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A minimalist room

Celebrating imperfections in nature: Cameo collection from Arte

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Celebrating imperfections in nature: Cameo collection from Arte

Introducing Cameo, which is the wallcovering brand Arte’s first SS21 launch. Comprised of eight new designs, the collection reminds us to celebrate the imperfections in nature…

A minimalist room

Cameo, the latest collection launched Arte is a refined range of non-woven wallcoverings designed to celebrate the beauty of imperfections all around us. Inspired by natural materials and textures from raffia and sisal to stone and wood, designs are finished with glossy relief inks in which asymmetry, varying shapes and structures provide an unexpected harmony. Authentic and pure, the collection features eight designs in a selection of neutrals, nudes and earthy tones for a sleek modern minimalist look.

The first design Arado is available in five colourways including sandy tones, as well as a deep red and a blue. The design is reminiscent of coarse brushstrokes, which are magnified in an artistic manner to give the illusion of an art work in progress. The expressive artisanal nature is captured in paint by the high-gloss finish that contrasts with the ultra-matt background.

The second design Emaille comes in four colourways and resembles enamel pottery. The inspiration was found in weathered paint and dried earth, creating a patinated crackle effect. The glazed pattern is sophisticated and eye-catching, available in white, grey, sand and deep green.

The third design Escama is an abstract interpretation of reptile skin; very subtle detail gives it an organic, animalistic touch. Escama is available in a sophisticated palette of 5 shades: cream, sand, grey, orange and green.

The fourth design Linea was inspired by pottery and pigment being washed into it. Available in five colourways, the design is a combination of matt and gloss finishes to create a striking effect for your walls. The fine, straight lines vary in thickness, forming  a natural and elegant look. Available in warm sandy tones, as well as cooler greys.

The fifth design Lustro is a combination of shimmering minerals, layers of stone and natural imperfections, creating a travertine marble-like appearance. The layers of stone and irregular patination create a dynamic design typical of this material. Available in warmer nude shades, as well as cooler grey and emerald green.

The sixth design Shibam depicts a pattern with a three-dimensional effect throughout the rendering of open woven sisal patchwork. Uneven sisal with a rough texture, allow the imperfections to shine through, just as they would in nature. Shibam is available in a deep blue, mossy green, as well as cream, light and darker blue shades.

The seventh design Timber was inspired by the unique structure of wood and is available in four colours including a warm sandy shade, two cooler greys and a frosty white – each striking in their own way. The smooth grain structure of the design created a simple and effective expanding and lively effect.

The last design of the collection is Twine, inspired by hand-woven open raffia patchwork whether the surfaces are stitched together in varying sizes. The natural movement of loose fabric characterises the Twine design, with uneven threats creating shade and depth. Twin is available in five colours including light grey, sand, mahogany as well as a lighter and a darker brown.

With an array of textures to choose from, any of Cameo’s designs will sit wonderfully in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and other spaces. The subtlety of the imperfections and the beautiful earthy colour palette makes it a versatile collection of wallcoverings for any scheme.

Arte is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Arte

An artistic wallcovering behind blue armchair

Product watch: Moooi Tokyo Blue wallcoverings by Arte

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Product watch: Moooi Tokyo Blue wallcoverings by Arte

The distinct features and surroundings of the latest addition to the Museum of Extinct Animals, the Indigo Macaque, inspired a new collection within the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection; Moooi Tokyo Blue.

An artistic wallcovering behind blue armchair

Hotel Designs first wrote about Arte and Moooi’s wild collaboration in 2019. Launched at Deco Off in Paris, the Extinct Animals wallcoverings range was bold, fearless and the result of a unique collaboration with Arte and Moooi. Both leading brands launched the collection in order to celebrate nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination.

More than a year later and the collaboration between the two brands has authentically evolved, and with a deeper look into the somewhat unwritten world of extinct animals – this time geographically placing the research in Japan – a new strand of the collection was born.

The Moooi Tokyo Blue is made up of five extraordinary wallcoverings of divergent techniques, such as denim and marquetry. Five different designs with Japan’s beautiful and versatile nature and ancient culture as common denominator.

