Product watch: Les Naturels from Arte

Arte embraces organic textures and tones in its Les Naturels collection, blurring the boundaries and inviting nature indoors…

wooden chairs around a stone coloured organic shaped table in front of natural raffia textured wallcovering from Arte

People have always been drawn to natural materials and woven grasses in particular, have been used in and around the home for centuries. It is this very natural texture that inspires the new ‘Les Naturels’ collection from Arte, in which the warmth of raffia, subtle texture of sisal and the natural, effortless appeal of woven grass are finally given the attention they deserve. The materials’ organic roots and authentic, natural colours and shading bring a sense of calm to an interior, inviting nature indoors. They also combine beautifully with the two botanical prints in this collection.

wooden chairs and table in front of floor to ceiling wallcovering with palm tree print

Image caption: Reverie Tropicale | Image credit: Arte

Rêverie Tropicale is a dreamy panoramic view that takes you to higher realms, amidst the lush foliage of a gorgeous oasis. The detail in this design is impressive, but upon closer inspection the subtle woven grass print in the background suddenly catches the eye, adding a natural accent to the design and the material on which it has been printed. Rêverie Tropicale is available in two colourways.

La Prairie is a stunning, realistic representation of woven grass with its broad, irregular bands delivering the nuances that are found in nature and is available in 12 colourways. Also focussing on woven texture, Le Sisal takes inspiration from the fibre of the same name. Sisal was first used widely at the end of the 19th century and since then, it has become a popular fibre in interior design, including on walls. This design is a natural interpretation of beautifully woven sisal in a warm, calming colour palette and is available in 14 colourways.

detailed image of Arte wallcovering Verdure with foliage in shades of green

Image caption: Verdure | Image credit: Arte

Nobody knows exactly when the first verdures were created, but by the 16th century, these tapestries were everywhere. They were entirely filled with decorative foliage, which was often highlighted by a masterful interplay of sun and dappled shade. Verdure’s lush leaf pattern, which draws on these traditional tapestries for inspiration, has been beautifully hand-painted. Light and shadow have been rendered with the greatest care, to create a superb setting with plenty of depth. The painting was then transferred onto a luxury fil-à-fil fabric, just the perfect choice for this opulent ornamental design. Verdure is available in three colourways.

brown chair, table and stool in front of wall in natural shades and textures of raffia

Image caption: Le Raphia Tissé | Image credit: Arte

Le Raphia Tissé is a design, which is a true-to-nature representation of open woven raffia against a coloured background. The colour palette of the background varies from subtle terracotta to striking turquoise, contrasting beautifully with the natural hues of the raffia strands, creating a wallcovering that retains its calming, natural appeal in every colour variant. Le Raphia Tissé is available in 12 colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte