Classics reimagined: Triumphantly tenacious tartan

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    Classics reimagined: Triumphantly tenacious tartan

    Wilton Carpets explore textile design’s long and chequered relationship with tartan…

    Textile historians date tartan as far back as 8th Century BC in central Europe with the earliest documented tartan find in Britain dating from 4th Century AD. We have a very long relationship with this textile, interwoven with our social and military history.

    Rather than waning, tartan continues to offer great inspiration for interior and textile design; from golf clubs, country house hotels to mansion blocks and in private homes. Wilton Carpets is about to launch a new collection of tartans, celebrating its rich history and reimagining it in fresh, cool takes on this enduring design motif.

    “Within the boundaries of Tartan we wanted to show the full spectrum of the aesthetic,” explains Damian Roscoe, Design Director, Wilton Carpets. “From subtle, sophisticated tone on tine patterns suitable for guestrooms to more avant-garde expressive designs that would look amazing in larger spaces. The purity of Tartan is it’s beauty but this doesn’t stop you introducing other elements and themes to create something even more beautiful.”

    Woven in Wiltshire, in quality axminster carpet, this new collection will be launched in April offering a great range of tartan inspiration.  As these carpets are woven to order, the Design Studio at Wilton are able to offer a semi-bespoke service meaning the designs can be recoloured to suit specific colour schemes.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 07.04.2021


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