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  • Product watch: TSAR Carpets introduces Sierra Collection

    Image of guestroom, modern, with blue carpets
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    Product watch: TSAR Carpets introduces Sierra Collection

    Hotel Designs learns more about the recently launched Sierra Collection by TSAR Carpets, which is described as an ‘exploration in woven process and natural textures’… 

    Image of guestroom, modern, with blue carpets

    A global industry leader in luxury custom-made carpets and rugs, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets is pleased to introduce the new Sierra Collection, a series of broadloom wool-rich Axminster carpet designs inspired by mountainous terrains and desert landscapes. Available February 2021, the collection will be sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

    While keeping in line with TSAR’s signature use of bold and signature designs, the Sierra Collection transforms the company’s vision for the future of hospitality, commercial and residential projects into paired-back contemporary statements teeming with topographical dimension. The collection features an array of natural, earthy tones in five distinct patterns, ranging from geological motifs to glacial-like elements that offer a sense of tranquility and fluidity.

    “The Sierra Collection was first and foremost inspired by Iceland’s historic and impressive female-led weaving industry and the natural beauty of the country’s stark and craggy landscape. That investigation further spurred interest in bringing to life additional rugged and arid landscapes worldwide — from California’s Coachella Valley to the rugged cliffs of the Shire at Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne,” says Charlotte McGeehan, a trained weaver and TSAR’s in-house designer. “The ultimate goal of the collection is to ground the end user, while providing a high-performing and luxuriously comfortable experience underfoot.”

    The collection’s textures were derived from an array of McGeehan’s experimental and labor-intensive hand, seersucker and jacquard weaving techniques, which were then digitally translated into broadloom Axminster carpet designs. Incorporating 80 per cent New Zealand wool — a durable material thanks to the fibre’s unparalleled diameter and strength — the collection is suitable for a wide variety of highly trafficked public spaces as well as residential environments. Specification, colours, and scale can also be fully customised to suit any project.

    “TSAR’s thirty years’ of manufacturing expertise combined with our unique vertical integration practices — from sourcing raw material in fleece form and spinning the yarn to our own specification, to the dyeing and sampling process — results in exceptional consistency and quality control, “says McGeehan. “Like the enduring terrain that inspired the Sierra Collection, each hardwearing carpet is built for longevity.”

    In bringing the collection’s launch to life, TSAR partnered with Italian image production studio Nova Visualis (@novavisualis) to create a series of digital vignettes that reflect the collection’s terrene ethos and intended end use. Nova Visualis, known for their creative direction and technical precision, designed five dynamic renders that imagine the collection in various trend-forward hospitality and residential environments. The end result is a suite of visual settings that evoke a transportive and serene experience.”

    TSAR Carpets, a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs, is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here.

    Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

    Hamish Kilburn / 15.02.2021


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