The new autumn collection from Dedar

Hot off the press from its location in the heart of Italy, Dedar is showcasing its autumn collection, enveloping both fabrics and wallcoverings in which yarn is the protagonist with all its unique and unrepeatable irregularities…

The roundtable was the perfect setting for designers to get an exclusive sneak peek of Dedar's latest collection of sheers. | Image credit: Mel Yates Photography

Kicking off the year in style with launches in Paris and following through with new collections from Milan to London, fabric house Dedar, known for its high-quality materials and innovative designs, has launched its latest collection for 2023. With a recent Hotel Designs Roundtable exploring the relationship between residential style in hospitality design and digging deeper into materiality, colours and textures, it was fitting that it took place in the Dedar London showroom, surrounded by the weft and warp of the new collection.

yellow Dedar fabric on chair with curtain and wallcovering in yellow cubicle

Image credit: Dedar / Andrea Ferrari

Amidst threads that intertwine to recount stories and materials of new dimensional suggestions, the new collection from Dedar is an impassioned focus on natural fibres, revealing a candour and tactile charm that emanates refinement. Silk, linen and raffia take centre stage in the Plain Classics, Texturologie and
Transparencies collections, in which fabric assumes unique forms and features.

The Chatwin plain weave expresses the wild side of tussah silk, enhanced by irregular streaks. Gabor dresses up in matka silk with its bulky yarns and soft flexuous drape, while woven from  the linen family is Chintz Nature, a glazed chintz fabric that evokes suggestions of the natural environment. Originally produced in India and adopted in Europe in the XVII century, chintz – term deriving from the Hindi word “chint”, meaning ‘variegated’  – was usually accompanied by multicoloured floral motifs. Dedar celebrates its relevance with a well-balanced intermingling of linen and light, in an expression of elegant nonchalance and spontaneity.

didgeridoo fabric from Dedar in red covering walls and furniture in warehouse setting

Image credit: Dedar / Andrea Ferrari

The embrace between a bulky weft of technical raffia and a linen warp in Didgeridoo provokes a fascinating encounter that confers depth of colour, the result of a double dyeing process.

In a play of material and chromatic associations, the collection applies fabric to vertical surfaces with its coordinated wallcoverings to create an enveloping sense of continuity, an all-over visual effect, in a consistent configuration and colour philosophy. Hence the ancient tradition of fabric wallcovering coordinated with curtains and upholstery is reinterpreted in a contemporary key: a revival of the camouflage effect typical of the 19th century furnishing style.

Poised between gravitas and fluidity, Argento Vivo’s elegant chequerboard of metallic yarn recalls experimental fashion garments of the sixties. Lightness and movement recount the informal elegance of Wide Linen Ulisse, while a delicate embroidery on linen traces an evocative abstract landscape of Yukiguni. In a subtle contrast of matt and lustrous effects, an alternate play of different weaves defines Olympia, a bulky linen jacquard with a dual personality, depending on which side of the fabric is used.

Silk, linen and raffia, are three natural fibres interpreted in combinations that reveal all the force of expression and contemporary elegance of Dedar fabrics. This collection recalls the evocative power of natural yarns, showcasing the timeless fibres of superb quality that constitute the natural habitat of Dedar research and creativity.

Pronounced texturality and the refined yet assertive personality of wild silk and raffia are extended to walls. Yarn plays a protagonist role with its unique and ever varying irregularities. From raffia weaves to hand-spun silk woven on artisanal looms, the collection evokes a wide spectrum of visual and tactile sensations. A coordinated fabric is available for each wallcovering to create an enveloping sense of continuity, in a play of material and chromatic associations. Hence the ancient tradition of fabric wallcovering coordinated with curtains and upholstery is revived but also transformed, to generate a collection whose mood is decidedly contemporary.

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Main image credit: Dedar