Product watch: Moooi Tokyo Blue wallcoverings by Arte

    An artistic wallcovering behind blue armchair
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    Product watch: Moooi Tokyo Blue wallcoverings by Arte

    The distinct features and surroundings of the latest addition to the Museum of Extinct Animals, the Indigo Macaque, inspired a new collection within the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection; Moooi Tokyo Blue.

    An artistic wallcovering behind blue armchair

    Hotel Designs first wrote about Arte and Moooi’s wild collaboration in 2019. Launched at Deco Off in Paris, the Extinct Animals wallcoverings range was bold, fearless and the result of a unique collaboration with Arte and Moooi. Both leading brands launched the collection in order to celebrate nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination.

    More than a year later and the collaboration between the two brands has authentically evolved, and with a deeper look into the somewhat unwritten world of extinct animals – this time geographically placing the research in Japan – a new strand of the collection was born.

    The Moooi Tokyo Blue is made up of five extraordinary wallcoverings of divergent techniques, such as denim and marquetry. Five different designs with Japan’s beautiful and versatile nature and ancient culture as common denominator.

    These wallcoverings are:

    • Indigo Macaque – Textile wallcovering made from denim, with coloured embroidery. The design on the Indigo Macaque wallcovering displays a playful scene of Indigo Macaque families bathing in their favourite relaxing spot: the hot springs at the foot of the Japanese mountains.
    • Shoji Blossom – Symbolic cherry blossoms and straight lines resembling the minimalistic feel of Japanese Shoji screens. Opposed to the stark contrast of pink hues on translucent Washi paper, this monotone 3D wallcovering made from denim or felted wool radiates tranquility.
    • Tie-Tami – Treat your eyes to the rich and versatile colours of spectacular sunset. This jute and raffia wallcovering, honouring the ancient Japanese flooring solution of woven tatami-mats, pictures abstract clouds that slowly drift by while the day gives way to night.
    • Lucky O’s – Overlapping O’s, created of wood veneer marquetry inlay, resemble the rolling waves of the ocean. The unique wallcovering’s ancient Seigaiha pattern symbolising waves of water represents good luck, power, and resilience.
    • Rendezvous Tokyo Blue – Printed on a soft and velvety finish fabric with denim textures, this lively wallcovering depicts a lush forest brimming with life and movement. Upon closer inspection, Indigo Macaques dressed in traditional kimonos can be discovered between the abundance of exotic flowers.

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    Main image credit: Arte

    Hamish Kilburn / 08.12.2020


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