Sneak peek: SS22 wallcovering collections from Arte

    Arte wallcovering Saturnia in the Les Thermes range
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    Sneak peek: SS22 wallcovering collections from Arte

    Drawing inspiration from the past for the design year ahead, the new collections from Arte are serving us luxurious materials from traditional techniques that can transport us back in time with a taste of grandeur of days gone by…

    Arte wallcovering Saturnia in the Les Thermes range

    Arte is planning to take us on a journey of discovery with its new collections. Not only will designers dive into the splendid architecture of stately Greek temples and Italian palazzos, but impressive mosaics, sculptures and ornaments will also catch the eye as classical antiquity is revisited in a modern and playful way through the use of surprising drawings, materials, techniques and colours.

    “Arte strives to create innovative wallpaper collections that explore exciting new production methods and quality materials and reach far beyond the boundaries of traditional wallpaper design,”said Philippe Desart, Co-owner and Managing Director, Arte. “This spring the eight new collections include luxurious mosaics and plaster inspired details, which recognise historic crafts, as well as hand-painted scenes and large-scale panoramic designs that create truly show stopping art for your home.”

    The Les Thermes collection depicts the rich history of Greco-Roman antiquity in which sculpture and architecture both play an important role. The well-known bathing culture also has a prominent presence, and this is reflected in aspects such as luxurious mosaics, traditional techniques, and an impression of a hand-painted scene of Roman thermal baths. This opulent collection provides a taste of the grandeur of days gone by.

    Within the collection is the Mosaico design, where large mosaics with a metallic accent catch the eye in an aged tile pattern, creating an incomparable graphic effect. Mosaics have adorned the walls and floors of countless squares, palazzos, and historic buildings for centuries. This characterful wallcovering adds a touch of history to modern interiors and comes in nine shimmering colourways that compliment the other designs in the Les Thermes collection.

    Saturnia – Within the collection, the statement design takes its inspiration from the Tuscan village of the same name which has been known for its hot springs since Roman times. This peaceful scene illustrates people bathing in the springs. As well as providing relief, the underlying fil-à-fil technique with silver and gold foil creates a unique sheen in the water, creating a genuine statement wallcovering. This design is available in three colourways which integrate with the colours running through the Mosaico pattern.

    terracotta stucco design wallcovering adds texture to the wall surface

    Image credit: Arte

    Stucco – This design makes a playful reference to the decorative plaster used during Greco-Roman antiquity. It is an abstraction of textile and the tone-on-tone colour palette ensures a serene but weathered patina. The design is available in 16 colourways.

    Tessera – The small squares made of stone, ceramic, terracotta or glass that are used to make mosaic floors or decorative jewellery are the inspiration for this design in the Les Thermes family. This pattern adds a note of luxury to the collection with its highly luxurious feel due to the reflective nature of the metallic shades of silver, gold, bronze and rose.

    Orrizonte – The textile-inspired wallcovering has a warm weathered look thanks to the luxurious bouclé fabric it takes its inspiration from. The horizontally woven multicolour threads lend depth and relief to the pattern, and the visible metal threads ensure a subtle sheen. This design comes in an extensive 11 colourways.

    mosaic effect finish in the tessera design wallcovering

    Image credit: Arte

    A second collection, Sculptura, draws its inspiration from traditional plasterwork. Strips of plaster were arranged by hand and then transformed into a surprising textural vinyl collection, leaving the typical plaster structure of mesh, cracks and uneven areas clearly visible. This intriguing wallcovering with its surprising geometric patterns subtly lends a touch of colour, relief and structure to the wall. The shadow play of light and dark brings smooth walls to life. Sculptura lends a subtle, classic decorative touch to an interior.

    feature wall with etched mural of ancient rome by arte

    Image credit: Arte

    Rovine – The statement design of the Sculptura Collection, Rovine depicts an etching of a Greek ruin, the drawing shows antiquity in decay, yet with an element of grandeur in its statement dimensions. The work is dedicated to Monsieur Descamps, one of the king’s artists, and is available in three colourways.

    Oblong – The design qualities within this collection feature a playful patchwork of irregular rectangles. As with plaster, strips are placed on top of each other and flow together. The result is a peaceful, plain effect that reflects the enduring trend for uneven plasterwork. This design comes in the earthy tones  that compliment the rest of the collection.

    Shards – Displaying a composition of fragments the design titled Shards draws its inspiration from plasterwork, which gives the pattern a traditional character. The uneven nature of the wallcovering and incidence of light create extra relief and are more organic in feel. Available in ten colourways.

    Piante – Showcasing a botanical drawing designed to transport you into untamed nature, the collection, which is available in 10 colourways, is a celebration of all things outside of perfection. Due to the tone-on-tone plasterwork effect, the overall look remains peaceful and lends character to the wall. The uneven nature of the wallcovering and incidence of light create extra depth and relief.

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    Main image credit: Arte

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