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GROHE launches new entry-level shower toilet GROHE Sensia Pro…


GROHE, a leading name in bathroom design, introduces the Sensia Pro – an exciting new shower toilet designed to elevate the guest experience in today’s hospitality industry. Shower toilets, already commonplace in many parts of the world, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional hygiene practices. The Sensia Pro takes this concept a step further, providing a streamline solution with high-end features at an attractive entry-level price points.

grohe sensia pro

Image credit: GROHE

The Sensia Pro prioritises both comfort and cleanliness. Dual, adjustable spray arms deliver a customisable cleansing experience with features like oscillating motion and temperature control. For added convenience, the system remembers user preferences via a remote control. Beyond its cleansing capabilities, the Sensia Pro boasts a built-in dryer, reducing reliance on toilet paper for a more eco-friendly approach. Furthermore, the innovative Triple Vortex flush ensures thorough cleaning with minimal water usage.

The Sensia Pro is not just user-friendly, it’s installer-friendly too. The Rapid SLX toilet frame simplifies installation with pre-assembled components and a universal water connection. Hygiene is further enhanced by the antibacterial ceramic glaze and self-cleaning nozzles.

grohe sensia pro

Image credit: GROHE

GROHE doesn’t compromise on aesthetics with the Sensia Pro. Its sleek, modern design with clean lines integrates seamlessly into any contemporary bathroom, adding a touch of luxury.

“Expanding the shower toilet portfolio allows us and our professional partners to reach new target groups,” said Stefan Schmied, Leader Commercial Sales Operations, LIXIL EMENA. “As the ideal entry-level solution to complement the GROHE Sensia Arena, GROHE Sensia Pro makes pure hygiene affordable without compromising on advanced technology. With its versatile features, it appeals to diverse consumer groups, from wellness lovers to hygiene and technology enthusiasts.”

With its focus on hygiene, sustainability and user comfort, the Sensia Pro shower toilet presents a compelling option for hotels seeking to differentiate themselves and cater to a growing clientele interested in innovative wellness solutions.

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Main image credit: GROHE