Product watch: Antigua by Arte

The Antigua collection from Arte draws its inspiration from traditional crafts that are still valued in our modern society, giving each element its own inherent texture and adding depth and layers to the design…

cream puffy couch with green woven throw in front of textured green anitgua Tropicali wall covering by Arte

Traditional crafts and the art of making are, now more than ever, regaining their role in the design process. Classic handicrafts such as sewing, painting and drawing all require professional knowledge that we still greatly appreciate today. Each design in the Antigua Collection from Arte draws on these traditions and offers a warm textile look and feel, with some portraying the pure appearance of linen, while others have the tactile nature of bouclé. The collection has been given an authentic patina, an extra layer, which emphasises the beauty of these timeless pieces.

green satin chairs with gold trim in front of bronze and gold decorative Antigua wallcovering by Arte

Image credit: Arte

Stagionato, Italian for ‘weathered look’, takes its inspiration from classical floral drawings. The attractive linen texture comes to life when appreciated close up, whilst from a little further away, it is the distressed faded floral design that stands out. The design is available in three colourways.

Tropicali is based on a tropical scene drawn in the Old English style and is a bold design of exotic plants and birds, on a base with a bouclé textile look. The illusion of fine tears in the drawing accentuates the craftsmanship of this design, which is available in four colourways.

Tintura is a semi-plain product with the appearance of pure woven linen. The pieces of fabric are arranged casually next to each other and sewn into place with a coarse, clearly visible stitch. The result is a balanced yet lively wallcovering with a textile look and feel, which is available in 14 colourways.

With the soft, tactile appeal of luxurious bouclé, the Pentgono textile was designed with a graphic pattern of pentagons. This sleek geometric design creates an interesting contrast with the typically casual look of bouclé. Pentgono is available in 10 colourways.

The final thread in the collection, Ritorto is another semi-plain wallpaper with the tactile look and feel of bouclé. The use of uneven yarns, characteristic of this textile, gives it a tactile, soft and casual appearance while still allowing the material to exude pure luxury. Ritorto is available in 10 colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte