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sleek grohtherm shower thermostat control by grohe

The new Grohtherm 500 thermostat: The easy upgrade for every bathroom project

730 565 Pauline Brettell
The new Grohtherm 500 thermostat: The easy upgrade for every bathroom project

With statistics showing that temperature fluctuations are one of the most frustrating factors in a shower, the dynamic in-house design team at GROHE came up with a solution. Introducing the Grohtherm 500 thermostat…

sleek grohtherm shower thermostat control by grohe

A thermostat is a must-have for every well-planned bathroom upgrade. A recently conducted survey into showering behaviour from leading supplier of bathroom solutions, GROHE, and German research institution Explorare, found that 37percent of respondents listed temperature fluctuations as one of the most frustrating factors when showering. With the new Grohtherm 500 thermostat acting as the intelligent heart of the shower, complaints like these can now be a thing of the past as this  latest product by GROHE provides steady temperatures, personal settings, and optimal convenience.

shower controls for grohtherm500

Image credit: GROHE

Thermostats are not a new invention to the shower market – professionals have been working with them for a long time and have witnessed the evolution of the intelligent showering technology and know how it works. One of the key benefits to a thermostat upgrade is safety: thermostats are safe mixers, especially for children and the elderly, as the SafeStop button limits the water temperature and prevents scalding. Additionally, the thermostat comes with a temperature limiter which can be activated during installation, limiting the temperature to 43°C, thereby preventing children or those with additional needs or visual impairments from turning up the temperature accidentally and scalding themselves. This is a huge benefit for multi-generational households and hotels which need to cater to many different user needs and requirements.

Now that the bathroom is increasingly turning into an oasis of wellbeing, consumers are also looking for solutions that enhance comfort. Thermostatic technology is an ideal solution. Even when multiple water sources are running simultaneously, the thermostat allows users to be in control of the temperature as it balances temperature peaks and prevents cold or hot temperature fluctuations whilst showering. This is one of the major benefits thermostats can offer especially as they continue to be such a pain point for consumers.

What many consumers do not know is that a shower equipped with a thermostat can also save water. The GROHE Grohtherm thermostats all come with the EcoButton, which is an easy-to-use and effective feature that works to reduce consumption. The EcoButton reduces the water flow, saving up to 50 per cent of water without a noticeable difference for users. Additionally, the thermostat cartridge makes it easy to find the desired temperature. Even if a user likes to turn the water off and on while showering, there is no need to find the right lever position again. With the water temperature remaining at a constant level, the Grohtherm offers water and energy saving in everyday life, which can offer cost savings over the product’s lifecycle.

The GROHE product portfolio remains as diverse as the customers’ projects are individual, as the brand believes that the key in product development is to provide retailers and installers with the right solutions for all customers. The GROHE product portfolio is designed to meet different requirements regarding both functionality but also budget. While the Grohtherm 500 is the perfect entry-level product in the GROHE thermostat range, the portfolio also includes the sophisticated Grohtherm 1000 Performance which has two additional key features. Integrated with the CoolTouch technology, the thermostat’s body never exceeds the shower temperature, keeping the thermostat exterior cool to touch – again a particularly important feature for multi-generational households or family homes with young children. As water conservation is also playing an increasingly important role for customers in bathroom planning, the Grohtherm 1000 series also features an AquaDimmer with an EcoButton for controlling the hand shower in the bathtub.

The Grohtherm 500, developed with the well known GROHE brand quality, is the perfect alternative to single-lever mixers, and allows users to try out the benefits of features such as the EcoButton, the SafeStop and the SafeStop Plus features.

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Main image credit: GROHE

Minimal white shower with wood accents and GROHE Tempesta 100 shower rail set - C2C Certified

Live from HIX: Grohe launches its cradle to cradle products

730 565 Pauline Brettell
Live from HIX: Grohe launches its cradle to cradle products

Marking the first industry exhibition for GROHE since the onset of the pandemic, HIX is also the first event where the brands newly accredited Cradle to Cradle Certified products are on show. We headed over to stand 7 to learn more…

Minimal white shower with wood accents and GROHE Tempesta 100 shower rail set - C2C Certified

Shortlisted at The Brit List Awards 2021 in The Eco Award category, the Cradle to Cradle (C2C ) concept by GROHE is a design process that can drastically reduce the use of new resources, as a product is designed and manufactured with the intent of using its components in its end-of-life-phase for the creation of new products. To coincide with the showcasing of their C2C products, GROHE is also launching the next module in its series of RIBA approved CPDs: Circularity in the bathroom and kitchen with Cradle-to-Cradle certification. Amongst the first sanitary ware brands globally to achieve C2C certification, GROHE has developed this informative and inspirational session to guide design professionals on how to achieve greener projects that offer C2C credentials. Hoteliers and other professionals can visit the Grohe stand at the show to be amongst the first to register for the new CPD session, hosted by GROHE’s team of experts.

“We are really excited to be a part of the very first HIX design show, a much anticipated event that is long overdue for the industry as we emerge from the pandemic,” said Ebru Bircan, Leader, Marketing Activation UK, LIXIL EMENA and GROHE UK. “Our stand and the innovations we are presenting focus on two very integral aspects of the current hospitality design landscape: wellness and sustainability. We want to continue to work with more and more hotel brands to provide sustainable solutions that offer tangible results in the reduction of water, energy, materials and waste. We’re also continuing to create this immersive narrative within the hotel bathroom around wellness and health through water. We see these two key design considerations to be integral to shaping the future of hotel design.”

GROHE is inviting guests to immerse themselves in the serene ambience of its spa-inspired room set, as part of a new premium spa and wellness-focused concept currently in development. The space will be created with re-envisioned designs of its popular Allure brassware range.

white ceramic handbasin and minimalist chrome mixer by grohe

Image credit: GROHE

Alongside showcasing its latest innovations designed to support sustainable and premium hotel projects, GROHE is also sponsoring the Meaningful Value keynote speech, presented by leading hospitality consultant, Horwath HTL’s James Chappell. The staged discussion will look at how brands and hoteliers can create hotel experiences that matter in the modern, post-Covid age.

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Main image credit: GROHE

Bathroom brand GROHE publishes third sustainability report

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Bathroom brand GROHE publishes third sustainability report

To the surprise of nobody at Hotel Designs, GROHE has smashed its sustainability targets, and has announced an even greater sustainability commitment to the areas of water conversation and avoidance of plastics. Editor Hamish Kilburn takes a deeper look at the bathroom brand’s unquestionable achievements…

Every minute, a lorry load of plastic ends up in our oceans. The health of the oceans often seems like a distant problem, but all life on earth depends on the marine ecosystem’s health – this becomes very clear when you consider that approximately 70 percent of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans. To mark this year’s Plastic Free July awareness campaign, GROHE published its third sustainability report, which outlines the brand’s continued commitment and efforts to sustainability, covering all aspects from business model and products to processes, employees and suppliers.

As evident in the newly published report, GROHE has been able to reduce its water consumption in production by 38.7 per cent, not only significantly exceeding its target of 20 percent first set in 2014, but also achieving it ahead of schedule. With projects such as the Less Plastic Initiative launched in 2018, the brand has also set itself the goal of eliminating plastic from its packaging. As a result, up until June 2021, 32 million pieces of plastic packaging have already been saved.

The report also provides an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at sustainability management at GROHE and the successes of recent years. In 2019, for example, 21,306 tonnes of the main materials used in the production process were recycled materials – a weight comparable to more than 106 blue whales. In this way waste is avoided, and, in the end, water that would be needed to produce new materials is also saved.

From linear to circular – GROHE paves the way for the economic model of the future

Building on its comprehensive sustainability measures of recent years, GROHE is now taking its sustainability strategy to a new level with the recent launch of four of the brand’s best-selling products as Cradle to Cradle variants.

This means that all four products have been tested for the use of environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials. The Cradle to Cradle approach goes far beyond the conventional recycling of products, as a tap, for example, is already designed and manufactured with the intent of using its components in its end-of-life-phase for the creation of new products.

GROHE Cradle to Cradle visual diagram

The circular journey continues – take-back processes for discarded C2C products

GROHE has taken a decisive step towards a circular future with the certification of its first Cradle to Cradle Certified products, but the journey continues. The brand is working on take-back processes for its discarded C2C products – an important step towards avoiding waste and saving valuable resources to help maintain the fragile balance of our ecosystems.

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Main image credit: GROHE

More than 12,000 designers & architects tuned in to ‘GROHE X’

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More than 12,000 designers & architects tuned in to ‘GROHE X’

Dubbed the ‘industry’s answer to Netflix’ – and we can see why now – GROHE X launched this week and attracted more than 12,000 visitors to explore the Grohe hub. Following the impressive start, things are just getting started as editor Hamish Kilburn prepares to host two sessions today on the portal…

‘Discover what’s next’: With this guiding theme, LIXIL EMENA successfully launched its digital experience hub, GROHE X, for its GROHE brand earlier this week. The comprehensive brand platform offers informative and inspirational multimedia content to both GROHE’s professional business partners and consumers. Tailored to the needs and interests of the respective target groups, a customised programme of content is available, which includes how-to videos, inspirational articles, and 360° virtual rooms that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the latest product highlights. In addition, there are exciting video formats such as ‘A Glass of Water with…’, in which various GROHE experts offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of the global brand, or ‘Wow of the Week’, in which a particularly inspiring project or topic is presented each week. While visitors to the brand hub can explore the world of GROHE on their own, GROHE X also opens up new ways of interaction. Business partners can use the platform to make appointments with their sales representatives and thus exchange information directly about the innovations that have just been introduced.

Register here to access GROHE X content on-demand.

“GROHE X is a milestone in our brand history. It opens up unprecedented opportunities to experience GROHE and to discover our products and the issues that drive us,” said Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO Grohe AG. “You can connect with GROHE X wherever you are and whenever you want. GROHE X is thus bringing us closer together in a time when we need to stay physically distant. The positive feedback I have received from customers all over the world has reconfirmed that we took the right decision eight months ago. The digital journey we have embarked on with GROHE X has only just begun. The platform is here to stay and will constantly evolve over the next months. My biggest thanks go to the team who made all this possible while working remotely. I’m extremely proud of the courage and leadership they demonstrated in transforming an idea into GROHE X.”

A new milestone in GROHE’s sustainability journey

For the launch of GROHE X, various event formats, both live and on demand for invited guests are available on the platform in addition to freely available editorial content. The highly anticipated GROHE X launch week commenced with a premiere keynote, which gave the global brand the opportunity to once again prove its status as a sustainability pioneer in the sanitary industry and announce its latest achievement: its four best-selling products as Cradle to Cradle Certified ® variants. In contrast to the linear Take-Make-Waste model, Cradle to Cradle stands for continuous material cycles. A product is manufactured in such a way that, at the end of its life, the components can be used to create new products. To achieve certification a product is evaluated in terms of the following five categories: material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness.

“Achieving Cradle to Cradle certifications at Gold level is a huge step in our sustainability efforts,” explained Thomas Fuhr, Leader Fittings LIXIL International and Co- CEO Grohe AG on the importance of the circular approach within the brand’s sustainability strategy. “I am very proud that we are one of the first brands in the sanitary industry to once again make a clear commitment to sustainable transformation and set a new benchmark. Since the building sector accounts for more than 50 per ent of worldwide material consumption, the moving away from a linear model in favour of a circular economy is essential to stop the exploitation of natural resources. We need to transform our business model towards a circular value creation and start considering products at the end of their life as valuable material banks instead of using new resources.”

The significance of initiating a paradigm shift in the construction industry and putting a focus on green buildings based on Cradle to Cradle® design principles was also the key issue in one of the platform’s panel talk discussions, when Dr. Christine Lemaitre, CEO DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), Dr.-Ing. Peter Mösle, Partner Drees & Sommer SE and Managing Director, EPEA GmbH, and Fuhr discussed how sustainable architecture can be thought and implemented both today and in the future.

During the keynote, GROHE also introduced the new ‘GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education’ (GIVE) programme which strengthens the social dimension of the brand’s sustainability engagement. GROHE is already collaborating with 26 institutions to date, offering plumbing training across the EMENA region. As part of the GIVE programme, the brand will support plumbing schools in creating a state-of-the-art training framework by installing modern training facilities and providing learning material and experienced technical trainers. Students will complete a specific product training designed by GROHE, for which they will receive an internationally recognised certificate. Given the shortage of skilled installers in the sanitary industry, it is more important than ever to offer an attractive training programme that helps young people build the foundation for a prosperous future.

Image caption: As part of the launch, GROHE unveiled the latest innovations in the GROHE Spa collection

Image caption: As part of the launch, GROHE unveiled the latest innovations in the GROHE Spa collection

Relevant innovations for the living spaces of tomorrow

Another determining theme of the keynote was the reclaimed customer-centricity. This focus on the customers’ expectations and needs is not only reflected on GROHE X or in the brand’s new commercial approach, which offers a differentiated product portfolio and dedicated services tailored to target groups, but is also a guiding principle when developing new products.

This was impressively underlined with the presentation of the relaunched bestseller GROHE Eurosmart. With the fourth generation of the tap range, the brand reinvented one of its core products, making Eurosmart the most versatile line in the brand portfolio. Users can now choose a hybrid tap, which combines manual operation and touchless hygiene, or different lever variants such as the loop lever, which simplifies gripping thanks to the cut-out centre, or the long lever which allows users to operate the tap with the elbow, thereby minimising the contact with surfaces – ideal for healthcare settings.

“When we design a new product, our first question is always: Who are we designing this product for? Human- centric thinking and a deep understanding of consumers are key to developing meaningful products that improve and add value to the daily lives of people around the world”, says Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design, EMENA. “With our products, we want to respond to changing consumer needs and react to social trends. In our product development, we are guided by three key macro trends: Urbanisation, Health & Wellbeing, and Sustainability. In the last year, for example, the idea of the bathroom as a spa or wellness area has really accelerated. Consumers are looking for bathroom products which help them create memorable experiences, and want to transform the bathroom into a space where they can take good care of their body, mind, and soul. Our response to this trend is the new GROHE SPA collection which we curated to include the most exclusive products from our portfolio to allow users to enjoy unique moments of bliss.”

