploited the full range of the carpet manufacturer’s 32-colour High Definition Weave; a unique Brintons’ innovation that allows for infinite design possibilities and highly dynamic visuals.

The end result is a beautifully detailed collection of bespoke carpets in the lobby, fine dining room, stairs and smoking lounge of the hotel.

Virginia Maissen commented: “I am so proud of the bespoke carpets, Brintons translated all my designs perfectly, the stand out details coupled with a classic pattern brings together both of our design visions. The 17 unique carpet designs demanded special attention from both sides, and Brintons delivered on time and within budget. This project perfectly demonstrates Brintons’ skill in creating one-off pieces to a client specification.”

Case Study: Brintons at Hotel Walther, SwitzerlandAntique treasures and decorations have been reinterpreted to reflect the hotel’s history: original ceilings and rounded archways from the early twentieth century have been exposed with the help of local craftsmen. Specially designed wall tapestries, curtains, and carpets created by Brintons have been added to complement the furnishings of each room.

The 4-star Hotel Walther is a third-generation family-run business, currently headed by Anne-Rose and Thomas Walther. Brintons is well known in Switzerland for its design expertise and market presence, and has an established reputation for high quality custom Axminster carpets and rugs.


Batik runner, Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets

Kit Kemp, Wilton Carpets create exciting carpet collection

1000 641 Daniel Fountain


Wilton Carpets and Kit Kemp have come together to create an exciting collection of woven wool-rich carpets for hospitality, travel and home.

Kit Kemp MBE has forged an international reputation as one of the world’s top interior designers. With a unique approach to her work, Kit is also well-known as an author and passionate champion of British art, craft and sculpture. As Design Director of Firmdale Hotels PLC, she is the creative force behind hotels including London’s Ham Yard, Charlotte Street, The Soho Hotel and New York’s Crosby Street Hotel and The Whitby. Her designs have been celebrated with many prestigious awards including ‘Condé Nast Best Hotel in the World for Design’.

Situated in the Wiltshire town of the same name, the spiritual home of weaving for nearly 400 years, Wilton Carpets designs and manufactures in Britain, making carpet from British wool on a blend of traditional machinery and the country’s most advanced robotic high-speed loom. Wilton Carpets is the embodiment of the very best in modern manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship.

Kit’s collaboration with Wilton Carpets has created a stand-out collection for hospitality, travel and home, interpreting scale and usability through the latest manufacturing techniques. With a highly experienced design team, spearheaded by Damien Roscoe, Wilton Carpets has skilfully turned Kit’s ideas into beautiful high quality woven carpets, pushing carpet craft to its limits.

Kit explains: “New manufacturing technology has made my ideas a possibility and with its design input, Wilton Carpets has turned them into a joyful reality. We have been able to create subtle effects and graduations of colour to give carpets a unique feel, similar to the finish of a hand-blocked fabric. Colour makes you feel happy and gives a contemporary buzz to this collection.”

The made-to-order range introduces nine unique and multi-tasking designs that draw from a diverse array of inspiration within folklore, architecture and botanical motifs. These come together to provide carpets that work in both traditional and modern interiors.

Damian Roscoe, Head of Creative at Wilton Carpets: “We’re incredibly proud of the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection as it represents just what is achievable when two creative forces collaborate. The collection has been a joy to develop and we’ve worked closely with Kit to make sure her vision was reproduced with the attention-to-detail for which we are famed.”

Whether using traditional Axminster or Wilton weaves, or incorporating the added texture of a Brussels weave, Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets delivers carpet of the finest design and quality. Made in a British wool-rich blend for lasting appearance and wear resistance, the range is available in wall-to-wall carpet and as bespoke area rugs, in a quality and construction suitable for the demands of project.

Batik (main image)
One of the most difficult influences to turn into carpet, Batik references hand-blocked fabrics and the subtle effects this technique brings. Kit Kemp says: ‘it’s a new way to bring one off craftwork into you home.” Batik comes in two striking colourways dominated by red and blue.

A strong architectural look, which is ‘one of my favourites, so simple but graphic and strong’ explains Kit. Available in six colourways, including red on blue and yellow on black.

By Way
A classic herringbone infused with bright colour combinations that Kit describes as ‘having fun in a colourful and carefree way’. Available in four high-contrast colourways.

Based on traditional Turkish carpets, this design has a large diamond repeat that Kit says, ‘needs to be seen to be believed’. A definite ode to the Arts and Crafts in four colourways including dynamic shades of blue and terracotta.

Flower and Berry
There is more than meets the eye with this overall Botanical pattern. ‘This is a design that will work well in both traditional and modern settings’, says Kit. Available in five colourways featuring red on off-white, off-white on blue and off-white on pea green

Leaf Cut
Inspired by nature, this is a carpet that Kit describes as, ‘falling leaves in a modern way that will look interesting in any environment’. Leaf Cut comes in two popping colourways, blue with leaves of orange and red with green.

Leaf Cut in Cerise area rug, Kit Kemp by Wilton CarpetsOpen Plan
A large repeat that looks good in grand areas, tribal influences abound. The Open Plan pattern ‘takes the traditional and turns it into something that says today’, explains Kit. This pattern comes in four colour combinations, including three with an off-white base cloth.

Tweed Fleck
A tweed design which Kit describes as having ‘flecks of fabulous tiny vibrant colours” It is a modern-day classic. Tweed Fleck is available in seven high-impact colourways including red, teal and blue.

A simple linear geometric design that still manages to make a statement and which Kit believes will make ‘halls and stairways look tailored’. With inversed colours available, this pattern comes in five other off-white combinations.

The richness of pattern and understanding of colour is a signature look of Kit Kemp and in creating the collection, the team at Wilton Carpets has pushed carpet design to the limit. Kit Kemp and Wilton Carpets are bringing craft into carpets for everybody to enjoy.


T: +44 (0) 17 22 74 60 00
F: +44 (0) 017 22 74 29 23
E: sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Sleep 2017 Live: Kelly Hoppen joins forces with Brintons

753 518 Daniel Fountain

Kelly Hoppen MBE has joined forces with leading carpet manufacturer Brintons to create a bold new collection of contemporary woven carpets.

The new venture is the renowned interior designer’s first ever carpet collection and will be launched at this year’s Sleep, the annual hotel design event taking place in London today and tomorrow.

The Kelly Hoppen Collection by Brintons brings the designer’s unparalleled eye for trend-leading design to the commercial carpet sector. The result is a distinctive new contemporary aesthetic that completely eschews the typical ‘swirl and block’ patterns for which the commercial/hospitality sector is traditionally known.

Instead, the dynamic collection consists of 13 geometric and organic designs in on-trend colourways that reflect the designer’s award-winning design style and pared-back aesthetic. Kelly Hoppen took inspiration from diverse influences ranging from geometric shapes to elements found in everyday surroundings such as cracks in a pavement and splashes of paint.

“I wanted to do something quite cutting edge and out there compared to what we see at the moment…I think it’s different and it’s in the forefront of design in terms of commercial carpeting, so I am extremely excited,” she says.

Kelly Hoppen - Brintons - Sleep 2017The collection is suitable for a wide variety of hospitality applications including hotels, casinos, cruise ships or airports. Each Kelly Hoppen by Brintons design is woven to order in the full range of specifications that combine Brintons’ patented blend.

After 41 years in design, Kelly Hoppen relished the fresh challenge of designing her first contract carpets: “It’s been fun, it’s been enlightening and I’ve learnt a lot from it. Carpet is an interesting product to design. There is an array of materials and textures and it’s a challenge to design a carpet that is hardwearing but also luxurious, beautiful and comfortable. Although you think of it as a flat surface, it is three-dimensional so the design process is complex. You have to think carefully about scale too as the design needs to work in large expansive areas as well as in narrower spaces such as guestrooms and corridors. Not only that, you need to design a surface that other designers can put their own style on too. Once you get it right though, you just know.”

The designer continued: “In terms of the collaboration with Brintons, there is mutual admiration and respect -Brintons is an incredible company with great heritage. I think this is just the start of a really wonderful collaboration. With this collection, each piece that we’ve created is different and is a statement in itself. I think it’s going to be brilliant.”

New England - Wilton Carpets - Bedroom interior with gray bed

Product Spotlight: New England from Wilton Carpets

850 612 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets has launched New England, a wool-rich tufted carpet available in two stripe styles and great for use in boutique hotels and bedrooms.

Crafted from 100% wool, New England offers exceptional quality and appearance retention with a 1/10th gauge, 28oz tufted construction that offers excellent value in lighter-use areas.

The collection is made of a broad stripe and a pinstripe, each available in the same palette of four tonal grey colourways. Bringing a subtle and sophisticated look, these styles work well across a myriad of interiors, from charming country retreat to slick city stopover.

