Is the hospitality sector ready for recycled water fittings?

With the launch of its first water-recycling shower, Everstream, GROHE is revolutionising the showering experience while actively contributing to the conservation of water and energy resources. Jacob Allan Leader, Hospitality UK, LIXIL EMENA & GROHE, talks us through the process…

diagrammatic image showing the recycling process of the Grohe Everstream shower

The GROHE Everstream represents a ground-breaking solution that addresses the significant water consumption in both domestic and commercial bathrooms, designed to create the showering experience users expect while consuming as little fresh water as possible.

Global water use has grown at more than twice the rate of the Earth’s population over the past century, making water stress a reality for an increasing number of regions. Architects, developers, and other professionals involved in creating the buildings of the future have an important and urgent role to play in helping communities use water more efficiently.

The GROHE Everstream shower in black fitted onto a stone wall with a plant in the background

Image credit: GROHE

There is no single solution to these problems. However, technology can help by creating sustainable hygiene and sanitation solutions that conserve water in homes, business premises, and other buildings – after all, technology intended to make a positive impact can only do so if end users can get their hands on it.
It’s widely recognised that sustainability is of high importance when considering hotel design, whether that’s brand-new developments with sustainable design at their core or renovations and updates to existing structures to bring them up to pace with the modern-day agenda.

close up of a hand turning the shower controls of the GROHE Everstream

Image credit: GROHE

As new innovations come to market that push the boundaries of classic design and guest expectations, education and commitment are pivotal for implementing viable change. The Everstream uses as little as a quarter of the water and a third of the energy required by traditional showers. By consuming as little as 30 litres of water compared to the average 120 litres of a conventional shower, it offers an overall water saving of up to 75 per cent and reduces energy consumption by up to 65per cent.

Through its innovative technology that recirculates and cleanses the same four litres of water via heaters, filters and UV light, the Everstream provides a viable resource saving solution to designers and specifiers, however the user’s mindset and awareness is also critical for success. Just as technology is changing what is possible with products, a parallel transformation is needed in the way people interact with water. Today’s business-as-usual approach to overconsuming increasingly scarce resources is not sustainable and urgent change is required. Every day, news headlines show us that we need to reimagine our relationship with water: to do more with less.

Changing people’s long-held patterns of behaviour is easier said than done. But the task is simpler if the bathroom fittings available offer users a choice to reduce water consumption without compromising their experience, allowing for guilt free enjoyment. Hoteliers and designers can help shift user’s mindset with continued education around the fittings, helping to raise awareness to the benefits available and encouraging the sustainable choice.

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Main image credit: GROHE