What to look out for today on GROHE X. 

At 11:00 CET (10:00 GMT), the platform will go live with the session GROHE X Deep Dive Session – GROHE SPA Health through water. In this session, editor Hamish Kilburn will welcome Speck and Karl Lennon, who is Leader, Projects Channel – A&D, LIXIL in the EMENA region, to discuss the latest innovations of the new GROHE SPA line and how the technology behind each product goes beyond the five senses.

At 11:45 CET (10:45 GMT), straight after the deep dive session, Kilburn will return to host the panel discussion entitled strategies for future living. This session will welcome Cristina Laurijssen (Senior Director of Design for Rosewood Hotel Group), Constantina Tsoutsikou (Founder, Studio Lost), Hamish Brown (Partner, 1508 London) and welcome back Lennon to explore how the pandemic is forcing the industry to rethink wellness and how the increasing demand for ‘safe’ spaces, especially within luxury residential developments and hospitality venues, can be answered.

GROHE will also celebrate the launch of its platform with various event formats throughout the launch week. In the future, GROHE X will be expanded to include hybrid and mobile brand experiences in addition to the digital offering.

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A Grohe logo

GROHE celebrates trio of international sustainability success

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GROHE celebrates trio of international sustainability success

Bathroom brand GROHE has been named one of the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” and has also become double winner at the German Sustainability Awards 2021 as sustainability continues to fuel the brand’s growth…

A Grohe logo

As part of its global initiative, bathroom brand GROHE is driving sustainability based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. ”We at GROHE have a doer mentality: We don’t talk too much, we basically implement,” is how Thomas Fuhr, Leader Fittings LIXIL International and Co-CEO Grohe AG, describes how sustainability is implemented and translated into concrete action at GROHE in a documentary.

The short film is part of the global sustainability and climate protection initiative “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders”, for which GROHE was elected along with 49 other international companies. As pioneers in their respective industries, the companies portrayed demonstrate how they are actively committed to a sustainable future grounded in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1 of the United Nations and, in doing so, inspire others to follow their example.

The GROHE brand also uses milestones from its 20-year commitment to sustainability to illustrate the innovative approaches to making sustainability the core of its business activities and how it views this transformation as an economic opportunity. GROHE’s considerable and effective contributions to sustainability along the entire value chain and its product offerings that allow consumers to live sustainably were also recently acknowledged by the jury of the German Sustainability Award, by honouring the brand in the transformation field “Resources” as well as its water system GROHE Blue in the category “Design”.

SAVE THE DATE: On February 9, Hotel Designs will join GROHE to host the brand’s next CPD session.

“Showing appreciation for our efforts by awarding us one of the most important sustainability prizes in Europe honours us to a high degree,” says Fuhr. “At GROHE, everything revolves around the most valuable and, simultaneously, scarcest resource: water. Acting in a way that saves resources and minimises our ecological footprint therefore has to be a matter of course for us.”

Behind the scenes of GROHE’s sustainability management

GROHE implements sustainability across all aspects of its business; it starts with product development, in which it combines an ecological approach with enjoyment through technologies such as EcoJoy. With GROHE’s EcoJoy technology, water consumption is reduced by up to half without any compromise on performance. Meanwhile, the development centre at the Hemer site with its 160 employees continuously researches and develops new innovations and approaches in order to create even more environmentally friendly products and solutions in the future. This will enable consumers to make their everyday lives more sustainable as easily as possible. However, the focus is not only on the use of water and energy-saving products as GROHE’s manufacturing processes are also optimised with sustainability in mind too.

Since April 2020, GROHE has been one of the first leading manufacturers in the sanitary industry to produce CO2-neutral products. With recycling rates of more than 90%, the brand is approaching a circular economy. Its latest initiatives such as “Less Plastic” particularly contribute to the conservation of resources and an avoidance of waste. As many as 23.5 million plastic packaging materials have already been saved as part of this initiative – a first milestone on the way to the goal of ultimately banning all plastic materials from product packaging by March 2021. The fight against the global problem of plastic waste is also complemented by GROHE Blue. The water system, which won the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 in the category “Icons”, offers chilled, filtered and, if desired, carbonated water straight from the kitchen tap – making plastic bottles redundant.

“Even though we have achieved a great deal in recent years, we are aware that we must continue to strengthen our commitment in order to shape the future of water in a sustainable manner,” adds Thomas Fuhr. “For us, sustainability is a continuous journey that we must continue with courage. I am proud that we are doing this as a team and that each individual at GROHE is making their contribution. Only like this can we pave the way to a sustainable economy, meet global challenges and improve people’s quality of life.”

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1 in 3 Brits want to replace shower with modern system, survey reveals

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1 in 3 Brits want to replace shower with modern system, survey reveals

A survey carried out by GROHE has revealed British showering behaviours and consumer attitudes towards their bathroom…

As indicated in the debut broadcast of Hotel Designs LIVE, bathroom and wellness demands have shifted as we look ahead towards a post-pandemic world.

The demands on bathroom design have risen significantly, with the shower gaining a lot more attention, being preferred over bathing by 64 per cent of UK participants surveyed in a recent study by global market research institute, Explorare, commissioned by GROHE.

As many as 43 per cent are now viewing the bathroom as an indulgent space for wellness and relaxation with 48 per cent using the shower to help them relax, the survey found.

Whatever our reasons for showering; whether it’s an invigorating way to start the day, a quick freshen up after working out or for pure relaxation, our needs vastly differ from person to person and even day by day, and showers need to be able to meet this demand.

Alongside flexibility in design and functionality, the survey results revealed that safety and sustainability are two key factors consumers take into consideration when it comes to showering. 78 per cent said that having a shower surface that doesn’t get hot whilst they’re showering was a priority and similarly, 61 per cent deemed a thermostat that can balance out fluctuations in temperature an important factor in their shower’s performance. Meanwhile, around half (51 per cent) of Britons are actively trying to save water with 54 per cent seeking additional sustainable functions from their shower to help them live more eco-consciously in their day-to- day lives.

The combined results of the study provide in-depth insights into consumer behaviour around showering and help bring to light some key customer profiles:

  • The “Hygiene Pragmatist”, who showers after exercise like 55 per cent of those surveyed, does not spend much time in the bathroom and favours a practical shower system that keeps water consumption to a minimum.
  • The “Wellness Lover”, who is looking for intelligent shower systems with lots of innovative features for a truly luxurious water experience
  • The “Freshness Enthusiast”, who prefers a shower system with comfortable user-centric features and high design standards.

The bathroom is no longer a purely functional room used exclusively for personal hygiene. Expectations have risen considerably which has been accompanied by the increasing complexity of bathroom design and furnishing.

Retailers, designers and installers can really build an understanding of their customer’s needs by exploring individual customer behaviour and combining this with their product and industry knowledge to make informed, relevant recommendations. At a time when 40 per cent of us are using the bathroom for some much-needed space and me-time, conveying the emotional added value of a product can create plenty of upsell opportunities, and ultimately result in a higher level of positive customer satisfaction.

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GROHE achieves carbon-neutral production

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GROHE achieves carbon-neutral production

Achieving carbon-neutral production is an important milestone in GROHE’s 360-degree sustainability strategy, and is now working to ensure that all sales offices are climate-neutral by 2021…

As one of the first leading manufacturers for full bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE has now achieved carbon-neutral production, achieving its pledge the brand announced in November 2019, a pivotal milestone in its long-term commitment to sustainability.

“The initiative ties in seamlessly with the numerous measures in our plants that promote the reduction of the carbon footprint and conserve resources. We are very proud to be a pioneer in our industry with GROHE goes ZERO,” said Thomas Fuhr, COO Fittings LIXIL International and CEO of Grohe AG. “And we are directly aiming for the next step: by the end of 2021 we want to make all our sales offices worldwide climate-neutral.”

The initiative also contributes to a central goal of parent company LIXIL’s sustainability strategy, of which GROHE has been a part of since 2014: by 2050, achieve net-zero carbon emissions from housing and lifestyle solutions as well as operations.

In order to achieve its goal of carbon-neutral production, GROHE has been using green electricity since July 2019 at all five LIXIL EMENA production sites, which produce exclusively for the global brand, and in the German logistics centres. In addition, the brand is investing in solar technology, combined heat and power plants, and innovative manufacturing processes such as 3D metal-printing that save materials to ensure they are creating a value chain that conserves resources. In addition, its state-of-the-art dedicated testing laboratory in Hemer coupled with increased recycling of materials is also helping contribute to the steady reduction of its carbon footprint. As a result, GROHE has been able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 40% since the introduction of its 2014 sustainability programme, while at the same time increasing its energy efficiency by 24%. As a result, the original targets of 20% respectively by 2021 have been significantly exceeded ahead of schedule.

To offset any CO2 emissions it has not yet been able to reduce, GROHE provides significant investment into two global compensation projects: operational support of a hydroelectric power plant in India, which eliminates the need for coal-fired power plants, and a project in Malawi, which involves the repair and maintenance of boreholes used for drinking water abstraction.

As part of its carbon strategy, the sanitary brand intends to pursue the proven three-pronged approach of “avoid, reduce, compensate” and increase its energy efficiency every year by its own means, thereby reducing the share of compensation.

GROHE’s approach for a reduction of CO2 in consumers’ everyday lives

GROHE always strives to increase sustainability, not only with regard to its own production but through its intelligent technologies which can also help consumers to minimise their personal carbon footprint:

#1: Saving energy starts at the wash basin

Eco-conscious products designed for the family bathroom not only save energy but can also be easy on the wallet. Technologies such as GROHE SilkMove ES allow solely cold water to flow from the tap when the lever is positioned in the middle. Unnecessary hot water consumption can therefore be prevented and, for a four- person household, save approx. 279kg CO2 and around 31,412 liters of water per year.

#2 Sustainable showering

For many, a refreshing shower in the morning is a great way to start the day. However, people often wait unnecessary lengths of time to start their shower until they have found the ‘perfect’ shower temperature – hence valuable energy and water are then wasted in the process. GROHE thermostats equipped with its TurboStat technology provide a more sustainable showering experience, delivering the desired shower temperature within a fraction of a second and maintaining this for the duration of the shower.

#3 Filtered drinking water straight from the kitchen tap

Bottled water is ubiquitous in everyday life, but it is certainly harmful to the environment. Up to 600g CO2 are emitted during the production and transport process of one litre of bottled mineral water. One solution for consuming water more sustainably is the investment of water systems for the home such as GROHE Blue Home, a kitchen tap that supplies you with filtered and chilled water in still, medium or sparkling options. A family of four using a Blue Home water system can save up to 800 plastic bottles each year and reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 61 per cent.

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GROHE Shapes the Future of Water 500 innovations at ISH 2019

1024 658 Hamish Kilburn

GROHE welcomed guests to its innovative stand showcasing the ‘Future of Water’ at ISH 2019… 

Consumers are fundamentally changing how they define and use their living spaces in both the home and in the hotel environment. GROHE has identified five mega trends as consumers have risen from passive consumption to taking control over the creation of new living spaces and have become creators themselves in seeking simplicity and intelligent product solutions. Today, more than ever, product innovation and design depend on an empathetic understanding of these trends as consumers are inclined to choose integrated solutions over single products. GROHE gave an impressive account of its journey in reflecting the five mega trends in its offering to consumers and customers during its keynote event at the start of the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. With a record number of 500 single new products GROHE surprised its customers and consumers with solutions that actively shape the future of water.

3D metal-printing will revolutionise the water experience in the home

A unique formula of granules has been exclusively developed by GROHE for its 3D metal-printers located at its Hemer manufacturing site in Germany. “The design of our new faucets GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D are beyond belief. They make the unthinkable possible,” Michael Rauterkus, CEO GROHE AG, said. “What you see is the future of design. For consumers, it’s the future of their own creativity and ultimate personalisation. We believe that 3D metal-printing will revolutionise the water experience in the home. It’s the ultimate blend of customisation and industrial production.”

 “Consumer expectations are changing to a great extent”- Michael Rauterkus, CEO, GROHE AG

Changing requirements as consumers become creators

The boundaries between the individual living areas are becoming more blurred. The kitchen is often part of the living room, the bathroom opens up to the bedroom and both are becoming important living spaces instead of purely functional ones. When designing their own living space, consumers pay much more attention to detail in the bathroom and the kitchen than ever before. Consequently, bathroom and kitchen products have become household furnishings that allow consumers to express their individual style and preferences. As the first European leading sanitary brand to launch 3D metal-printed faucets, GROHE breaks with the old principle of form following function and combines cutting-edge technology with spectacular design. It is an impressive statement of GROHE’s willingness and ability to shape the future of water and accompany its customers and consumers on their journey to create the living spaces they desire. “Consumer expectations are changing to a great extent”, said Rauterkus, as he delivered his keynote speech in front of 350 international journalists and invited guests. “GROHE is shaping the future of water, in terms of design and innovation, both analogue and digital, giving our customers and our consumers the building blocks they need to harness the power and the beauty of water – as a tailored experience wherever they enjoy water.” Whilst new living spaces evolve around the bathroom and the kitchen, consumers are often confronted with an unwanted complexity in the creation process.

Dramatic setting with tap

Image credit: GROHE

GROHE helps customers in seeking simplicity – creation without complexity

The search for simplicity in terms of easy and intuitive solutions is met with a new minimalism to people’s homes. GROHE clearly positioned itself as a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions, supporting consumers in becoming creators without having to deal with complexity. Its products combine quality with a stunning range of colors and materials: from faucets, showers and ceramics, to kitchen faucets, sinks, accessories and flush plates. “Nobody else offers, across the whole product range, the quality and durability in so many colors that bathrooms and kitchens require”, emphasised Rauterkus. Essence, GROHE’s newly introduced and first ceramic line that includes bathtubs, is a perfect showcase of the new minimalism and search for simplicity, showing beauty in its purest form. The design line’s characteristics are its gentle organic forms that are based on their reduction to the essentials. But minimalism by GROHE goes far beyond design, it means also the intuitive handling and easy installation of products. The new GROHE Rapido SmartBox provides architects, planners and installers with an infinite number of possible solutions with just one concealed installation solution: For maximum efficiency and planning flexibility, the concealed installation can be combined not only with the innovative shower system GROHE SmartControl but also with thermostats and single-lever mixers, offering a universal solution for all requirements.

