Case study: adding personality in the carpets at Grantley Hall

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    Case study: adding personality in the carpets at Grantley Hall

    Carpet manufacturer Wilton was commissioned to design and supply the carpet for the listed Yorkshire gem Grantley Hall, an exquisite space that dates back to 1680…

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    Formally a private home, the owners of Grantley Hall were determined the property would retain the sumptuous extravagance of its past during its conversion to a five-star luxury destination.  The complete refurbishment of Grantley Hall Hotel into one of the country’s most desirable places to stay has been completed with individually designed, exquisitely crafted Wilton carpets.

    Outside image of Grantley Hall

    Image credit: Grantley Hall

    “The brief was very demanding in terms of the final finish; the client wanted to achieve the highest possible rating and as such, every aspect of the interior had to live up to those exacting standards both in terms of design and product quality.”

    Set in the outstanding natural beauty of Yorkshire, and bordered by historic woodland, the estate boasts extensive landscaped gardens, a kitchen garden and an English Heritage listed Japanese Garden. The team at Grantley was keen to reflect the splendour of outside in the opulent indoors.

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    A creative approach

    All of the designs had to have a timeless quality with contemporary styling. Damasks were fused with herringbones with subtle, luxurious grounds and bold accent pops. Grand florals were used to bring the flora from the surrounding gardens into the property.

    The Skykes family, who own the property, trusted the Wilton team to explore adventurous design concepts to elevate the sumptuous interior to even greater heights. Colour and design was tailored to the style and tone of each room.

    Solution delivered

    5,400sqm of axminster carpet was delivered to Grantley hall. Lavish 7×11 row quality throughout the public areas, including four restaurants, three bars, lounges and gym and spa suite, and 7×9 row quality through the 47 luxury guest bedrooms and suites.  We delivered over 20 bespoke designs to this unique, heritage building, using bespoke colours throughout.

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    Main image credit: Wilton

    Hamish Kilburn / 25.01.2021


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