James Sprint, CEO, Wilton Carpets, explains: “The New England collection is ideal for small and rapid refurbishment projects, where an off-the-shelf carpet is often the best solution. Thanks to the versatility of stripes and an exclusive palette of on-trend grey tones, it really is a ‘go with anything’ collection and its premium 100% wool quality makes sure that it provides the best in appearance retention and wear-resistance.”

The four-metre wide New England is part of the In Stock collection from Wilton Carpets and is available for immediate delivery with no minimum order. Featuring designs ideal for guestrooms, corridors, meeting rooms and offices, the In Stock collection features contemporary designs in palettes that coordinate with a broad range of interior schemes.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Hardwick House

Project Spotlight: Wilton Carpets at Hardwick Hall

1000 713 Daniel Fountain

A stunning carpet full of classic design cues and woven by Wilton Carpets now graces areas of Hardwick Hall, a four-star luxury country hotel considered one of the North East’s most charming places to stay.

When looking for new carpet to adorn its Colman Suite, Crush Bar, corridors and lounge areas; the hotel turned to Wilton Carpets’ bespoke service to create a design perfectly in keeping with its unique style. An oversize repeating scroll is layered beneath a pin-line interlocking hexagon and surrounded by a decorative border, tones of taupe and grey giving a sophisticated tonal look.

The bordered design serves to frame the three areas of the Colman Suite, which can be separated to accommodate different functions and covers and to provide definition to the adjacent Crush Bar. The design also works well to define the lounge area of the hotel and to provide a striking carpet in corridors.


Sam Dean, senior designer, Wilton Carpets, commented: “We worked with Space I.D to develop a carpet design that referenced the classical elegance of Hardwick Hall’s 18th century architecture, while marking its status as one of the North East’s most luxurious destinations. Through blending sophisticated contemporary geometrics with elegant florals and classic fret borders, we’ve managed to achieve the difficult balance between historic reference and modern intention. A bordered design such as this is also a great way to define individual areas, at the same time giving a unified look.”

Installed by Pocklington Carpets, the 850 square metres of bespoke carpet were manufactured in Wilton’s Wiltshire factory, axminster woven in an 80% British wool and 20% nylon blend for wear and appearance retention. In a seven-row quality, the carpet can withstand high footfall levels, while it’s wool and nylon mix remains easy to clean, keeping the suite, bar, lounge and corridors looking their best throughout constant use.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets Website

Wilton Carpets develops new website

750 531 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets has redeveloped its website, providing more information and a fully-searchable catalogue through its Design Hub software.

The new website, wiltoncarpets.com, has been developed from the ground-up to deliver improved content and navigation, with the ambition to inspire and inform a generation of designers and specifiers about good carpet craft.

Andrea Evans, marketing manager, Wilton Carpets, comments: “With a history tracing back four centuries, the town of Wilton is cemented in carpet folklore, yet Wilton Carpets is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking wool carpet manufacturers still weaving solely in the UK. We wanted our website to reflect our unique blend of heritage and innovation, so it is full of content that designers and specifiers keen to learn about carpet will find genuinely useful.”

The site is centred around the Design Hub, a tool that allows designers to explore the potential of Wilton’s Ready to Weave concept, as well as browse the manufacturer’s In Stock collections of axminster and tufted carpets. Developed in conjunction with the creative team, the Design Hub allows users to search, visualise and create the perfect Wilton carpet, as well as find inspiration for bespoke creations.

Featuring Wilton’s latest projects, as well as some fascinating features that delve into the company’s family philosophy; the website also details news, trends and a regularly updated blog from its creatives. The new website is live at wiltoncarpets.com.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Wilton Carpets

Signature style from Wilton at London Luton Airport

750 500 Daniel Fountain

The opening of a prestige passenger facility for Signature Flight Support, at London Luton Airport, marks a European flagship for the company, the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operations.

Within the stunning 3DReid designed building, bespoke woven carpet from Wilton Carpets, inspired by the building’s modernist architecture, provides a luxurious floor to welcome flight crew and passengers.

Boasting the latest in technologies for entertainment, communications, passenger and crew amenities, and onward travel solutions; the building’s interior was designed by Hi Design, involved in a long-running consultancy since the plans for the facility were first conceptualised back in 2011.
Hi Design conceived a linear design that would respect the language of the space, while simultaneously offsetting the sinuous curves of the interior.

Susan Whittle, managing director, Hi Design, explained: “We focused on Signature Flight Support’s clients and asked ourselves what kind of hotels they stay in, what are their homes like, what cars they drive and ultimately, what experience and level of finish they would expect in such a facility. We then concentrated on exceeding expectations.”

Hi Design turned to the quality and luxury of bespoke wool-rich woven axminster from Wilton Carpets, creating a series of three coordinated stripe designs. At times, the carpet incorporates a border of corporate blue, to reflect the colour’s use on high-gloss ceilings and walls, or is juxtaposed with hard flooring to create zones of luxurious relaxation. Featuring in meeting rooms, VIP lounge, bar and crew facilities; each area has been given a bespoke variant on the stripe sequencing and colour selection, creating subtle distinction between areas, while providing a notable link to the next.

The clean simplicity of the carpet took time and patience to achieve, with multiple CADs and hand trials needed to make sure the finished carpet reflected the identity of Signature Flight Support and provided a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere demanded by the operator’s high-wealth clients.
Woven axminster was selected in a nine-row construction to deliver appearance retention and a quality expected by the international clientele, while still falling within a commercially viable budget. Susan Whittle, noted:

“Finding the right calibre of suppliers was key to the project’s success as we needed to specify high-quality, luxury products that would reflect the tastes and expectations of Signature Flight Support’s discerning clients. We worked closely with trusted suppliers, including Wilton Carpets, to design bespoke one-off pieces for the interior and we are delighted with the finished result.”

Featuring 80% British wool and 20% nylon, the carpets were woven in Wiltshire, bringing the quality and attention-to-detail of British manufacturing that makes Wilton Carpets one of the country’s most highly-regarded names in carpet for the hospitality sector.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton's work at Statham Lodge

Wilton celebrates understated elegance at Statham Lodge Hotel

850 567 Daniel Fountain

Bespoke woven axminster carpets from Wilton Carpets have been used to extraordinary effect throughout the public areas and suites of the Georgian period Grade II listed Statham Lodge, an award-winning Cheshire wedding venue.

With the various patterns of existing carpets showing signs of wear on thresholds after 20 years of intense use, the time had come to replace and so Statham Lodge turned to the quality of wool-rich woven carpets from Wilton.

Emma Walker, project manager at Statham Lodge, explains: “In the past, we had to adopt a rather piecemeal approach to our carpet to get something down as quick as possible, often just rolling out a stock pattern as opposed to one designed for the space. However, we noticed that a bespoke carpet copied from an original Georgian creation had stood the test of time. Having made the decision to start from scratch and create our very own look, this seemed a natural starting point.”

For the entrance hall, reception and Shelley Suite, Emma tasked Wilton with creating an effect that referenced hand-made Savonnerie style area rugs, inspired by traditional Georgian designs found in 18th Century country houses such as the Robert Adam’s designed Syon Park. Working closely to this brief; Wilton’s head of creative, Damian Roscoe, created a design that achieves an air of understated elegance and with the ability to last for another 20 years without looking dated.

“We wanted the carpets to feel like an heirloom piece and so opted for traditional Georgian designs and a muted colour palette also referencing the period, allowing us to make the most of the light and airy feel afforded by the archetypal Georgian features found within the building,” continues Emma.

With the Shelley Suite, the design was reworked to deliver a more formal feel suiting the room’s use for civil ceremonies and in a palette made to work with any wedding colour scheme. The rug effect design works here too, as it creates a defined shape with symmetry that sits well with a centre aisle for ceremonies.

In the substantial Gainsborough Suite, the approach to carpet design took into consideration a need for a neutral feel, again to work with wedding colour schemes; while reflecting the grandeur of the setting. As the principle room for wedding breakfasts and receptions, it was important that the carpet didn’t overwhelm the space, yet that it also wasn’t lacking in character and so Wilton designed a statement Georgian inspired carpet that retains the understated elegance of carpets elsewhere. By giving the intricate pattern room to breathe through use of borders, centre motifs and large areas of plain background colour; the design fits the brief perfectly.

“Emma was clear from the beginning that the carpets needed to work not only in respecting the history of the building, but also in the practicality of Statham Lodge’s status as one of the best wedding venues in the north west,” explains Damian Roscoe. “The key was to evoke Georgian style with low contrast between colours, so that they didn’t feel too sharp and new.