“Overall GROHE introduced a record number of innovations and more than 500 single new products that address the five mega trends.”

A new connected eco system for water security and water management

At ISH two years ago, GROHE launched its first Internet of Things (IoT) solution, GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard. Today, GROHE is pioneering digitisation in the sanitary industry and extends its competence well beyond sanitary hardware solutions. At the ISH 2019 keynote, GROHE announced a new generation of GROHE Sense water sensors and the launch of GROHE Sense Guard Pro, which is optimised for use in multi-family homes and high-rise residential buildings. Installed on both the cold and hot water pipes, it offers water security and provides accurate water consumption data directly onto mobile devices via the GROHE Sense App. This also means that there is full visibility of water and energy consumption, allowing consumers to take control. Moreover, with the combination GROHE Sense Guard and Sense Guard Pro, the global brand is now able to help prevent water damage in 90 percent of the residential market. The GROHE Sense system has created a disruptive new business model for GROHE as well as for installers and new business partners such as insurance and property management companies. “We are creating an intelligent platform, the biggest ecosystem for water security and water management, which will allow our industry partners worldwide, such as insurance companies, to implement new business models”, said Rauterkus.

Largest innovation push of GROHE to date at ISH

Overall GROHE introduced a record number of innovations and more than 500 single new products that address the five mega trends ‘new living spaces’, ‘consumers become creators’, ‘simplicity seekers – the search for simplicity’, ‘taking control’, and ‘intelligent life management’. It is the biggest innovation push of GROHE so far – tailored to the needs of consumers as well as professional partners such as architects, installers, insurers and smart home experts. “As GROHE stands for Water, Intelligence, and Enjoyment, we are creating intelligent water solutions that transform lives for the better”, highlighted Michael Rauterkus. “Most importantly, we are transforming the experience of water itself”.

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GROHE launches new cashback offer for SmartControl showers

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GROHE has launched its latest cashback incentive, its first for 2019, offering consumers up to £50 cashback on some of the brand’s most innovative showers…

The cashback offer that GROHE has recently announced runs across eighteen different model specifications of GROHE’s one box SmartControl Shower systems, including exposed, concealed, excealed and Euphoria styles with choices of round and square trims and shower heads to ensure a perfect match to existing decor.

The extensive range of SmartControl models and specifications can be found on the website or alternatively, GROHE offer an online configurator tool where customers follow various steps, selecting their preferred style or requirements to find the perfect model to suit their bathroom or project. You can visit GROHE’s online SmartControl configurator.

– Exposed – The original SmartControl shower system, which is wall mounted and comes complete with head and hand shower. Multiple spray patterns can also easily be switched between, delivering a shower perfectly tailored to your mood. Ideal for retrofit.
– Concealed – All of the SmartControl technology but with none of the pipework on display. The concealed version is a great way to achieve a minimalist look in the bathroom or create more space in your shower area. Concealed showering also offers more personalisation of the individual space in terms of layout. The freedom to create a truly bespoke shower space is enabled thanks to the concealed valve being able to be placed on an opposing wall away from the outlet.
– Excealed – Excealed offers the best of both worlds, with an exposed thermostat still on display but reduced pipework thanks to the wall-fixed head shower meaning a riser rail is unnecessary. Both head and hand shower offer a choice of two spray patterns.
– Euphoria – The latest addition to the range is an excellent choice for retrofit projects. With a traditional exposed frame on display, it has a slimmer interface, creating an illusion of more space in the bathroom. Euphoria offers a multi-jet shower head with up to three shower patterns plus the additional hand shower for more personalisation than ever before.

The cashback offer is available on qualifying SmartControl purchases from a verified retailer and consumers can make their claim directly through the GROHE website, www.grohe.co.uk.

The offer applies to purchases made from January 1, 2019 until the May 31, 2019, with all claims to be made by June 30, 2019. Proof of purchase is required. Terms and conditions apply.

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In Conversation with: Michael Seum, how Grohe recreated a classic

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Grohe’s Vice President of Design, Michael Seum, talks about revisiting a classic, challenging the engineers and creating an icon in the new Atrio (as published in Grohe Magazine No. 2 2018)… 

Redesigning a classic is a task not to be taken lightly. It’s a design opportunity that involves walking a tightrope between respecting the past and opening oneself up to contemporary ideas. Grohe’s Vice President of Design Michael Seum, however, was delighted to step up to the challenge with the classic Grohe Atrio faucet. It was, he says, an exciting opportunity to build on the strengths of this Grohe icon while giving it a feeling of timelessness.

Grohe: What was the idea behind the new Atrio? 
Michael Seum: For me, the very definition of an icon is something you can draw from memory. We are calling this the icon of elegance and precision. The elegance is drawn from a single circle , or a cylinder right, which is one of the most feminine geometrical features you can find: pure and perfect. It;s a firmly contemporary design, but with the right interior decor strategy, it could fit in a classic or cosmopolitan environment. Because we’ve used such a simple, singular geometry, the precision has an analogue, tactile feel to it. So much of this world is digital and uber-connected that we felt like for our spa collection, we needed to have this tactility. And it’s done in such a way that even when you look at the design, all of the intersections are precise. Nothing is off-centre.

Image credit: Grohe

G: How is is driven by the technology that’s inside, like the cartridges? 
MS: The quality of the design comes through the craftsmanship and also the precision of our high-quality cartridges. There are three principles that we draw from: the cylindrical element that drives the entire line, an absolutely pure intersection of all these geometries, and lastly, the obsessive attention to proportion. We wanted a design that celebrates the quality of the Grohe cartridge – its the perfect expression of our design DNA.

G: How long, from first sketch to now, have you and your team been working on this? 
MS: We had a discussion about the possibility of having the spa geometry perfectly intersect, I think, about 18 months ago. While we came pretty quickly to the idea, the execution was actually the hardest part of the job; getting the engineering team to find a way to do that.

“It really is iconic, it’s beautiful, it’s flexible and it’s simple.”

G: What challenges did you have to overcome with the engineering? 
MS: The engineers saw the potential of the design. But they also saw that it was their responsibility to help us realise it. So I’m really pleased at how they’ve embraced the design vision and made all of the technical elements work, going through such meticulous, geometrical work with the Atrio. This is where the precision of the tactile feedback, the craftsmanship, the quality, the handmade aspects – it’s all due to their efforts.

Image credit: Grohe

G: How has the feedback on this product been so far? 
MS: We’ve had some sneak previews with a few long-standing customers and architects that we have very positive relationships with. We do a lot of work on projects that are two to five years – and the response when we put this on the table is just jaw-dropping. It really is iconic, it’s beautiful, it’s flexible and it’s simple. We designed something that allows architects or consumers to design spaces in so many different ways. The fact that the product is so simple means that it can work with different interior strategies. They see that immediately.

G: What plans do you have for the Atrio in the future? 
MS: We will launch it in Spa Colours over time. Because this design is so neutral, we believe that this is the vehicle for expressing new colour and finish possibilities in the bathroom. It’s a design that works in so many different environments, from classic to contemporary to cosmopolitan. It has transformatative affect in those spaces.

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Image caption: Grohe’s Vice President of Design, Michael Seum




Students from Peru Receive “Water Research Prize” at the World Architecture Festival

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GROHE and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) awarded the winner of the International Water Research Prize in Amsterdam, the Netherlands…

Hotel Designs Recommedned Supplier GROHE and World Architectural Festival presented the Water Research Prize to Benen Desmaison who accepted the accolade on behalf of her students of the Pontificia Catholic University of Peru (PCUP). She received the prize money of £10,000, sponsored by WAF and founder partner GROHE. The presentation of the prize took place at the three-day festival’s kick-off.

GROHE and WAF awarded the prize to a small-community water management system in the Amazon Rainforest. The area has the world’s highest precipitation rate per year, yet just under a third of its population has access to water. The PCUP team has developed a solution that collects, stores and processes rainwater using pipes. The project won against twelve competitors. The finalists on the competition’s shortlist were selected out of a total of 60 submissions.

Work on the production of a rainwater storage system continues

Commenting on the win, Desmaison said: “We are very grateful for this award as it will allow us and the communities in the Amazon Rainforest that work with us to continue to explore alternatives for the provision of water to peri-urban and rural areas. We aim to use this opportunity to work on the production of a rainwater storage system made using local materials and knowledge that can be easily integrated with traditional architectural typologies.”

“First, when we were identifying projects with water scarcity issues, I could not imagine that the Peruvian Amazon would place on the shortlist,” said Michael Seum, Vice President Design at GROHE. “However, this carefully considered project highlights that less than a third of the population has access to water and the proposal of a communal water management system integrating pre-existing water networks sounds like a pragmatic and innovative solution. We are proud to present the £10,000 prize money for this research project.”

The Water Research Prize, which GROHE and WAF use to support the PCUP team’s existing research, is based on the WAF Manifesto published last year. It describes the most important challenges for architects within the next ten years. Proper handling of water is a top priority. Other categories include topics such as the ageing of society and health, climate, energy and carbon, ethics and values, power and justice, smart cities, building technologies, recycling and virtual worlds.

“At GROHE, we want to contribute to a better understanding of how water relates to its built environment. As such, we’re more than happy to support an architectural award that honours relevant research initiatives,” said Christopher Barger, Senior Vice President of Global Projects at GROHE. “I would like to thank the students of PCUP for bringing this specific water-related issue in the Amazon Rainforest to our attention. In addition, I want to congratulate them on the innovative solution that they have developed for this problem.”

In addition to other Manifesto-related awards, the WAF also honours numerous architecture awards. In 2018, a total of more than 500 projects from over 50 countries have been shortlisted for awards in more than 30 categories. During the three-day event the finalists present live to the panel of international jury across three days of live judging. As in the past year, GROHE sponsors the “World Building of the Year Award”, which will be presented on 30th November. In addition, GROHE supports the awards in the categories “Hotel and Leisure” and “Housing and Residential”.


Sleep + Eat announce show exhibitors

Hamish Kilburn
This year’s Sleep + Eat event has announced new exhibitors to the show, as well as some you will already know. With over 150 suppliers attending the event, many of whom will be launching new collections, this year’s event being held in late November has the potential to be the best yet…


Sekers: Contract furnishing fabrics supplier who will showcase a selection of hospitality fabric ranges. New to the Sleep + Eat event will be the Copernicus collection, a versatile collection of two woven velvets.


Chelsom’s products. Left to right: Icicle, Radar, and Roma.

Chelsom: Will show products from their latest collection ‘Edition 26’, a collection that promises to be a truly eclectic lighting experience. Dominating this collections design is an array of brass tones, textured Venetian coloured glass and varying marble finishes. All available with LED light sources to accommodate the latest developments in technology and energy efficiency.

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen: The second time the Danish company have exhibited at the event. They will bring along a range of ultra HD Tv’s for the hospitality sector, public area audio solutions and guest room Bluetooth speakers.

Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset Contract

Ligne Roset: The brand will be presenting their signature sofa range, each created by a different designer. With these sofas being described with such whimsicle imagination such as ‘a tube of toothpaste folded over on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends’, the collection promises to ignight the imagination.

Other brands at the Sleep + Eat event that we are excited to see include:

Grohe expands research lab for product development

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Bathroom specialist Grohe invests EUR 1.1 million to expand its research laboratory in Hemer, Germany…

With the aim to expand its product development, bathroom specialist and Hotel Designs recommended supplier Grohe has opened a new research laboratory in Hemer Germany.

Investing EUR 1.1 million, the new site will create an even closer connection between the central areas of research and development. The laboratory space has expanded from 590 square metres to 1,510 square metres in order to create the necessary infrastructure for more efficient development processes and new testing procedures.

Following this announcement, more and more high-tech items are finding their way into Grohe’s expanding portfolio. These include the digital water security system: Grohe Sense Guard and the Grohe Blue and Red water systems.

The laboratory will also see Grohe work with 3D printing processes, starting with the initial idea and culminating in the first prototypes.

“For us in the field of development, 3D printing offers much better opportunities for managing our innovation process in a more dynamic way,” said Torsten Meier, VP of research and development at Grohe AG.

“The laboratory expansion means we can now support the development process even more closely and intensively and manage it in a meaningful way using test analyses.

“This means that we are faster and can carry out experiments at a greater volume with lower costs, leading to an increase in the degree of innovation, which is measured by the number of innovative projects we carry out.”

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Grohe’s new research laboratory

Grohe Smart Shower

Perfect precise performance: Euphoria SmartControl from GROHE

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The minimalist design of GROHE SmartControl introduces three times the control in the shower…

The experience of “Push, Turn, Shower” has now become even more multifaceted as the smart technology is integrated into another successful GROHE design line – GROHE Euphoria SmartControl. The new surface-mounted installation features a significantly slimmer form of the SmartControl interface as well as fast-acting temperature regulation that prevents the risk of scalding thanks to the GROHTHERM thermostat.

Three times the control GROHE Euphoria SmartControl is brimming with “Made in Germany” technology and design quality which is displayed in the multi-jet shower heads. The smart shower system’s centrepiece is the front-mounted push and turn control unit. Unique pictograms called GROHE EasyLogic provide intuitive operation. The turn of a button can regulate the water pressure , ranging from a gentle shower to a more vigorous awakening, depending on each individual’s mood.

With the push of a button, the spray types can be selected. The first button, for example, activates the Euphoria handshower or the Euphoria Cube stick, offering complete flexibility so that the water can be directed exactly where it is needed. The button in the middle provides full SmartControl power. Thanks to the new ActiveRain jet control, one can choose between a powerful jet spray perfect for rinsing out shampoo, or a concentrated jet spray that massages away the stresses of everyday life. The third button, with its gentle PureRain spray, has been designed to offer ultimate relaxation from your shower experience. After switching off the water, the system automatically saves the selected flow rate until it is next used. In addition to the Rainshower 310 SmartActive shower head, the GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system is also available with the multi-jet Euphoria 260 head shower. Three types of spray can be selected manually by turning the innovative control in the middle of the shower head’s plate: a powerful jet spray, the invigorating SmartRain jet spray and a full rain jet spray that brings the tranquil sensation of a gentle summer rain.