These wallcoverings are:

  • Indigo Macaque – Textile wallcovering made from denim, with coloured embroidery. The design on the Indigo Macaque wallcovering displays a playful scene of Indigo Macaque families bathing in their favourite relaxing spot: the hot springs at the foot of the Japanese mountains.
  • Shoji Blossom – Symbolic cherry blossoms and straight lines resembling the minimalistic feel of Japanese Shoji screens. Opposed to the stark contrast of pink hues on translucent Washi paper, this monotone 3D wallcovering made from denim or felted wool radiates tranquility.
  • Tie-Tami – Treat your eyes to the rich and versatile colours of spectacular sunset. This jute and raffia wallcovering, honouring the ancient Japanese flooring solution of woven tatami-mats, pictures abstract clouds that slowly drift by while the day gives way to night.
  • Lucky O’s – Overlapping O’s, created of wood veneer marquetry inlay, resemble the rolling waves of the ocean. The unique wallcovering’s ancient Seigaiha pattern symbolising waves of water represents good luck, power, and resilience.
  • Rendezvous Tokyo Blue – Printed on a soft and velvety finish fabric with denim textures, this lively wallcovering depicts a lush forest brimming with life and movement. Upon closer inspection, Indigo Macaques dressed in traditional kimonos can be discovered between the abundance of exotic flowers.

Arte is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Arte

Sekers launches new fabric backed vinyl contract wallcoverings

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Sekers launches new fabric backed vinyl contract wallcoverings

The Chenega Collection by Sekers is a new fabric backed vinyl contract wallcovering…

Recommended Supplier Sekers has launched Chenega. Inspired by the delicate textures and surfaces of the polar landscape, the new collection is a versatile mix of six sophisticated designs including a modern interpretation of a classic moiré, an understated metallic effect, and a simple but elegant strie and is available in an extensive palette of 54 colours ranging from refined neutrals to radiant jewel tones, all with a subtle interplay of matte and sheen.

Meeting all relevant UK and American standards for contract wallcoverings and IMO certified, Chenega is scrubbable and available in wide rolls, making it the ideal choice for the commercial hospitality, leisure and marine markets.

Sekers is one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email  Katy Phillips by clicking here.

Main image credit: Sekers

Moooi teams up with Arte to launch wallcoverings range inspired by extinct animals

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Arte’s Extinct Animals wallcoverings are inspired by Moooi’s Museum of Extinct Animals…

Launched at Deco Off in Paris, the Extinct Animals wallcoverings range is the result of a unique collaboration with Arte and Moooi. Both leading brands have launched the collection in order to celebrate nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination.

Within the Extinct Animals wallcovering collection, each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one extinct animal. Striking combinations of colours, features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on the walls. The collection that follows popular demand within the industry for art outside the frame, features designs within the wallcoverings that narrate a story; others stimulate our senses using imagery and textures. The animals that time has forgotten that have been depicted within the range include:

Aristo Quagga 

Printed wallcovering with a flock finish, inspired by the delicate features and royal appearance of the Aristo Quagga.

Armoured Boar

Wallcovering with gauze and Japanese paper, representing the shiny coat of the Armoured Boar. The upper part of its body was covered in black and golden scales, which gave it an ornamental appearance.

Dodo Pavone

3D wallcovering with a soft suede look, inspired by the Dodo Pavone’s natural outfit – a soft plumage of silvery feathers with different nuances of grey, blue, beige and white.

Blooming Seadragon

Printed wallcovering with a flock finish inspired by the mysterious Blooming Seadragon, who evolved spectacular leaf-like appendages in yellow, brown and green as a clever camouflage.

Dwarf Rhino

Soft suede 3D wallcovering, based on the unique structure of the ancient skin and the typical grey-brown folds that section the Dwarf Rhino’s body, bearing the appearance of a suit of armour.

Umbrella Squid

Wallcovering with a textured print, based on the magical skin of the Umbrella Squid which was covered in bioluminescent ‘jewels’ that changed colour to match its surroundings.

Flying Coral Fish

3D wallcovering with a satin look and a pattern resembling the pectoral fins of the Flying Coral Fish, shaped like delicate, thin and translucent wings.

Blushing Sloth

Printed wallcovering with a flock finish, resembling the beautiful fur of the Blushing Sloth, which lived its life so still and quiet that algae found a way of growing on the outer layers of their fur, giving them a breath-taking glow.

