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Focus SB Fittings Receive Seal Of Approval From The National Trust

Daniel Fountain

A shepherd’s hut from the Goodlife company fitted out with Focus SB’s Deckle Edge slate-finished lighting plates has been chosen by the National Trust as a base for its volunteers at Canons Ashby House, near Daventry, Northamptonshire.The Goodlife company huts are a modern update on the traditional shepherd’s hut, in which shepherds used to sleep while away from the farm tending their flocks, but feature quality furnishings and modern extras including powered sockets. An optional extra for those wanting the genuine country house look and feel is the Deckle Edge plate from Focus SB.

The hut and its décor were felt to be ideal for the landscape of Canons Ashby House says Chris Smith, National Trust Garden & Park Manager at the estate: “The hut is being used as a warm, dry base for our volunteers and is located near the entrance to the estate, where it has been a great talking point with visitors.

“The traditional history of the shepherd’s hut is in keeping with the period narrative that we try to maintain across the site,” he continues, “and even its fittings and furnishings look the part, which was one of the things that led us to choose a Goodlife shepherd’s hut over other suppliers.”

Traditional with a modern twist, the Deckle Edge range from Focus SB boasts a rustic yet stylish slate finish with hammered edges and delivers a perfect balance between old style interiors and contemporary living. The range is also available with Wandsworth inserts for exceptional product reliability.

Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB, describes the design as particularly versatile: “The charm of the Deckle Edge design is that it looks equally good in a period country home or in the comfortable interior of a shepherd’s hut.

“All of the huts are hand built to specific specifications and we are pleased to be working with partners that have such a passion for working with traditional methods, as well as being proud to have received recognition for our products from such a prestigious organisation as the National Trust.”


Decoratif Design Case Study:Beauty – On A Grand Scale

Daniel Fountain

The Decoratif Design team love a challenge. In fact, the bigger and the more creative the brief, the better. So when a respected interior design company got in touch, we couldn’t have been more enthused. A strategic partner to the world-famous Roots Group, Areen Design is the creative force behind some of the most stunning interiors in the world. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz International Airport and Abraj Al Bait Mall have all benefited from the company’s creativity and vision, as have numerous hotels and private residences throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The latest project – to style the interior of Makkah’s Al Maqam Hotel – was no less exciting. Their designs featured breath-taking materials and finishes, with furniture, fixtures and fittings that reflected the lifestyle and tastes of the hotel’s clientele.

Enhancing the opulence and beauty of the designs were a large number of stunning mirrors, incorporating a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. In total, over 1700 mirrors were needed to complete the project… and the designers turned to Decoratif Design to help.

Working alongside the design team, Decoratif Design built and delivered the full order in under 6 weeks. Many of the mirrors were created from simple sketches – meaning the materials had to be carefully specified, sourced and priced before the build could begin. Our designers’ expertise meant that we were able to advise the interior designers on the best options, ensuring the mirrors looked stunning and could be delivered on time and within budget.

Our brief also incorporated a large number of reproduction and bespoke mirrors. This meant conducting some painstaking research and enquiries in order to create the exact look intended.

In just 6 weeks, Decoratif Design designed, produced, shipped and installed the entire order – much to the delight of the designers and their client.

Buying expert Angela Dzah commented: “We knew that Decoratif Design would not let us down. Their ability to design and produce such volumes within extremely short time-frames is remarkable, and their willingness to accommodate our changes demonstrated real flexibility. Decoratif Design met every aspect of our brief, and went out of their way to keep us up-to-date with progress. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Marina – seemingly endless picnic table

Daniel Fountain

Available to purchase from exterior-interior is Marina Beach, the newest Marina Collection by Bruno Fattorini & Partners for Extremis. This collaboration comes to no surprise: Extremis-founder Dirk Wynants and Bruno Fattorini have been friends for years. Fattorini even has Extremis furniture on his own terrace.Different, but true to the core values of Extremis
The new Marina-line is somewhat atypical for Extremis: Bruno Fattorini & Partners put the emphasis on material innovation, whereas Extremis usually puts the togetherness-aspect first. Bruno Fattorini & Partners opted for a picnic table in its most basic shape and made it out of pultrusion glass fibre profiles. This way, see¬mingly endless tables can be created. The composite of glass fibre and polyester is a solid, durable and contemporary material that feels just like wood. However, it is considerably less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. Due to the good quality of the material, the weight of the design is relatively low.

The Marina line
Theoretically speaking, the picnic table from the new Marina-line is unlimited in length. It is made in one piece and is truly the show¬stopper in Milan. In this particular design, we once again see the ‘Tools for Togetherness’ philosophy of Extremis: having a bunch of people over for a picnic was never easier. The seemingly endless table is perfect for entertaining large groups of guests, friends and family. The piece of furniture is up to 12 m long, so that around 40 people can take place at once.

The Marina picnic set is also available without the attached seating benches to create a free-standing table. What makes it unique is the fact that you can put together your own personal picnic scenery. Do you just want attached benches to the table? Or would you rather have detached chairs around it? Both versions are available. Further¬more, a combination of chairs and benches is also possible. This way, a picnic setting is created that is different on each patio. Bruno Fat¬torini & Partners also designed the detached chairs which are in fact based on a captain’s seat – staying true to the naval theme.

The showroom model of the Marina table at the Salone Interna¬zionale del Mobile (which ran from the 17th – 22nd April 2012) was about 12 m long, but the piece of furniture is also available in so-called normal measurements (starting from 2m20). For Extremis it was quite the challenge to be able to create a design that is accessible to great audiences budget wise, without having to discard the functional and design aspect. The fact that one does not need to buy all chairs separately because of the benches is a money-saver.

Please contact exterior-interior for more information

© design by Bruno Fattorini & partners voor Extremis, 2012

Volga Linen Introduces Drawn Thread Curtains

Daniel Fountain

Drawn thread curtains adds style and elegance to any room and are now available to order through Volga Linen.Drawn thread linen is also available by the metre – please enquire for more details.

For other products in 2012 catalogue, click here.

0844 4991608
London Shop:
17 Langton Street, SW10 0JL
Tel: 0207 3525616

Customisable design from Laufen

Daniel Fountain

With the bathroom playing a deciding factor in a guest’s judgement in whether a hotel meets their expectations or not, the onus is on the designer to get the look and feel of the space just right.

Choosing sanitaryware from a respected high-quality brand such as Laufen not only ensures that there will be ample choice and flexibility, but also means that pieces can be customised to fit the space available. This attention to detail will not be forgotten by the discerning hotel guest and will do wonders for the hotel’s reputation.
Swiss manufacturer Laufen, which has been a market-leader in providing design, quality and function for the domestic bathroom for over 100 years, and is now rapidly growing its presence in the hotel sector, with the introduction of products specifically designed to create luxurious, spa-like retreats that offer hotel guests the last word in comfort and relaxation. From iconic pieces that will be the focal point of the room through to space-saving solutions for the more compact environment there is something in the Laufen collection to suit any hotel bathroom.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Switzerland Laufen is able to provide an important creative element; customisation, that extra tool for creativity that will enhance the overall design by achieving a bespoke solution. For example, many of the company’s washbasins can not only be cut to the required length to create a seamless finish even in a recess, but can also be cut at angle to incorporate a mirror or wall division. Living City washbasins can even have bespoke designs added to the shelf.

“The beauty of choosing Laufen products is that there are no limitations; we give designers the tools they need to be creative at every level, from a two-star hotel environment right through to a five-star, and beyond,” comments Ilker Hussein, Laufen’s Manager for Global Projects. “We’re empowering designers to do what they do best – design and inspire.”

“Our Global Project Team works to support hotel solutions for customers all over the world and as part of the Roca Group, designers have the opportunity to browse the Laufen portfolio for themselves and realise the full potential of the products at the Roca London Gallery.”

Leading Artwork Suppliers on the Move

Daniel Fountain

Indigo Art Ltd, have announced they are re-locating. From Monday 21st May 2012 they will be operational from the following address:Indigo Art Limited
Unit 1 Skiddaw Road
Croft Business Park
CH62 3RB

Tel: 0151 933 9779
Fax: 0151 922 1524

James Bertram from Indigo Art said,
“This is a very positive and exciting step for us. The new factory has been fitted out to our exact specification. It is bigger, more efficient and affords us the space to continue to grow. We will have design, publishing, printing and manufacture all under one roof. Indigo Art has a good reputation in the industry – and now we have a new home that reflects the quality of the customers we represent and the service we offer them. All visitors are welcome for a tour at any time!”

Please note that all deliveries and correspondence should be addressed to the new address from Monday 21st May 2012.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire (Patrick Goff)

999 666 Daniel Fountain

Lancashire can appear a very strange place full of witches and forests as well as seaside towns and industrial centres. In the late 18th & 19th centuries this was the richest corner of our planet.

Towns around here were built on natural resources – small pits still pose a threat occasionally when a driveway or horse will disappear into an unmapped shaft of a small coal mine worked by maybe only two or three men. But coal there was, along with plentiful water, and with a damp atmosphere this trio of resources provided the preconditions for the growth of cotton spinning and weaving.

The towns grew as people flocked from the land to the new high paid jobs in industry and high paid they were initially. The new factory workers gained holidays and factories would close for ‘Wakes Weeks’ which exploited the new phenomenon of the railway to provide mass package tours to exotic destinations like Blackpool and Morecambe. Taking their own food with them for their landlady to prepare whole towns would decamp to the coast – it was said that during ‘Wakes Week’ the only thing that moved in Bolton were the hands on the town hall clock.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire
Whole families would holiday together and take up lodgings in B&B’s or small seaside hotels. Nowadays the mass travel is to the sun, and despite the ‘Golden Mile’ and its sandy beaches the resorts of the North West lost popularity as their hotels failed to keep up with the standard set by the new resort hotels on the Costas. The story of the last 50 years has been of the struggle and failure of the British hospitality industry to compete for ‘staycationers’ by offering facilities and interiors to match the best of those in warmer locations. A failure compounded by government antipathy, planning obstacles, high taxation etc. etc…

Ribby Hall Holiday Village is an imaginative effort to provide a family holiday environment at a high quality on the Fylde coast just outside Blackpool, and the Spa Hotel is intended to provide a high end luxury highlight in the provision. The whole village boasts a five star rating from Visit Britain but I view this with the same scepticism as I do to the award of five stars to other hotels that have failed to meet the organisations published standards. The antipathy towards hospitality seems to be continuing in the government’s failure to match set UK standards to that of the competition abroad.

Ribby Hall provides a Spa that is superb, well designed and five star. Bedrooms too, are done to very high standards but despite the efforts of the designers the operation itself seems to me to fall short of a true luxury experience comparable say to that of Relais Chateau or the top end InterContinental’s such as Mar Menor – the five stars boasts invite comparison with when raising this standard. It may (or may not) have standards head and shoulders above similar properties in the North West but his kind of parochialism is inappropriate in the hospitality industry and certainly should not be indulged by organisations like Visit Britain if they are to provide credible guidance to overseas tourists.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire
It may be argued that the clientele for this hotel are local. That may be so but the pull of a good spa reaches across the whole North West, an area with many wealthy individuals who are experiencing the delight of the Ribby Hall Spa weekly but whose standards may be set by the Spa at the Twelve Apostles, or the InterContinental Berchtesgaden. The Spa competes with the best I have seen elsewhere – very different but certainly competitive in its differences, but the question remains does the rest measure up at a five star level? Visit Britain plainly think it does.

The Spa is the centrepiece of the operation. The whole of the building was removed leaving just the facade intact a ‘gut job’ if ever I saw one. The Spa takes up the central part of the building behind the entrance lobby and also has its own entrance to the side, with its own reception desk and car parking. Serving not just the rest of the Village but also (I suspect mainly) a large day spa clientele the Spa is busy and popular. The restaurant to the hotels is mainly a bistro for the Spa but the logic of the bistro and kitchen design has been compromised somewhere during the development.
The kitchen and restaurant are both too small to service the guestrooms adequately and the expectation may be that guest will go to the main restaurant in the Village but this is a very long walk away through Lancashire weather to be an option in a five star operation.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire
The bistro itself is cramped, and I am baffled how the chef produces such high quality food in a kitchen that is far too tiny and badly planned to do the job. The problem is that the space occupied by Restaurant and bar is divided by access routes and is too small for service to both the day spa customers and the guest in the bedrooms. The restaurant is open on one side to the Spa and pool area so that guests in the spa can order food and sit in the Spa’s own dining area to eat.

That this doesn’t work is shown by the blockade of plant pots the operator has put in place to separate the Spa off from the restaurant . There is a sliding door to separate off the Spa dining area from the main restaurant. Unfortunately at some stage a decision was made to delete one of the kitchen doors and the result is if the sliding door is closed there is no route from the kitchen to the restaurant itself. I suspect the deletion of one of the normal two service doors (one in, one out) was made to increase the available space in the undersized kitchen area.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire
The bar is in front of the restaurant and guest go through it to reach the dining area, and it also contains the maitre d’ desk. It is also traversed by kitchen staff bringing items from the cold store which the small size of the kitchen is unable to contain. The bar itself is well deigned but the operational compromises make it difficult for it to be a relaxed area for guests to enjoy a drink in. The staff also have their access through the dining area, the door allowing diners to see behind the bar.

All this is hardly five star despite the best efforts of knowledgeable and experienced staff. There are lounge areas opposite the bar but again the passage of guest to bedrooms acts to divide them off from the main bar area. Bedrooms are generously sized but curiously lit. Lighting is adequate and theatrical but leaves areas which are not well lit. For example the single light in the bedroom lobby is positioned so that the wardrobe door casts the wardrobe interior into darkness. Bedside lights make it difficult to read in bed.

The timber floors are, like many do, already marking up from the movement of furniture during housekeeping. Noise transmission and maintenance work against timber and the added comfort underfoot that carpet provides, although initial costs may work in favour of timber.Positioning the bed on a rug over timber provides a happy compromise giving the best of both, but here housekeeping is struggling to find a resolution to the problems they are encountering. The bathrooms are among the best I have seen with a soaking tub and a large walk in shower.

Ribby Hall Spa & Hotel, Lancashire
The end result of all this is a hotel where the Spa works but the rest is compromised. With bedrooms selling in part to spa parties this may not be seen as a problem but as a five star the expectations are that it should serve local businesses that do not have a surfeit of good hotels on their doorstep – businesses like British Aerospace whose main production facility is at nearby Warton. The bedrooms are high standard but without the restaurant and bar functioning efficiently I think the aspiration to serve a wider audience than the Village will be still born.

©Patrick Goff Words and Pictures. From a visit made on the 8th/9th February 2012.

Andy Thornton furniture at Léon de Bruxelles

Daniel Fountain

Léon de Bruxelles is the first of a Belgian-style brasserie franchise to open in the UK, with a prestigious location on Cambridge Circus in Soho, London, and furniture sourced almost entirely from leading hospitality furniture supplier Andy Thornton Ltd. The restaurant serves a whole range of typical Belgian dishes, including the signature mussels, frites and waffles.This flagship restaurant is part of a well-established continental chain, which can trace its history back over 100 years to the world famous Chez Léon in Brussels. The European franchise, Léon de Bruxelles has 67 restaurants across Paris and the provinces of France and has been brought to the UK by Duncan Shakeshaft , CEO of hospitality for asset management company Triangle.

The brightly lit interior, described by its designers R Interiors as a continental period brasserie with a modern twist, features traditional and contemporary furniture, fabrics and finishes by Andy Thornton.

In the main restaurant area bentwood side chairs stained dark wenge, with seats and backs upholstered in rich green leather, are combined with stainless steel table bases and a mix of square, rectangular and round marble and dark wood veneered table tops. The furniture mixes well with the medium oak flooring and red leather upholstered fixed seating.

Fronting the gloss black restaurant bar counter Andy Thornton have supplied Miami bar stools, upholstered in poppy red leather with dark walnut frames. These bar stools have also been combined with high poseur tables in an adjacent area, thus creating interesting variable height seating options.

For the outside pavement area of this prominent corner site in the busy West End, the designers went for a Parisian street feel, using folding slatted hardwood terrace furniture from Andy Thornton, to contrast with the striped awnings and green barriers.


Location: Cambridge Circus, London | Client: Chez Léon | Designer: R Interiors Ltd

The launch of a new era in lighting – Edition 23

Daniel Fountain

Edition 23, the latest 300 page lighting catalogue from Chelsom has arrived. The culmination of two years of research into worldwide lighting trends, the catalogue brings together an eclectic mix from handmade shell mosaic to cutting edge designs in brushed steel and chrome. With the majority of fittings designed in-house by Managing Director Robert Chelsom and son Will Chelsom, Director, the range has a distinctive cohesive style underlined by the Chelsom reputation for quality, value for money and superior design.

To ensure versatility for hotel specification, wherever possible individual collections have been developed into a family of lighting comprising table lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, wall light and ceiling fitting. The entire range has also been reviewed from a manufacturing point of view to assure competitive costing for the contract marketplace.

Perhaps the most significant development in the new range is a move to a much sharper design level with more product aimed firmly at the top end hotel market for both guestrooms and public areas. Chelsom has really concentrated on lighting which portrays high levels of quality and design with exciting materials and finishes, which will enhance any hotel interior up to the highest level.

For many years Chelsom has worked hard to maintain a reputation for supplying middle to top end hotel markets with quality product at the right price. The new models in the Edition 23 collection supplements the core guestroom ranges, but also raises the company’s position in the 5 star hotel marketplace.

For full collection go to www.chelsom.co.uk

The Modern Garden Company Launches New Outdoor Accessories Collection

Daniel Fountain

The Modern Garden Company have launched ESSENTIALS, a stunning collection of accessories for outdoors including, pots, lighting, rugs and occasional tables. ESSENTIALS is designed to complement The Modern Garden Company FURNITURE collection and completes the ELEMENTS series,a one stop to beautiful and useful exterior spaces


Focus finds USP with USB module

Daniel Fountain

Electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB has responded to customer demand and produced a USB charging module that is designed to charge mobile phones, tablet computers and digital cameras.The type A charger runs on a 220/240v circuit giving a charging output of 5dvc @ 1amp, suitable for many other portable electronic devices including all makes of tablets and phones including Blackberrys and iPhones.

Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB, says the upsurge in USB charged smartphones and tablet computers led to the creation of the module: “It seems that everyone has at least one device that is charged by a USB cable these days,” he says. “So it made sense to us to create a USB module for residential premises to sit alongside the USB modules that have been installed in many hotels.”

The type A module is available in all of the Focus SB range of finishes on the website: www.focus-sb.co.uk or over the phone on 01424 858060.

‘Maddie’ Extends the Design at Knightsbridge Portfolio

Daniel Fountain

A timeless new range of seating for applications across the hotel, leisure and cruise ship arena has been added to the Design at Knightsbridge portfolio. Created for the company by designer James A Wright, the Maddie collection includes chairs to enhance public and guest areas alike, from reception zones, foyers and meeting rooms to bars, restaurants and bedrooms.

Having evolved from the company’s successful Millie range of seating – also developed exclusively for Design at Knightsbridge by James A Wright – Maddie chairs feature the same handsome proportions, and are distinguished by slightly higher and softly rounded backs. Models include upright chairs with open or fully-upholstered arms, versatile armless chairs and comfortable armchairs in both compact and easy versions.

All Maddie chairs are based on traditionally-jointed frames in solid timber and are available with upholstery in fabric or hide: dynamic hide-fabric combinations are particularly visually effective. Show-wood is in complementary Cherry, Mahogany, Natural Beech, Wenge, Walnut or Oak.

Design at Knightsbridge embraces the collections of seating, tables and occasional furniture developed by Knightsbridge Furniture for interior designers and specifiers operating within the international hospitality arena, and captures perfectly the ethos of a company which traces its heritage back over some 75 years. Maddie and Millie chairs are manufactured in the UK using timber from renewable sources: Knightsbridge Furniture holds FISP and FSC/PEFC certification, ISO 14001:2004 for its environmental management system and BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management accreditation.

A dedicated sales division and supporting website are the global gateway to all Design at Knightsbridge products and services: call 01274 731442 or visit www.design-at-knightsbridge.co.uk

Hilton Doha selects Forbes Group for finishing touches

Daniel Fountain

Hilton Hotels and Resorts has turned to Forbes Group UK to help it create the best possible first impression when it opens its latest 309-room hotel in the full glare of international publicity. Forbes Group, a leading supplier of conference and banqueting furniture, fabrics and equipment to the hospitality industry, shipped out cocktail tables, triple-fold screens and podiums, nearly 1000 decorative chair covers, sueded conference cloths, and table protectors at the end of 2011, to the new Hilton in Doha, Qatar.

The contemporary interior design of the hotel is reflected in the inclusion of Forbes’s Silcra stretch covers for cocktail and banqueting tables. These polyester covers stretch over the tops of tables and fix under the legs, creating a taut, sculpted silhouette – instantly updating buffets and display tables.

Forbes may be a small manufacturer close to the Welsh border but it has been quicker than most to seize the opportunity offered by Qatar’s current world-beating economic growth rate. But then Forbes is no stranger to exotic markets, having supplied its products to countries across the globe for thirty years – from Scandinavia to Addis Ababa and Abu Dhabi to Bora Bora.

“We have always been ready to move where the market is,” explains Forbes Group Sales and Marketing Director Chris Graville. “We make the effort to get to industry exhibitions wherever possible. We were at Gulfood in Dubai in 2010 and were nearer to home at Hotelympia in London in February this year. We believe that it helps if customers can handle our products and judge the quality for themselves, while also making up their minds about us in person!”

Although hotels represent the majority of its market, Forbes Group customers have included premier league football clubs, banks and blue-chip companies, charities, the armed forces in Afghanistan, and even the Paris-Dakar rally. The Hilton’s customers will be enjoying Forbes products from June 2012.

RHA Furniture at Business 2012

Daniel Fountain

RHA Furniture already provide business lounge furniture for Regus in many locations across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa; this made them the natural partner to provide all of the furniture for their exhibition at the recent Business 2012 event at the O2 in South East London.At the exhibition Regus were promoting their business lounge services, with emphasis on mobile working facilities. Due to a growing number of people working whilst traveling or commuting, Regus has developed their services to include drop-in meeting rooms and business lounges; users simply buy a day pass or swipe a Regus Businessworld card to gain access to facilities whilst they are on the move.

Anyone visiting Regus at the Business 2012 exhibition, would have been surrounded by RHA’s custom made furniture; people were sitting on high stools, working at Business Bars and ThinkPods, or simply relaxing in Easy Chairs.

A range of new AV Retail Walls were designed especially for use at the new Regus drop-in facilities; one of these greeted visitors at the entrance to the exhibition and was successful in attracting attention. Its main feature was the video display screen, complimented by a blue strip of light running around its frame and walnut wood panels across the front, from which the printed literature was hanging.

Several retail wall designs were developed and many of these units will be installed in the new mobile business lounge locations across Europe.

For more details on custom made furniture please visit: rhafurniture.com

Softened and Simple, New from Volga Linen

Daniel Fountain

Volga Linen introduces new crushed Bed Linen in subtle colours.At long last, a linen which doesn’t require ironing!

For other products in 2012 catalogue, click here.

0844 4991608
London Shop:
17 Langton Street, SW10 0JL
Tel: 0207 3525616

Signbox scoop top honour for second year running

Daniel Fountain

For the second year running Signbox have been awarded top honour at the annual Sign & Digital UK Awards, presented at a gala dinner held on 28 March 2012 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham. Hosted by the highly entertaining Seann Walsh, the awards recognised the best creative talent in the sign industry.Up against the great and good of the UK’s sign industry, Signbox held on to the top Sign Company of the Year Award which they won in 2011.

But the accolades for Signbox didn’t end there: Signbox entered three of the eleven awards available and won them all including – Individual Sign Project of the Year (for companies with 10 Plus Employees) and Wide Format Print Project of the Year.

Commenting on this hugely memorable night for Signbox, Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, said, “It was a huge honour to win the industry’s top award last year. To win it again, for the second year running, is genuinely something we couldn’t possibly have imagined given the strength of our competition – all the leading sign making and visual communication companies had entered. Even more satisfying – if that’s possible – is that we entered into three categories and won all three. To come away with three of the eleven awards available is a tremendous achievement and I’m delighted for all our staff – it is a tribute to their professionalism, dedication and excellence”.

