The new Grohtherm 500 thermostat: The easy upgrade for every bathroom project

    sleek grohtherm shower thermostat control by grohe
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    The new Grohtherm 500 thermostat: The easy upgrade for every bathroom project

    With statistics showing that temperature fluctuations are one of the most frustrating factors in a shower, the dynamic in-house design team at GROHE came up with a solution. Introducing the Grohtherm 500 thermostat…

    sleek grohtherm shower thermostat control by grohe

    A thermostat is a must-have for every well-planned bathroom upgrade. A recently conducted survey into showering behaviour from leading supplier of bathroom solutions, GROHE, and German research institution Explorare, found that 37percent of respondents listed temperature fluctuations as one of the most frustrating factors when showering. With the new Grohtherm 500 thermostat acting as the intelligent heart of the shower, complaints like these can now be a thing of the past as this  latest product by GROHE provides steady temperatures, personal settings, and optimal convenience.

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    Thermostats are not a new invention to the shower market – professionals have been working with them for a long time and have witnessed the evolution of the intelligent showering technology and know how it works. One of the key benefits to a thermostat upgrade is safety: thermostats are safe mixers, especially for children and the elderly, as the SafeStop button limits the water temperature and prevents scalding. Additionally, the thermostat comes with a temperature limiter which can be activated during installation, limiting the temperature to 43°C, thereby preventing children or those with additional needs or visual impairments from turning up the temperature accidentally and scalding themselves. This is a huge benefit for multi-generational households and hotels which need to cater to many different user needs and requirements.

    Now that the bathroom is increasingly turning into an oasis of wellbeing, consumers are also looking for solutions that enhance comfort. Thermostatic technology is an ideal solution. Even when multiple water sources are running simultaneously, the thermostat allows users to be in control of the temperature as it balances temperature peaks and prevents cold or hot temperature fluctuations whilst showering. This is one of the major benefits thermostats can offer especially as they continue to be such a pain point for consumers.

    What many consumers do not know is that a shower equipped with a thermostat can also save water. The GROHE Grohtherm thermostats all come with the EcoButton, which is an easy-to-use and effective feature that works to reduce consumption. The EcoButton reduces the water flow, saving up to 50 per cent of water without a noticeable difference for users. Additionally, the thermostat cartridge makes it easy to find the desired temperature. Even if a user likes to turn the water off and on while showering, there is no need to find the right lever position again. With the water temperature remaining at a constant level, the Grohtherm offers water and energy saving in everyday life, which can offer cost savings over the product’s lifecycle.

    The GROHE product portfolio remains as diverse as the customers’ projects are individual, as the brand believes that the key in product development is to provide retailers and installers with the right solutions for all customers. The GROHE product portfolio is designed to meet different requirements regarding both functionality but also budget. While the Grohtherm 500 is the perfect entry-level product in the GROHE thermostat range, the portfolio also includes the sophisticated Grohtherm 1000 Performance which has two additional key features. Integrated with the CoolTouch technology, the thermostat’s body never exceeds the shower temperature, keeping the thermostat exterior cool to touch – again a particularly important feature for multi-generational households or family homes with young children. As water conservation is also playing an increasingly important role for customers in bathroom planning, the Grohtherm 1000 series also features an AquaDimmer with an EcoButton for controlling the hand shower in the bathtub.

    The Grohtherm 500, developed with the well known GROHE brand quality, is the perfect alternative to single-lever mixers, and allows users to try out the benefits of features such as the EcoButton, the SafeStop and the SafeStop Plus features.

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