Calligraphy Bird

Wallcovering with a high gloss lacquer print, representing the elegant tail feathers of the female Calligraphy Bird that ended in what resembled graceful calligraphy swirls.

Bearded Leopard

Foil based wallcovering lined with cork and a flock finish, based on the fur of the Bearded Leopard – pale yellow to deep gold, and a dark constellation of rosebuds adorning it.

Menagerie of Extinct Animals

A fantastic fauna print – digitally printed on soft touch textile with a non-woven backing – in which each of the 10 extinct animals are mysteriously hidden.

Moooi is the extraordinary design brand founded by Marcel Wanders. For more than a decade the brand has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative creations. This brand presents creative luxury for a well curated life. Innovative, provocative & poetic at the same time.

Arte achieved international fame as a designer of the most luxurious and sophisticated wallcoverings. Known for their superior quality and exquisite designs, Arte wallcoverings adorn the walls of residential homes and project interiors all over the world. Inspired by each other, Moooi & Arte created the luxurious wallcovering collection Extinct Animals.

Unilin: Bespoke Walls Fast with ClicWall Deco

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UNILIN, division panels, is leading digital print directly onto its durable, high-quality melamine-faced wall panels with ClicWall Deco…

ClicWall Deco provides a high-performance surface that can be personalised with a high-definition digital image, turning any wall into a true eye-catcher. Used successfully by retailers including Carrefour and hotels such as Marmotta Hotel and Auberge de la Ferme; ClicWall Deco can be used to create unique displays, shop-in-shop concepts and stylish feature walls that bring true individualism to any space.

Technically superior to ensure long-term use in commercial environments, splash-proof and scratch-resistant; all ClicWall Deco panels feature a patented Uniclic locking profile and easy slide strip for rapid installation, making it one of the easiest wall panel systems available today. In a panel size of 600mm x 2785mm, the 10mm thick panels are also available in FR (fire retardant) specification.

Jurgen Plas, marketing manager, UNILIN, division panels, comments: “ClicWall Deco offers design freedom for interior designers and specifiers, allowing the creation of bespoke walls that look fantastic without compromising durability, everyday performance and low maintenance.

“The system is already proving popular with retailers, hoteliers and other businesses looking to create a unique concept, partnering brilliantly with our EVOLA panels for a feature that stays looking good and is really simple to look after, even in intensive commercial environments.”

Alongside the standard ClicWall range, available in 106 flawless decorative effects including wood finishes, concrete effects, brushed metals and solid colours; ClicWall Deco gives designers the chance to create ‘wow’ interiors while providing clients with a wall made for long-term use.

Free samples of ClicWall can be ordered directly from UNILIN, division panels.

UNILIN is one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, click here.

Main image credit: Unilin

Hotel Designs becomes media partner of Surface Design Show

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Surface Design Show 2019 will celebrate the best in new and innovative surfaces…

Hotel Designs has confirmed that it is a media partner for the Surface Design Show 2019, which takes place From February 5 – 7 at London’s Business Design Centre.

Providing a platform for architects, designers and specifiers to explore the best in interior and exterior surface materials, lighting design, development and innovation, the show is the only event in the UK that focuses solely on interior and exterior surfaces.

For more than ten years Surface Design Show has been the place where industry professionals immerse themselves in the latest materials for the built environment, gain new insights and network with like-minded designers, architects and suppliers.

“As technology opens up the floor for new and creative surfaces, we are delighted to help put the spotlight on the Surface Design Show 2019 as a media partner,” said editor of Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn. “As well as showcasing the latest surface trends within the design sphere, the show’s talks and social opportunities make this event one of the most interactive design networking events in the calendar.”

Surface Design Show 2019 also features some 40 talks from more than 50 industry professionals, all designed to engage and inspire.

Image credit: Vicalvi

The Opening Night Debate returns from 6.30pm on the first day of the Show, Tuesday 5 February. Organised in association with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and New London Architecture (NLA) it will discuss whether factory-made housing can provide Londoners with better places to live. The panel will be chaired by Peter Murray of NLA, with Ben Derbyshire of HTA Design and RIBA President, Carl Vann of Pollard Thomas Edwards and Hazel Rounding of shedkm debating the topic ‘Factory-made Housing: is this the solution to building better homes long term?’.

Returning for 2019 is the ever popular PechaKucha Evening, hosted by Chris Dyson of Chris Dyson Architects on 6 February from 6.30pm. Speakers include Nigel Ostime of Hawkins Brown; Soraya Khan of Theis and Khan Architects; Alex Scott-Whitby of ScottWhitbyStudio; Stuart Piercy of Piercy and Co; Simon Fraser of Hopkins Architects; Alison Brooks of Alison Brooks Architects; Lucia Berasaluce of Haptic Architects and Ben Cousins of Cousins & Cousins Architects. Presenters will discuss ‘Identities and Boundaries: site specific responses to modern architecture’ in an exciting and inspiring format using 20 images, each discussed for 20 seconds.

Stone Gallery, which is officially supported by Stone Federation GB whose Stone Knowledge Hub forms a focal point for the event, will also be returning to Surface Design Show 2019. Stone Gallery, which is also supported by media partner Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone, is an industry-leading event for architects and designers to meet and specify natural stone. The Stone Hub stage will host a series of presentations curated by Arup.

Image credit: Soundspace

Now in its fifth year Light School, the home of architectural lighting, allows architects and designers to touch, compare and learn about innovative lighting and technology products. The Light School arena, Light Talks, will return once again supported by the Institution of Lighting Professionals and LED Linear.

Since 2013 the Show has hosted the Surface Design Awards, now recognised as one of the most respected events in the design calendar. The 2019 Awards received 197 entries from 22 countries, including America, Italy, China and India. There are 13 awards that recognise exterior and interior surfaces for different sectors of design, including commercial, housing, light and surface, public building, retail, sustainable, and temporary structure.

The shortlist for this year’s Surface Design Awards consists of an impressive 43 categories across seven categories, including entries from Zaha Hadid Architects, Studio Egret West and Chris Dyson Architects from the UK, Rockwell Group from the USA, and Kengo Kuma & Associates from Japan. Each entry is an exemplary example of creative and innovative use of materials and lighting in both interior and exterior schemes. Some projects received nominations across several categories, resulting in 48 finalists. The Awards Presentation will take place on the morning of Thursday 7 February, at Surface Design Show. Tickets to the Presentation are available via the Surface Design Show website. Award partners include; James Latham, Finsa, Business Design Centre, Soluis and Roof Maker.

To register for your tickets, click here

Project Spotlight: Sterling Studios in London

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Sterling Studios is a London-based specialist in sumptuous decorative surfaces working internationally. 

Walking around the main hubs of London such as Mayfair, Belgravia or Chelsea you would have no doubt been in close contact with Sterling Studios’ artistry.  The six-metered mottled antique silver-leafed mirrors, behind the bar at The London Edition Hotel for example.

Or perhaps the sapphire and emerald Rousseau-esque mural back painted glass at the International Services Department at Selfridges in Oxford Street.  Sterling Studios is London’s hidden artisan creating the finest pieces of wall art and interiors for many of London’s prestigious locations.

Clientele includes Graff Diamonds, 5 Hertford Street, Selfridges, Berners Tavern, The Arts Club and Sartoria.  The extravagant reception rooms at The Ritz (seen below) with hand-drawn panels and ceilings too.

Sterling StudiosSterling Studios delves into more detail than ever on the decorative surfaces front.  By decoration they can turn their hands to hand-painting, figurative imagery of flora and fauna as well as textural finishes.  Hand-finished artisanal decoration can be applied to leather, canvas, resin, metal and, their speciality, glass – including gilded verre églomisé and hand-oxidised antique mirror finishes that can span internal doors, whole walls and even entire rooms.   Glass wall-finish account for much of the company’s work, from cast glass inspired by the creations of Renè Lalique.

This hand-artistry is incredibly hand-detailed, gilded, glass and papered wall panels have just been installed in a Middle Eastern dining room, artistry of this scale and project took the best part of a year to complete.

Old-age techniques harnessed especially for palaces are used to create contemporary materials and spectacular finishes.  The hand-created wall finishes range from jewel-like metals and resins, embellished glass, gesso and leather.  Wall art can be commissioned by interior designers and venues to create modern and classical finishes.  Sterling Studio’s has worked hand in hand with many top interior designers including Alidad, Joanna Wood, Todhunter Earle, Terence Disdale, Sagrada, Nicholas Haslam and Anna Owens.

Based in a large 10,000 sq ft artist studio in West London, craftsman and luxury artisans hand-create each wall finish by hand-painting, screen-printing patterns or edging in designs.  The space is filled with paper, wood, brushes and bottles. The studio is a treasure trove of unique designs, from a dainty little blue bird on antique silver verre èglomise, a technique done by painting in reverse, applying silver leaf and then oxidising it.  Sterling Studio’s loves to create the new and within their studio is a whole mezzanine floor with over 20,000 samples.  The majority of designs for each project are completely original and the office bookshelves hold vast numbers of artwork books for inspiration.

Newmor 50th anniversary collection

Product Spotlight: 50th anniversary collection from Newmor

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2017 marks the 50th year of Newmor Wallcoverings. In celebration, the company have launched their 50th anniversary collection, Mid-Century Modern. The collection is a homage to the era Newmor began manufacturing.

The eight designs each come in a selection of colourways, and have been influenced by the bold patterns and colour palettes of the 1960s. Each design has been updated with a contemporary twist, launching them into the next 50 years.

As with all of the Newmor Custom and Newmor Designer collections, the designs can be recoloured, resized and printed onto any of their wallcoverings including textures, metallics and window films.

The Designs
Floral Geo – Geometrics and botanicals are the perfect combination in this in intricate design. Layers of flowers and leaves interwoven with linear patterns. Available in five colourways, and can also be recoloured.

Terrazzo – Terrazzo prints and surfaces are everywhere at the moment, from art and fashion to interiors. Here’s Newmor’s take on this playful trend.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionRetro Landscape Stripe – Wide horizontal stripe channeling poolside vibes. Scale up or down and print onto any of Newmor’s textured wallcoverings or window films.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionMarble Herringbone – A new take on the marble trend, this large scale chevron design makes a real statement. Printing on Newmor’s Brushed Steel design adds a luxurious lustre.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionLandscape Geo – Landscape Geo is a vibrant photographic and block colour collage. This design is available in five contemporary colourways which can also be custom coloured and rescaled.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionMod Damask – Inspired by a length of vintage fabric, this design can be scaled up or down, each section can be recoloured, and it looks great printed on any of Newmor’s textile effect materials, from delicate silks to chunky hessians.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionMarbled Paper Geo – This geometric block design is constructed from layers of marbled paper. Available in five colourways and easily recoloured, this design also looks great printed onto a range of textures.

Newmor 50th anniversary collectionMid-Century Tiles – This tiled geometric design is interspersed with hand drawn elements. This versatile design looks great printed on all kinds of bases, from Rough Concrete to linen effects and can be recoloured to suit.

See the full Newmor Custom collection here.

Viero UK - the benefits of lime

Guest Blog: Viero – the benefits of using lime plasters and paints

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Viero’s clients often ask why they are so passionate about recommending and specifying our range of lime-based plasters and paints, the answer is so simple it’s difficult…

The qualities of lime are so far-reaching that pinpointing just one to talk about can often be a challenge. In another instalment of our blog exploring our admiration for lime, we round up our top six reasons why lime-based products offer so many benefits to the end user:

Lime is vapour permeable, which means it reduces the risk of trapped moisture and therefore makes the chances of damage far less. This limits the requirement for future maintenance work.

Its ability to absorb and release moisture in a cyclical fashion helps to boost a room’s comfort as it will not encourage humid conditions.

Provides soft textures with graceful and organic movements which results in a beautiful finish. It’s contemporary feel is worthy of any interior or exterior surface.

It will outlive us all as it has an indefinite lifecycle. Not only does it survive, in fact, it gets better over time

Acting as an anti-bacterial surface, it is able to neutralise the development of substances such as mould and fungus. It hardly ceases to amaze us with its unrivalled qualities.

Want to find out more? Check out the first part of lime blog series, exploring the great history of lime. Click here to read.

On The Level - Tile-In

Product Spotlight: On The Level wet room Tile-In system

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The new Tile-In system from On The Level (OTL) is the perfect solution for customers wanting to see more tile and less drain when they stand in the shower.

Available in linear and square options, the new drain covers have a minimalist stainless steel finish on one side or can be flipped and completely tiled in to create a seamless wet room shower floor.

Linear Tile-In
OTL’s linear channel products are among the company’s best sellers, with a five star modern look and the ability to work well with large slab tiles. The new Tile-In linear channel is available in a variety of standard sizes from 600mm to 1200mm lengths and is available for bespoke projects on request.

On The Level - Tile-InSquare Tile-In
The 15x15cm square grating option provides a versatile and more traditional look for the shower floor. It is compatible with most tiling styles but is particularly suited to mosaic. Both linear and square tile-in options are available in brushed or polished finish, giving them a timeless look for any bathroom floor, and have a lower price tag than the classic linear and square patterned and detailed alternatives.

On The Level - Tile-InThey provide two stunning options to choose from making them versatile as well as affordable: tile in or flip it for a simple, yet sophisticated steel look. This can even be done once the system is fitted – if you get bored of one look, simply turn it over.

Tile-in is made from stainless steel, and with a flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute, can be used in conjunction with most showers. The system is easy to install and comes with full instructions, plus OTL’s dedicated team of advisers are on hand during working hours to help you if you have questions.

0843 6349 157

Newmor Stephen Walter

Newmor collaborate with artist Stephen Walter

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Stephen Walter’s drawings are a tangle of signs, words and images that draw the viewer into the artist’s intricate worlds. A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of art, he is best-known for his series of hand-drawn maps, done in enormous detail and layered with both visual and textual information.

Each work is an intricate world in itself; a tangle of words and symbols that make up a complex of hidden meanings and wider contradictions. Through drawing, photography and printmaking, his artworks explore the meaning of objects, the glory of maps, our place in the world, and the potential legacy that we bequeath to future generations.

Our new collaborative collection brings Stephen’s iconic drawings to commercial interiors. We have nine designs which we can resize to wall dimensions and print onto any of our base materials, including colours, textures, metallics and window films. The prints retain all the charm and intricacy of the original artwork. Below are a couple of examples of the new designs, the full collection can be seen here.

Newmor with Stephen WalterCommissioned in 2010 for the London Transport Museum, London Subterranea geographically tracks the routes of London’s Lost Rivers, its main sewers, the tube network and it’s ‘ghost’ stations including the Crossrail project. It also pinpoints archaeological finds, ruins, known plague pits, secret governmental tunnels, the Mail Rail and the Water Ring Main tunnels. Epithets to the ‘underworld’ of crime, and the scenes of notable killings such as the acid-bath murders get a look in. So too does the site of the infamous Tyburn Tree and its many buried corpses that still lie in its wake undiscovered.

Hub shows the district names, art galleries and places of interest in London’s central areas. It takes on the style of early ‘picture-maps’ of London printed before the Great Fire of 1666. Here, the topographical features such as churches and houses are drawn pictorially upon a street plan. Whilst Hub, doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive map of all the spaces and organisations that exhibit and contribute to London’s art world, it provides an insight into where many of the recognised art spaces operated within the city, with its three main cluster areas of activity – the West End, Hoxton and Hackney.

Read more about Stephen’s work in The Guardian here, watch a short film below by Dominic Holland on the making of London Subterranea here and watch a clip from the BBC’s A Picture of London here.

At the end of February Style Library Contract will be launching Boleyn, Zoffany’s SS17 suite of collections: Boleyn, Kempshott and Elswick

Style Library Contract launches new SS17 Zoffany collection

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At the end of February Style Library Contract will be launching Boleyn, Zoffany’s SS17 suite of collections: Boleyn, Kempshott and Elswick, which are the stunning sequel to the highly acclaimed Phaedra launch of autumn 2016.

Featuring ten fabric designs and eight wallcoverings suitable for contract, this collection was inspired by the grand country houses of Britain and their individual eclecticism. The launch captures the faded elegance of time worn fabrics and wallpapers, each with their own captivating story to tell. It is the skillful reinterpretation of these heirlooms and the dramatic harnessing of nature in abstracted form that elevates the collection to poised perfection.

At the end of February Style Library Contract will be launching Boleyn, Zoffany’s SS17 suite of collections: Boleyn, Kempshott and Elswick

Boleyn fabrics are a beautifully curated compendium of show-stopping prints, weaves and embroideries crafted through a mixture of yarns and techniques, for the creation of inspirational, luxurious and unique interiors.

