Product Spotlight: Make waves with Wilton’s Ethereal collection

    Ethereal - Wilton Carpets
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    “We set out to make this new collection our first focused solely on inspirational design and the result doesn’t disappoint,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, on the latest collection from Wilton Carpets. “Inspired by a natural aesthetic with an emphasis on textures and layers, Ethereal delights in the beauty of decay on a backdrop of classically beautiful pattern,” he adds.

    With worn Persian effects, deconstructed and broken patterns and tattered, layered florals; Ethereal is certainly a collection of the moment. Capturing an aesthetic that is both intimate and beautiful, it is the first in the new Designer Collection series from Wilton Carpets. A personal expression of Damian’s craft, Ethereal represents an exciting step for Wilton Carpets.

    James Sprint, CEO of Wilton Carpets, comments: “Clearly inspirational, this new collection is the first to truly show the creativity of our designers without the usual practical limitations, such as designing for a particular location, and the results are astounding. With Ethereal, we are truly embracing our status as a design-focused carpet manufacturer. It is a range that marks our intention to become famed for carpet design at the top of its game.”

    Designed and made in Britain, each Ethereal carpet is crafted in a high-quality 80/20 wool blend and can be specified in any quality. With the ability to adapt any of the seven woven axminster designs in a colourway suited to your interior, this is a collection that offers huge potential for designers looking to strike out with statement carpet.

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    Daniel Fountain / 15.02.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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