Latest bathroom products from GROHE have a natural rhythm

GROHE encourages the use of the bathroom as an oasis of calm by introducing elements of biophilic design through its premium product portfolio…

GROHE allure in biophilic bathroom design

The benefits of biophilic design are boundless, and it is clear that inviting the outside in can have a resoundingly positive impact on our wellness, from improving air quality through to helping to reduce stress. As many of us have spent more time than ever indoors over the last few years and the importance of prioritising our wellbeing for both physical and mental health reasons is ever prominent, it’s understandable that creating biophilic spaces has become a growing trend. Focussing in on the bathroom, there are several ways of incorporating nature into the overall look and feel of the space. Introducing low maintenance greenery is an easy first step, be it devil’s ivy or a potted fern, for bringing an element of the outside into one of our most sacred of spaces.

GROHE Allure brassware

Image credit: GROHE

Taking biophilic design beyond the greenery, GROHE has a range of products within its portfolio that contribute to design through innovation, such as the updated GROHE Allure range and the GROHE Rainshower Aqua Body spray. The GROHE Allure tap line offers minimalist design with its slim profile which partners with the brand’s state-of-the-art water technology to offer a unique, tactile experience. Through the floor-mounted taps and waterfall spouts for the bathtub and the GROHE Rainshower Aqua Body sprays offering Rain or Active Jet sprays, guests can immerse themselves in a bathing experience designed to feel just how nature intended.

GROHE bathroom with biophilic elements in wooden surfaces and outdoor connection

Image credit: GROHE

With sustainability at the heart of every GROHE innovation, it’s no surprise that the new sprays enable eco-conscious water usage thanks to water and energy saving GROHE EcoJoy technology, allowing guests to enjoy a premium shower experience responsibly.

“At GROHE, we’re passionate about driving transformation when it comes to protecting our planet,” said Ebru Bircan, Leader, Marketing Activation UK, LIXIL EMENA. “Elements which allow bathrooms to become even more harmonious through the use of biophilic design work hand in hand with our products which have been designed to encapsulate modern needs of a relaxing space while living more consciously. From massaging Rain sprays in our overhead showers to water free flowing, without even touching a button, through our infra-red taps, we’re here to celebrate all of the joys of water through our innovations.”

GROHE is no stranger to environmental considerations through its product portfolio, and how sustainability and design can work together based on the principles of biophilic design. Through further technology such as its ES (energy saving) innovations, taps can help prevent the needless use of hot water helping buildings to reduce their carbon footprint. ES taps offer only cold water in the mid-lever and cold mode position, eliminating the need to heat water unnecessarily, while precise hot water is accessible by moving the lever to the left.

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Main image credit: GROHE