Why sustainability is a core pillar in design at GROHE

At GROHE, sustainability is at the heart of the business, reflected in everything from product design through to packaging. Ebru Bircan (Marketing Activation UK, LIXIL EMENA) discusses how the brand continues to innovate…

GROHE water saving shower for sustainable design

Sustainability in design isn’t just a growing trend; it’s a necessity. In recent years, it’s been imperative we begin taking a closer look at our environment and our impact on it. Individually, it’s a seemingly overwhelming task, but as an industry responsible for product, design and experience innovation, together we can make progress and drive transformation.

Here at GROHE, sustainability is at the heart of our business reflected in everything from the products we design to how they’re packaged. We’re incredibly proud to be creating innovations which enable designers, architects, hoteliers and developers to create more considered spaces. Our Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Level range, for example, is amongst the first in the sanitaryware industry to begin approaching a circular economy. The world-class design accreditation means each product component can be recycled or has an endless lifecycle.

Achieving the globally recognised certification was a huge milestone in our commitment to sustainability. The circular approach to design allows us to drastically reduce the use of new resources – using this framework is a necessary mindset change in our industry to help drive change.

white on white contemporary bathroom using sustainable products

Image credit: GROHE

As sustainability continues to be increasingly important, we’re here to empower our customers in making eco-friendly decisions which don’t compromise on design or features. With GROHE product ranges including cold-start, energy-saving taps and technology to reduce water flow without disrupting usage, we’re passionate about innovating while creating beautiful pieces which are still user-friendly. After all, sustainable practices should be doing good for the future of our planet without negatively impacting on our day to day lives.

Our infra-red taps are another great example of introducing sustainability without compromising on features; the technology allows for less water wastage as well as helping to keep the area more hygienic due to less need for touch. There are also significant resource savings to be made by opting for water-saving bathroom products. With more and more advanced technology being developed, many of these economical options are still able to deliver an excellent experience.

infra red tap by GROHE in graphite finish

Image credit: GROHE

At GROHE, we offer water-saving capabilities across premium bathroom products with the help of our EcoJoy technology, which is available across a wide range of taps and showers. Such as, the GROHE Tempesta 250 showerhead delivers GROHE’s Rain spray pattern at a reduced flow, while offering a premium shower experience, with GROHE EcoJoy helping to reduce the water flow by up to 50 per cent.

Our shower thermostats help encourage water saving with models equipped with an EcoButton that allows the user to opt for a reduced water flow. The GROHE Grohtherm 1000 thermostat, for example, is available with the GROHE EcoButton and packed with GROHE EcoJoy technology for consumption efficiency.

As well as our product development, our global company initiatives have seen us become CO2 neutral worldwide and reduce our water consumption by 38.7 per cent. We also reached our goal of plastic free packaging as of January 01 2022 meaning we’ve saved 32 million pieces of plastic packaging.

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Main image credit: GROHE