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  • Product watch: TSAR launches the Chromatic carpet collection

    Pink room with TSAR carpets
    730 565 Hamish Kilburn
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    Product watch: TSAR launches the Chromatic carpet collection

    Talk about taking art outside the frame… the Chromatic carpet collection by TSAR distills feelings of otherworldly escapism into new Axminster carpet designs…

    Pink room with TSAR carpets

    With the A/W 2020 Chromatic collection debut, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets offers end-users reprieve from a troubled world through a synesthetic experience that evokes feelings of optimism and delight.

    Centered around the concept of “the future of hospitality” – a theme explored during Hotel Designs LIVE last month – the state-of-the-art collection is an experiential approach to defining transitional public spaces in a socially distanced landscape, filtered through playful prisms of surrealism, futurism, and fantasy.

    Available since November 2020, the collection is sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

    Rooted in digital abstraction and translated into reality by TSAR’s 30 years of manufacturing expertise, the Chromatic collection comprises six distinct patterns that feature both harder-edged geometric patterns as well as organic liquid forms — each utilising signature gradients and the integration of a full-spectrum of mood-altering colour, thoughtfully selected to emphasise the characteristics of each design and naturally compliment the designs.

    Image of blue funriture on blue/green/purple carpet

    Image credit: TSAR Carpets

    Drawing inspiration from visions of futurism and fantasy, this surreal and abstract collection supports an emerging design trajectory in the world of high-end hospitality, and is suitable to a wide variety of highly-trafficked public spaces including hotels, corporate offices and event centres.

    “With Chromatic, my objective was to create a visually-intriguing collection that elicits a sense of elation and happiness, offering an aspirational escape from the current state of the world,” said Andrew Cenita, TSAR’s New York-based designer who created each digital pattern in Adobe Illustrator. “For this collection TSAR’s goal was to introduce a new experimental aesthetic into our ready-made offering, providing our customers with a high-quality product that serves various hospitality interior applications and beyond.”

    long corridor in a hotel with blue/green carpet

    Image credit: TSAR Carpets

    In the wake of Covid-19 mitigation strategies, the Chromatic collection’s unique ‘gradient mapping’ attributes provide interior designers with new tactics in the creation of human-centered spaces. Leveraging TSAR’s Axminster broadloom custom-carpet design workflow, designers may apply these custom-colour gradients to create bespoke floor-based way-finding systems and social distancing markers, demarcating private zones from transitional spaces like corridors and circulation areas. Specification, colours, and image scale can also be customised to suit any project scheme.

    In bringing the collection’s launch to life, TSAR partnered with 3-D Artist Joe Mortell and creative director Charlotte Taylor to develop a suite of digital stills and animations depicting the collection within a series of futuristic hospitality and interior environments. Following a successful collaboration with Joe on the visual assets for TSAR’s Spring 2020 Circ collection, Andrew re-approached Joe, as well as Charlotte, during the design and conceptualisation process of the collection. Attracted to each designer’s ability to balance realism with a fantastical and otherworldly design approach, the visuals represent a seamless shared vision between Joe, Charlotte and TSAR’s creative team. Generating a compelling universe of realistic spaces, each image expresses a captivating and colourful digital world that compliments abstract objects and furniture vignettes with each Chromatic rug design.

    The collection is available in the following patterns: Reveal, Ripple, Ember, Aurora, Neo and Lucid.

    TSAR Carpets, which is an Industry Support Partner Hotel Designs, is a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, it is now a global company recognised for its passion for textiles and its profound knowledge of the handtufted technique. TSAR delivers bespoke floor coverings for high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial environments worldwide.

    Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

    Hamish Kilburn / 17.03.2021


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