Design at Knightsbridge Seating and Tables for Oceana

Daniel Fountain

A £35K order for seating and tables by Design at Knightsbridge has been installed on board Oceana, the 77,000-tonne Sun-class cruise ship owned by Carnival Corporation plc and operated by P&O Cruises. At the heart of the order for the family-friendly vessel are chairs from the Design at Knightsbridge Millie collection: upright armchairs and compact clubs have been upholstered in luxurious Andrew Muirhead leather and feature complementary show-wood detailing. The consignment also includes dining and occasional tables from the Harvey and Ventura collections, both chosen for their contemporary styling and graceful profiles.

Like the Harvey and Ventura tables, Millie seating has been created exclusively for Design at Knightsbridge by designer James A Wright. Characterised by curvaceous lines, handsome proportions and an understated elegance, the Millie collection includes upright chairs with open or show-wood arms, plus compact and easy club-style seating, all designed to enhance public and guest areas alike.

Manufactured in the UK, Millie chairs are based on traditionally-jointed frames in solid timber and are available with upholstery in fabric or hide. Show-wood is in complementary Cherry, Mahogany, Natural Beech, Wenge, Walnut or Oak.

Design at Knightsbridge embraces the collections of seating, tables and occasional furniture developed by Knightsbridge Furniture for interior designers and specifiers operating within the international hospitality arena. To view the company’s full portfolio, visit www.design-at-knightsbridge.co.uk

Retro American Diner makeover for Fantasia café

Daniel Fountain

Simon Morgan, Manager at Trecco Bay Holiday Park, is delighted with the American Diner retro theme transformation of Fantasia Café which was recently undertaken by Wrights Fine Furniture. Simon told us that business has increased since installation and due to the ‘lovely atmosphere created by the change’. Many previous “take-away” customers are choosing to eat in, taking advantage of the comfortable, sprung-seated booths and stylish 50s style chairs and stools.The chrome framed Retro-style chairs and stools are perfect for the 50s style theme. The custom-made sprung-seated booths (all fabric tested to BS CRIB5 for contract use) feature typical American Diner aluminium edged table tops.

Bespoke booths were designed by Colin Wright for the children’s party area.

Due to the high standard of service and cooperation between management and installation team, the installation was carried out during opening hours with the minimum of disruption for the customers. A children’s party that had been booked still went ahead as planned therefore no little ones were disappointed. A highly successful project for all concerned.

Fantasia café: Parkdean Holidays; Trecco Bay, Porthcawl (Wales).

Fameed Khalique launches fabric collection by Pernille Holm

Daniel Fountain

Fameed Khalique brings the unique and effervescent fabrics of Pernille Holm to the UK, adding an exciting dimension to his curated collection of distinctive and innovative surface materials for the interior design industry. Contrasts are very much at play in the works of Danish textile designer Pernille Holm. Her fabrics embody a dynamic dualism combining inspirations from nature and her affinity with cultural diversity, bringing the outside world into interiors.

The colours, textures and surfaces in Pernille’s fabrics are inspired by her connection with the simplicity and serenity of Scandinavian and Greenlandic landscapes, but also reflect a deep veneration for the warm palette of the African continent where she spent her childhood. This combination allows Pernille to channel her impressions of the world through vibrant, electrifying fabrics.

Pernille Holm effortlessly masters many different working techniques and has an intuitive feel for the full potential of her materials, enabling her to venture into experimentation with unconventional substances, such as sand, stone or broken glass.

One of Pernille’s methods is to create textiles with three-dimensions as a result of the interaction between the materials, their textures and colours. The result is always a personal and organic expression, one that creates a fascinating tactility and a connection between exterior and interior impressions of space.

Continued on page two…

Signbox launch new Smart Stickers with NFC technology

Daniel Fountain

Fast on the heels of the highly successful national roll of Signbox’s Enlighten smart poster system comes their Smart Stickers; also incorporating NFC technology it’s another groundbreaking development that should provide an equally significant boost to the proximity marketing landscape.Smart Stickers are just that – small and compact, about the size of a beer mat, they incorporate an NFC chip. Once that chip is pre-programmed, anyone with an NFC enabled smartphone can retrieve information from the Smart Sticker with a simple, fast, close proximity swipe of the sticker.

Manufactured from a durable polyester film onto which Signbox print any message, graphic or image, the Smart Stickers will adhere to the reverse of a glass or acrylic panel and can be read through 8mm thick glazing.

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments, “When a smartphone becomes a portable NFC reader the possibilities are endless and very exciting.

“With NFC enabled smartphones, retrieving information will become second nature and we firmly believe that Smart Stickers, together with Enlighten our recently launched smart poster range, will be at the forefront of proximity marketing developments.

“It’s not just store owners and campaign managers that will be able to deliver tailored and customised messages direct to target audiences; Smart Stickers will present unrivalled opportunities for a wide range of industries including property, leisure and transport. As a phone can read an NFC tag through glass or acrylic any business can stay ‘open’ 24-7 allowing consumers to “tap” their mobile phone to download an entire bus timetable, restaurant menu or a voucher relating to a shop window display, or call a cab, retrieve details of a property and so on – any time of the day or night.

“One of the key factors which will drive the growth of this technology is that NFC, by its nature, is ‘opt in’ unlike Bluetooth and location-based services, providing consumers with more control and countering any concerns regarding privacy”.

Tales from the Riverbank from Morgan

Daniel Fountain

Morgan Furniture, the design-led British manufacturer of contract furniture, has supplied a range of contemporary soft seating, including bespoke designs, for the 4 star Runnymede Hotel in Egham, Surrey. In an attractive setting, on the banks of the Thames, the Runnymede is a well-known hotel in the South and a magnet for riverside dining. With close proximity to Heathrow, the hotel is also a popular venue for conferences and meetings, making it ideal for both business and pleasure. Morgan were commissioned to supply furniture for the refurbishment of The Lock Bar & Kitchen and also the foyer of the Grand Union conference suite.