At the end of February Style Library Contract will be launching Boleyn, Zoffany’s SS17 suite of collections: Boleyn, Kempshott and Elswick

The ultimate in luxury wallcoverings Kempshott comprises a mix of dramatic panels and nature inspired textures and patterns, creating unique pieces of art for the walls they adorn. Showstoppers include; Holkham Bay Pebbles and Holkham Bay – originally commissioned as an oil painting and now transformed into a mesmerising wallcovering, this design invites you to step into a landscape of vast sands, pebbles, sultry sky and moody sea. Each design is supplied as a continuously printed roll of 9.5m which contains three drops.

Rotherby – a contemporary wallcovering with a hint of romance. The soft twists of colour are bleached out to create a gently aged effect.


Watercolour wallcoverings - Newmor

Product Spotlight: Newmor’s Watercolour wallcoverings for commercial interiors

895 580 Daniel Fountain

Designed and hand-painted in-house by Newmor’s design team, the Watercolours wallcoverings range is the latest addition to the Newmor Custom collection.

All of the designs can be recoloured, rescaled and printed onto any of Newmor’s vast range of commercial quality wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

This year at London Design Festival painterly effects took centre stage. Dyed marble tables, paint splattered upholstery, dripping ink fabrics, brushstroke ceramics and hand-painted wallpapers. Meanwhile Newmor’s design studio have been bust creating their new collection.

Watercolour Geometric (above) is a large scale fusion of geometrics and watercolours. Nebulous indigos and luminous opalescent shades combine with hazy, weathered surfaces which fade in a vertical ombre effect.

Tiled effects are versatile and offer endless options for customisation. Watercolour Tiles (above) can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of Newmor’s base materials.

Watercolour wallcoverings

This hand-painted design has been digitally manipulated to create a delicate floral mural featuring inky, layered shades and brush strokes. Watercolour Botanical (above) can be recoloured to suit any scheme.

Watercolour wallcoverings

For a dramatic watercolour effect, Watercolour Stripe (above) features soft chalky tones alongside bold, dispersing pigment and sweeping brush strokes. The horizontal stripe adds a fresh, contemporary take on the trend.

Watercolours is the latest collection in Newmor’s bespoke range, which brings cutting edge trends to the commercial wallcoverings market. All of the Newmor Custom designs are printed onto wide-width contract quality fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings which are suitable for high traffic areas like corridors, lobbies and bed head walls.

T: 01938 551990

Project Spotlight: Newmor collaborates with artist, Ptolemy Mann

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Newmor’s new collaboration brings Ptolemy Mann’s signature ikat prints and hand-woven designs to commercial interiors with a collection of fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings.

Ptolemy Mann has been running her own textile art and design studio since 1997. Her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based artworks has become the basis for a modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making. Underpinned with intelligent colour theory, Ptolemy has developed a collection of wallcoverings exclusively for Newmor that can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of their wallcoverings, including textures and metallics.


There are nine designs to choose from, each in a selection of carefully considered colourways. The whole range has been digitally created from hand dyed and woven rugs and fabrics, bridging the gap between craftsmanship and industrial production. Some are smooth and focus solely on the transitioning colours, and others faithfully reproduce the original tactile surfaces which can be enhanced by printing onto textured base materials.

Ptolemy said: “I’ve never applied my designs to a wallcovering before. This is brand new territory for me and it’s very exciting to see large scale repeats and different finishes. All of my work is directly taken from scans and photographs of pieces I have hand dyed and woven so I’m keen to keep the handmade reference within the designs. Different weave and textile textures are combined with colour and geometry. I really believe that new digital print technology can be used to bridge the gap between hand-crafted and industrial production. I’m interested in daring and dynamic colours but with a neutral component which makes the design easy to apply to hospitality interiors. I’m determined to bring more colour into our lives.

It’s been great working with Newmor – I love that everything they produce is made here in the UK – very special. The team have been very enthusiastic about my designs and it’s great when you get a good match between craft, art and industry: that’s when ideas flow and projects get creative.”

Ptolemy Mann is the third artist in the Newmor Designer range, which aims to bring cutting edge artisanal design and craftsmanship to the contract market. Available alongside their vast range of stocked wallcoverings and Newmor Custom, a collection of bespoke trend-led designs created by Newmor’s own studio. Visit www.newmor.com for more information.

T: 01938 551990
E: enquiries@newmor.com

Sorrento - Newmor Wallcoverings

Product Spotlight: 30 new designs, 100 colourways from Newmor

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Over 30 new designs in more than 100 colourways makes this the largest new product launch seen in commercial wallcoverings this year. From designer labels, to on-trend textures and a brand new custom offer there really is something for every look and budget.

Our latest design collaboration with Iona Crawford is inspired by the vast beauty of the Scottish countryside, in the areas surrounding her home and studio. True to her passion for fine art, she has created 18 timeless yet distinctive designs exclusively for Newmor.


Texture and metallics continue to dominate our interiors and these six new designs add even more choice to our collection. Available in over 30 colourways in surfaces ranging from bark and brushed steel to crackle and skin.

This metallic watercolour design creates a stunning effect. The subtle use of copper lifts each of the twelve carefully selected colour options.


As its namesake suggests, this chunky bark wallcovering has a tactile textured surface. Available in 24 organic metallic and pearlescent hues, Tupelo is an essential addition to your standard commercial wallcovering selection.

This new initiative shares on-trend designs that can be re-scaled, re-coloured and printed to your specification, all supported by a delivery service normally associated with stocked ranged. Raw Surfaces collection incorporate four iconic designs; ‘Rust’, ‘Brick’, ‘Marble’ and ‘Plaster’. The use of metallic inks on textured vinyl creates a contemporary and durable backdrop.

Geometrics are great for creating impact, bringing structure and making a statement in any commercial interior scheme. The four new designs, simply named; ‘Lines’, ‘Triangles’, ‘Marble Geometric’ and ‘Concrete Block’ pack a real punch!


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E: enquiries@newmor.com

Sorrento - Newmor Wallcoverings

Product Spotlight: Two new designs from Newmor Wallcoverings

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Newmor Wallcoverings launched two new designs this month which add raw tiled textures and intricate herringbone weaves to their collection of commercial quality fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings.

Sorrento (pictured above) is a burnished tile effect available in 19 lustrous metallic and buffed matte tones. The deeply embossed surface catches the light, and metallic inks create a dramatic ever-changing effect. In contrast, the matte colourways have an attractive rough plaster quality.

Suzanne Edwards, Newmor Design Manager, gave us an insight into the development of the design: “This sumptuous design draws on trends which are evolving in commercial interiors – weathered metals, raw surfaces and textured etched surfaces. Don’t miss the copper, petrol and putty tones.”

Herringbone (pictured below) is a tactile tweed design inspired by British tailoring and traditional artisanal weaving techniques. This faithful representation of the much loved textile is available in 16 versatile colours, from cotton whites, to cognac browns and contemporary teals.

Herringbone - Newmor

Moray Forrest, International Sales Director of Newmor, explains: “We see the design becoming a modern classic in our range. The considered palette has something for every market sector, and the design is distinctive and on-trend while remaining versatile for use in all sectors – from hotels to healthcare.”

Newmor have also extended the Write ‘n’ Wipe range to include dry-wipe surfacing on a roll. As easy to install as standard wide-width wallcovering, this can be used straight after installation and is available by the meter for next day dispatch. Cover any area large or small, including curved walls and folding doors.

For further information, visit www.newmor.com

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T: 01938 551990
E: enquiries@newmor.com

Newmor Wallcoverings new website

Newmor Wallcoverings launch new, redesigned website

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Hotel Designs Directory members Newmor Wallcoverings has announced the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website, www.newmor.com.

Key features of the site include a fresher and more intuitive design, search by colour, style and backing, case studies arranged by market sector, a blog featuring trends updates, product launches, videos and industry news, samples ordering for same day dispatch and an update on their YouChoose custom colouring tool.

“We are excited to launch this fantastic new site and we believe it will be a useful resource for our customers and the commercial interior design community. We will be regularly updating the site with new products, our latest case studies from all over the world, trade show round-ups, industry news and trend reports,” said Eleanor Cardwell, PR & Marketing Manager. “The design is intuitive, contemporary and really brings the products to life.”

The new site, designed by Birmingham based web design company, Lightbox, is now live. The latest blog posts include a trends round-up of the Surface Design Show, a video tour of the factory in Wales and details of the newest collection — Textile Effects. New content will be published regularly and there is an ongoing plan to develop user-friendly features for specifiers and contractors.

For further information email eleanor.cardwell@newmor.com or contact our customer service team on 01938 551990