Product watch: Introducing the DESSO & Ex Nature collection from Tarkett

Taking inspiration from the inherent beauty of the natural world, Tarkett and leading Dutch interior architect, Odette Ex have launched the DESSO & Ex Nature collection of wall-to-wall broadloom carpet and custom-made area rugs…

handwoven rug in centre of room under leather daybed and surrounded by natural wood surfaces

The collaboration between Odette Ex and Tarkett dates back to 2015 when they launched their first successful collection together. Renowned for her visionary approach that puts human wellbeing at the heart of the design process, the pairing is a true meeting of the minds.

“We wanted to design a collection that helps people feel grounded, but that would still surprise and delight,” commented the designer.”As humans we have an innate connection to nature, so we took cues from living matters and materials to bring people on a restorative journey with us. By bringing in bolder and playful contemporary themes into the design process too, we have injected a sense of fun along the way. I can’t wait to see how fellow designers use this collection to help bring interior spaces to life.”

round woven carpet in mustard and natural wool with organic pattern in the weave

Image credit: Tarkett

With organic textures and tones, DESSO & Ex Nature induces a feeling of calm that brings warmth, tactility and acoustic comfort to any setting. It reflects the emergence of multi-functional spaces for work, hospitality and leisure, with creative solutions that satisfy a more holistic set of conscious and subconscious needs. Combining wall-to-wall broadloom carpet and custom-made area rugs, the collection’s sensory appeal lies in its captivating, nature-inspired aesthetic. A beautifully authentic weathered effect is achieved with a natural palette of six mood boosting colours – Earth, Sand, Moss, Cosmos, Charcoal and Violet.

a round moss-green carpet under a round wooden table surrounded by plants

Image credit: Tarkett

Each colourway is available in a stratified pattern inspired by the vibrant structures of materials like stone, stucco and travertine. The hues work beautifully together to create an overall look and feel, while giving different rooms and areas within the space a distinct characteristic.

The collection’s more stylised patterns also provide balance and bring a more geometric playfulness to interiors, with boulder shape formations that stay true to the portfolio’s grounding philosophy.

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Main image credit: Tarkett