The Lock, so named as it sits besides the Bell Weir Lock on the river, has a new interior which emulates a relaxed, home-style feel with an eclectic mix of sofas, dining chairs and bar stools. The Morgan in-house design team created a bespoke version of the Seville 453 bar stool with a special increased height to suit the existing bar counter. Bespoke Ribb sofas were commissioned in an Oak species timber and were slightly higher and wider than the standard version in order to provide comfort and privacy for informal meetings. Typical of the laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant, the contemporary Soho sofa from Morgan with its softened corners and absence of harsh lines creates an inviting seating group and is adorned with scatter cushions in a variety of fabrics.

Away from the bustle of the bar and restaurant areas, Morgan also supplied seating for the foyer of the Grand Union conference suite. The Seville 775 chairs offer a modern take on the traditional wing chair featuring a distinctive and comfortable back, perfect for prestigious lounge areas. As the largest conference facility in the hotel, the Grand Union can accommodate up to 170 people; the foyer plays an important role as a venue for hosting drinks receptions and providing refreshments and comfortable seating for delegates during conference breaks.

The Runnymede has undergone a number of partial renovations since opening in 1972. Its convenient location, just outside of Windsor and around 15 minutes from Heathrow, and historic position on the site of the 1215 signing of the Magna Carta, make it an important meeting place for many events. This latest renovation, which marks a move away from formal interiors with darker walnut and wengé timbers to a lighter and more natural décor, will help ensure that the Runnymede stays firmly on the map for many more years to come.

Morgan was commissioned directly by Robert Kenworthy from the Runnymede who visited the factory to discuss bespoke project requirements. The original design brief was created by Design LSM.

Focus SB Re-Launches Solutions Range Designed for Contractors

Daniel Fountain

Electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB has re-launched its Solutions ranges of electrical accessories with Crabtree interiors. These are competitively priced to meet the day-to-day needs of electrical contractors.The UK-manufactured ranges offer an array of lighting and socket plate designs to complement the décor of modern stylish homes, elegant period properties and commercial interiors, and each product is supplied along with the necessary technical requirements and support to make installation an easy and straightforward process.

Produced and hand finished to the same exacting standards as all of the Focus SB ranges, the Solutions collection also features alternative but equally reliable inserts, aimed at helping to keep costs down for contractors.

Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB, explains that the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of electrical accessories for more than 30 years: “Manufactured in Sussex, our plates are hand-finished by our skilled craftspeople to ensure a product that is both functional and beautiful, as well as made to last a lifetime.

“We are keen to work closely with contractors and to assist them with our product offering,” he continues, “and so we hope that the Cheltenham, New Lincoln, Newbury and Worcester ranges from the Solutions collection – designed with the contractor in mind – will demonstrate that commitment and build strong working relationships.”

Furthermore, the Solutions range allows for the manufacture of bespoke products to meet contractors’ needs. There is no minimum order charge, no gaskets are required and delivery is free to mainland UK. For further information, please visit www.focus-sb.co.uk or telephone the sales office on 01424 858060 for a free brochure.

Coloured Linens from Volga Linen

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Transform your guest rooms with fresh new coloured linens from Volga Linen; ideal for curtains, cushions and loose covers.Click here to view the range of colours

For other products in 2012 catalogue, click here.

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London Shop:
17 Langton Street, SW10 0JL
Tel: 0207 3525616

KOBE is awarded the 2012 Trevira CS Club gold membership

Daniel Fountain

During a special award ceremony at the recently held Heimtextil international trade fair in Frankfurt Germany the company Trevira, worldwide acknowledged for its permanently flame retardant fibres and yarns, awarded KOBE with its 2012 Trevira CS Club Gold membership.Anke Vollenbröker, Head of Marketing, explains:
’The Gold and Silver Club Members gained their status on the basis of established criteria. The criteria does not reflect turnover alone, but also take account of such factors as loyalty, creativity or the international presence. Trevira CS stands as a trademark for the textile fabric and with every new collection our customers are giving the brand significance. If we want to expand our product even more, then the best way to do this is to support companies as KOBE to bring their Trevira CS products to market successfully, and that means on a world-wide basis as well.”

Being a Trevira CS Club Gold member does not only offer KOBE the standard services available including, for instance, the trade mark test, IMO testing, technical support and trend advice, product literature and certification, and participation in fabric catalogues.

KOBE may also call upon special additional services that cover a variety of measures, from fast track processing of trademark applications, to offers of participation at trade exhibitions and events, promotion of international projects and communications.

Roger Duffhuis, Marketing and Sales Director at KOBE: ‘Trevira CS is for KOBE the premium brand for flame retartdant fabrics. End user and designer satisfaction is key to KOBE. With both we have build a strong reputation by developing ‘Trevira CS solutions’ based on superb performance, durability and unique aesthetics. The drive of Trevira CS to innovate and to set the standards for flame retardant fabrics has matched perfectly with KOBE’s position and ambition in the international contract market. Therefore we are looking forward to continuing teaming up with Trevira CS in a close working partnership’.

Textiles that bear the trademark Trevira CS are permanently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term safety. From the fibre and flat filament yarn through to dyed textured yarns, Trevira is the only supplier in the world that offers the complete range of textile polyester products from the one source. Trevira CS products are suitable for home and household textiles, apparel, automotive interiors, hygiene textiles and technical applications.

Dixon Turner Introduces Paisley

Daniel Fountain

The UK’s leading independent wallcovering manufacturer, Dixon Turner is pleased to introduce Paisley to its Newmor Studio collection. The ever popular Paisley design is given a modern twist in this new fabric backed wallcovering from Newmor. The large scale Paisley motifs intertwine with each other in this intricate, highly decorative design. While the scale is large, the delicacy with which it has been hand drawn makes the scale approachable.

The dramatic colour palette reflects the theatricality of the print, with exuberant orange, rich aubergine and striking black. With metallic backgrounds, and the design picked out in coloured metallic inks, this is a remarkable contract vinyl wallcovering.

For more information on the Paisley or any other Dixon Turner designs, please contact our sales team on: 0870 606 1237, alternatively you can email sales@dixon-turner.co.uk

Metropolitan Chic from Morgan

Daniel Fountain

Morgan Furniture, the design-led British manufacturer of contract furniture, has exclusively supplied the soft seating and tables for refurbishment of the iconic Met Bar in London. Armchairs, low stools and bar stools from the Pastille Collection from Morgan were chosen for their ideal blend of comfort and elegance. There is also a strong element of bespoke design to meet specific project requirements.Created by Morgan Design Director, Katerina Zachariades, Pastille is a modern and versatile seating collection which combines generous upholstery with show wood detailing. In the Met Bar, padded cushions and upholstered chair backs are smartly dressed in orange and chocolate brown leather and teamed with dark wood to create a prestigious, elegant space.

