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  • Live from HIX: Arte unveils L’Invite collection of wallcoverings

    contemporary seating design with arte wall coverings
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    Live from HIX: Arte unveils L’Invite collection of wallcoverings

    Inspired by the world of French Haute Couture and fashion, L’invite is the latest collection from Arte. From Greek scenes to French Toile de Jouy, these elegant new additions to the brand’s portfolio, on display on stand 58 caught our attention. Pauline Brettell went over to have a closer look…

    contemporary seating design with arte wall coverings

    L’invite is the latest collection from Arte, and is an elegant wallcoverings collection consisting of six designs full of geometric patterns, Greek scenes and elegant plains. Neoclassical in style, L’Invite offers a modern colour palette of soft pastels, as well as deeper blues, greens, and earthy tones across clever imitations of natural textiles and textures, including rattan, lace, woven paper and French Toile de Jouy.

    Washable, lightfast, and durable, this collection of non-woven designs is perfect for both residential and commercial use, and areas with high traffic. The range of designs offer a surprising trompe de l’oeil effect; each with a layered and textural finish, giving the impression of touches of lace, natural fibres, and rattan, as well as woven jacquard patterns – all of which add a play of colour and subtle nuances of light and shade.

    The Designs:

    Le Sommet – This playful zigzag pattern takes you to unprecedented heights, breathing innovation thanks to the geometric motifs inspired from around the globe. The zigzag motif draws the eyes, giving a feeling of height and elegance with a palette that includes more muted natural shades through to bold blues and deep red.

    Le Papier Tissé – Le Papier Tissé is inspired by the subtle patterns within woven paper. The fine structure of the paper strips presents the layers of natural fibres, with each linear detail giving a subtle play of slight colour nuances and delicate textural interest. Available in a soft colour palette of natural hues including lavender, pistachio, honey and eggshell.

    Le Rotin – This tone-on-tone pattern is a natural imitation of rattan, barely distinguishable from the real thing, and evoking a contemporary hand-woven aesthetic with a nod to nostalgia. Through the imperfect variegation of fibres, is a nuanced shadow play of light and dark, with the coloured background enhancing this effect.

    Le Mythe – This unusual wallpaper takes you back to the rich past of the Greeks with stately temples and mysterious myths. The monochrome design is inspired by French Toile de Jouy, a fabric known for detailed, romantic designs and replicated here as a wallpaper, evoking the printed fabric finish on the wall.

    bedroom in neutral tones and natural textures with walpaper Le Mythe by Arte

    Image credit: Arte

    Le Prestige – Le Prestige exudes luxury with its layered patterned design that takes its inspiration from lace and jacquard woven textiles, while at the same time being durable and hardwearing. The perfect balance of delicacy and strength. It plays with small, geometric shapes in combination with relief inks.

    Cream sheepskin carpet and neutral tones with wooden surfaces with Arte Le Prestige wallcovering

    Image credit: Arte

    L’Extase – Closed, geometric shapes capture the eye in this mobile pattern with detailed and intricate patterns that offer a nod to fine lace, creating an instant feeling of luxury.

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    Main image credit: Arte 

    Pauline Brettell / 18.11.2021


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