“Creating a Savonnerie rug look with such an intricate design, different in individual rooms, was a huge challenge, so we introduced a subtle floral diamond backdrop to work as an effective border that still had an elegant period feel to bring everything together. The results are extraordinary and show what can be achieved when building owner and carpet manufacturer work closely together with a clear objective.”

As part of a wider refurbishment to the interior, including wall panelling and a new colour scheme, the carpet also proves the importance of designing areas in harmony; bringing the overall feel desired while retaining an individual sense that responds to the unique requirements of rooms. Woven in a high-performance blend of 80% pure new wool and nylon, the bespoke 10-row axminster carpet is made to last and retains ease of maintenance; vital for Statham Lodge.

Emma Walker continues: “A lot of people were nervous about the colour palette, faded blues and reds atop light stones, as it breaks so much from convention, but this was important to make sure the carpets offered a ‘blank canvas’ for weddings. Also, we didn’t want a ‘pub carpet’ feel just because it might be better at hiding stains.

“A subtle scree in the backdrop of the design helps to minimise the appearance of stains, while also contributing to that all-important sense of faded elegance that purveys a subtly relaxed feel. So far, chocolate cake and red wine have posed no threat and the carpet has responded 100 per cent to spot cleaning. A reflection of the quality of fibre and construction employed by Wilton Carpets.”

Crafted on Wilton Carpets’ computer-controlled high speed axminster looms in Wiltshire, the stunning carpets were woven within tight timescales to meet Statham Lodge’s need for an installation process that meant the venue could stay completely operational. Careful planning of the design and expert installation have led to a first-rate carpet that has been exceptionally well-received:

“The response to the carpet was immediate and we’ve received lots of fantastic comments on social media from our guests. When you say it’s a Wilton carpet, it seems to make everyone happy,” concludes Emma Walker.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Artisan by Wilton

Product Spotlight: Wilton proves its carpet craft with Artisan

1000 581 Daniel Fountain

Created to meet the needs of the pub and leisure industry, Artisan is the latest collection to come from the design team at Wilton Carpets; a multi-layer approach that brings new meaning to classic florals and damasks, as well as modern geometrics.

Continuing a stream of new launches from the Wiltshire-based woven carpet specialist, the collection brings contemporary combinations of pattern and colour in styles that bring authenticity, practicality and longevity to demanding hospitality and leisure locations. With a total of 17 designs, Artisan provides an impressive array, as Damian Roscoe, head of creative, explains:

“With Artisan, we’ve explored various themes in pattern, using layers and distressed effects on top of scrolls, florals, damask and modern geometrics to reveal interesting new details and a textured aesthetic that is both relaxed and practical. Capturing classic looks perfect for heritage interiors, as well as modern geometrics that have a laidback feel, Artisan has something for every style.

“The relaxed look to the designs is worth focus; highly structured and rigid design can often be too formal, or even look old-fashioned and overly fussy in the often-complex layouts of these locations. Giving Artisan a hand-worked, distressed and relaxed feel that blurs lines and boundaries counters this; while remaining thoroughly usable.”

Available in a sesame palette that features rich hues of gold, moss and ruby, the Artisan collection’s practical colourways continue the collection’s theme of usability in a wide range of hospitality and leisure environments. Working well to complement feature furniture and lighting without being overpowering or brash, it is a well-considered collection that can be used straight off the loom.

Woven in a seven-row quality from a wool-rich 80/20 blend for appearance retention and lasting underfoot performance, all Artisan carpets come standard in a narrowloom width, preferred for tight and complex layouts. As always, thanks to its flexible Wiltshire-based manufacturing, Wilton Carpets can also make any Artisan pattern in broadloom format for large areas, as well as in bespoke colours if required.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

Brintons to exhibit latest High Definition Weave collections at BCFA Open event

650 320 Daniel Fountain

Brintons is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting its latest High Definition Weave collections at the BCFA Open, Spring Design event to take place over two days (28 – 29th March) at the Old Truman Brewery, in Shoreditch, London.

Brintons will showcase two bold graphic designs woven in its 32-colour High Definition Weave, a unique Brintons’ innovation created for the contract market that allows for infinite design possibilities and highly dynamic visuals.

An art inspired design from the Altered Gravity collection created by Stacy Garcia will be presented as a wall-hanging extending to the floor alongside a pixel-enthused design from the Zuzunaga collection by artist-designer Christian Zuzunaga. These two designs showcase the creative possibilities and extended colour combinations allowed by Brintons’ HD Weave technology.

Altered Gravity collection by Stacy Garcia
Altered Gravity is the eighth collaborative collection between Brintons and Stacy Garcia. The range includes 14 patterns and draws inspiration from diverse periods in the history of modern art; abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design and digitally rendered textures melt between layers of mixed media paintings. The exhibited design from the collection presents graphic hexagonal strokes in varying blue hues.

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

Stacy Garcia comments on the collections influence: “Altered Gravity is about exploring the boundaries of experimental design techniques and mediums. We’re bringing it back to the basics of fine art and melding it with new technologies.”

Zuzunaga Collection by Christian Zuzunaga
Christian Zuzunaga’s design was inspired by his exploration of Brintons unique and extensive design archive in Kidderminster. Visiting the archive, Christian was inspired by the contemporary relevance of the antique fabrics and captivated by their similarities to his own design principals.

Brintons Zuzunaga collection by Christian Zuzunaga

Brintons Zuzunaga collection by Christian Zuzunaga

The bold, colourful squares and pixel-based designs evident in weaving and wool dying, dating back centuries, inspired the mandala styling and repeating symmetrical motifs of this collection. The exhibited design will display an array of bright hues delivered in a repetitive square motif expressing the vast possibilities of combining soft mediums with digital techniques.


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Guest Blog: Art Hide – Dress up hotel interiors with luxurious carpets and rugs

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Caroline Modig of Art Hide shares her thoughts on the role flooring and carpets play in the first impressions of guests…


The main aim of all hospitality establishments is to form lasting impressions and ensure a trail of happy guests, since there’s no possibility of success without satisfied customers. Making guests happy, as we all know, is a difficult task indeed.

When they stay at a hotel, people expect everything to be perfect – inside and out. They will notice even the smallest detail, and most of them tend to be extremely picky. Interior design plays a huge role in the impression they take away, so you need to get everything just right. Start with what they notice first, which is the flooring and carpets.

Art Hide - Carpets and flooringThe Importance of Flooring and Carpeting in Hotels
Not only does the right flooring and carpeting attract people’s attention, it can also help make them feel more at ease. Beautiful floors and comfortable carpeting can improve guest satisfaction, which in turn affects your class and star ratings, review scores and reputation. This ties in to room rates and ROI, impacting your profitability.

While there’s a wide range of flooring options available, some of the most popular options for hotels include:
• Hardwood
• Granite
• Marble
• Carpet
• Vinyl
• Laminate
• Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
• Decorative Concrete

Many of these materials are often accentuated with area rugs, which can be used to separate and define a space by adding visual and textural contrast. Patterned rugs are often used in high-traffic areas, while cowhide rugs can add warmth and sophistication to lounges, guests’ rooms and lobbies.

What to Consider while Picking Materials
Here are some factors to consider while choosing flooring and carpets for hotels:
• Aesthetics – Just like the other four walls in any area, the floor or “fifth wall” needs to please the eye as well. Floors should look luxurious, and complement the rest of the décor and design elements within each space.

• Comfort – People want to be pampered in a hotel, with the most restful beds and cozy furnishings. Soft hide rugs or plush carpets can help them feel even more comfortable, and add a touch of warmth to any space.

• Safety – Floors and carpets should not be slippery if they are exposed to water, dust, etc. Make sure to take the viscosity and slipperiness of each material into account, especially in bathrooms and near exterior spaces.

• Acoustics – Carpeting plays a key role in reducing noise within an interior space, and can help to soften sounds within a room as well as from adjoining rooms. This creates a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for guests.

Art Hide Carpets and Flooring

• Durability – Hotel floors see a lot of traffic, and they need to be created with durable materials that will last. Remember, it’s not just foot traffic from guests and staff you need to think about, but also trolley wheels and other heavy items.

• Maintenance – Spills, stains and dirt are bound to send guests packing, so easy-to-clean flooring and carpeting is best. Certain designs also hide stains, while materials such as animal hide or leather are very easy to clean.

• Branding – Flooring and carpeting can also emphasize the concept and brand of your establishment. For instance, animal hides and rugs paired with wooden or marble flooring add a distinctive touch to luxury hotel interiors.

• Cost – The flooring you choose should fit your design and installation budget, but trying to cut costs with cheaper options could do more harm than good. If you want your flooring and carpeting to last, invest in quality materials.

Choose materials that add value to your interiors, boosting both visual appeal and comfort. Carpeting and rugs are a great way to enhance rooms and leisure areas, but they’re equally perfect for cheering up hallways, receptions, foyers and entrances. For a sense of luxury, try cowhide rugs or other natural materials.

