GROHE amplifies quiet luxury through wellness

With quality, sustainability and human-centric design at the core of the GROHE product portfolio, it is an easy fit and naturally embodies the quiet luxury approach to design and specification…

white and grey spacious bathroom with GROHE fittings and shower in gold

As the term ‘quiet luxury’ steadily gains recognition within the interior sphere, it remains heavily influenced by trending media showcasing interiors that favour understated craftsmanship and quality design over mass trend-led styling and overbranded buys. With this, quiet luxury is subtly shifting from a trend into a movement, bringing this understated elegance intoplay with each design decision being conscious, considered and refined.

black ceaserstone bath with gold Grohe fittings in a luxurious bathroom

Image credit: GROHE

Quiet luxury encourages curated investment pieces that create a calm, inviting space and when it comes to interior design and specification, this approach is no longer a fleeting trend but a significant shift in consumer behaviour and an important step in moving away from short-lived design trends.

In a recent YouGov study, it was found that 23 per cent of UK adults view the environment as one of the top three most important issues currently facing the country . Since its research began in 2011, YouGov noted that those acknowledging environmental issues as important matters have steadily risen over the past decade, from having hovered between five and nine per cent until 2014, to consistently staying above 20 per cent ten years on.

double vanity and basin with mirrors and soap dispensers in chrome against black slate wall

Image credit: GROHE

In GROHE’s collaboration with the global pioneer of premium quartz surfaces, Ceaserstone, as part of its Private Collections, innovative technologies delivering the very best in experience and offering sustainable benefits, work alongside quality products created with expert craftsmanship in timeless designs . The collection is an extension of GROHE’s premium models, Atrio and Allure Brillant and provides a customisable design experience with a choice of colour, finish, material and handle options. Along with the premium finish, the collection also provides users with resource efficiency functionality.

Essence chrome tap from GROHE over stone vanity with slatted wooden wall

Image credit: GROHE

Integrated within a number of the fitting’s body is GROHE’s water-saving technology, EcoJoy, which reduces the water flow by up to 50 per cent, without compromising on performance. The societal demand and continued awareness around sustainability is a key driving trend for manufacturers to provide premium performance showers, that cater to an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

GROHE recently announced Spring 2024 as the market launch of its first water-recycling shower GROHE Everstream. The shower system is currently being field tested and a training programme for installers is expected to start in the second half of 2023. In addition, GROHE is also aiming to have all GROHE concealed showers water-recycling-ready by 2030. GROHE Everstream has been designed to create the showering experience users expect, but consuming as little fresh water as possible – and using far less energy. The Everstream system uses as little as a quarter of the water and a third of the energy typically required by traditional showers.

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Main image credit: GROHE