An exemplary example of bespoke design from Morgan is the L-shaped seating that takes pride of place in the window of the bar. Based around the Pastille 5052 model armchair, the approximate 3.5 x 1.5m seating section is one of the first items on view when entering the bar so was important to make a positive impact. Bespoke tables were also designed for the project with an inlaid glass detail and bespoke base.

Set within the cool and contemporary Metropolitan Hotel in Old Park Lane, the Met Bar was first opened in 1997 and fast became an established location for a great London night out. This iconic bar has now received a major renovation resulting in a new look and style that is fit for a new era of sophisticated living. Morgan worked successfully to a tight deadline and closely with the design team throughout the project including designer, Linzi Coppick, from Forme UK and client, Comojo UK Ltd. Close contact was maintained on site with Mark Oberney and General Manager of the Metropolitan Hotel, Thomas Orchard.

Alternative Lodging provision in the Western Cape, South Africa

Daniel Fountain

In Europe finding places to stay between Review hotels has led to finds of interesting operations and interiors – for example the Noma Residences in Poland or the refurbished Kyriad chain in France.

In South Africa there are similar discoveries to be made. In travelling around this country it is quite possible to look ahead on the web to find intermediate stops as one does in Europe – distances are great and if you don’t want to spend your entire holiday in a car then sensible breaks in choice spots are needed. In Africa driving can be more challenging – starting with the unfamiliar hire car, but continuing through unsurfaced tracks and infinitely variable driving skills (on the part of other drivers of course). The cost of an average B&B is around R400 per person a night (about £33 in 2012) for bed and breakfast but this can be very variable.Paying more does not mean that the standard will be better. It is also sensible to find a rental as a base if you are visiting for any length of time. I am fortunate to have relations in Hout Bay, a suburb of Cape Town (although it calls itself the Independent Republic of Hout Bay) where I can leave the main bulk of my luggage and travel light, returning to write up experiences or to change clothing.

Travelling over 500 miles to visit an hotel necessarily involves intermediate stops, and the hotels I want to see often do not lend themselves to any other form of transport than the car. The base rental of course can become the whole holiday if you do not want to be touring, and there are plenty of vacation properties available to rent if you know where you want to go. In some seaside towns 80% of the properties are holiday homes.

As an example I took a couple of weekend breaks at Sanderling Beach House on the beach at Dwarskerbos, St Helena Bay on the West Coast about 100 miles north of Cape Town. This three bedroom three bathroom house sits on the beach with a spectacular view of the ocean, where I have seen whales and dolphins, and is just down the road from a major bird reserve. Fairly isolated it is still just a short drive to a selection of restaurants, and there is a major supermarket down the road in the fishing port of Velddriff. Nearly all the surrounding properties are second homes, giving isolation during the week, miles of empty beaches.

B&B’s examples here include the Mymering winery near Ladismith (no, that’s a different Ladysmith – relieved?) and a spectacular B&B Wildlife reserve in Outsdhoorn where I saw African Clawless Otters at close range, as well as a more traditional B&B in Riversdale.

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New from Volga Linen – Softened Linen Throws

Daniel Fountain

These softened linen throws from Volga Linen are a stylish addition for the end of your bed or chair, adding colour and comfort.Click here to see the range of colours.

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17 Langton Street, SW10 0JL
Tel: 0207 3525616

Focus SB Puts the Spark Back Into Scottish Market

Daniel Fountain

Electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB has appointed a new agent for Scotland following a significant rise in interest for its products north of the border.Angus Cartwright, Director of Cartwright Lighting Associates, used to run an electrical wholesaler until he sold it six years ago. He made a move into lighting consultancy and then started his own business, as he explains: “We operate throughout Scotland and I am regularly speaking to architects and consultant engineers specifying lighting controls and accessories,” he says. “I see accessories and lighting plates as a key element of a lighting solution and Focus SB manufactures some of the best plates on the market.”

Focus SB is one of the few UK companies to make metal and clear acrylic thermoplastic plates used to control multi-room sound and entertainment systems, lighting and heating, and can manufacture any quantity without long lead times, as Angus continues:
“It was this complete bespoke service that led to discussions with Focus SB and our new working partnership. I will be specifying its range for all projects in the future and I am delighted to be working with its products and designers.”

Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB, says that he is pleased to welcome Angus as a member of the team: “We are sure he will continue to provide the high standard of service that our customers have come to expect, and increase specifiers’ awareness of our products and bespoke capabilities.”

Craster Announces New Partnerships with USA Sales Representatives

Daniel Fountain

For any enquiries regarding Craster’s 2012 collection, please contact the following regional sales representatives based in the US:Chicago
Laurence Noguier
Tel: 312 203 9843

Brown South Inc.
Tel: 954 332 6429
Cell: 954 850 4263

NYC Metro Area
Fouts & Associates
Cell: 646 228 1738

Northern California, Reno/Tahoe & Hawaii
Robert King Associates
Tel: 415 989 5866
Tel from Hawaii: 800 599 5464

Please visit our website to see our entire 2012 collection: www.craster.com

In the Shade with the Modern Garden Company

Daniel Fountain

The all-new Shade element from the Modern Garden Company, is a unique one stop for elegant sails, clever canopies, stylish parasols and really useful umbrellas.From the expansive automated Sunsquare to the ever-so witty Gullliver parasol and everything in between, each product series is designed to meet the needs of providing shade to every type of exterior space and budget.

Easy-Sell Haven

Daniel Fountain

UK shower manufacturer Haven, part of the Roman group of Companies, has been updating their high quality, affordable Haven range with a number of key improvements to existing products, alongside the introduction of new product additions to expand the range and further drive its popularity. Upgrades to the range include the addition of pre-coated glass protection as standard to all enclosures and bath screens in the collection. To ensure a long life and easy cleaning, all Haven Enclosures and Bath Screens are now pre-coated with Roman’s award winning glass protection pre-coating as standard. This can then be topped up and maintained by using Roman Ultra Care as part of your weekly cleaning routine to ensure total on-going protection.

