Product Spotlight: Newmor’s Watercolour wallcoverings for commercial interiors

    Watercolour wallcoverings - Newmor
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    Designed and hand-painted in-house by Newmor’s design team, the Watercolours wallcoverings range is the latest addition to the Newmor Custom collection.

    All of the designs can be recoloured, rescaled and printed onto any of Newmor’s vast range of commercial quality wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films.

    This year at London Design Festival painterly effects took centre stage. Dyed marble tables, paint splattered upholstery, dripping ink fabrics, brushstroke ceramics and hand-painted wallpapers. Meanwhile Newmor’s design studio have been bust creating their new collection.

    Watercolour Geometric (above) is a large scale fusion of geometrics and watercolours. Nebulous indigos and luminous opalescent shades combine with hazy, weathered surfaces which fade in a vertical ombre effect.

    Tiled effects are versatile and offer endless options for customisation. Watercolour Tiles (above) can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto any of Newmor’s base materials.

    Watercolour wallcoverings

    This hand-painted design has been digitally manipulated to create a delicate floral mural featuring inky, layered shades and brush strokes. Watercolour Botanical (above) can be recoloured to suit any scheme.

    Watercolour wallcoverings

    For a dramatic watercolour effect, Watercolour Stripe (above) features soft chalky tones alongside bold, dispersing pigment and sweeping brush strokes. The horizontal stripe adds a fresh, contemporary take on the trend.

    Watercolours is the latest collection in Newmor’s bespoke range, which brings cutting edge trends to the commercial wallcoverings market. All of the Newmor Custom designs are printed onto wide-width contract quality fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings which are suitable for high traffic areas like corridors, lobbies and bed head walls.
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    Daniel Fountain / 30.11.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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