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  • Brintons and Studio Elke join forces for new Composite Collection

    Hamish Kilburn
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    The range is a selection of wall-to-wall carpet designs that pay homage to Studio Elke’s decade-long archive of jewellery collections…

    Global carpet manufacturer Brintons has outlined its new Composite Collection created in collaboration with Studio Elke.

    Recognised for its unique jewellery and accessories, Studio Elke and Brintons have both joined forces to showcase the studio’s aesthetic into a collection of customisable carpet designs.

    The range consists of a selection of wall-to-wall carpet designs that pay homage to Studio Elke’s decade-long archive of jewellery collections, which translate the company’s founder and creative director Elke Kramer’s artistic and cutting-edge designs into large-scale interior surfaces.

    “I had written down a list of dream collaborations on a blank piece of paper many years ago, and a carpet collaboration was at the top of that list,” said Kramer.

    “When I was approached by Brintons, and invited to partake in their first Australian collaboration, I was thrilled at the opportunity.”

    The collection boasts ten designs including: Sorceress and Sorcerer, Ceremonial, Keep Watch, Tassels, Existence, Arches, Musk and Jasper Nucleus, The Thunder Below, Charcoal and Concrete Brutalist, and Power of Symmetry.

    Using the influence of materials such as terrazzo, concrete, marble and mother of pearl, the range pairs Studio Elke’s striking textures with Brintons’ woven Axminster carpet.

    Jo Woolley, field designer at Brintons, added: “We began by looking at the structure and geometry of each piece – it was a process of abstracting the shapes and elements, sketching and painting, and trying to capture the essence of the jewellery into large scale repeating patterns.

    “Recreating Studio Elke’s unique use of materials was integral to the collection – translating glittering metallic shine, stone terrazzo and natural marble into carpet was a highlight.”

    Carpets from the Composite Collection can be seen in a selection of rooms at the Collectionist Hotel in Sydney, as seen in the lead image.

    Hamish Kilburn / 19.10.2018


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