New collections from Moooi Carpets to put on your 2022 watch list

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    New collections from Moooi Carpets to put on your 2022 watch list

    Moooi Carpets, which never fails to deliver an endless mix of colours, has just unveiled four new collections, which have been designed by individual artists – all with the aim to add personality in hotel design. Editor Hamish Kilburn takes a look…

    All rugs at Moooi Carpets combine an endless mix of colours thanks to the use of a ground breaking high definition Chromo jet printer and its accurate tones, which generate a playful illusion of depth – just take a look at the Liquid Layer collection if you need convincing.

    When Marcel Wanders (Founder of Moooi in 2001) came across the technique of digital printing on carpet material, more than 10 years ago, he realised that it was so ground breaking that he felt it needed its own space to grow, without being absorbed by/in something else. Moooi Carpets was launched by Moooi in 2015.

    Since then, each collection launched has, in its own way, challenged conventional design with meaningful patterns – and the brand’s latest collections are no exception. Cue the arrival of ‘Pluck Their Petals’, ‘Lint’, ‘In the Meadow’ and Bisanto.

    Pluck their Petals by Ferry Schiffelers

    Ferry Schiffelers founded his eponymous womenswear label at the age of 25. In 2018, Schiffelers graduated Cum Laude from the design department at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). His graduation collection ‘Défilé de Deuil’ ensured that he won the Lichting prize and was named the most promising graduate of 2018. In September 2019, Schiffelers presented his first independent collection ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ during AFW (Amsterdam Fashion Week). Prior to AMFI, he followed the four-year Fashion / Bespoke tailoring course to develop himself in the field of tailoring and techniques. Schiffelers has successfully completed internships in the couture atelier of Viktor & Rolf and Antwerp designer Tim van Steenbergen. His work is being published in Vogue, ELLE and Mirror Mirror magazine.

    Moooi Carpets: Tumbling petals by Ferry Schiffelers-300DPI copy

    Image credit: Moooi Carpets

    Combining fashion with design – a concept we can’t get enough of at Hotel Designs – Schiffelers designed the ‘Pluck their Petals’ colleciton, which was inspired by the greatest love tragedy whether he loves me – or not. Multiple layers of tulle petals build up a gradient of colour causing a mysterious, yet romantic and dramatic dimension. The technique of layering creates more depth and darkly shadowing in the creases, turning the carpet into a fantasy like destination somewhere between a dream and a nightmare.

    Lint by Visser & Meijwaard

    Visser & Meijwaard is a design studio focused on product- and scenographic exhibition design based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The studio is run by Dutch designers Vera Meijwaard and Steven Visser who met at ArtEZ University of the Arts. As a design duo they create distinct but minimalistic products from an aesthetic world of material, colour and shape. Their working method is associative. By playing with materiality, context and scale and with a fascination for ‘form follows function’, Visser & Meijwaard researches new applications for the hidden aesthetics found in everyday products. Their wide range of work extends from furniture and lighting to textile, ceramic and glassware. Visser & Meijwaard collaborate, among others, with brands as Hermès , Linteloo and Pulpo Products. Their work has been presented in museums, galleries and fairs worldwide, including London, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Cologne and Copenhagen.

    Visser & Meijwaard - ribbon carpet real size

    Image credit: Moooi Carpets

    In the ‘Lint’ carpet collection, silk ribbons are woven into a colourful graphic pattern to create a bold interplay of lines. Inspiration for the ‘Lint’ design was found in the rectilinear pattern of a traditional tartan textile, made by weaving alternating strips of coloured threads, both in the warp and in the weft, at right angles to each other. ‘Lint’ was created by playing with the materiality and the size of the threads and in search of the right colours to contrast but complement each other at the same time.

    In the Meadow by Emma Larsson

    The carpets of Larsson’s In The Meadow collection are inspired by the never-ending wonders of nature. With whimsical and abstract shapes, the carpets depict mesmerising worlds of aquarelle art. The bright and soft colours are an ode to nature’s variety. In The Meadow is Larsson’s contribution to bringing nature indoors, into your space, like ink in water.

    The intensity of colours creates density while maintaining that ethereal feel. Every day we are surrounded by an endless variety of colours, shapes, textures, and patterns. Every living moment our senses are treated with a beauty only nature can give us. And it gives us everything. It gives us scents and smells that keep us going or calm us down. Spectacular colours that fill our hearts and minds with hope and lightness. Textures and patterns that amaze and trick us. For artists and designers, nature is an endless source of inspiration. It has been so for centuries, and hopefully it will be for the next centuries. Nature is to be coveted and cherished, for it is as close as magic we will ever experience. In The Meadow, by Emma Larsson, reveals an ethereal world of abstract aquarelle shapes. Inspired by the beauty that nature surrounds us with every day. Inspired by nature’s endless variations of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures. Nature surrounds us when we’re outside, but with In The Meadow, you can bring the magical beauty of nature inside. Whimsical and abstract shapes in bright and soft colours to mesmerise every onlooker. In The Meadow is a collection of carpets that all bear the signature aquarelle-style artwork of artist & designer Emma Larsson. Her contribution to bringing the beauty of nature inside.

    Bisanto by Antonio Aricò

    Antonio Aricò is an Italian artist, designer and creative director. After earning a double degree at Milan Polytechnic he obtained his master’s degree with a work based on the themes of Design & Tradition, combining the fields of art, craft and design. These theories merged with the poetic of contemporary culture, make up Aricò’s inter-disciplinary practice today. He is known as forerunner of a unique approach that parallels crafts and self-production with industrial design. With each new project he approaches design themes, preferring to focus on the romantic, fantastic and archetypical rather than just the functional. In this universe the coldness of industrialism is replaced by the poetry, fantasy and romance of our past, vividly brought to life in contemporary days.

    Bisanto by Antonio Aricò

    Image credit: Moooi Carpets

    Italy is not a country, it is a sea of stories. Its imaginary is waved of infinite magic stories coming from North to South and from West to East. By shaking and mixing these stories come to life BISANTO, a collection drawn by the intimate memories of a child playing with iconic souvenir coming from his memories of antique ages. The idea is to transform the Byzantine Italy into a Carpet Collection by playing with drawings and colors. The result are Luxurious Textile Mosaics printed on carpets able to represent new characters and worlds. Each piece is “secretly” inspired by real Italian historical masterpieces that are reinvented starting from eclectic inspirations and ending into renovated traditions. Indeed, all the IKONAS of the collection hide a secret inspiration belonging to Italian History of Art, coming both from North & South. The result is a collection of carpets where bidimensional signs get mixed with 3D elements, where the mosaic become soft and flocked as velvet and heavy precious printed jewels becomes a as light as fabric. Aricò doodles becomes vivid icons, making Italian tradition new again.

    Moooi Carpets is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Moooi Carpets

    Hamish Kilburn / 14.12.2021


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