Your hotel needs to look beautiful, luxurious and inviting right from the moment a guest steps in, so give the floors some attention too!

Caroline Modig works at Art Hide and oversees their marketing and promotional efforts. Her passion for interior design and the knowledge she gained over the years allows her to find time from her busy schedule to write informative blogs about interior trends, popular styling tips and everything related. When she isn’t working or writing, you can find her relaxing to some contemporary jazz while solving puzzles.


Ethereal - Wilton Carpets

Product Spotlight: Make waves with Wilton’s Ethereal collection

998 592 Daniel Fountain

“We set out to make this new collection our first focused solely on inspirational design and the result doesn’t disappoint,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, on the latest collection from Wilton Carpets. “Inspired by a natural aesthetic with an emphasis on textures and layers, Ethereal delights in the beauty of decay on a backdrop of classically beautiful pattern,” he adds.

With worn Persian effects, deconstructed and broken patterns and tattered, layered florals; Ethereal is certainly a collection of the moment. Capturing an aesthetic that is both intimate and beautiful, it is the first in the new Designer Collection series from Wilton Carpets. A personal expression of Damian’s craft, Ethereal represents an exciting step for Wilton Carpets.

James Sprint, CEO of Wilton Carpets, comments: “Clearly inspirational, this new collection is the first to truly show the creativity of our designers without the usual practical limitations, such as designing for a particular location, and the results are astounding. With Ethereal, we are truly embracing our status as a design-focused carpet manufacturer. It is a range that marks our intention to become famed for carpet design at the top of its game.”

Designed and made in Britain, each Ethereal carpet is crafted in a high-quality 80/20 wool blend and can be specified in any quality. With the ability to adapt any of the seven woven axminster designs in a colourway suited to your interior, this is a collection that offers huge potential for designers looking to strike out with statement carpet.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Tufted Style

Product Spotlight: Wilton Turns up the Tufted Style

850 545 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets’ hugely successful tufted carpet portfolio has been strengthened further with the introduction of Berwick, a collection of 14 trend-led and thoroughly modern herringbone and stripe styles that are ideal for use in a wide range of hospitality environments.

In a high-performance 80/20 wool-rich tufted construction, Berwick gives designers a great opportunity to introduce on-trend linear and herringbone styles in areas where there is equal need for value and style. Thanks to the tufted construction, the contemporary designs within Berwick provide a great all-round carpet choice for boutique hotels and within bedrooms and light-use areas of larger establishments.

“The Berwick collection is great for anyone looking for a carpet that is excellent value, but also stylish and made to perform,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director, Wilton Carpets. “With interior designers and hoteliers looking to integrate herringbone and linear style into fabrics and soft furnishings, Berwick’s designs are not only timely, but the perfect complement thanks to the use of flexible colourways.”

With matching shades available in both designs, from the understated neutrals of Wark and Heiton through to the cool greys of Earlston and Swinton, herringbone and stripe can be combined in perfect harmony. Made in the UK, Berwick is rated suitable for Heavy Contract use and comes in a versatile four-metre width. All designs and colourways within the collection are available for delivery immediately from stock.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets

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Sparking creativity to create beautiful floor layouts, Catalyst is the latest versatile and inspirational tufted carpet collection from Wilton Carpets.

Wilton has carefully selected over 40 striking and adaptable designs to provide the inspiration for layouts that bring the beauty and individuality of bespoke carpet. Catalyst patterns can be combined, changed, amended and re-coloured bringing limitless design potential.

Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets
“With Catalyst we are bringing complete flexibility to projects wanting to capitalise on the value of tufted carpets,” explains Damian Roscoe, head of creative. “Creativity such as this has traditionally been the reserve of woven styles, but our new collection brings incredible design potential, introducing the power of custom carpet to locations that that may previously have felt it was a stretch too far.”

Collection Spotlight: Catalyst by Wilton Carpets

Crafted from an 80/20 wool-rich blend and available in different weight qualities starting at 30oz and rising to 50oz, as well as with the ability to vary pile height and stitch density, the collection can be used in guestrooms through to corridors and light-use public areas.

Each custom Catalyst carpet is ready in just six-weeks from order, underlining Wilton’s commitment to both high-quality and exceptional service. Manufactured in the UK and pushing the boundaries of tufted carpet, Catalyst is available in a four-metre width.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Project Spotlight: Wilton Carpets at Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

1000 616 Daniel Fountain

Ready to Weave axminster carpet from Wilton Carpets has been used to transform the auditorium of The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, bringing an elegance fitting of the Victorian interior.

Designed by eminent theatre architect, Charles J. Phillips, The Grand Theatre, Woverhampton has been a focal point of the city since the late 19th Century. As part of a refurbishment of the theatre, some 900m2 of axminster carpet made by Wilton Carpets has been specified and installed by contractor Multifloor (Walsall) Ltd.

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Selecting an existing library design in Kingston Pindot and using the Ready to Weave: Our Design service to select a striking red and gold colourway in keeping with the auditorium’s impressive period features, Multifloor presented the design to the city council: “I had used Wilton Carpets in a previous installation at Warwick University and it seemed the natural choice for a project of this stature,” explains Matt Hunt, Multifloor (Walsall) Ltd. “Having worked with Wolverhampton City Council on the theatre before, we were trusted to put forward our specification, so had no hesitation in recommending Wilton Carpets. We presented the design and colour to theatre management, who agreed that it was the right fit for the auditorium.”

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Multifloor specified the wool-rich axminster carpet in an eight-row quality to ensure that it could withstand the footfall throughout the theatre’s performances. Woven in Wiltshire using British wool, the carpet was made within the tight deadlines of the project: “Wilton Carpets proved faultless from the production of samples right through to the delivery of the carpet. Failing to meet delivery timescales could have had a huge knock-on effect and would have almost certainly held up the grand opening,” continues Matt Hunt. “We actually received the carpet earlier than promised and thanks to careful planning it was a simple process to fit, even in the complex layout of the auditorium, a huge ‘thumbs up’ to everyone involved.”

Wilton Carpets at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

The carpet has been well received by all at The Grand Theatre and Multifloor has enjoyed praise for meeting the tight deadlines of the project with such a high quality end result. In fact, such was the success of the project that the contractor has already taken forward the same Kingston Pindot carpet to the main entrance at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Altered Gravity - Brintons & Stacy Garcia

Product Spotlight: Brintons introduces Altered Gravity by Stacy Garcia

1000 576 Daniel Fountain

Altered Gravity is the eighth collaborative collection from Brintons and Stacy Garcia.

The collection, which includes 14 patterns, draws inspiration from diverse disciplines of the art universe; abstract expressionalism collides with contemporary graphic design, and digitally rendered textures melt between layers of mixed media paintings.

Altered Gravity - Brintons & Stacy Garcia

“Altered Gravity is about exploring the boundaries of experimental design techniques and mediums. We’re bringing it back to the basics of fine art and melding it with new technologies,” says Garcia.

Altered Gravity - Brintons & Stacy Garcia

“Like my design aesthetic, the art process is ever evolving. We’re constantly adapting, rearranging, adding and subtracting – creating layers that form into something beautiful,” she adds.

Altered Gravity - Brintons & Stacy Garcia

The precision-weaving process of Axminster carpet combined with Brintons’ ability to achieve unparalleled depth and texture with up to 32 colours, brings Altered Gravity to life. Altered Gravity falls comfortably into the intersection of contemporary expressionism and graphic influence. Visualise a Venn diagram with multiple areas of creative influence; abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design, and digital texture melts between layers of experimental collage techniques.

Altered Gravity - Brintons & Stacy Garcia

Forged from the realm where these circles overlap, Altered Gravity emerges – a product of the art universe.

For further information, please call 01562 635 665 or email solutions@brintons.co.uk


Chantilly by Wilton Carpets

Get cool and contemporary in a flash with Chantilly by Wilton

1000 516 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets has launched Chantilly, a wool-rich tufted carpet in a modern linear block design that’s perfect for a cool, contemporary look in hotel bedrooms and light-use public areas.

In Wilton’s signature British wool blend, Chantilly comes in a palette of eight purposeful colour combinations, each bringing a carpet with a design that’s incredibly versatile. As part of the British manufacturer’s In Stock collection that’s available with fast delivery, Chantilly is ready to bring Wilton’s famous quality and style.

“The new collection is perfect for hoteliers, B&B owners and anyone looking for a contemporary design wool carpet,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director, Wilton Carpets. “The pattern and available colour combinations are also incredibly versatile and so can be used in different areas without looking awkward or clunky. Modern, elegant and purposeful, Chantilly marks another flexible and practical tufted carpet introduction to our In Stock collection.”

In a tufted quality, Chantilly represents great value and can be coordinated with Wilton’s In Stock woven axminster designs, for a bespoke look that takes budget and performance into consideration. Rated suitable for heavy contract use, the range is available four-metre wide and made from a blend of 80% wool/20% nylon for appearance retention and durability.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets at The Chapel, Beaumont

Project Spotlight: A Wilton carpet worthy of praise at The Chapel

1000 656 Daniel Fountain

Bespoke wool-rich axminster carpet made in the UK by Wilton Carpets, has been fitted throughout The Chapel at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, a country hotel operated by the Principal Hayley group.

Continuing on from an earlier installation of the same design throughout other areas of the hotel, contractor Pocklington Carpets has fitted over 380m2 in the complex layout of The Chapel, voted one of the top 100 wedding venues in the UK.

Wilton Carpets work at The Chapel, BeaumontThe design features a striking large-scale multi-layer damask overlaid on a contemporary stria. Fitting the heritage of the Beaumont Estate and working well with the intricate painted ceilings of The Chapel, the carpet reflects a status as a luxurious and thoroughly modern destination.

“We have worked with Wilton Carpets on numerous projects and were involved in the original installation of carpet in this design elsewhere in the hotel,” reveals Paul Eade, Pocklington Carpets. “So when contacted by the design team at Principal Hayley, we had no hesitation in continuing our relationship with Wilton, this time in a lighter colourway more suited to The Chapel’s wonderful interior.

“Installations such as this require careful planning and faultless attention-to-detail and so it is crucial that our supply chain upholds these values. Working with Wilton Carpets gives us the confidence that we can recommend woven carpet in bespoke designs, knowing that the process will be a smooth one. From the design through to installation, Wilton Carpets understands the nature of the high-quality work Pocklington Carpets is known for and that has been proven once again in this fabulous location.”

Woven from British wool in a rich blend that gives appearance retention, the bespoke axminster carpet features in a nine-row construction so is more than capable of withstanding the demands of weddings and functions, where the carpet is placed under high-wear. Alongside the requirements of the carpet to endure and be easy to maintain, the architectural features of The Chapel also required particular attention:

“The planning in this project was particularly vital,” continues Paul Eade. “The columns of The Chapel’s architecture and the complexity of the carpet design needed to be planned carefully at the design stage, so we supplied Wilton Carpets with a floorplan. From this it developed CADs that saw the design fall accurately between pillars. The final look is impressive and shows that contractor and manufacturer working closely together yields the best results, while also making the whole process a better one for the client.”

This is an opinion underlined by the General Manager of Beaumont Estate, Sven Steijvers, tasked with ensuring the installation went smoothly and within the high business demand of the luxury hotel: “The process from quotation to installation was truly seamless and professional and despite the complexity of the design and layout of The Chapel, we were able to install the carpet in the small window of opportunity presented by the high demand of this top 100 wedding venue.

“Good communication throughout really aided the process and has resulted in an enhanced product for guests to enjoy for years to come. Lifting the ambience of The Chapel, the new carpet has been instantly noted by our guests who booked prior to the installation and I would highly recommend both parties.”

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

Product Spotlight: Brintons’ art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacy Garcia

650 320 Daniel Fountain

Brintons, the world-renowned designer and manufacturer of woven Axminster carpet, has collaborated with dynamic designer Stacy Garcia once again to launch Altered Gravity, a collection of contemporary art-inspired carpet designs for the commercial sector.

Altered Gravity, the eighth collaborative collection from Brintons and Stacy Garcia, includes 14 patterns and draws inspiration from diverse periods in the history of modern art; abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design and digitally rendered textures melt between layers of mixed media paintings.

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

“Altered Gravity is about exploring the boundaries of experimental design techniques and mediums. We’re bringing it back to the basics of fine art and melding it with new technologies,” explains Stacy Garcia. “Like my design aesthetic, the process of creating art evolves constantly. We’re always adapting, rearranging, adding and subtracting – creating layers that form into something beautiful,” Garcia adds.

The precision-weaving process of Axminster carpet combined with Brintons’ ability to achieve unparalleled depth and texture with up to 32 colours, brings Altered Gravity to life. This collection has been designed to suit all commercial settings – from hospitality and retail to marine and gaming. It will available and can be fully customised to fit each project.

Brintons introduces art-inspired ‘Altered Gravity’ collection by Stacey Garcia

“Original works of art are translated into expressive Axminster carpet designs using complex colour and textural overlays,” states Jane Bradley-Bain, Brintons Senior Designer.

“Wild graphic strokes and frenzied paint splats marry with translucent floral forms to create boldly scaled designs catered to the hospitality market. Altered Gravity, with pattern repeats varying from 6‘ to 48’ is presented as an extremely versatile collection and one to watch in 2017,” adds Jane Bradley-Bain

Brintons Mazij collection

Product Spotlight: Brintons launches Middle Eastern-inspired Mazij collection

1011 461 Daniel Fountain

World-renowned carpet manufacturer Brintons launched the Mazij collection at the Dubai Hotel Show last month (17 -19 September 2016).

Meaning a mix or melange of things, the arabic word Mazij conjures up the beauty and romance of the Middle East’s impressive and rich heritage of art and architecture and the many intricate patterns, motifs and colours that are associated with it.

The design team at Brintons has sought inspiration in this impressively rich culture, and in the natural beauty of the region’s landscape, to create a wide-ranging and exciting collection of carpet designs that complement the flourishing contemporary architecture of modern hotel and leisure projects in the region’s cities and luxury coastal destinations.

The Mazij collection is composed of five ranges and a collection of Axminster or hand tufted rugs.

The Middle East is capturing the design world’s attention today because of its ever-booming infrastructure. It has become a travel destination for design enthusiasts all around the world. This section of the collection focuses on the design trends influenced by modern architecture and includes the works of well-known design houses all-round the globe.

Brintons Mazij collection

When one thinks of Marrakech, images of patterned ceramic tiles, colourful pots, rugs and lamps and busy spice souks come to mind. This was the inspiration for this segment of the collection; Brintons has blended the authenticity of the patterns from this region with a modern approach by designing with sophisticated shapes.

Brintons Mazij collection

The Middle East is not just rich in its history and culture but it also has wonderful geographic beauty. Its mountains, deserts and rivers make it geographically distinct and has influenced the development and maintenance of cultural traditions through much of the history of the region. Inspired by the beauty of this land, the range very subtly interprets nature into carpet patterns.

Brintons Mazij collection

Petra, also called the Rose City due to the colour of the stone out of which it is carved. Brintons has developed designs that reflect these natural effects in carpets. The idea was to capture the natural effect of the sandstone, its colours and multi layered textural details.

Brintons Mazij collection

Mosque or prayer room carpets are special and unique as they have very distinctive features. They are used not only to enhance the aesthetics of the mosque’s interior but also to provide the marking on the floor to guide worshipers. The interiors of the mosques today are inspiration for this segment. This ranges from traditional to contemporary, from simple to intricate patterns.

Brintons Mazij collection

For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit www.brintons.net or call 01562 635665. To speak to someone regarding Brintons Carpets in the Middle East & Africa, please contact Brintons MEA office (in Dubai): Tel: +971 (0) 44210011

Wilton Carpets showcasing Signature Collection at IHS

Wilton underlines design focus with Signature Collection at IHS

999 580 Daniel Fountain

Previewing at the Independent Hotel Show, Signature is the latest addition to Wilton Carpets’ growing portfolio of striking tufted carpets.

Available in eight on-trend colour combinations, the contemporary design is headlining at the Olympia event, and once again underlined Wilton’s ability to match looks and performance in its carpet creations.

The new Signature Collection uses a modern colour palette to produce a prominent linear design that is ideal for hotel and hospitality spaces looking to add a contemporary twist. From bright pinks on a neutral backdrop and mustard yellow in combination with blue, to variations on the monotone theme, Signature is set to be a major hit among designers and hotel owners alike.

Falling within Wilton’s tufted stock portfolio so available for immediate delivery, Signature is made from durable 80% wool and 20% nylon to ensure lasting good looks, is rated suitable for heavy contract use and arrives in a four-metre width.

“Our prime reason for exhibiting at events such as the Independent Hotel Show is to demonstrate to visiting interior designers and hotel owners how Wilton Carpets can deliver a carpet solution for any environment,” comments Andrea Evans, Marketing Manager, Wilton Carpets.

“We already enjoy an enviable reputation for our woven axminster capabilities, but shows such as IHS allow us to display our growing portfolio of tufted lines. The success of other recent additions, including Harris Tweed, has opened up new doors for the company and following initial reactions we fully expect Signature to be equally as popular.”

For a brochure or samples, contact Wilton Carpets on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com


QuickWeave by Brintons

Product Spotlight: Brintons adds two new collections to QuickWeave

747 427 Daniel Fountain

To meet the growing demand among installers for design-led quality carpet that can be made-to-order and installed in below average lead-times, Brintons has extended its recently developed innovative QuickWeave series to include two new collections.

With the addition of Aurora and Sequence to the series, the QuickWeave offering of three collections (including the Inception range) now provides installers and project designers on a tight deadline with the widest choice yet of woven axminster designs in a broad spectrum of colours that can be supplied in only 6 weeks.

Brintons’ award-winning design team developed the series to reflect today’s trends with contemporary patterns complementing transitional styles such as plaids, stripes, geometric, abstract and layered design themes. Clever texturing techniques including mottles, striés and fades have been used within the patterns to give depth to the designs whilst optimising practical application for hospitality and other contract projects.

QuickWeave broadloom woven axminster carpet is made using the ‘Brintons blend’ of 80% wool / 20% nylon and is available in five quality specifications from 7 to 11 rows, making it suitable for all types of area from light to heavy use. Regardless of specification, the wool element in Brintons’ famous blend results in a luxurious soft feel while the nylon component ensures the carpet will be hardwearing for longevity.

Andrew Wilcock, Group Marketing Manager, comments: “These new collections are an exciting addition to our QuickWeave offering which is a big hit with retailers and installers who have contract clients. QuickWeave was a natural step for Brintons as it allows for the creation of the high quality carpets that we are renowned but within a fraction of the time associated with custom projects.”


Wilton Carpets

Wilton at the Independent Hotel Show

1000 571 Daniel Fountain

Demonstrating the impact of good carpet design, Wilton Carpets Commercial is coming to the Independent Hotel Show with In Stock ranges designed to meet the needs of the sector.

With the brand-new Iona woven axminster heritage tartan designs, as well as the tufted Chantilly and Signature ranges, Wilton Carpets will be showing independent hoteliers that it can deliver striking design across a range of carpets suitable for public areas and bedroom use, all with fast delivery.

“We understand that many hoteliers do not need or want a completely bespoke solution and are looking for well-designed carpet that provides them with flexibility, quality and value, all while being easy to get hold of,” comments Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton Carpets Commercial. “Our In Stock portfolio does exactly this and we take great pride in ensuring the designs available bring a special touch to interiors, giving that boutique feel without the longer lead times or price-tag of a fully bespoke option.”

Visitors to the Wiltshire-based manufacturer’s stand will be able to discover the depth of its design library in both woven and tufted styles, as well as its ability to deliver fast-track bespoke solutions for orders as little as 100m2 in Ready to Weave. Certainly of interest to larger independent hotels, this service allows existing designs to be recoloured or new designs created in one of three colour palettes for delivery in just two to four weeks.

Wilton Carpets will be exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show, Stand 222, Olympia, 18-19 October 2016

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

Company Profile: Get ready to weave with Wilton Carpets

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Transforming hospitality interiors with beautiful bespoke design in the fastest lead-times currently available, Ready to Weave carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial are ready in just two to four weeks.

Available in Ready to Weave – Our Design and Ready to Weave – Your Design, the two services allow creative freedom for hoteliers and interiors designers when specifying their ideal carpet.

In Our Design, users are invited to work with any of Wilton Carpets’ library of designs, with the option to use existing colour combinations or create a unique twist by selecting any of 12 colours from a pre-determined palette.

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

In Your Design, any library pattern can be recoloured, or custom designs realised, but in this case colours can be selected from any one of three permanently loomed palettes.

“Not only is the Ready to Weave service the fastest of its kind in the UK, it is also one of the most flexible, really allowing hoteliers and interior designers to explore the design potential of carpet,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton Carpets. “Whether guided through our pattern library, or adventuring into the world of bespoke design, Ready to Weave is a great way to create a unique look to hospitality environments.”

Delivering excellent versatility through a selection of woven axminster qualities (seven to 10-row) in a quality wool-rich construction, Ready to Weave carpets are great value and accessible from a small minimum order of just 100m2. Ready to Weave – Our Design and Ready to Weave – Your Design carpets are delivered in just 28-days from order, the shortest lead-time currently available for carpet made in the UK.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Wilton Carpets' axminster loom

Wilton Carpets speeds ahead with new axminster loom

1000 626 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets has announced the commissioning of a state-of-the-art Van De Wiele axminster carpet loom, the first of its kind in the UK, at a cost of some £1.5million.

Increasing capacity by five-times over the traditional axminster looms it replaced, the high-speed Van De Wiele produces miles of premium woven axminster carpet per week, helping Wilton Carpets to meet the growing demand for its stock and bespoke qualities.

Fed by Smart Creel technology, the axminster loom can seamlessly switch between colours and designs, allowing uninterrupted production of woven carpets for the hospitality industry. This world-first innovation sees robots fill each yarn feeder tube and determine the exact length required for any given carpet design, splicing automatically as one pattern switches to another. With minimal downtime, the machine dramatically improves manufacturing flexibility.

“The investment in this new loom enhances the growing stature of one of the UK’s foremost commercial carpet manufacturers and has been commissioned to ensure that Wilton Carpets can continue to service its growing customer base with the efficiency and quality for which the company is known,” says James Sprint, CEO, Wilton Carpets Commercial. “The first of its kind in the UK and bristling with the latest in production technology, the loom is already having a hugely positive impact on manufacturing operations, boosting capacity while giving unparalleled quality and efficiency.”

This comes as only good news for the manufacturer’s client base that reaches hospitality, leisure, public and commercial locations of all sizes right across the globe, with 1000s of locations enjoying the high-quality nature of carpet made right here in the UK.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the Van De Wiele axminster loom will use enough yarn to wrap around the equator six-times. Wilton Carpets has plans to introduce another two of these highly efficient Belgian-made machines at its Wiltshire production site.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Iona Roomset master Wilton Carpets

Product Spotlight: Iona tartan collection from Wilton Carpets

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Scotland’s stunning vistas and rich tapestry of cultural heritage is celebrated in Iona, a collection of eight stunning tartan carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial.

Each design reveals delightful detail through playing with pattern scale and colour overlays, giving a unique collection that brings a touch of Scottish castle glamour to country house and boutique style hotels.

Crafted on Wilton’s axminster looms in a wool-rich blend, the four-metre wide carpets are suitable for heavy contract use. Bringing an instant transformation to areas as diverse as lounges, bars and restaurants to receptions and corridors, Iona is available from the middle of August with all colours in stock.

“Iona brings classic looks to hoteliers and designers keen to bring a heritage feel to their space,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director. “An effortless take on country style, this new collection brings our legendary axminster quality in a collection ready to lift interiors to a new height with the minimum of fuss.”

Available from stock for fast delivery and in a colour spectrum covering ruby through to classic blue, zinc and slate, this new addition from one of Britain’s most loved boutique carpet manufacturers is sure to be a huge hit. Brochures and samples of Iona are now available from Wilton.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

Wilton Carpets appoints new Head of Creative

1000 600 Daniel Fountain

Wilton Carpets Commercial has appointed Damian Roscoe to the newly established Head of Creative role, marking its ambition to ensure design is at the heart of its strategy.

Damian Roscoe WIlton CarpetsThe highly experienced Damian Roscoe (pictured) has spent over 25 years in the carpet industry, shaping the design direction for prestigious carpet brands. Now at one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers, creating bespoke and stock woven and tufted carpets for commercial interiors, Damian Roscoe is excited about the challenge ahead:

“Wilton is one of the greats, but what truly excited me was the role proposed by James Sprint, CEO, who is committed to the strong creative purpose of Wilton with design touching as many facets of the business as possible,” comments Damian Roscoe. “By continuing to embrace our heritage and pioneering a contemporary attitude, Wilton will cement its place as a truly design-led company and become a desired brand the world over.”

Damian has already begun taking the first steps in helping to shape the future design direction of the manufacturer, citing talent and resource in place and the welcome backing of senior management as excellent catalysts for success: “There is no doubt that we can achieve our goal to become an international force in the hospitality industry. We have the capability, experience, commercial infrastructure and willingness to succeed.

Wilton Oulton Hall 9Mar16 079

“The quality of people at Wilton has impressed me, their spirit and enthusiasm for common goals is infectious, I really am in awe of the setup here and the resulting quality of product. The chance to make one of Britain’s last great carpet manufacturers an international force in design-led carpet is one that I am relishing.”

Damian will be based at Wilton’s Wiltshire headquarters, dividing time between the studio and liaising closely with sales managers and clients on projects, further developing the brand as a powerhouse of hospitality carpet.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

QuickWeave Brintons

Brintons is quick off the mark with new QuickWeave collection

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World-renowned carpet manufacturer, Brintons, is launching a new range of carpets to the contract market that offers a shorter turnaround time of six weeks, ideal for installers and hospitality clients who are working on assignments with tight deadlines.

