Product watch: Le Couturier from Arte

Fashion and interior design have always strongly influenced each other – the Le Couturier collection from Arte looks to the world of haute couture for inspiration…

low green velvet couch and wooden coffee table in front of patterned Arte wallcovering from Le Couturier collection

This new collection from Arte references a world committed to craftsmanship, where each garment attests to the couturier’s savoir-faire and exceptional artisanship. These special techniques and high-quality materials have now been combined in a collection of high-fashion wallcoverings.

wooden table and chair with picture window and wall covered in embroidered wallcovering from Arte

Image credit: Arte

La Perle is a delicate embroidery with a classic floral design. The black and white version has been finished with elegant pearls. Like in haute couture, pearls add a touch of sophistication. La Perle is available in four colourways.

Arte Le Couturier Franges in olive green

Image credit: Arte

Franges is a statement jacquard design, incorporating a whimsical zigzag pattern in the weave of the fabric, with the loose threads creating a spectacular effect on the wall. The design is available in seven colourways.

Lose yourself in the magic of the enthralling La Dérive design. In French, dérive is synonymous with a spontaneous journey, where the traveller leaves their ordinary life behind for some time, choosing instead to let the landscape and architecture be their guide – in the same way that you may be inspired by this embroidered wallcovering. La Dérive is available in three colourways.

Majesto is a stunning jacquard design, incorporating a sleek damier pattern in the weave of the fabric, with the loose threads creating a spectacular effect on the wall. Majesto is available in three colourways.

Concluding the collection, Papillon is a wallcovering of 100 per cent  Dupion silk, sourced from mulberry silkworms. The elegant fabric, with its lovely subtle sheen, is woven on high-tech looms, with the sophistication and weave setting this pure Dupion quality apart from other silks. Papillon is available in 15 colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte