Project Spotlight: Sterling Studios in London

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    Sterling Studios is a London-based specialist in sumptuous decorative surfaces working internationally. 

    Walking around the main hubs of London such as Mayfair, Belgravia or Chelsea you would have no doubt been in close contact with Sterling Studios’ artistry.  The six-metered mottled antique silver-leafed mirrors, behind the bar at The London Edition Hotel for example.

    Or perhaps the sapphire and emerald Rousseau-esque mural back painted glass at the International Services Department at Selfridges in Oxford Street.  Sterling Studios is London’s hidden artisan creating the finest pieces of wall art and interiors for many of London’s prestigious locations.

    Clientele includes Graff Diamonds, 5 Hertford Street, Selfridges, Berners Tavern, The Arts Club and Sartoria.  The extravagant reception rooms at The Ritz (seen below) with hand-drawn panels and ceilings too.

    Sterling StudiosSterling Studios delves into more detail than ever on the decorative surfaces front.  By decoration they can turn their hands to hand-painting, figurative imagery of flora and fauna as well as textural finishes.  Hand-finished artisanal decoration can be applied to leather, canvas, resin, metal and, their speciality, glass – including gilded verre églomisé and hand-oxidised antique mirror finishes that can span internal doors, whole walls and even entire rooms.   Glass wall-finish account for much of the company’s work, from cast glass inspired by the creations of Renè Lalique.

    This hand-artistry is incredibly hand-detailed, gilded, glass and papered wall panels have just been installed in a Middle Eastern dining room, artistry of this scale and project took the best part of a year to complete.

    Old-age techniques harnessed especially for palaces are used to create contemporary materials and spectacular finishes.  The hand-created wall finishes range from jewel-like metals and resins, embellished glass, gesso and leather.  Wall art can be commissioned by interior designers and venues to create modern and classical finishes.  Sterling Studio’s has worked hand in hand with many top interior designers including Alidad, Joanna Wood, Todhunter Earle, Terence Disdale, Sagrada, Nicholas Haslam and Anna Owens.

    Based in a large 10,000 sq ft artist studio in West London, craftsman and luxury artisans hand-create each wall finish by hand-painting, screen-printing patterns or edging in designs.  The space is filled with paper, wood, brushes and bottles. The studio is a treasure trove of unique designs, from a dainty little blue bird on antique silver verre èglomise, a technique done by painting in reverse, applying silver leaf and then oxidising it.  Sterling Studio’s loves to create the new and within their studio is a whole mezzanine floor with over 20,000 samples.  The majority of designs for each project are completely original and the office bookshelves hold vast numbers of artwork books for inspiration.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.09.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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