Project Spotlight: The rise of technology in bathrooms

    F-digital Deluxe - GROHE
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    It’s fair to say our daily lives are in the midst of an ongoing ‘digital revolution’. So many day-to-day aspects of our lives have now been digitised — no more so than in our homes where technology plays a considerable role in how we do simple, everyday tasks. So it figures, we expect the same if we’re staying at a hotel when travelling — essentially a ‘home away from home’.

    This has definitely begun in a whole host of areas ranging from check-in to temperature control. And one such area that is benefitting from the rise of technology is the bathroom. And these innovations aren’t just making life easier and more convenient, but can now offer a personalised, luxurious touch as well.

    Digital technology has arrived in the bathroom and it is here to stay. The next step will be to enable even more efficient networking between the different types of digital products and create truly comprehensive digital solutions for the smart home of tomorrow. Hotel Designs Directory members GROHE are pioneering digitisation in sanitary technology and have been at the forefront of industry progress for more than a decade, with products like the GROHE Ondus beginning major design trends…

    Intuitive operation for enhanced comfort
    What all digital GROHE products have in common is that they can be operated intuitively – their user interfaces are simple to understand and self-explanatory, designed to make life easier for the user. At the same time, they incorporate modern technologies to create unique water experiences, which users can enjoy time after time.

    F-Digital Deluxe - GROHE

    F-Digital Deluxe – GROHE

    Technologies for personalised luxury
    GROHE F-digital Deluxe takes the concept of luxurious and personalised showering to the next level. A user can simply select a coloured lighting to suit the mood, favourite music and the right amount of steam to enhance the shower experience. All the individual modules of GROHE F-digital Deluxe can be controlled from a variety of mobile digital devices via an app for ease and convenience.

    GROHE Sensia® shower toilets
    also offer high levels of user comfort. Their cleansing functions can be set and activated via a remote control unit or, for the Arena model, via an app. Simple, intuitive symbols on the keys or touchscreen provide direct access to all functions. All settings – including the temperature of the water, the pressure of the spray and the position of the shower arm – can be personalised to meet each user’s individual needs and preferences.

    GROHE Sensia IGS

    GROHE Sensia® shower toilets

    All digital products from GROHE are designed to enhance their users’ daily lives and create distinctive and enjoyable experiences. In addition, many digital functions also help to save water and energy, allowing users to enjoy a deeply relaxing shower, while also feeling good about saving water and energy.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.03.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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