Celebrating imperfections in nature: Cameo collection from Arte

    A minimalist room
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    Celebrating imperfections in nature: Cameo collection from Arte

    Introducing Cameo, which is the wallcovering brand Arte’s first SS21 launch. Comprised of eight new designs, the collection reminds us to celebrate the imperfections in nature…

    A minimalist room

    Cameo, the latest collection launched Arte is a refined range of non-woven wallcoverings designed to celebrate the beauty of imperfections all around us. Inspired by natural materials and textures from raffia and sisal to stone and wood, designs are finished with glossy relief inks in which asymmetry, varying shapes and structures provide an unexpected harmony. Authentic and pure, the collection features eight designs in a selection of neutrals, nudes and earthy tones for a sleek modern minimalist look.

    The first design Arado is available in five colourways including sandy tones, as well as a deep red and a blue. The design is reminiscent of coarse brushstrokes, which are magnified in an artistic manner to give the illusion of an art work in progress. The expressive artisanal nature is captured in paint by the high-gloss finish that contrasts with the ultra-matt background.

    The second design Emaille comes in four colourways and resembles enamel pottery. The inspiration was found in weathered paint and dried earth, creating a patinated crackle effect. The glazed pattern is sophisticated and eye-catching, available in white, grey, sand and deep green.

    The third design Escama is an abstract interpretation of reptile skin; very subtle detail gives it an organic, animalistic touch. Escama is available in a sophisticated palette of 5 shades: cream, sand, grey, orange and green.

    The fourth design Linea was inspired by pottery and pigment being washed into it. Available in five colourways, the design is a combination of matt and gloss finishes to create a striking effect for your walls. The fine, straight lines vary in thickness, forming  a natural and elegant look. Available in warm sandy tones, as well as cooler greys.

    The fifth design Lustro is a combination of shimmering minerals, layers of stone and natural imperfections, creating a travertine marble-like appearance. The layers of stone and irregular patination create a dynamic design typical of this material. Available in warmer nude shades, as well as cooler grey and emerald green.

    The sixth design Shibam depicts a pattern with a three-dimensional effect throughout the rendering of open woven sisal patchwork. Uneven sisal with a rough texture, allow the imperfections to shine through, just as they would in nature. Shibam is available in a deep blue, mossy green, as well as cream, light and darker blue shades.

    The seventh design Timber was inspired by the unique structure of wood and is available in four colours including a warm sandy shade, two cooler greys and a frosty white – each striking in their own way. The smooth grain structure of the design created a simple and effective expanding and lively effect.

    The last design of the collection is Twine, inspired by hand-woven open raffia patchwork whether the surfaces are stitched together in varying sizes. The natural movement of loose fabric characterises the Twine design, with uneven threats creating shade and depth. Twin is available in five colours including light grey, sand, mahogany as well as a lighter and a darker brown.

    With an array of textures to choose from, any of Cameo’s designs will sit wonderfully in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and other spaces. The subtlety of the imperfections and the beautiful earthy colour palette makes it a versatile collection of wallcoverings for any scheme.

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    Main image credit: Arte

    Hamish Kilburn / 27.01.2021


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