Product watch: Textura by Arte

From woven grasses to braided leaves and even leather; the most beautiful textures found in nature are also showcased to striking effect on the wall in the Textura range from Arte

Arte Textura range of wallcoverings - Cuadro

Enhancing the collection, the textures of nature are complemented by the textures of rough or very finely woven linen and brilliant silk. The colour palette of this vinyl collection ranges from timeless, soft hues to striking colour tones.

The Cuadro wallpaper design is a patchwork of irregular rectangles, with imperfections that give the pattern added charm. The design is based on coarsely woven linen, and is available in seven colourways.

Alma & Campo are two designs with the authentic look of soft, luxurious leather, complete with all its natural nuances and irregularities. Handstitched leather details contribute to the realistic appearance of this sophisticated wallpaper. Alma is available in five colourways while Campo is available in seven colourways.

The design Aspero has a more outspoken, thicker weave, but undeniably retains the authentic linen structure. A lively effect is achieved by combining subtle shades of colour. When used on the wall, it instantly creates a warm, cosy feeling.

The single-colour Puro has a slightly glossy finish. The woven grass structure with light colour nuances brings the tropics to mind. The somewhat rougher base lends this pattern a natural touch.

The tiled wickerwork seen in the design Pandan, is inspired by the tropical plant of the same name. The fibres of this plant are cut into strips and woven diagonally. The clean, diagonal lines appear less abstract thanks to the natural look and feel.

table and chairs with Pandan wallcovering by Arte

Image credit: Arte

The Weave design is based on braided leather. The braided leather relief creates a very realistic impression of leather strips. Weave is available in 5 colourways.

The inspiration for the design Nongo comes from traditionally woven baskets from Zimbabwe, called nongo. The natural look of this plain pattern in combination with the fine wickerwork lends texture to the wall. Nongo is available in 10 colourways.

Walls of woven grass inspired Marsh, and the wallcovering almost make you feel like you’re spending the night in a lodge on the savannah. The structure has been realistically recreated, subtly bringing a real element of nature into your home. Marsh is available in 11 colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte