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  • “A Designer’s ‘Retreat’ – the carpet collection inspired by Covid-19

    TSAR Retreat Collection—Shoreline Axminster Carpet
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    “A Designer’s ‘Retreat’ – the carpet collection inspired by Covid-19

    We have always been impressed with the relevance of TSAR Carpets’ collections, but this is something else… The carpet brand launched a collection during that oozes tranquility and harmony for designers during the Covid-19 crisis. Grab a coffee and let’s take a look…

    TSAR Retreat Collection—Shoreline Axminster Carpet

    In Autumn 2020, months after governments around the world closed their boarders and populations were instructed to work from home, TSAR Carpets innovatively launched the Retreat collection, which translates ink-on-paper artworks and biophilic water motifs into new Axminster carpet designs.

    TSAR Retreat Collection—Ocean Song Axminster Carpet (blue carpet)TSAR’s Melbourne-based Head Designer, Ross Cleland, channeled his creative exploration during Covid-19 lockdown into a series of soothing and biophilic floor covering designs. Centered around the concept of “The Future of Hospitality,” TSAR’s Retreat Axminster carpets use natural bodies of water as inspiration to add visual movement and flow underfoot.

    By using interchangeable colours, each design can take on a new meaning and purpose, as the fluid designs are responsive to a building’s architecture and add a bespoke element to an interior context.

    Available since October 2020, the collection is sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai.

    The Retreat collection joins the brands impressive and dynamic ranges of carpets, including the Chromatic collection and the Sierra Collection.

    TSAR Carpets, which is an Industry Support Partner Hotel Designs, is a Melbourne-based design brand with more than 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing of luxury custom carpets and rugs. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, it is now a global company recognised for its passion for textiles and its profound knowledge of the handtufted technique. TSAR delivers bespoke floor coverings for high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial environments worldwide.

    Main image credit: TSAR Carpets

    Hamish Kilburn / 14.04.2021


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