Step out onto the Lanai with Arte

Despite the winter chill at Paris Déco Off last week, Arte introduced notes of balmy summer evenings, island style with its new collection, Lanai…

detail of green and natural wallcovering Kailua from Arte

Conjuring up images of leisurely, long, balmy summer evenings on a Hawaiian veranda, whiling away the time in a comfy wicker rocking chair, is the inspiration behind Lanai, the new collection from Arte. This enchanting wallcovering collection with an exotic twist was named after the Hawaiian word for veranda. Each design was hand-crafted and inlaid or embroidered with rattan and raffia with the utmost care, after which this superb artisanal artistry was rendered in vinyl. Lanai comes to life on the wall in fresh, natural colour combinations.

couch in room set with Kailua wallcovering from Arte

Image credit: Arte

The design Kailua takes its name and inspiration from enchanting Kailua on the east side of Oahu, where palm trees reign supreme. For this wallcovering, swaying palms were inlaid using small pieces of rattan against a background of bark cloth, a fibrous cloth made from the bark of fig trees. This beautiful, realistic interpretation comes to life when transposed to the wall. Kailua is available in eight colourways.

couch with monstera plant in front of Arte Lanai wallcovering

Image credit: Arte

Kona is a cheerful design was inspired by the upbeat, relaxed atmosphere of Kona, the sunny district on Hawaii’s west coast. The playful, loose shapes were embroidered with raffia on linen before being transposed to the wall. Kona is available in eight colourways.

low organic shaped chair with small table in front of Mauna from Arte

Image credit: Arte

The Mauna design is collection of small pieces of rattan, carefully inlaid by hand into a playful, seemingly random pattern, after which a machine-made version of this artisanal artwork was produced. The alternation of straight and curved lines lends this design a natural look. Mauna is named after Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in Hawaii and a dormant volcano. Mauna is available in 10 colourways.

bedroom with wooden arched doors and wooden bed with arte textured wallcovering in rust

Image credit: Arte

Puna, a refreshing semi-plain is an interpretation of hand-woven banana leaves. It was named after the more remote Hawaiian district of Puna, which is dotted with banana trees. Puna is available in 10 colourways.

palm tree wallcovering in blue behind fireplace and patterned carpet

Image credit: Arte

Finally, the collection transports us to the island of Maui, a dream destination, with its lush waterfalls, rocky shores, sandy beaches and many palm trees inspiring this design, in which elegant palm leaves are embroidered on stylish linen using raffia. The Maui wallcovering is a realistic representation of this hand-crafted design and is available in eight colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte