Alaya from Arte: a journey along the Silk Road

The Alaya collection by Arte has been inspired by the fabulous journey along the Silk Road, with wallcoverings designed to transport designers back in time…

Alaya Banyan Tree wallcovering from Arte

More than 2,000 years after its establishment, the historic Silk Road still appeals to the imagination. Exploring the Alaya collection of wallcoverings, Arte takes us along the network of roads used all those years ago with heavily laden caravans transporting silk and other luxury goods between the Far East and the Western world. It was and is a journey full of adventure, passing through the high mountains of the Himalayas. This collection references the route with panoramic designs inspired by impressive Himalayan vistas, along with details, tones and textures of the thread which has been woven into the collection.

Banyan design in the Alaya collection from Arte-Wallcoverings in green in room with seating

Image credit: Arte

The grand gesture of the collection is Banyan, a design available in two colourways, which takes its name from the banyan tree commonly found along the Silk Road. It draws you in and lets you wander through a dreamy fantasy landscape amid the hidden valleys and summits of the Himalayas. The pure silk of this breathtakingly beautiful design truly brings the panoramic scene to life.

curved cream chair in front of Saranda wallcovering by Arte

Image credit: Arte

Named after the forest in India of the same name, the Saranda wallcovering is drawn in a typical Asian style. In this design, you will discover stylised hills and trees under a soft cloudy sky. The name literally translates as seven hundred hills, a highly appropriate name as the organic design and colours invite you to wander through the forests and hills of India. Available in two colourways.

Manali is a timeless representation of the traditional mountain villages of the Himalayas where Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the wind. The inhabitants of these inhospitable areas try to attract happiness and prosperity in this way. The design, available in two colourways, was named after the Himalayan village of Manali, where hundreds of flags set the scene.

Anchoring the entire collection in a comprehensive 28 colourways is Katan. This wallcovering is an incredibly detailed impression of katan, a very light and luxurious type of silk. The minor irregularities that are typical of this fabric are also found within the design, bringing authenticity and detail to the pattern.

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Main image credit: Arte