The QuickWeave project is the first of its kind for Brintons and will offer of a range of collections that consist of pre-designed carpet styles, which can be sent directly to the loom, reducing the time associated with custom weaves, due to the design process involved.

Inception will be the first range of designs that will be available through QuickWeave, and is a contemporary collection of over 60 ready to go patterns, available in five pre-set colourways.

QuickWeave Brintons

The designs in Inception are reflective of today’s current trends and are crafted with the high quality, expertise and passion that Brintons is famous for. A variety of design styles have been selected by Brintons’ talented team for use in a versatile range of interiors including hospitality, gaming and leisure. Contemporary patterns complement transitional styles such as plaids, stripes, geometric, abstract and layered design themes.

QuickWeave Brintons

Andrew Wilcock, Group Marketing Manager, comments: “The interiors industry can often be a fast paced environment as many of our clients are working on large scale projects under tight timeframes. That’s why QuickWeave was a natural step for Brintons as it allows for the creation of the high quality carpets that we are renowned but within a fraction of the time associated with custom projects.”

The carpets create in Inception will be a range of Axminster carpets that will include the 80% Wool and 20% Nylon blend that Brintons pioneered in the 1950s, and will range from seven to eleven rows.

For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit www.brintons.net or call 01562 635665.

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

Project Spotlight: Masterclass in luxury by Wilton at Boclair House

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With ambitions for an intimate and luxurious hotel and wedding venue, the interior of Glasgow’s Boclair House Hotel has been transformed with a masterclass in restorative interior design including bespoke carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial.

Built in 1890 in the Gothic Tudor style, Boclair House had been stripped of its original interior features and converted to partitioned offices yet, under new ownership, is now resplendent as one of Scotland’s most luxurious destinations. Commissioned by owner, Manorview Hotels, interior and architecture practice Space I.D has without a doubt created a wonderfully bold sense of opulence and decadence, celebrating the building’s Art Nouveau heritage and stylish glamour of the latter Art Deco period.

Carpets from Wilton have been instrumental in creating the atmospheric interior, fitted right throughout the hotel in an array of truly stunning designs bringing individuality, glamour and wondrous comfort perfectly in keeping with the unapologetic luxury of Boclair House.

“The geometric carpet was a bold move but it works brilliantly with what has been created around it,” comments the team at Space I.D. “As we had a blank canvas, we decided that public areas should have an Art Deco feel as the grand scale and form of the style fitted the space. In more intimate settings such as the bar and restaurant we’ve looked towards the stylised naturalistic design typical of Art Nouveau for the carpet. An elegant and ultimately, incredibly luxurious look.”

Working closely with Wilton designer, Sam Dean, carpets have been created for the public areas, function rooms, bar, restaurant and bedrooms of the hotel. A hexagonal motif in hues of gold and black used in corridors and on stairways is joined by a radiant geometric in tones of charcoal and ruby in the bar and restaurant. In the function room a controlled and simplified damask is given a huge sense of scale, working as a feature on large area rugs throughout.

Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

“In the function room, we didn’t want a fully carpeted room with a dance floor in the middle, so designed the carpet in sections divided by timber panels. This allows the middle section to be rolled back to reveal the dance floor for the evening party.”

Area rugs can be found elsewhere in Boclair House as Space I.D has used herringbone parquet as borders to runner-style carpets in corridors and as frames within bedrooms. Not only looking incredibly elegant and as if an original feature, these borders and frames provide a visual break between the strong carpet designs. In bedrooms, a multitude of more relaxed style references have been used, a stone hued stria panel bordered with a simple triangular motif in contrasting tones creating a sense of individuality.

“The design experience was highly rewarding as we had total freedom and with Manorview Hotels long history with Wilton Carpets Commercial, we knew we were in good hands when it came to creating carpets that reflected the luxury, intimacy and individuality of this delightful building,” conclude the team at Space I.D.

Some 750 square metres of bespoke woven Axminster in a highly durable nine-row quality have been used throughout in a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Made in Wiltshire with exquisite attention-to-detail, the carpets will provide Boclair House Hotel with a long serviceable life and lasting appearance.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Throughout its exciting schedule at Clerkenwell Design Week Brintons is inviting design savvy visitors to join them at its London Design Centre between the 24th to the 26th May

Brintons Carpets: ‘The future of design at Clerkenwell Design Week’

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Brintons will be at the centre of the creative hub during Clerkenwell Design Week, as the leading manufacturer unveils its new QuickWeave collection and hosts a range of talks from leading interiors experts.

Throughout its exciting schedule Brintons is inviting design savvy visitors to join them at its London Design Centre for Clerkenwell Design Week between the 24th to the 26th May as they host a range of drop-in sessions, including talks from interiors experts from Birmingham City University, Houzz and design duo the 2 Lovely Gays.

The QuickWeave range is perfect for installations where timing is of the essence as it is a range of pre-designed carpets designs, which can be sent directly to the loom, reducing the time associated with custom weaves. The first QuickWeave collection is Inception, which is a range of 60 ready to go patterns, each of contemporary styles and available in five colourways. There are 16 colours in its palette, which are reflective of today’s current trends.

24th May – Trend Project Talk
The Trends project presents the pinnacle of design with final year BA Textile Design students at Birmingham City University creating a range of new designs inspired by two trends forecast by Colour Hive for Autumn/Winter 2016/17: ‘Strata’ and ‘Play’. John Hall, Exhibitions Manager at Parkside Gallery, and Jean Ensell, Textiles Lecturer at BCU, will be holding a talk on the Trends project, and how and why they use them. They will also go on to explore how the project works and the importance of industry engagement for its students, who are the new talent pipeline into the wider design industry.

25th May – 1pm – 4pm – Expert advice from the 2 Lovely Gays
Interior designers the 2 Lovely Gays will hold a range of one-to-one sessions to help members of the public with any interior design queries they may have. Ranging from how to customise a room to what colours work well together, those taking part can get one-to-one advice from the interior designers who found their fame on BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge. 2 Lovely Gays at Clerkenwell Design Week

Anyone wishing to take part can book timeslot online to get the chance to join Jordan and Russell at the London Design Centre. For those unable to attend, they will hold a question and answer session on the social channels and their top tips will be posted throughout the day.

26th May 10am – 3pm Design profile advice from Houzz
Leading online home renovation and design platform, Houzz, will be hosting one-to-one drop in profile consultations with their representatives on the 26th May. Aimed at design business owners, it will be offering top tips to businesses to help ensure they are maximising their exposure to homeowners who plan projects through the online platform.

Trends and Tips Talk 12.30pm
Houzz will also be hosting a ‘Trends and Tips’ talk at 12.30pm, teaching visitors what colours, materials and finishing choices are trending on Houzz and the steps they can take to maximise their exposure.

24th – 26th May – Exhibitions
Through the archives
Brintons’ Archivist Yvonne Smith will be holding an archive exhibition throughout the week, which will explore designs through the ages. The archive holds over 100,000 unique designs dating back to the late 1700s, and Yvonne will be displaying a sample of designs for people to view and discuss the gems of the archive.

Yvonne Smith at Clerkenwell Design Week

Birmingham City University Trends Project Installation
Birmingham City University (BCU) will be displaying installations based on student’s work to celebrate the future of interior design. BA Textile Design students from BCU used Brintons’ latest technologies to create two carpet designs for their final year Trend project.

To book to attend any of the sessions at the Clerkenwell Design Week at Brintons’ London Design Centre visit www.brintons.net/clerkenwell/.

Harris Wilton

Wilton Carpets’ new classic – Harris – creates boutique style

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Just launched, Harris, the new wool-rich tufted range from Wilton Carpets Commercial, is causing quite a stir amongst interior designers and hotel owners, with its timeless herringbone design and smart boutique look. Such has been the response to the design, the carpet is being sold with immediate availability for all five classic colours.

Bringing a tailored look to the floors of boutique hotels and hospitality spaces, this elegant take on timeless design creates a bespoke feel that leaves a lasting impression. Available as part of Wilton Carpets Commercial’s stock tufted collection – it has an 80% wool and 20% nylon construction to cope with the demands of a busy hotel.

Harris by Wilton Carpets
“The latest addition to our in-stock carpet collection, Harris is already generating interest from interior designers and hoteliers keen to bring a sense of occasion to their space,” comments Alan Whittle, sales director. “The carpet effortlessly transforms with little fuss, is stylistically on-point and blends value and quality perfectly.”

In five colourways covering rich tweed browns, charcoal, wheat and sand hues, the neutral overtone of Harris comes in a four-metre width that is eminently versatile. This new collection from one of Britain’s most loved boutique carpet manufacturers is ready today.

For a brochure or samples, contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Campaign For Wool Awards - Brintons

Prestigious award for Brintons at Wool Floor Show

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Royal Warrant holder, Brintons, has been awarded the prestigious Woven Carpet Design Installation of the Year award for its Art Deco inspired carpets at Quaglino’s.

Celebrating quality, style and innovation, Campaign for Wool’s International Wool Carpet and Rug awards was launched for the first time at this year’s Wool Floor Show in London.

Hosted on the 23rd March at Stamford Bridge in London, the awards included 14 different categories, some of which were sponsored by leading interiors magazines.

Ranging from Rug Design of the Year to the award for Innovation in Yarn Development, Brintons was awarded Woven Carpet Design Installation of the Year award for its 1930s inspired designs that it created for the renowned Mayfair based restaurant and late night venue, Quaglino’s.

Brintons supplied a striking custom carpet featuring geometric designs for the restaurant to compliment the period’s style of its multimillion pound refurbishment project. The carpet was installed throughout the restaurant and staircase, featuring a dramatic linear style to reflect the Art Deco influence of the interiors.

Sarah Draper, Commercial Marketing Manager for Brintons, said: “We are really honoured to have received such a fantastic award from such a renowned industry figure, Campaign for Wool.

“Our range of designers utilise our 230 year old archive to create bespoke creations that truly reflect a commercial interiors specific identity. Working with Quaglino’s to create such a stunning Art Deco design was a fantastic experience and we are delighted for our work to have been recognised with such a prestigious award.”

Brintons was at the Wool Floor Show with its latest commercial collection, QuickWeave, which offers a shorter turnaround time and is ideal for clients who are working on projects where timing is of the essence.

For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit www.brintons.net or call 01562 635665.

Wilton Oulton Hall

Project Spotlight: Classic and modern crossover in stylish carpet at Oulton Hall

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Fusing contemporary and classical influences in a striking bespoke design, Wilton Carpets Commercial has continued its partnership with QHotels, bringing elegance and poise to the carpets at the luxurious Oulton Hall Hotel and Spa.

The interior’s classical architectural features of the 18th century former family mansion work perfectly with the scroll and floral motifs in highlighted with gold accents, while the modern luxury of the four-star hotel is embraced with a contemporary 3D design in charcoal greys that flow through the reception, the design is then simplified for stairs, while in meeting rooms a lighter version of the effect is worked beneath a complimentary motif.

“The classical elegance of Oulton Hall and its status as a four-star destination meant that the carpet had not only to achieve a look befitting of its surroundings, but also reflect the hotel’s position as a destination offering modern levels of luxury and relaxation,” comments Trudi Purtill, director of group development, QHotels. “Wilton Carpets Commercial has once again fulfilled our ambitions with the carpet’s striking and on-point design, the colours working perfectly with the fabrics and furnishings we had chosen for Oulton Hall.”

Some 900 square metres of the bespoke nine-row woven axminster carpet were installed by Pocklington Carpets through the main reception, staircase and gallery, as well as meeting rooms of the hotel. Situated close to Leeds and featuring a luxurious spa and golf course, the 152-room Oulton Hall is set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It is one of 26 premium four-star hotels in the award-winning QHotels group.

For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or sales@wiltoncarpets.com

Carpet Design

Carpet Focus: 2016 trends to make impact on carpet design

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Much like paintwork or wallcoverings, carpets are one of the best and easiest ways to convey a theme and add a touch of ‘personality’ to a room or space. They can form a ‘neutral’ foundation for the rest of the room’s design in the background. Or, alternatively, a brightly coloured or vibrantly patterned carpet can form the focal point of an interior.


Brintons’ work in the Ramada Encore Dar Es Salaamel, Tanzania (Photo: brintons.net)

Indeed, manufacturing techniques and technology allow manufacturers – like HD Directory members Brintons, Wilton, Interface and Lano – to create carpets and rugs with patterns and textures such as swirls, bows, lattices, plaids, dots and fleur-de-lis.

Wilton Carpets

Wilton’s 1970s-inspired designs at Cranfield Management Development Centre (Photo: wiltoncarpets.com)

This year, there are a few design trends that will impact carpets and their implementation in spaces in the months ahead. Wider trends such as the emergence of warm minimalism, the rise and rise of Scandinavian design and rustic simplicity – which incorporates Mediterranean style with ‘contemporary country’ will all have an impact on carpet and rug design.


The ‘Over the Edge’ range from Interface Hospitality (Photo: interfacehospitality.com)

More specifically to carpets, and those with a more conservative approach, new neutral colours – like soft greens, pale yellows and subtle blues – are more likely to be used if the standard tans, beiges and creams aren’t used. Furthermore, flecks of colour will be incorporated into these schemes. Textures and patterns are becoming more popular because vacuum marks are less likely to show up on these carpets. Additionally, these textures also give guests an impression of high quality and can contrast perfectly with smoother surfaces such as counters, wardrobes and walls.


Lano’s pale yellow carpets in the Fraser Suites, Le Claridge Champs-Elysees (Photo: lano.com/en)

For designers wanting to make a bit more of a statement, attention-seeking carpets with bold colours and patterns can work when set against neutral wallcoverings. Also, 1970s-inspired design will play a big role in the year ahead and we could see elements of this make its way into carpet design.


Product Spotlight: Brintons and Oren Sherman Launch Innovative Corridor Collaboration

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Brintons is to launch an innovative Axminster collection engineered specifically for the corridor.

BLOKWERK presents a range of carefully composed designs, taking inspiration from the influential De Stijl movement and offers an innovative solution to corridor design.

Oren Sherman brings a restrained simplicity to the world of Axminster, resulting with the truly collaborative collection of elementally flexible designs. Constructed with harmonious textures and contemporary color palettes, Brintons’ BLOKWERK offers a multitude of ways to balance color and shape, manage scale and proportion, turn corners, and extend perspectives.


“These designs have been engineered with extraordinarily long repeats,” explains artist-illustrator Oren Sherman, “allowing designers to chart inventive pathways through corridors and transform often overlooked spaces into exciting opportunities.”

Contemporary interiors are welcoming more unified concepts to corridor space; with cohesive and unbroken carpet designs washing over door drops and erasing transitions.


Utilising simplified elements and static textural layers, the designs from BLOKWERK can be cut and reassembled in a variety of combinations without compromising visual integrity. BLOKWERK offers a practical solution to waste management and caters to the needs of the contemporary interior designer.

For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit www.brintons.net or call 01562 635665.

Brintons at the JFS

Brintons supporting the ‘future of design’ at JFS

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Brintons Carpets collaborated with Birmingham City University at this year’s prestigious January Furniture Show.

Attended by over 16,000 buyers and 4,000 exhibitors, the four-day show at Birmingham’s NEC arena depicts the latest interior and furniture trends for the coming year.

BA Textile Design students from Birmingham City University used Brintons’ latest technologies to create two carpet designs, depicting how key interiors trends can be transformed into physical products and designs. The students showcased their latest work at the show as part of their final year trend project.

Currently in its eighth year, the project encourages students to create a range of designs inspired by industry trends. The project focuses upon the power of collaboration within different disciplines, joining science, technology, design and art together with renowned brands such as Brintons.

Brintons at JFS
Charmaine Stint, Programme Manager for the Institute for Creative Innovation at Birmingham City University, said: “Challenging our students, staff and partners to come up with brand new concepts which are fresh, engaging and new, generates some truly innovative content. It’s this innovation which drives us and our partners to push the boundaries and is one of the most motivating elements of this showcase.”

As part of the project, each year students unravel two future trends, creating a portolio of moodboards and a final project. Influenced by Colourhive’s Autumn / Winter 2016/17 forecasts, this year’s project was inspired by two trends: ‘Strata’ and ‘Play.’

Inspired by the Natural World and its significance with the everyday, ‘Strata’ focuses upon the importance of geology and the unrefined beauty of the earth. Student Rosie Williams’ monochrome room set simultaneously explores human influence on nature. Student Chloe Baker’s ‘Play’ vibrant room set focuses upon the creativity and optimism possessed by our inner child.

Brintons at JFS

Charmaine continued, “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with Brintons, through using its revolutionary 32 colour High Definition looms, allowing us to showcase our students new thinking and impressive designs.

Brintons worked in partnership with the University and the students to help support their design development and creative potential.

Sarah Draper, Commercial Marketing Manager for Brintons, said: “At Brintons industry trends constantly shape our designs and collections, so we were extremely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the students at Birmingham City University.

“The future of design lies with upcoming students and being able to help them achieve their vision is a fantastic process.”

For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit www.brintons.net or call 01562 635665.