PRODUCT WATCH: Ulster Carpets’ design portal

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    PRODUCT WATCH: Ulster Carpets’ design portal

    Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or hotelier finding that all important inspiration is key, and that is where Ulster Carpets’ Design Portal can make all the difference…

    Inspiration comes in many forms. It could be a stunning view from the top of a mountain, a sparkle that catches your eye in the mundane grey of a city’s concrete jungle or these days your own abode.

    Packed full of more than 9,000 designs, the company’s online archive is easy to use and is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

    You can get a sense of what is currently on-trend by taking a look at some of the most recent designs from the brand’s creative teams based across the world or browse the Gallery, where Ulster Carpets showcases some of our stunning installations.

    Image credit: Ulster Carpets

    If you want some ideas for organic designs, Japanese form or mineral styles, then you can browse the comprehensive Collections that have been expertly curated by the company’s own archivist.

    Styles also have a habit of returning, so the archive is also a great place to look. It contains thousands of different designs ranging from Abstract and Art Deco to Classical, Floral, Contemporary and many more.

    Design Portal is also fully searchable using key words or by design numbers while you can also create your own favourites to keep for future reference.

    Image credit: Ulster Carpets

    Once you’ve found the design you want, you can even recolour it to suit the project you’re working on. If we have created a custom design for you, then these can also be uploaded into your individual collection. You can then use our standard or neutral tuft boxes to choose from more than 650 colours and recolour to your heart’s content. A sample of your new creation can be requested on the fast three-day turnaround to assist you with your project development.

    In terms of designs and colours, Design Portal offers an abundance of choice and a plethora of inspiration, so why not make the most of it?

    If you would like to be inspired and enjoy the benefits of Design Portal but don’t have an existing username and password email to find out more.

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    Main image credit: Ulster Carpets

    Hamish Kilburn / 27.05.2020


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