Product watch: Boutique Collection from Modieus

True to its name, the new Boutique Collection by Modieus is as luxurious as it is individual, driving forward the new expectations of bespoke with designs which are flexible, adaptable and over time have the potential to become the ‘new classics’…

new carpet designs in the Boutique Collection by Modieus

The team at Modieus has a unique focus on hospitality and retail trends which allows them to create adaptable solutions for public spaces. Colour has a unique unifying ability, and the new Boutique collection is presented in seven distinctly beautiful colour capsules: Graphite, Trace, Horizon, Dahlia, Charmed, Fluent and Fall. With more than sixty base designs, Modieus provide a colour co-ordinated solution in Rugs, Broadloom Axminster and Tile.

carpet in organic dahlia design part of the boutique collection by modieus

Image credit: Modieus

In order to dive a little deeper into the design process, we caught up with Leah Manwaring and Debra Ryan, the creative duo behind this collection to get an insight into how they have created each alluring colour capsule.

“We’d noticed the shade of orange that’s trending is a true orange,” added Manwaring. “I wanted a stronger neutral beige base with this colourway, complemented with warm charcoals, French blue with flecks of gold for highlights. In contrast, the Fall palette was inspired by strong images of nature. The charcoal and rust almost felt hyper-real being so simple, yet so beautifully balanced.

corridor in a hotel carpeted in the fall colourway in the Modieus Boutique collection

Image credit: Modieus

“I mean forget tangerine or rust (we have been crushing in our last couple of collections) — this orange is the colour of the primary school markers you used when you were five. Unlike fashion for a full orange look or a pop of orange via an accessory, in the realm of carpet, the orange pops against a tonal palette of charcoal with grey green, and dashes of soft pink for highlights.”

the Dahlia design by modieus in contemprary architectural space of the Tacoma convention centre

Image credit: Modieus

“We have been drawn to teal and blue/green in our project work for a while,” described Manwaring when discussing how colour palettes are developed. “I tried a few different colour pairings. Before arriving at teal blue green with strong bronze softened with peach and beige creams.”

“All designs are manufactured as broadloom sheet carpet, which is cut into 1metre x 1metre tile, creating beautiful random design by using our Axminster Non Critical Tiles.” explained General Manager Daren Griffin. “Tiles provide the luxury of broadloom with flexibility and comfort of cushion backing. All tiles are suitable for heavy contract use, with the added advantage that our Axminster tiles result in less waste than broadloom. Tiles can be easily moved to even out wear, and damaged or soiled tiles can be replaced simply using a single noncritical match tile.”

The Boutique Collection stands out as a result of the use of enhanced customisation techniques, allowing Modieus to elevate the tactile nature of woven Axminster carpet with a 3D effect created through delicate hand carved details. When designed along with with a specialist knowledge in combining mixed yarns and textures, the Boutique Collection sees the Axminster designs taken to a new level.

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Main image credit: Modieus