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    Transforming hospitality interiors with beautiful bespoke design in the fastest lead-times currently available, Ready to Weave carpets from Wilton Carpets Commercial are ready in just two to four weeks.

    Available in Ready to Weave – Our Design and Ready to Weave – Your Design, the two services allow creative freedom for hoteliers and interiors designers when specifying their ideal carpet.

    In Our Design, users are invited to work with any of Wilton Carpets’ library of designs, with the option to use existing colour combinations or create a unique twist by selecting any of 12 colours from a pre-determined palette.

    Boclair House - Wilton Carpets Commercial

    In Your Design, any library pattern can be recoloured, or custom designs realised, but in this case colours can be selected from any one of three permanently loomed palettes.

    “Not only is the Ready to Weave service the fastest of its kind in the UK, it is also one of the most flexible, really allowing hoteliers and interior designers to explore the design potential of carpet,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton Carpets. “Whether guided through our pattern library, or adventuring into the world of bespoke design, Ready to Weave is a great way to create a unique look to hospitality environments.”

    Delivering excellent versatility through a selection of woven axminster qualities (seven to 10-row) in a quality wool-rich construction, Ready to Weave carpets are great value and accessible from a small minimum order of just 100m2. Ready to Weave – Our Design and Ready to Weave – Your Design carpets are delivered in just 28-days from order, the shortest lead-time currently available for carpet made in the UK.

    For further information contact Wilton Carpets Commercial on 01722 746000 or

    Daniel Fountain / 09.09.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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