The new GROHE Euphoria SmartControl control interface features a very slim, minimalist design with compact dimensions

Meanwhile, thanks to GROHE QuickFix, individual adjustments can be made to the upper bracket of both models which makes the drilling of additional holes unnecessary, meaning it also serves as an ideal retrofit solution It is also possible to swing the arm of the head shower 180 degrees. In addition, the system features GROHE CoolTouch technology which ensures the chrome surface of the control unit does not get too hot whilst the GROHTERM SmartControl thermostat with GROHE TurboStat technology delivers the highest precision in temperature regulation.

Minimalist design – clean and convenient

The new GROHE Euphoria SmartControl control interface features a very slim, minimalist design with compact dimensions. Especially in smaller bathrooms, these elements offer additional comfort whilst giving homeowners the opportunity to own a high-performance shower that can function efficiently in small spaces. The GROHE EasyReach shower shelf also provides a convenient storage solution for toiletries. Compared to the existing surface-mounted SmartControl solutions this is an even slimmer version. This minimalist form is beautifully contrasted with the generously sized 310mm shower head which is available in a round or square design. With a three choice of a high-gloss and durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish or the elegant MoonWhite acrylic glass, the design can be perfectly matched into any modern bathroom.

GROHE has been developing new product categories since its inception. This includes the GROHE Blue and Red water systems and the recently-introduced GROHE Sense water security system, which is an innovative component in the growth market of smart home technology. Innovation, design and development are closely aligned with one another and are enshrined in the German site as an integrated process. As a result, GROHE products carry the seal of quality “Made in Germany”.


Rubber duck in the bath

The luxury hotel experience: how to design an ultra-modern bathroom

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Regardless of their location, the world’s finest hotel bathrooms are designed to evoke a sensory experience. Moosa Adam investigates how hoteliers can simply create an ultra-modern bathroom that lives up to the growing consumer demands of guests checking in…

Guests checking in to a luxury hotel often have a good idea of what they want from their stay. Crisp bed sheets, impeccable service and a relaxing bathroom fit for royalty tend to be at the top of the priority list. The design process behind a high-quality bathroom can be arduous, as hoteliers are constantly striving to improve their offering and hijack the latest trends in the name of complete customer satisfaction.

With the demands laid out, here’s how hoteliers can fulfil guests’ demands while also adhering to a stripped-back minimalist and luxurious style.

Create a sense of escape

Any guest at a top-level luxury hotel should feel as if they’ve escaped their daily life, especially in the bathroom. One way to create this getaway feeling is by introducing a few feature items into the space to conjure images of an exotic, tranquil destination which will serve as a remedy to the daily grind.

A few vibrant plants placed by the bath will transform any soak into an idyllic tropical dip, while the addition of incense sticks or premium fragrance diffusers will help to turn any bathroom dip into a sensory experience, worlds away from life outside.

Modern bathroom

Image credit: Unsplash

Deliver quality

The key to a quintessentially minimalist luxury bathroom is to think first about functionality. Restricting luxury touches to items that have an essential purpose, such as bathroom taps, shower heads or towel rails instantly declutters the space. This makes the room a more inherently relaxing place to be.

There are all kinds of luxury touches that hotel owners can incorporate very easily, such as waterfall taps, rainfall showers and even technological upgrades like a bespoke lighting system or waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You’re free to introduce anything that elevates the bathroom experience into something that goes far beyond what the guest would typically experience at home – but without over-cluttering the space.

Get the decor right

The ultra-modern look is all dark, monochromatic hues, creating sleek bathroom opulence when paired with glass shower doors and recessed fittings – but an excess of sleek chrome and granite hues can leave the space feeling sterile. There should also be a healthy drop of character and charm in the room’s design to help guests feel comfortable and interested.

However, it’s important to choose the design around the hotel and not the other way around. If the rest of hotel is quirky and playful, then adding bespoke neon lighting spelling out a word that means something to the property could prevent any chance of the space looking and feeling overly stripped back.

Let the light in

Hotels falling on the budget side of the scale tend to have windowless bathrooms, and, while this is fine in principle, these can sometimes be less than luxurious. Hoteliers on the design stage should prioritise finding a source of natural light for their bathrooms, be it a frosted glass window or a skylight.

Natural light creates the illusion of additional space, and also guarantees that your minimalist luxe fixtures can truly pop during daylight hours. If this isn’t feasible within the budget or practically possible, instead consider a frosted glass door for the bathroom that’ll give the whole suite a greater feeling of flow.

Of course, every hotel design project is different – both in terms of budget and overall aim. Adding a dash of originality to a hotel bathroom will ensure it lives long in the memory of both reviewers and guests alike. Hotel owners should therefore let their creativity run wild and see where it takes them. We’re living in an era of unprecedented innovation in the hotel sector, and outside-the-box thinking is much more powerful than any soon-to-pass trend.

Hotel Designs recommends the following the bathroom specialists:

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GROHE secures nine Red Dot Awards

1024 683 Katy Phillips

Parent company LIXIL wins a further six awards across various categories.

GROHE has won a record nine awards at the Red Dot Design Awards 2018 – one of the most prestigious international design recognitions.

The competition is organised by Design Zentrum NordrheinWestfalen in Germany, with GROHE receiving the prestigious “Red Dots” for the GROHE Red and the new GROHE BLUE Home Pull-Out water systems, plus bathroom collections such as the new ATRIO range, which recently launched at Fuorisalone in Milan.

The nine winning GROHE products were:

RED Kettle Hot Water tap

BLUE Home Chilled Still and Sparkling filtered Water Tap

ATRIO Collection

Sense & Sense Guard Water Security System (2 awards)

SmartControl Concealed

Essence Spa Colours Collection

Architectural Flush Plates

Euphoria 260 Showerhead

There were also six more Red Dot Awards for LIXIL, while the jury awarded the title “Honourable Mention” for LIXIL’s SATO V-Trap Toilet System, a twin- pit pour-flush latrine.

Each of the awarded products will be displayed in the exhibition of the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. In addition, they will be presented in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, at the online portal Red Dot 21, in the app, and the online exhibition starting on 9th July 2018.

Michael Seum, Vice President Design at GROHE, said: “GROHE attaches great importance to the fact that design as a corporate value is more than just a driver. Rather, it is firmly anchored in the company’s DNA. My team and I are very happy about this outstanding recognition of our work. We are honored that our design philosophy is so well respected in the creative community. Our products have to stand out in an extremely competitive environment. Design is a very important key element. We want to create something unique and new, while also achieving design permanence. In addition to that, the aesthetics have to embody a deeper ease of use that will make it a pleasure for consumers to interact with our product.”

The international Red Dot Design competition is organized by the Design Zentrum NordrheinWestfalen e.V. in Germany and honours the best products of the year. Designers and manufacturers submit their products and a jury of 40 experts assesses the submissions based on criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, longevity and ecological compatibility. This year, the jurors received submissions from 59 countries.

SPA SPOTLIGHT: Opinion – Make a statement with your luxury hotel bathrooms

1024 683 Katy Phillips

As part of Hotel Design’s spotlight this month on spa products and services, Michael Gray, GROHE UK Product Manager, investigates the design possibilities offered to hotels by the latest shower, lighting, music and faucet technologies for bathrooms…

Luxury hotel bathrooms are designed to make a statement, using products that encourage wellbeing and promote a space of relaxation.

As a result, there is a huge array of wellness products now available for the hotel and hospitality industry, including showers with mood lighting, steam functions and music controlled by Bluetooth.

Oversized statement showerheads are also available, alongside products that offer a range of spray patterns designed to suit the user’s needs, with side shower sprays offering the opportunity for a massaging showering experience.

Solutions for all budgets

For smaller budgets, showering products are available that offer multiple spray patterns from an intense jet to a relaxing massage spray. This adds a simple but indulgent addition to your showering experience, offering you the choice to tailor the water flow to suit your mood.

Hotel bathrooms should offer the ultimate sanctuary in which to unwind at the end of the day.  Features like showers with multiple spray patterns and massaging function to statement taps designed to catch the eye will always impress clients.

Smart technology can also be considered for hotel bathrooms, particularly as more guests look to have a staycation to unwind and relax. Many smart products are now available in the bathroom from high tech toilets, to spa-inspired showers that help to create a relaxing bathroom sanctuary at the end of a busy day sightseeing or shopping.

Already a well-known feature in commercial washrooms, touchless taps are now gaining popularity in hotel bathrooms due to their unique combination of comfort and hygiene and convenient hands-free activation. Through the touchless sensor activated control, the taps minimise the spread of bacteria to contribute to a healthy bathroom. This also helps to keep the tap sparkling clean for longer, reducing maintenance and maximising product life. They also often come with a timer which automatically stops the water flow after a desired length of time to reduce wastage.

Stylish and hygienic

Shower toilets are the norm in Asia and now there is an increasing demand for these hygienic toilet systems in Europe, in both hotels and homes. Shower toilets feature an integrated bidet system and are designed to harness the gentle and effective cleansing benefits of water to help deliver optimum hygiene levels in the bathroom, and often come with a host of advanced features. Thanks to the gentle and natural cleansing process, the need for toilet paper is eliminated, thus the systems offer excellent eco-credentials.

Certain shower toilets offer smart technology, including extensive options that allow users to create a personalised cleansing routine, including adjusting the water pressure and position of the spray arm, to the preferred temperature, spray pattern and cleansing cycle.

The individual settings can be controlled intuitively using either the remote control or via an app which allows users to store all their favourite settings on a digital device. Some brands have also taken into consideration common annoyances for users, such as having to go to the toilet at night, and have combatted this by designing toilets with LED lighting.

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GROHE to introduce ATRIO contemporary SPA line during Milan Design Week

1024 683 Katy Phillips

Visitors will be invited to GROHE ATRIO’s exclusive product launch at the newly designed GROHE showroom at Via Crocefisso

The GROHE DESIGN team will unveil its ATRIO SPA collection during Milan Design Week, with a design installation showcasing the new products to the public.

As part of Fuorisalone, visitors will be invited to GROHE ATRIO’s exclusive launch at the newly-designed GROHE showroom at Via Crocefisso.

The GROHE showroom will be open to visitors starting on April 17th, who will be able to get hands on with the products in their latest trend colours:

  • GROHE ATRIO in striking Brushed Hard Graphite; GROHE ESSENCE in classy Warm Sunset; GROHE Lineare in purist Chrome.
  • GROHE ESSENCE Spa Colours and the luxurious shower AQUASYMPHONY, two product lines that stand for stylish design in a unique symbiosis of form and function, transforming the bathroom into a wellness oasis.
  • Other highlights will include the GROHE water systems RED and BLUE HOME, which respectively provide kettle hot water or filtered and chilled, still, medium and sparkling water from a stylish tap.

Earlier this month, GROHE launched an advertising campaign for the Sensia Arena intelligent shower toilet at 19 international airports in 15 countries.

Transforming waste into high-end products is the new fashion, say interior design trends experts Grohe

560 312 Adam Bloodworth

Transforming waste into high-end design is going to be huge in 2018, say leading industry supplier, Grohe.

The leading sanitary products manufacturer have always had an innovative, creative approach to design. Only recently they announced their plans to incorporate 3D printing into their production process.

And now, in a report about the latest industry trends for 2018, Grohe insist re-using waste products will be the new ethically conscious fashion. Here are the trends for 2018 they spotted in full.

Waste is now seen as a status symbol

As the world becomes ever more focused on ditching plastic, such as plastic straws, designers are re-thinking ways we can creatively use waste. Waste is now bizarrely, but wonderfully seen as a status symbol. Ikea introduced a range recently entirely devoted to waste. KUNGSBACKA features cupboard doors made from scrap wood from mills, old furniture and packaging materials. And burgeoning brand Pentatonic released a range furniture made from things like plastic, fizzy drink cans and smartphone screens. See their chair made of waste, above.

Revel in pastels

Grohe spotted this one a mile off. Last year’s obsession with ‘Millennial Pink’ has opened the gateway to a broad range of pastels, such as soft corals, which the brand describe, cheerfully as “youthful and optimistic”.

Experiment with jesmonite

Jesmonite is a favourite with designers, because it can be used to replicate the look of pretty much any surface or texture. The diverse material is making a big impact right now, thanks to the trend for Terrazzo. Grohe describe the material as having “tactile warmth”, inviting touching and in this light, owners form close relationships with the innovative material. What’s best is that it can literally form the surface of your dreams, without the stresses of buying in less functional, less hygienic ‘authentic’ products, like stone.

Bring the outside in with botanicals

This one’s been at boiling point for a while, but for 2018 the botanicals trend shows no signs of slowing. Now, wallpaper is the latest design item to be given a floral touch, as the trend moves forward and interior fans are investing in florals not only in their natural flower pots, but on the walls, too.

Make a statement with glass 

The expansive look and feel of glass compliments the ongoing trend for open spaces both at home, and at work. Glass represents freedom of expression and thought, and now that textured glass is back in, we’ll likely see a lot more statement glass ornamental features, as well as the material being used for fixtures. Experimental design studio, Rive Roshan are at the helm of this spectacular new use of glass. See the image, above.

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Grohe reveals plans to introduce 3D printing in 2018

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As Grohe continues to count on its innovative strength in 2018, the company is planning to introduce 3D printing to its production process.

To mark this development, Grohe will launch its third ceramic line in March. In addition, Grohe is working on various product innovations in light of the 2019 ISH.

As digitalisation continues to expand, the firm’s CEO Michael Reuters’s will address the topic ‘Water as a resource in times of digitalisation’ during the World Market Leaders Summit in Schweich Hall, Germany on January 31.

Grohe’s projects continue the innovative approach of the year 2017. At the ISH in Frankfurt am Main, trade fair for bathroom, heating and air-conditioning technology, Grohe presented numerous new products, including Sense and Sense Guard.

With this intelligent water control system, Grohe is setting new standards for the smart home of the future. The system allows early detection and prevention of water damage.

Another highlight of the ISH was the presentation of the new Grohe shower toilet. Sensia Arena is now the shower toilet with the most numerous awards and has already received 14 design awards.

Last year, Grohe successfully completed its development into a full-service provider for the bathroom launching Abu Ceramic, the first of three ceramic lines onto the market in October.

Grohe details new Euro Ceramics range

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Grohe has unveiled its new Euro Ceramics line, designed specifically to combine performance with an attractive price.

The collection boasts design flexibility for specifiers who can choose between four styles of basin for their project including wall hung, countertop and under counter basins, and wall hung and floor standing toilets and bidets.

“Following on from the Grohe Bau Ceramics collection, the Euro line harnesses parent company Lixil’s expertise in the ceramics market and combines it with Grohe’s award-winning innovation and design leadership,” said Said Raj Mistry, UK marketing director at Grohe.

“The range provides a one-stop solution for designers, reducing the need to specify products from different manufacturers and offering reassurance that all aspects of the Grohe ceramics and brassware will co-ordinate perfectly, both in terms of style and functionality.”

There is also the option to upgrade to a basin or toilet that comes with Grohe’s hygiene coating combining ProGuard, which provides a repellent layer against stains and dirt, with HyperClean technology.

This helps to protect against lime scale and bacteria for a long and hygienic product life. The collection has also been specially designed to suit the needs of small bathrooms, as all Euro basins and toilets feature a compact size and design to use space effectively.

Michael Gray, UK product manager at Grohe, added: “The Euro line collection comes with a number of added benefits, including a Triple Vortex flush on the toilets, ensuring the bowl is thoroughly and powerfully rinsed and Rimless technology leaving dirt nowhere to hide.

“The toilets also come with a Quick Release seat for easy removal and maintenance, the option of a soft or regular close, and a fully skirted design and hidden fixation for a sleek appearance.

“The basins are available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options, including full and semi-pedestal. For ultimate peace of mind and emphasising Grohe quality, the Euro line collection is available with a five year guarantee on all products.”

GROHE Euro Ceramics

Introducing GROHE Euro Ceramics

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Imagine a great looking bathroom that is universally suitable to all types of projects. A bathroom which is both hugely practical but also fun and visually distinctive. The Euro Ceramic range has been specially designed to combine an excellent performance with an attractive price, making it the perfect choice for specifiers working on commercial and residential projects.

Raj Mistry, GROHE UK Marketing Director comments: “Following on from the GROHE Bau Ceramics collection, Euro line harnesses parent company Lixil’s expertise in the ceramics market and combines it with GROHE’s award-winning innovation and design leadership. The range provides a one-stop solution for designers, reducing the need to specify products from different manufacturers and offering reassurance that all aspects of the GROHE ceramics and brassware will co-ordinate perfectly, both in terms of style and functionality.”

GROHE Euro CeramicsThe Euro line collection is designed to complement a modern lifestyle, with a contemporary style that is a perfect match with mixers and fittings in GROHE’s Eurosmart and Eurostyle lines, as well as with Eurosmart Cosmopolitan and Eurostyle Cosmopolitan. The range offers huge design flexibility for specifiers who can choose between four styles of basin for their project including wall hung, countertop and under counter basins, and wall hung and floor standing toilets and bidets. There is also the option to upgrade to a basin or toilet which comes with GROHE’s hygiene coating called PureGuard which combines an anti-stick coating and anti-bacterial glaze technology. This helps to protect against lime scale and bacteria for a long and hygienic product life. The collection has also been specially designed to suit the needs of small bathrooms, as all Euro basins and toilets feature a compact size and design to use space effectively.

Michael Gray, GROHE UK Product Manager, says “The Euro line collection comes with a number of added benefits, including a Triple Vortex flush on the toilets, ensuring the bowl is thoroughly and powerfully rinsed and Rimless technology leaving dirt nowhere to hide. The toilets also come with a Quick Release seat for easy removal and maintenance, the option of a soft or regular close, and a fully skirted design and hidden fixation for a sleek appearance. The basins are available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options, including full and semi-pedestal. For ultimate peace of mind and emphasising GROHE quality, the Euro line collection is available with a five year guarantee on all products.”


GROHE at Grand Designs Live

GROHE a big ‘success’ at Grand Designs Live

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Following its debut at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, GROHE’s UK Marketing Director Raj Mistry, has labelled the event a ‘tremendous success’ as it drew big crowds to its stand to learn more about its innovative water products.

This year, the popular consumer home and renovation show welcomed thousands of visitors, many of whom were drawn to GROHE’s stand. One of the big attractions to the GROHE stand was its activity with celebrity TV chef Ed Baines, who has partnered with GROHE to support its Blue Home kitchen tap which dispenses filtered still, medium or sparkling water on demand.

GROHE at Grand Designs LiveThis is the third in a series of partnered events with Ed Baines, who has been highlighting the many benefits of having access to pure, filtered water. On this occasion, he entertained the crowds with a series of live cooking demonstrations using water from both the Blue Home and the Red, GROHE‘s kettle hot water tap, as an integral part of his recipes. Mixologists, Eventology, were also on hand to serve up delicious mocktails using water from the GROHE Blue Home on the first day of the show to mark its opening.

GROHE’s UK Marketing Director, Raj Mistry, said: “We are delighted with the success of our first exhibition at Grand Designs Live, providing an important platform in the home development and building sector to showcase our kitchen offerings and encourage our guests to consider the benefits of unbottled and instantly available filtered water. Using filtered water from our Blue and Red not only has environmental benefits, but delivers an improved taste experience both in terms of delicious still and sparkling chilled water, as well as kettle hot water for drinks or to enhance flavours when cooking. Offering our guests the chance to taste the difference for themselves through mocktails and samples cooked by Ed Baines really brought the stand to life.”


GROHE - Sleep registration

Fresh inspiration for hotel design from GROHE at Sleep 2017

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Have you booked your tickets to The Sleep Event yet? Visit the only dedicated event for design, architecture and development of hotels.

GROHE will present a selection of new products and will welcome our customers and guests in the VIP Business Lounge.

Time to Rethink the Definition of “Luxury Hotels”
Luxury isn’t what it used to be, at least not for the hotel industry. Traditional concepts of luxury may still have their place in the market but they are increasingly being replaced with new forms, as the tastes, habits and desires of the guests who can afford such properties change. Read more from Matt Turner, Editor-in-Chief at the show’s magazine Sleeper in the GROHE Water Intelligence Enjoyment book.

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The Smart Choice – New Smart Control Concealed

This innovative technology was developed to provide perfect ease of operation: push the button to start the shower, turn to adjust the water volume, and push again to pause or stop the shower. Perfect for hotel use as the intuitive control of the push button is ideal for the first time user.

Have you booked your tickets to The Sleep Event yet? Visit the only dedicated event for design, architecture and development of hotels
You can click here for your free entrance ticket – by pre-registering you will save time getting into the event. At the end of the registration process you will have the additional benefit of entering a draw to win a GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red.

GROHE VIP Business Lounge (by invitation) and stand G4 opposite the lounge
The Sleep Event, 21st – 22nd November, Business Design Centre, London


GROHE unveils first ceramic collections launching in November

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The new Bau and Euro Ceramic collections were premiered at ISH and will be available from November 2017.

Through introducing its first ceramics offerings, GROHE is now able to provide a complete one stop solution for the home owner and specifier when planning a new bathroom. Both collections have been made to match in form and function with a selection of GROHE taps, flush plates and accessories for a complete and visually coordinated beautiful bathroom – all by GROHE.

GROHE Bau Ceramic collection – versatility for a modern life
With its soft round shapes, the timeless Bau Ceramic collection fits harmoniously into any bathroom setting. Its understated design makes it the perfect choice for both residential and public buildings, such as hotels. The basin collection comprises of three wall-hung basins in widths of 55cm, 60cm and 65cm and a hand rinse basin that is 45cm wide. A pedestal and semi pedestal are available to cover the water and waste pipe work. The collection also has built-in basins that can be dropped in or built in from under the counter. For WCs, the collection offers a broad range of products that are both rimless and timeless. In addition to a wall-hung, wash-down WC, there is a floor-standing version with a horizontal or vertical outlet. WC seats with optional soft-closing covers complete the series. The Bau Ceramic urinals come with a concealed inlet/outlet or top inlet. The range also includes a wall-hung bidet as well as a floor-standing model. The comprehensive range is supplemented by coordinating GROHE Bau Cosmopolitan accessories, such as soap dispensers and towel rails, to ensure a perfectly matching design.

GROHE Euro Ceramic collection- elegance for the contemporary bathroom
In addition to Bau Ceramic, GROHE will also launch the Euro Ceramic collection to fit the matching GROHE portfolio. Euro Ceramic encapsulates contemporary style to create a modern bathroom that can be enjoyed for years to come. The bathroom ceramics coordinate effortlessly with the mixers and fittings in GROHE’s Eurosmart and Eurostyle lines, as well as with Eurosmart Cosmopolitan and Eurostyle Cosmopolitan. The range development was centred around the sophisticated toilet bowls, which possess a number of unique properties including rimless flushing technology, invisible fastenings plus the super hygienic ProGuard finish, to set them apart from the competition. In addition, they feature the innovative HyperClean surface, which uses silver ions to reduce bacteria growth by up to 99 percent. The biggest advantage of the Euro Ceramics bowl is its Triple Vortex flushing technology. This uses three separate outlets to generate a powerful swirl to flush the inside of the bowl both more effectively and with less noise compared to a conventional bowl. It is benefits like these which make Euro Ceramics the ideal complement to a modern lifestyle.

The collection also features four styles of basin including wall hung, countertop and under counter basins for design flexibility. In addition, the Euro Ceramic range includes wall hung and floor standing toilets and bidets. The customer also has the option to upgrade to a basin or toilet which comes with GROHE’s hygiene coating combining ProGuard with HyperClean technology.

Perfect matches for the bathroom
Every ceramic and tap combination has been tested by experts. GROHE ceramics can be combined with GROHE taps and WC flush plates to complete the look, promising the highest level of comfort without splashing. Installation has been kept simple and the product reliable thanks to a five-year consumer guarantee on the GROHE ceramic for peace of mind.
All GROHE ceramic products provide business partners with added value and simplify the choices and design options for the bathroom. As a supplier of complete bathroom ranges, GROHE can now offer the perfect combination of form and function in bathroom design for consumers through to project planners. In particular, partners who wish to fulfill their clients’ requests with perfect match solutions from one supplier will benefit from this.


GROHE Sense & Sense Guard (1000x731)

GROHE wins nine awards at the Iconic Awards 2017

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Every year, the Iconic Awards recognise visionary buildings, innovative products, and sustainable communication in the architecture, construction and production industry sectors.

This year, GROHE has been announced as the winner of nine coveted awards in the categories “Product“, “Communication“ and “Architecture“. The official award ceremony will be held on the 4th of October 2017 at BMW Welt in Munich.

– “Product” category: three “Best of Best“ Iconic Awards 2017 for Blue Home, Concetto Professional and Euphoria 260 as well as awards for the Sense and Sense Guard, Lineare, Essence Professional and Smart Control Concealed
– ”Communication“ category: award for the publication series “GROHE Architekturlösungen” (“GROHE Architectural Solutions”)
– “Architecture“ category: award for GROHE’s trade fair booth at ISH 2017

The GROHE Blue Home water system, the Concetto Professional kitchen tap and the Euphoria 260 shower head each won a “Best of Best” Iconic Award 2017 in the “Product” category. At the touch of a button, the GROHE Blue Home water system delivers delicious filtered water chilled to the perfect drinking temperature in three options: sparkling, lightly sparkling or still, directly into your glass. The system, which combines timeless design with innovative technology, consists of an elegant kitchen tap and a high-performance cooler with integrated filter. This “private water source” will ensure you remain refreshed in the most sustainable and resource-saving way possible.

GROHE SmartControl Concealed with SmartboxWith its GrohFlexx and EasyDock M technology, the GROHE Concetto Professional kitchen tap is incredibly flexible and easy to use. The tap has a silicone hose with an integrated metal spring, allowing it to turn 360 degrees, and a button for simple switching between normal water flow and a jet spray – perfect for washing dishes, rinsing vegetables and filling tall pots effortlessly.

The Euphoria 260 shower head transforms showering into a soothing and personalised experience, with its 260mm diameter and three zone features. The user can change the flow of water to suit their mood, choosing between a powerful concentrated jet to a stimulating and invigorating stream and even a full soft rain shower by simply turning the SmartControl panel.

In the “Product” category, GROHE has also won Iconic Awards for its Lineare and Essence Professional tap collections, the concealed shower control element SmartControl Concealed and GROHE Sense and Sense Guard, the new water security system. With its clear lines, the Lineare mixer range is designed to create contours in your bathroom, while the Essence Professional tap line makes your work in the kitchen more efficient and comfortable. The flush and minimalist designed SmartControl Concealed can be controlled by intuitive push and turn technology. Meanwhile, the innovative and smart water safety system consisting of Sense and Sense Guard detects and protects homes against water damage.

GROHE flush systems designed to combat water wastage

GROHE flush systems designed to combat water wastage

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A recent study from Waterwise* has found that toilet leakages account for up to 5% of overall per capita water consumption in properties. GROHE’s flush systems are designed to combat such leaks, reducing overall water wastage and contributing to a sustainable property.

Limescale resistant
The study states that many problems are caused by dual flush valves, some of which encounter is-sues when grit or limescale interferes with the flushing mechanism. All of GROHE flush valves fea-ture a bottom seal made of neoprene, which is more resistant to water with high levels of limescale content. This means that the seal does not harden or warp as quickly as a standard seal which can lead to leaks. In cases where the seal or part does need replacing, GROHE products are covered by a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Choice of water consumption
GROHE also offers a choice of flush strength to help reduce overall water consumption in the home. Users can choose between 6 litres for the large flush and 4 litres for the small flush. This can be fur-ther reduced to 4 and 2 litres if requested. GROHE flush plates come in a variety of stylish designs, from white to Supersteel finishes, to match any desired bathroom décor.

Enjoy peace of mind
For ultimate reassurance, GROHE’s brand new and unique Sense and Sense Guard are designed to detect leaks to protect your home from water damage. The Sense sends an alert through to your smart phone, while the Sense Guard allows you to shut off the water supply remotely, helping to make the bathroom and home eco efficient.

