Moodboard: Design & colour trends emerging in 2022

    newmor colour trends 2022 moodboard
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    Moodboard: Design & colour trends emerging in 2022

    We spoke to Rose Campbell, Head of Product and Creative Development, at Newmor about the design and colour trend predictions for 2022 and how these inform the design process when creating new wallcovering concepts. Pauline Brettell writes…

    newmor colour trends 2022 moodboard

    With the arrival of a new year and the ‘colour of the year’ being a hotly debated topic, this is also the time when we would all normally be heading to events and exhibitions such as Heimtextil to share product and trend predictions. Heimtextil 2022, however, has fallen victim to the virus, but the conversation about trends and colours continues undeterred. So, to keep the noise echoing around the industry’s arena, I caught up with Rose Campbell from Newmor to chat about the predictions for 2022, and to take us through the process in developing these design and colour trends.

    Newmor specialises in commercial quality wide-width fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings, which are manufactured in its own facility in Wales. Its products can be found all over the world in hotels, bars and restaurants, healthcare, education, cruise, and leisure installations. It is an integral part of the process that the Newmor design team always needs to be ahead of the trends and aware of what people are looking for in interior spaces. We started off by asking Campbell to take us through the thought process in developing design and colour trends.

    “There isn’t one particular thing I can pinpoint, as I take inspiration from everything around me,” she told Hotel Designs. We have all gone through so much change in our personal and working lives over the last couple of years. There is a definite nostalgic vein running through our 2022 trends, as we’ve all had time to reflect and adapt. I’m pleased that as a society we are placing greater value on craftsmanship and quality. Rediscovering the sanctuary in our homes and having the confidence to surround ourselves with design and colour has also fed into my trend predication.”

    Having identified six very individual trends at Newmor, Campbell talks us through the palettes and points of inspiration.

    New Romantics

    Newmor new romantics colour palette trend

    Image credit: Newmor

    “This demonstrates our appreciation of vintage design and our value for enduring quality,” Campbell explained. “Detailed embellishments and mixed textures lift classic designs to dramatic heights. This trend is elegant and moody as off whites, greys, red and ebony play their part in creating this modern vintage vibe.”

    Moody Blues

    Newmor moody blue moodboard for 2022

    Image credit: Newmor

    “There is no sign of January blues in this trend,” she said. “Our moody blue trend captures the freshness of the sky on a winter’s morning by the sea. Hues range from retro denims to teals and navy which are enhanced by highlights of pale weathered woods, tan and brass.”


    Newmor moodboard for Cocoon colour trend

    Image credit: Newmor

    “It is no surprise that our desire to create a sanctuary in this crazy busy world continues to play a vital role in 2022,” added Campbell. “Natural materials, simple organic textures and layers of soft colours resulted in developing this palette of nudes, clay tones, off whites and sage.”

    Into the Mix

    Newmor colour palette of bright jewel like colours

    Image credit: Newmor

    “This trend is all about celebrating pattern and not being afraid to mix things up,” said Campbell. “Individuality and personality are things to be encouraged, as is our greater awareness of sustainability and a renewed empathy for make do and mend. So, we’ve mixed designs and colours from each end of the spectrum.”

    Night Fever

    gold glass and black moodboard for newmor 2022 colour trends

    Image credit: Newmor

    “I am a 70’s child, so could not be happier to include this trend in our 2022 outlook,” beamed Campbell. “Curved geometric designs make their return in sumptuous shades of orange, avocado, brown and mustards. This trend is bold and nostalgic, and I for one love it.”


    Newmor Protopia metallic moodboard with bright colours

    Image credit: Newmor

    “Our 2022 trends would not be complete if we did not acknowledge how the digital metaverse impacts our lives,” concluded Campbell. “Although this trend is bold and futuristic, it is also grounded in sustainability and the importance of recyclability. The new pantone very peri makes an appearance, alongside metallics, ombres, pinks, turquoise and silver.”

    With this roundup of moodboards and trends it is impossible not be inspired, and it is going to be interesting seeing these colours and textures materialise on the design stage, and of course its walls, as the year progresses.

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    Main image credit: Newmor

    Pauline Brettell / 12.01.2022


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