Product Spotlight: Brintons launches Middle Eastern-inspired Mazij collection

    Brintons Mazij collection
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    World-renowned carpet manufacturer Brintons launched the Mazij collection at the Dubai Hotel Show last month (17 -19 September 2016).

    Meaning a mix or melange of things, the arabic word Mazij conjures up the beauty and romance of the Middle East’s impressive and rich heritage of art and architecture and the many intricate patterns, motifs and colours that are associated with it.

    The design team at Brintons has sought inspiration in this impressively rich culture, and in the natural beauty of the region’s landscape, to create a wide-ranging and exciting collection of carpet designs that complement the flourishing contemporary architecture of modern hotel and leisure projects in the region’s cities and luxury coastal destinations.

    The Mazij collection is composed of five ranges and a collection of Axminster or hand tufted rugs.

    The Middle East is capturing the design world’s attention today because of its ever-booming infrastructure. It has become a travel destination for design enthusiasts all around the world. This section of the collection focuses on the design trends influenced by modern architecture and includes the works of well-known design houses all-round the globe.

    Brintons Mazij collection

    When one thinks of Marrakech, images of patterned ceramic tiles, colourful pots, rugs and lamps and busy spice souks come to mind. This was the inspiration for this segment of the collection; Brintons has blended the authenticity of the patterns from this region with a modern approach by designing with sophisticated shapes.

    Brintons Mazij collection

    The Middle East is not just rich in its history and culture but it also has wonderful geographic beauty. Its mountains, deserts and rivers make it geographically distinct and has influenced the development and maintenance of cultural traditions through much of the history of the region. Inspired by the beauty of this land, the range very subtly interprets nature into carpet patterns.

    Brintons Mazij collection

    Petra, also called the Rose City due to the colour of the stone out of which it is carved. Brintons has developed designs that reflect these natural effects in carpets. The idea was to capture the natural effect of the sandstone, its colours and multi layered textural details.

    Brintons Mazij collection

    Mosque or prayer room carpets are special and unique as they have very distinctive features. They are used not only to enhance the aesthetics of the mosque’s interior but also to provide the marking on the floor to guide worshipers. The interiors of the mosques today are inspiration for this segment. This ranges from traditional to contemporary, from simple to intricate patterns.

    Brintons Mazij collection

    For more information on Brintons and its range of products and services for the commercial sector, visit or call 01562 635665. To speak to someone regarding Brintons Carpets in the Middle East & Africa, please contact Brintons MEA office (in Dubai): Tel: +971 (0) 44210011

    Daniel Fountain / 20.10.2016

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