Michael Gray, GROHE UK Product Manager, comments, “All GROHE products are made with the highest German quality and this is reflected in our long life flush systems, designed to perform sus-tainability and efficiently throughout their lifespans. We are committed to helping our customers protect their home from the often costly and upsetting problem of water damage and therefore all of our products go through rigorous testing before coming to market. Our new Sense and Sense Guard are designed for ultimate peace of mind, allowing homeowners to stop water flow before any real damage is done.”

For the full Waterwise study, please see here. . .


GROHE Smartbox

Product Spotlight: Introducing the new GROHE Smartbox

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GROHE is delighted to reveal its brand new Smartbox, an extension to the award-winning SmartControl shower line.

The “Push, Turn, Shower” experience has now become even more diverse thanks to new models and combination options. In addition to the stylish on-the-wall model, the new Smartbox offers a concealed behind-the-wall installation. For even greater design variety, both the spray faces and the Smartbox concealed units are now also available in an on-trend white.

Exposed or concealed
The perfect design for every bathroom – the new Smartbox offers an elegant and sleek solution. While using the same self-explanatory push-and-turn buttons as the on-the-wall SmartControl, it features a stylish minimalist design and comes in a wide variety of options. Available in square and round designs as well as in chrome or white finishes, the new shower control system provides a solution for both any bathroom décor and for any installation point. Moreover, the XXL-sized Mono head shower is now also sold separately.

Coordinated or contrasting
The latest additions to this popular line are designed to provide even greater design freedom. In particular, the shower faces on the head showers and the concealed fittings are now available in white, as well as the popular chrome. This allows for coordination with the hand shower, which also features a white shower face. Alternatively, the chrome versions can be used to create exciting design contrasts.

Smart and intuitive
The new GROHE Smartbox uses the latest German technology and is manufactured to the very highest standards of German workmanship, as encapsulated in the label “Made in Germany”. At its heart is the combined push-and-turn technology which gives users finger-tip control of the head and hand shower’s different spray patterns, while allowing control of the water flow rate by rotating the buttons. The intuitive operation is helped by easy to understand pictographs. When the water is switched off, the system automatically memorises the chosen flow rate until the water is switched on again.

For a truly personalised shower experience that pampers the whole body, the generously dimensioned GROHE Rainshower 360 Duo head shower combines the gentle GROHE PureRain or GROHE Rain O2 spray with the energising TrioMassage setting. The invigorating shower experience is completed by the GROHE Power&Soul hand shower delivering flexibility. GROHE CoolTouch technology protects against scalding by preventing the chrome surfaces from heating up.

The GROHE SmartControl shower system has recently won the Green Good Design Award for its combination of stylish design and intuitive flow rate control. Entries to this award are rated not only on their design but also on aspects such as energy consumption, environmental friendliness and resource conservation.

GROHE Red Dot Award - Lineare

GROHE wins five Red Dot Awards 2017

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GROHE received five of the most sought-after design awards for its Blue Home water system, Sensia Arena shower toilet, Lineare bathroom mixer and Concetto Professional and Essence Professional kitchen tap lines.

The Red Dot Award is known as one of the most coveted awards honoUring exceptional design performance. GROHE’s recognition brings the total number of Red Dot Awards 2017 for LIXIL Corporation, a global sanitary ware market leader which includes premium brands such as GROHE, to six.

The international design competition Red Dot is held by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany and appraises the best products of the year. Designers and manufacturers from all over the globe submit their products and a jury of 40 specialised experts evaluate those products on innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability and ecological compatibility. In 2017, more than 5,500 products were submitted from 54 countries around the world.

GROHE Red Dot Award - Essence Professional matte dark greyGROHE presented an exceptional variety of products offering intelligent solutions in modern designs for the bathroom and kitchen. As the worldwide leading provider of sanitary fittings, GROHE successfully proved its leading market position by receiving five sought-after Red Dot Awards for its Blue Home water system, the Sensia Arena shower toilet, GROHE’s Lineare bathroom mixer and the brand’s kitchen tap lines, Concetto Professional and Essence Professional.

The GROHE Blue Home is a private water source for ultimate taste and enjoyment, supplying filtered and chilled water with three selectable carbonation levels straight from the kitchen tap. Removing the need for industrialised mineral water, it cuts drinking water costs by at least 50 percent and reduces carbon emissions by 61 percent compared to bottled water.


GROHE at ISH 2017

Water, Intelligence, Enjoyment: GROHE at ISH 2017

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GROHE once again took over the entirety of the Forum Hall at the world’s leading bathroom fair, ISH 2017.

The show, held in Frankfurt from 14th-18th March, welcomed over 200,000 visitors, from trade, press and consumer backgrounds. GROHE’s theme for the exhibition was “Water, Intelligence, Enjoyment” and the immersive stand encouraged visitors to think about ways to use water sustainably through product choices, while maximising their water experience.

GROHE at ISH 2017

The stand highlighted the variety of GROHE’s product offerings, from bathroom to kitchen, and included eye catching displays such as a tropical area featuring the over one metre long statement showerhead Aquasymphony, complete with light, sound and steam functions.

GROHE at ISH 2017

At GROHE’s exclusive press preview, held before the show officially opened, the brand unveiled its revolutionary new water product designed to help prevent water damage. The new app-controlled GROHE Sense and Sense Guard detect leaks and abnormal levels of humidity, immediately alerting the user through their mobile device, and enabling them to shut off the water supply remotely to prevent flooding.

GROHE at ISH 2017

Additional products on display included GROHE’s new concealed version of the popular push button, volume-control SmartControl shower system, featuring a brand new Smartbox three-way diverter. The Smartbox has been designed for easy installation and can be combined with various design choices, including glass and chrome trims and new two-jet showerheads for a stylish bathroom. GROHE also revealed its brand new ceramics range, incorporating three core lines- Bau, Euro and Cube, to be launched later this year.

Photography: © 2017 by Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel.com


GROHE - AquaSymphony

Product Spotlight: GROHE AquaSymphony

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The perfect synergy of its four brand values – Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability – continues to drive the success of GROHE. These four values are deeply rooted in the company’s German history. Even today, as a global company, GROHE continues to rely on its German operations’ experience, capacity to innovate and workmanship.

The group’s entire product development resources are based in Germany, where the R&D centre in Hemer remains the driving force.

AquaSymphony is one of the latest products to proudly bear the “Made in Germany” badge as an embodiment of GROHE’s commitment to quality. This luxury shower delivers a holistic water experience for all the senses while at the same time raising the bar for modern bathroom design. Developed in Germany and incorporating numerous innovative technologies, AquaSymphony uses water, light, sound and steam to create a personalised, luxurious spa. This unique shower system was designed at the GROHE Design Studio in Düsseldorf and all units are hand-assembled at the GROHE factory in Lahr, Germany.

AquaSymphony by GROHE

Certified quality, guaranteed reliability
GROHE’s “Made in Germany” badge is a synonym for longevity and reliability, as well as excellent engineering and bold innovation. It is underpinned by an uncompromising commitment to outstanding workmanship and impeccable functionality. The group’s German operations continue to set the standards of quality for all GROHE manufacturing sites worldwide. All factories are health and safety certified to OHSAS 18001; their quality management and environmental management systems are certified to ISO 9001 and ISA 1400, respectively. In addition, GROHE has successfully established an energy management system to ISO 50001. The group’s quality assurance efforts are underpinned by the highly stringent trials and tests conducted at the GROHE Lifetest Lab in Lahr. This is where experienced employees test the products for compliance with various national and regional requirements as well as attainment of the company’s own internal standards of quality and longevity. Importantly, GROHE products not only meet all international norms, standards and regulations but exceed them in many cases.

Technologies which add value to our lives and help preserve natural resources
GROHE is acknowledged as a technology leader around the world and its German sites remain the driving force behind its innovation efforts. To ensure things stay that way, GROHE continues to invest in its German locations. Its R&D labs have produced innovative technologies such as GROHE EcoJoy for reduced water consumption and SilkMove ES, which avoids energy wastage by only releasing cold water when the tap is opened with the lever in its default centre position.

GROHE design: unique and distinctive
The multiple award winning designs for all products come courtesy of the in-house GROHE Design Studio based at the GROHE head office in Düsseldorf. Here, products are created which can be used intuitively and last for many years. GROHE products have consistently been among the winners of international design competitions such as the red dot product design award, the iF Design Award and the Good Design Award. GROHE has accumulated some 270 internationally renowned design awards since 2003 and the GROHE Design Team was named red dot: design team of the year 2011/2012.

Recently, GROHE received the German Design Council’s Best of Iconic Award: Interior Innovation for its multiple award winning GROHE Blue Home drinking water system.


Accolade for sustainability commitment
GROHE is passionate about sustainability and has firmly embedded this commitment in its day-to-day operations. For several decades, management has encouraged employees to develop and make water and energy-efficient products which enable users to exercise responsibility for the environment without compromising on the quality of their own water experience. GROHE has committed itself to becoming the sanitary industry’s most sustainable company by the year 2020, the goal being to raise its energy efficiency by 20 percent while shrinking its carbon footprint by 20 percent at the same time. The measures taken to achieve this include the two new combined heat and power units in Hemer and Lahr as well as the conversion of all lighting installations to LED technology. The company’s holistic 360-degree approach to sustainability embraces its employees, suppliers, factories, processes as well as its corporate citizenship.

The latter is exemplified by the GROHE Dual Tech programme. Jointly set up by GROHE and Don Bosco Mondo e.V., this programme helps young people from impoverished backgrounds in in emerging countries improve their life chances. Acquiring plumbing skills gives them the prospect of earning a sustainable livelihood or even setting up their own future plumbing businesses. GROHE’s commitment to sustainability is widely acknowledged, as is reflected in several top rankings at the German Sustainability Award since 2014; in 2017 the company achieved the CSR Award of the German Federal Government.

GROHE’s “Made in Germany” badge embodies the company’s brand values which continue to inspire all activities from development and design to manufacturing and quality assurance. By sending a clear message to all business partners and consumers, it positions the company and its brand even more distinctively in the minds of decision-makers and users.


GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

Guest Blog: GROHE provides five solutions for future-proofing the bathroom

583 425 Guest Blog

Many people planning a bathroom today want to take their future needs and requirements into account without compromising on contemporary, stylish design.

Driven by demographic change, demand for “multi-generational bathrooms” continues to increase. According to a government report “Future of an Ageing Population”, the UK population is ageing and nearly one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75 by 2040*. GROHE experts have long acknowledged these trends and have developed five attractive solutions to meet the growing need. These can be found in the brand’s newly released SMART COMFORT – Plan for Tomorrow Today brochure.

“Our ‘SMART COMFORT’ concept embraces a number of different approaches to helping older and physically impaired people live independently in their own homes for as long as possible”, says Andrea Bußmann, Regional Vice President Europe at Grohe AG. “An important contribution to this objective is delivered by specifically designed and engineered products combining elevated levels of comfort, ergonomics, user safety and longevity. A sensible room layout and a forward-looking choice of decor are equally instrumental in maximising the user-friendliness of what remains the most private room of any home.”

GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

One solution for all members of the household: the SMART COMFORT Plus Bathroom
The SMART COMFORT Plus Bathroom was devised by GROHE experts specifically for households where there is only a single member with restricted mobility. Additional areas and fittings are provided to cater for these special needs. These include a wheelchair accessible basin as well as grab bars in the toilet area. Users with unrestricted mobility are provided with dual wash basins and a bathtub, complemented by taps from the GROHE Allure F-digital series offering elegant design and intuitive operation from any area within the bathroom. For added user safety, a GROHE Allure thermostat keeps the shower water temperature constant at the chosen level, reliably protecting against scalding. A GROHE Sensia® IGS shower toilet maximises comfort for all users thanks to its gentle cleansing action, using nothing but water and warm air.

GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

Accommodating evolving needs: The SMART COMFORT Design Bathroom
The SMART COMFORT Design Bathroom demonstrates how a remodelling project can be easily and discreetly designed to meet future needs. The room layout should avoid narrow access ways, provide sufficient turning space for wheelchairs and walkers, while placing basins and WCs in easily accessible spots. In this concept, the low-profile basin is mounted on a wheelchair accessible timber panel and complemented by a stylish Essence tap, with an easy to use lever incorporating GROHE SilkMove® technology. The GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl takes the idea of comfortable showering to the next level, with three combined push-and-turn knobs giving users intuitive control of water flow, water temperature and spray pattern. The GROHE Sensia® Arena shower toilet is again used here, with its natural, water-only cleansing function and its wide array of customisable functions. The toilet uses advanced technologies to minimise maintenance and cleaning, offering a perfect combination of thorough body care, ultimate hygiene and personalised comfort.

GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

Comfort without barriers: The SMART COMFORT Budget Bathroom
The SMART COMFORT Budget concept has been designed to demonstrate how a future proof and easy access bathroom can be created even where space is at a premium and/or budgets are limited. The layout places elements such as the wash basin in positions where they are easily accessible and can be used by all members of the household. A single-lever mixer with tall spout from the Eurostyle range leaves maximum space above the basin for hand washing, while its ergonomically shaped lever ensures easier operation for people with impaired motor skills. Style-matched accessories from the GROHE Essentials collection give the bathroom a coordinated and sleek look, and a seat near the shower area provides users with a space to relax. The toilet bowl is mounted at a comfortable height of 45 centimetres using the Rapid SL installation system, and is suitable for the possibility of retrofitting grab rails.

GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

Enhanced quality of life for later years: The SMART COMFORT Care Bathroom
The SMART COMFORT Care Bathroom is designed to meet the specific needs of residents in retirement homes. Apart from safety and ergonomics for bathroom users, crucial factors in this segment include economic factors such as the cost of construction and equipment, as well as ongoing operational costs. In addition, it is important to take into account all statutory norms and standards, as well as insights from practical experience, at the early planning stages.

GROHE offers a wide variety of special water fittings for the healthcare and care sector. One example is the Grohtherm 2000 Special shower thermostat featuring easy to read dials and self-explanatory symbols. The basin tap chosen for this example is the tall-spout “L” version of the Eurostyle C single-lever mixer, however an alternative would be the Euroeco Special tap with its ergonomically shaped handle to ensure easy operation. Offering a variety of different spout heights and lengths, GROHE enables planners to specify the perfect tap for any basin, resulting in minimised splashing and preventing the spread of bacteria from the drain. For the toilet, a Tectron Skate unit combining infrared and push-button actuation provides flushing options for users of all abilities.

GROHE - future-proofing bathrooms

Unrestricted mobility away from home: The SMART COMFORT Hotel Bathroom
The SMART COMFORT Hotel Bathroom concept explores what a barrier-free or low- barrier bathroom for hotel guests can look like. Apart from creating a welcoming ambiance, it is important to specify water fittings which can be operated intuitively. This example shows an open en-suite bathroom with complementing decor to the overall style of the room. The bathroom is accessible from several sides and also for guests with impairments. The modern decor is complemented by a Eurostyle tap with tall spout and ergonomic lever. The shower is fitted with a Grohtherm 1000 thermostat which balances fluctuations in water temperature and pressure. The subtly illuminated Nova Cosmopolitan Light flush plate provides a gentle night light so there is no need to turn on harsh overhead lighting. The plate also offers a choice between two different flushing volumes, helping to promote water efficiency.

The “SMART COMFORT – Plan for Tomorrow Today” brochure can be downloaded here. . .

AquaSymphony by GROHE

Product Spotlight: AquaSymphony by GROHE

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The GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AquaSymphony brings a new luxurious dimension to showering. Let all of your senses be inspired by GROHE’s new oversized statement headshower complete with ambient lighting and sound- so you can create your perfect shower, every time.

More than one metre long and in excess of 75 centimetres wide, the Rainshower F-Series 40” headshower from the GROHE SPA® range delivers a whole new, invigorating water experience. GROHE’s new head shower is all about total freedom of choice, offering up to 12 different spray patterns to suit your needs.

The mood lighting can also be personalised to create your desired effect, from relaxing to energising.

AquaSymphony by GROHE

GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AquaSymphony is the latest addition to the GROHE F-Series range of components to transform home bathrooms into luxurious private spas. It includes head, ceiling-mounted and side showers as well as elements for mood lighting and sound. Digital controls and interfaces allow you to personalise the shower experience in accordance with your unique needs for the ultimate well-being in the shower, day by day.

GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AquaSymphony– a shower symphony with a truly exceptional performance.

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GROHE FootControl - kbbreview Awards

GROHE announced as finalist for kbbreview Awards 2017

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GROHE is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for the kbbreview 2017 Retail & Design Awards. Once again, GROHE is up for a key industry accolade, and this time, it is for its range of FootControl kitchen taps.

GROHE is competing for the Kitchen Product Innovation of the Year Award. The FootControl kitchen tap showcases innovative tap technology, which allows for greater flexibility in the kitchen. A gentle tap on the base unit with your foot will activate the tap, so no hands are needed. The hands-free operation promotes a more hygienic kitchen tap, with the additional benefit of preventing cross contamination between different types of food. The product also incorporates EasyTouch technology, allowing the user to pre-set the water temperature, for added comfort and convenience.

The kbbreview Awards are one of the most prestigious and longest-running awards in the industry and with a record number of entries this year, the judging process is a rigorous one with finalists having to present their shortlisted designs to the judging panel at an event in February. The ceremony is scheduled to be held on 27th March at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.


Interview with Michael Seum, GROHE VP of Design

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GROHE’s VP of Design, Michael Seum, on Essence and its expanded range of colours that gives more creative freedom to designers and architects.

The Essence range of classically elegant mixers has always been a hallmark of pure and modern design. They were redesigned last year and recently they have been upgraded with a wider choice of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes. The re-designed mixers offer a whole new set of options for the design community, giving them the chance to create their own individual look and feel. We spoke to Michael Seum, Vice President of Design at GROHE, about renewing a classic.

Q. What’s the enduring appeal of Essence?
Michael Seum: First let me make it clear that we have remained absolutely faithful to the original product philosophy of minimalist shape and purity of design. For many years, the Essence range has given architects and interior designers a classic design with simple and understated geometry. It is these cherished ideals that enables Essence to complement almost any bathroom style – and therefore, makes it the architects’ first choice.

Q. So what does Essence Colours bring that is new?
MS: Our interactions with design-thought leaders across the world, showed us that there was a growing need for more individuality and personalisation in bathroom design. That’s why we have expanded our range to include 8 new options. With these new options we have created an incredibly rich toolbox for the creative mind allowing tremendous flexibility. This approach has had an immediate impact and has been extremely well received by the global design community. For example, our Hard Graphite in both polished and brushed finishes beautifully complement a huge range or interiors. From marble and pure white bathrooms, light wood tones as well as concrete and dark matte tiles, we find this finish is so versatile it will enable interior designers to create their dream bathroom whatever the style.

Michael SeumQ. What about the design itself?
MS: The new Essence design that we launched has the same traditional delicate transitions and understated geometry of the classic Essence range but with a slightly softened and more humanised approach. This becomes especially apparent in the mixer lever: We have included a very slight taper on the handle, which gives the user a sensual experience of precision control. So there is now more choice in the Essence range but we made sure that we’re retaining the same instantly recognisable iconic look and feel of classic simplicity. There is a strong undercurrent of consistency!

Q. You mentioned the reaction of the design community. How was Essence received?
MS: In one word: excitement. The last few months I’ve been globetrotting with samples of Essence and in all honesty I was very pleasantly shocked at the huge positivity and enthusiasm of designers across the world. In Europe, for example, one interior design team immediately embraced the idea of working with our new colours and finishes, giving them much more freedom to coordinate them with their overall vision. A recent conversation in Tokyo with a prominent designer evoked a similar response. It’s been exciting to see the powerful enthusiasm for Essence.

Q. You say that Essence was prompted by changing needs in design. What are these?
MS: Before starting any new design – and certainly before we put pen to paper in the studio – we look at what’s going on around us. Not only in terms of trends, but also in the more fundamental, global changes that take place. We consult with leading analysts, social commentators and futurologists. And obviously, we use my own experiences and observations. On this occasion, everyone seemed to agree that for billions of people the digital revolution has dramatically changed how they live their lives. Everything is going at hyper speed. So sometimes, people want a moment of escape. Especially in the bathroom, the traditional oasis of individual serenity and relaxation. They crave an environment that is a break from the predictable uniformity of the digital age.

Q. How is the Essence a response to that?
MS: For one, there are the slightly softened and humanised transitions and geometry of the Essence range. Another is the extensive choice of colours and finishes. People want the familiarity of iconic classic design, but they also want to be pampered with an individualistic look and feel. This level of personalisation really elevates the Essence line to a bespoke experience. It also gives interior designers and consumers the opportunity to bring new and luxurious emotional connections to bathroom designs. I believe that this act of establishing connections is the true role of product designers like us. Ultimately, as designers, we must make an emotional difference to people’s lives.

GROHE Essence

Q. And what are the main benefits for architects and interior designers?
MS: There are three main benefits. Firstly, Essence gives designers more options than ever to express their creativity – and from what I’ve already seen the results are truly exciting. Secondly, this classic design will easily translate into almost any bathroom style – so architects and designers now have a short-cut to specification whatever project they are working on. The third benefit is cost-efficiency. The Essence series has always represented affordable classic design with a long durability, and Essence can still be part of proposals that require an element of cost-competitiveness.

Q. Finally, what else have you planned for this versatile series?
MS: Well, we are interacting with and listening to designers more and more, and they are flooding us with ideas on how and where we can take Essence. And we will, of course, take action on this creative thinking. But for now, we just want to open the floodgates of the options we have developed. I am genuinely excited to be part of what will be a true celebration of creativity in the next few years. And would like to thank everyone in advance for their contribution.

About Michael Seum
Industrial designer Michael Seum is GROHE’s Vice President of Design taking over from Paul Flowers in June 2015. Born in America, he is an award-winning designer with an international design career spanning large corporations, acclaimed design studios and entrepreneurial brands such as Procter and Gamble, Whirlpool (USA & Italy), PepsiCo Sports and Nutrition, Minimal and WiMo labs. At GROHE, Michael is responsible for delivering insight-driven, meaningful solutions that capture the spirit and imagination of GROHE consumers throughout the world.

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GROHE Essence

Introducing GROHE Essence: freedom of choice in the bathroom

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With its huge variety of new colours and finishes, GROHE’s re-designed mixer range takes personalised bathroom design to a new level…

• The global trend for personalised design is entering the bathroom, as the boundaries between living spaces in our homes are dissolving
• The re-designed Essence range encourages creative design with its broad range of colours, finishes and matching products for every water outlet in the bathroom
• Essence mixers now feature a new softened design, with a consistent shape across the range
• Huge choice: a variety of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes

GROHE’s new Essence range offers ultimate flexibility in design, with 10 possible combinations of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes.

Inspired by the latest global trends, the finishes were carefully selected to complement all bathroom styles and décor, and include Cool Sunrise, Warm Sunset, Hard Graphite and Nickel.

Introducing GROHE Essence: freedom of choice in the bathroom

Variety meets consistency
The new choice of colours comes with an incredible consistency in design, with every spout and lever almost identical across all product types. The Essence design is based on concentric cylinders which have been slightly softened for the re-designed shape to add a touch of elegance to every bathroom. “We have included a very slight taper on the handle, giving the user a sensual experience of precision and control” says Michael Seum, Vice President of Design at GROHE. “People want the familiarity of iconic classic design, but they also want to be pampered with an individualistic look and feel”.

Michael Seum

Michael Seum

Award winning design and technology
The new Essence range features many of GROHE’s advanced technologies, such as Aqua Guide which positions the water flow to hit the basin in such a way to prevent splashing and GROHE SilkMove® allowing for a gradual, precise control of flow and temperature. Essence has already been awarded numerous prestigious international awards, including the Iconic Award Interior Innovation, the Good Design Award, and the iF Product Design Award.


GROHE Eurocube Joy Mixer Range

GROHE wins two golds at the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards

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The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet has won the gold award for Innovation in WiFi and App Technology, while GROHE’s EuroCube Joy mixer range also won the GOLD award for Innovation in Sustainability at the recent Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards.

Raj Mistry, GROHE UK Marketing Director, commented: “We are delighted to be a double gold winner in the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, recognising two of GROHE’s core strengths: our commitment to sustainability and position as a market leader in technological development.”

With the design of the Sensia Arena (pictured below), GROHE has used its unique expertise to bring a new generation of highly advanced products to consumers that define a new standard for the future of personalised, clean comfort.

Sensia Arena

The GROHE Sensia Arena harnesses the gentle and effective cleansing benefits of water to help deliver optimum hygiene levels in the bathroom. The shower toilet features the latest in technology, including app control which allows you to create and remember personal profiles on any Sensia Arena anywhere in the world.

The Eurocube Joy mixer range (pictured, main) combines striking geometric design with a host of design features and innovative GROHE technologies, including sustainable EcoJoy. This reduces water consumption without impacting on product performance or user enjoyment.

The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards are one of the kitchen and bathroom industry’s most respected and anticipated events of the years, awarding products that bring a unique quality to the market. This year, the awards were held on 9 November at the exclusive Supernova in London.

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GROHE Powerbox

Product Spotlight: GROHE’s self-sufficient Powerbox

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GROHE’s innovative technology uses the tap’s own water flow to drive a turbine, concealed in a small box installed below the basin.

This converts the energy from the flowing water into storable electrical energy which then powers the tap’s infrared function. Just 60 seconds of running water delivers and stores enough energy to power the mixer for 24 hours- saving water, energy and money for your project.

The Powerbox’s simple design means its positive benefits can be applied to a wide number of applications. It’s especially suited to busy public facilities, from airports and hotels to offices and public institutions. Its self-sustaining power model and low maintenance design also makes it perfect for projects where mains electricity is absent or unreliable, and is a great choice for projects emphasising sustainability and eco-efficiency.

The PowerBox maintains GROHE’s standards of design excellence, and can be used with three different tap designs – GROHE’s Europlus E, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E for mixed water and the Euroeco Cosmopolitan E for a cold or pre-blended water.

Raj Mistry, GROHE UK Marketing Director, comments: “The self-sufficient PowerBox from GROHE is a smart and sustainable choice for projects. The mixer is able to deliver an energy efficient and money saving solution for a wide variety of commercial uses”.


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GROHE Experience Suite, Mallorca

Project Spotlight: GROHE opens first Experience Suite in Mallorca

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From this summer onwards the five-star hotel, IBEROSTAR, in Playa de Palma will be home to the first GROHE Experience Suite in Mallorca.

The new suite spa is located on 7th floor of the hotel and allows guests to enjoy a spacious outdoor area with outstanding views of the local beaches. It has a large and bright bedroom-living room, a large terrace with an outdoor bathtub and a first-class GROHE bathroom to enjoy a private spa experience.

The suite is equipped with the latest GROHE technologies and has been designed to provide a luxurious sensory experience for the customer.

Shower area: F-digital Deluxe
The immersive shower area has been designed to take the spa experience to the next level. Equipped with an exclusive F-digital Deluxe shower cabin, the area features a large rain shower head, chromotherapy, side massage shower sprays, ambient music and different types of steam generators, including hammam or Turkish bath, for the ultimate indulgent showering experience.

The F Digital Deluxe can be controlled by a programmable touchscreen panel or app to ensure that guests have full control of all functions, including water temperature and pressure during their shower.

Project Spotlight: GROHE opens first Experience Suite in Mallorca
Bath area: Allure range

The bath area is divided into two spaces: an interior bathtub featuring a GROHE Allure collection striking waterfall spout, and a beautiful outdoor bathtub to enjoy the climate and spectacular views of Mallorca.

Toilet area: Sensia Arena
The GROHE Sensia Arena completes the full spa experience in the suite. The innovative shower toilet incorporates the latest in Japanese technology to deliver maximum personal hygiene.

The Arena is much more than just a bidet and WC combined, and is packed with state-of-the-art features, such as a touchscreen remote control allowing you to save your favourite cleansing settings. The Sensia Arena also comes with innovative features such as an air-infused shower spray, a rimless bowl, automatic lid opening and automatic flushing and rinsing using GROHE sensor technology.

The GROHE Experience Suite in Mallorca represents the brand’s concept of the bathroom, understood as a private space for relaxation, comfort and intimacy. By creating this exclusive suite, GROHE consolidates its prestige in the hospitality industry in Spain and reaffirms its commitment to Mallorca, a market where GROHE opened a new showroom last October.


GROHE's guest blog - round-up Milan Design Week

Guest Blog: GROHE review Milan Design Week

750 375 Guest Blog

GROHE shares its thoughts on the Milan Salone Del Mobile extravaganza and some of the trends we can expect to see shaping interior design in the year ahead…

The biggest event of the design year, Milan’s Salone Del Mobile festival saw the city once again taken over by the interiors industry. The streets were packed with the biggest names in furniture and architecture, exhibiting alongside up-and-coming names that are new on the scene.

Our own in-house design team were out scouring the studios and showrooms for the hottest trends on show, dissecting the wealth of ideas to select six key trends that we are confident will be driving the look of our interiors over the next 18 months and beyond. These diverse trends will be filtering through many aspects of interior design, with the overall drive being towards a warmer, tactile and soothing look and feel for our homes.

Soft, subtle colours – ones that are easy on the eye and the psyche – were in evidence everywhere, suggesting a desire for soothing interior elements as an escape from stressful lives. The core colour was a skin-tone pink (as seen above), evoking the sense of touch and inviting an emotional connection. We saw this combined with organic, unbleached wood and tactile brass and copper.

Once considered a rather retro, ostentatious material, marble continues its comeback as the luxury accent of choice. This year we saw marble used on everything from chairs to bookcases, with warmer, mottled versions more popular than harsh white. Marble was combined with slick materials like plastic as well as organic, sensual wood and metal, again with warm colour tones to the fore.

Once seen as cold, hard and industrial, metal finishes in warm tones continued to provide an air of luxury and light to many pieces shown this year. Copper, brass and bronze featured in numerous designs across all design disciplines, but the rose gold was the finish of choice, adding glamour when combined with materials like exotic wood, leather and velvet. Star of the show was Knoll’s iconic Platner arm chair, created in 18 karat gold and blue velvet to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


Technology and tradition collided to present new ways of working with wood. Modern production and processing techniques have created an explosion in fluid, sensual forms for wood furniture, where curved lines and surfaces both highlight the natural grain of the wood and also invite the user to make physical contact with this enduring material – enhanced by the combining of wood with other tactile materials like leather and moulded plastic.

GROHE interview with Paul Flowers, Chief Design Officer LWT and Michael Seum, Vice President Design Grohe AG

Interview: Paul Flowers (LWT) and Michael Seum (GROHE)

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Paul Flowers (above, left), who was in charge of the GROHE Design Studio from 2005 to 2015, has been appointed Chief Design Officer at LIXIL Water Technology (LWT), coordinating the design of all brands belonging to LWT. Michael Seum (above, right) has joined GROHE as Vice President Design in 2015 and is now leading the GROHE Design Studio in Düsseldorf.

Q. Paul, after ten years at the GROHE Design Studio you have now taken on new responsibilities as Chief Design Officer at LIXIL Water Technology. At LWT, you are in charge of the design of all brands, including GROHE, LIXIL/INAX, American Standard and JAXSON. What do your new tasks entail and what are the challenges that you have to face?

Paul: I have learnt over my two decades of international design experience that people really are a brand’s most precious resource. My role is to orchestrate a Global Design Team and ensure we have the most talented people in our studios in Düsseldorf, New York, Tokyo and Bangkok. I intend to fuse creativity into the culture of each of the companies, elevate design and in turn show the value of design as we have done in the last ten years at GROHE.

A big challenge is the diversity of the separate brands as well as the varied technical requirements and individual design preferences in the different countries. We intend to share and combine our knowledge of global trends and experience. We have the challenge of keeping the brands true to their individual values and their aesthetic expression significantly different from each other, unique and preferred over our competitors.

I am very fortunate that I get to travel all over the world and have first-hand experience of different cultures and trends. Through insights, research and a consumer focus we will generate unique experiences, which are relevant and valued by the people who use our products.

GROHE interview with Paul Flowers, Chief Design Officer LWT and Michael Seum, Vice President Design Grohe AG

Q. Was it difficult for you, to pass the baton on and let someone else take the reins at the GROHE Design Studio?
Paul: When you have dedicated so much passion, time and energy to something, it becomes very personal and important to you. I have had an amazing time at GROHE and I am immensely proud of what the team has achieved in the last decade. The great aspect of my new role within LWT is, I will still be involved working closely with Michael Seum to take the brand to the next level.

I took considerable time to personally find somebody like Michael Seum, he is highly motivated, incredibly creative and is very experienced having already designed for some very impressive leading international brands.

Q. Michael, design is a key brand value at GROHE. The GROHE Design Team won more than 200 awards in the last few years. What is your design strategy for GROHE? Will there be a different focus or will you preserve the typical design characteristics?

Michael: GROHE has a special understanding of the value of design and it is clearly been recognized with so many external accolades. Paul has built a highly talented design team and, more importantly, has built one of the most efficient creative cultures I have ever been a part of. The designs envisioned in the studio get produced, there is very little loss of design intent and they are easily recognized as GROHE products.

Design will absolutely remain a strategic driver of brand value within GROHE. I will be working closely with Paul to ensure we do so. It’s great that Paul and I share many of the same philosophies, methods and discipline in our approach to designing products and brand experiences. I am excited to work with this team, ensuring design continues to increase brand value by creating strong emotional connections to our products and brand experiences through great design.

GROHE interview with Paul Flowers, Chief Design Officer LWT and Michael Seum, Vice President Design Grohe AG

Q. Before joining GROHE, you have already worked for renowned companies. Where do you see the challenges in designing for a sanitary company? Are there special requirements you need to consider when working with the element water?
Michael: Every company and industry that I have worked in has its own unique category challenges; for designers these unique challenges become the real opportunities for design.

For GROHE, we must exceed the rational expectations of consumers — they also have to embody the emotional needs consumers have in their homes –for example calming, relaxation, privacy and personal health and well-being. Beforehand amongst others at Whirlpool, Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, I gathered versatile experience in different industries, which I can now benefit from.

Q. Paul, what are the cornerstones of your cooperation with Michael? Could you tell us about the depths and contents of your working together?
Paul: Michael is very innovative in his approach to both solving problems and identifying consumer opportunities, which is imperative for a brand like GROHE and I trust his judgment 100% percent. We work very closely together and have structured weekly meetings and constant dialogue. We have a number of creative tools, which we use to ensure we are pushing forward and realizing our long-term strategy. From our well defined Brand Values, Style Segmentation and unique Signature Elements to our Design Quality Reviews, we have a very objective approach to reviewing and guiding the work of the Düsseldorf studio.

GROHE interview with Paul Flowers, Chief Design Officer LWT and Michael Seum, Vice President Design Grohe AG

Q. Michael, you already know the GROHE portfolio very well, do you have a favourite product yet?
Michael: Prior to coming to GROHE, I renovated my loft in Chicago with our new Essence line but if I had to pick another product it would be GROHE Blue. I read recently that for the first time we have more plastic in the ocean than we do fish. At the same time, we also have so many unhealthy beverage choices. GROHE Blue is a product that our consumers love; reducing plastic consumption/use while enjoying the healthy beverage options of high quality filtered still or sparkling water.

Q. Finally, a question for the both of you. Please briefly complete the following statement: Good design is…
Paul: Good design removes the unnecessary to allow the user to focus on the elements, which enhance the experience. It guides a user intuitively to get the most from a product or service, it anticipates a user’s needs and facilitates an emotional and unique experience which adds value to our lives. Good design is mindful of the precious resources it takes to make, package, transport and use the product…

Michael: We as designers face a lot of pressure to create unique, new, highly differentiated and exciting products. Good design considers the consumers’ overall desired experience, their emotional needs and the contextual needs within their homes. Good design is about meeting the needs of our consumers in both expected and unexpected ways.

All photos courtesy of GROHE Press
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Tempesta-F trigger spray by GROHE

Product Spotlight: Tempesta-F 30 trigger spray by GROHE

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Offering powerful precision in a beautiful minimalist design, combined with high-quality features and precise water distribution, the new Tempesta-F 30 trigger spray by GROHE is the new synonym for hygiene in the bathroom.

It is designed by the firm’s award-winning in-house design team and manufactured in its plant in Lahr-Black Forest, Germany. As the latest addition to the GROHE New Tempesta shower family, it continues the tradition of combining modern timeless aesthetics with highest functionality.

Tempesta-F trigger spray by GROHEFrom injection moulding and galvanising of plastic components to assembly, quality inspection and packing — proven expertise and diligent work at every stage of the process are key to the high quality of GROHE showers — for the benefit of consumers around the world. For an even sturdier solution, the new range of GROHE Sena 35 trigger sprays, which feature a strong metal body and a new valve for extra safety are on point.

The all-in-one valve automatically closes the water supply when you replace the spray, therefore averting the risk of accidental flooding. The Sena valve is also available in combination with our new Tempesta-F 30 trigger sprays.

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GROHE at Milan Design Week

Join GROHE for exclusive dinner at Milan Design Week

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April will see representatives of the world’s fashion and design industry converge on Milan, where the 55th Milan Design Week will be held from 12 to 17 April 2016. GROHE is delighted to host an exclusive dinner on 14 April, called “A View on Innovation” which will provide architects, business partners and media representatives exciting insights into the industry.

In addition, the Milan GROHE Showroom, which can normally only be visited by special invitation, will be open to the public for the whole of the Milan Design Week.

GROHE’s products will also be displayed at the exhibition “different suites X different people” by renowned architect, Simone Micheli.

For more information on GROHE’s involvement at Milan Design Week 2016, please visit GROHE’s website here.

F-digital Deluxe - GROHE

Project Spotlight: The rise of technology in bathrooms

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It’s fair to say our daily lives are in the midst of an ongoing ‘digital revolution’. So many day-to-day aspects of our lives have now been digitised — no more so than in our homes where technology plays a considerable role in how we do simple, everyday tasks. So it figures, we expect the same if we’re staying at a hotel when travelling — essentially a ‘home away from home’.

This has definitely begun in a whole host of areas ranging from check-in to temperature control. And one such area that is benefitting from the rise of technology is the bathroom. And these innovations aren’t just making life easier and more convenient, but can now offer a personalised, luxurious touch as well.

Digital technology has arrived in the bathroom and it is here to stay. The next step will be to enable even more efficient networking between the different types of digital products and create truly comprehensive digital solutions for the smart home of tomorrow. Hotel Designs Directory members GROHE are pioneering digitisation in sanitary technology and have been at the forefront of industry progress for more than a decade, with products like the GROHE Ondus beginning major design trends…

Intuitive operation for enhanced comfort
What all digital GROHE products have in common is that they can be operated intuitively – their user interfaces are simple to understand and self-explanatory, designed to make life easier for the user. At the same time, they incorporate modern technologies to create unique water experiences, which users can enjoy time after time.

F-Digital Deluxe - GROHE

F-Digital Deluxe – GROHE

Technologies for personalised luxury
GROHE F-digital Deluxe takes the concept of luxurious and personalised showering to the next level. A user can simply select a coloured lighting to suit the mood, favourite music and the right amount of steam to enhance the shower experience. All the individual modules of GROHE F-digital Deluxe can be controlled from a variety of mobile digital devices via an app for ease and convenience.

GROHE Sensia® shower toilets
also offer high levels of user comfort. Their cleansing functions can be set and activated via a remote control unit or, for the Arena model, via an app. Simple, intuitive symbols on the keys or touchscreen provide direct access to all functions. All settings – including the temperature of the water, the pressure of the spray and the position of the shower arm – can be personalised to meet each user’s individual needs and preferences.


GROHE Sensia® shower toilets

All digital products from GROHE are designed to enhance their users’ daily lives and create distinctive and enjoyable experiences. In addition, many digital functions also help to save water and energy, allowing users to enjoy a deeply relaxing shower, while also feeling good about saving water and energy.


Water Sustainability GROHE

Manufacturers tackling water sustainability issues through design

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Water sustainability in the hospitality industry is an issue beginning to raise its head above the metallic-edged parapets of hotels springing up all over the world. It’s no secret that water consumption levels in the industry could definitely be reduced and cannot be maintained at its current levels.

Indeed, some statistics recently printed in a recent issue of HD member GROHE‘s magazine about the worldwide water shortage make for sobering reading:

– Drinking water is running out. By 2030, global demand is expected to outstrip supply by 40 percent, and many rivers and lakes are drying up. Currently, 1.1 billion people lack access to water, and only one percent of all water consumed is fresh. The problem is critical, and the United Nations (UN) is responding by introducing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The causes of global water shortages are complex, ranging from climate change to urbanisation and population increase. As a result, the solutions are diverse, and although governments and multinational organisations have a responsibility to tackle it, so do individuals. –

Water Sustainability products from GROHE

Some of GROHE’s water sustainability products

So, with this in mind, those fitting hotels with water consuming items are having to not only factor these solutions into their product designs but also their construction and installation. One such firm is GROHE themselves:

– Conscious of this dilemma, GROHE, the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, are integrating sustainability into their business. It’s present in every aspect of our corporate structure,” says GROHE executive Thomas Fuhr. “It determines everything we do, from product development to manufacturing and logistics as well as use and disposal.”

One of GROHE’s biggest customers is the hospitality industry. According to a recent study by the Malta Business Bureau, 365 trillion litres of water could be saved by the EU’s hotel business every year. The problem represents an area in which, by reducing their water consumption, hotels can also improve cost efficiency. –

Indeed, while we are seeing hotels monitoring their usage more and managing their laundry loads, we are also seeing a lot more manufacturers introducing ‘low-flow’ products with technology like aerated shower heads to help hotel firms reduce water consumption by up to 30% in some cases. GROHE are at the forefront of this:

– And by focussing on this issue and staying true to their commitment to high quality design, GROHE has been working with many of the world’s leading hotel brands to help deliver the results they need. One case in point is luxury Danish hostel chain, Danhostel, whose Copenhagen city location recently swapped its older fittings and showerheads for water saving, environmentally-friendly ones made by GROHE. And the results speak for themselves: water usage was reduced from 13 to 5.8 litres of water per minute. –

You can read the whole article from GROHE Magazine here