Alongside this the Haven Side Panels have been updated and redesigned so they are now frameless, in line with current bathroom trends. New product additions to the range include the addition of Wetroom Panels, along with 7 new sizing options for their popular Corner Entry enclosure.

The new Wetroom Panels include 800, 900, 1000 and 1200mm width fittings and come complete with a Chrome Bracing Bar. The Panels offer 25mm of adjustment in the wall profile and are reversible for left or right hand fitting, ensuring a quick and straight forward installation.

The new Corner Entry Sizing options have been introduced following demand from UK retail, contract and Export partners, who are looking for more options than your standard 760 Corner Entry, and in particular who are now looking for an offset take on the Corner Entry. The new sizing options include 700 x 700, 800 x 800, 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000, 800 x 1200, 800 x 900 and 700 x 900mm, ensuring there is something for every sized bathroom.

The new Corner Entry and Wetroom Panels feature 6mm thick glass with bright silver framing to perfectly blend with modern bathroom décor. Both options stand at 1850mm high. They are also backed by a 10 year guarantee for added peace of mind.

The Haven range is a high quality affordable collection, which offers all the typical enclosure footprints and styles that are poplar for the UK bathroom. Haven was launched by leading UK shower manufacturer Roman limited in 2005 and is part of the Roman Group. It is now manufactured in the UK in Roman’s manufacturing plant.

David Osborne, Managing Director of the Roman Group, commented: “Our Haven range of enclosures and bath screens is going from strength to strength. Its popularity has driven continuous on-going development of the range, which sees these new options being designed and launched. It has become a champion for those looking for a genuine alternative to cheap imported enclosures and bath screens. The range is 100% designed and manufactured in the UK and this has become a key requirement now for many of our UK and Export partners who are looking for a high quality but affordable product.”

Fameed Khalique introduces a collection dedicated to light

Daniel Fountain

The LcD textile collection by Luc Druez (available through Fameed Khalique) is a limited edition of ‘hijacked’ fabrics made from reclaimed technical fibres. These awe-inspiring materials are produced in small-scale specialist workshops in Belgium, France and Italy for use in private home decoration, haute couture and interior design. Their fantastical forms also lend themselves to wider creative use: in the hotel industry, for window dressing, restaurants, theatres, and for accessories, clothing, hats and bags. Paris-based Luc Druez’s work can be found on the catwalks of haute couture fashion shows (including Christian Dior, Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton), in the theatre and opera, and in the projects of the greatest decorators such as Peter Marino and Andrée Putman. He calls the people who bring his textiles to life in transparent settings or in movement around the body the ‘stage managers’ in his work.

In an interior setting the translucent nature of the fabrics is a perfect partner where there is a light-source, natural or otherwise, or where there is a need for blinds, screens or dividers. They have the industry standards and specifications to also be used on walls or for seating in a commercial or private environment.

What is truly unique about the collection is that all the materials used to create the collection share a technical background in one way or another, ranging from fishing-rod string to PVC. Each salvaged material holds its own unique property that is fundamental to its end form.

Fishing-rod string: creates a translucent, strong, washable yarn
Polyurethane gum: cast on to a textured yarn this produces a leather look-alike with flame-resistant properties that can be shaped and moulded
Electrician’s copper wire: oxidized in an infinite palette of colours, each one unique. The magnetic field of this metal is most in tune with the human body than any other precious metal
Synthetic raffia: this mass-dyed filament yarn is highly UV-resistant and is fully washable
PVC: transparent and available in unlimited colours, it is also naturally flame-resistant
Cellophane: ultra light, transparent and light-reflecting

Born in Belgian Luc Druez studied music at the Brussels Conservatoire before an unfortunate lapse of memory during a concert caused him to abandon his career to look for another means of artistic expression. His grandfather, a tailor, inspired him to produce textile creations that would have a tangible existence, one that was more lasting than the memory of a concert performance. He has worked as a textiles research consultant for the past 15 years.

The first LcD collection was unveiled in Paris during Luc Druez’s solo exhibition in 1995 at the Marine Biras Textile Gallery. Since then, the LcD edition has been present at trade fairs in Belgium (Intérieur show, Courtrai), Paris (Maison & Objet), Milan (Salon del Mobile), London (100% Design) and Japan (Ichinomiya Foundation), in temporary exhibitions and as hangings at shows (Lille 2004 and Designers Days, to name just two). Luc Druez also works as a textile research consultant in many textile firms and in schools. His original pieces form part of public and private collections.

Add a Touch of Spring with Vibrant Chinese Yellow Linen

Daniel Fountain

Available from Volga Linen, this Chinese yellow linen is suitable for curtains, blinds, loose covers and cushion covers.Click here to view additional colours.

Tel: +44 (0) 84 44 88 16 08
Swatches available on request

Contra Curtains Completes Installation for The Charing Cross Hotel

Daniel Fountain

Contra Curtains have recently completed the supply of soft furnishings to The Charing Cross Hotel which is part of Guoman Hotels. Working closely with the Guoman Hotels’ team and Stuart Bradbury at ADS Design, Contra supplied all soft furnishing items to 85 Executive Rooms and the Executive lobby. The transformation of the Buckingham Wing is chic and intimate with the interior design bringing this vision to life through use of rich dark shades, opulent fabrics and signature statement pieces.

Contra Curtains are completing numerous projects across London in partnership with Thistle Hotels and further news on these exciting projects will follow.

Hamilton Litestat approved to host RIBA seminars

Daniel Fountain

Decorative electrical wiring accessories, audio and lighting control manufacturer Hamilton Litestat has received RIBA approval on its new seminar: ‘Putting You in Control.’The interactive seminar, which has been created by Hamilton’s in-house team of experts and accredited by RIBA, focuses on the environments and uses for lighting controls, applications for lighting systems and an introduction to multi-room audio distribution. RIBA has assessed that the seminar fits into the core curriculum of its CPD (continuing professional development) scheme, which means that chartered RIBA architects can now use the seminar towards their annual core curriculum requirement.

As part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, Hamilton will be able to take direct bookings for the seminar from architects and other construction industry professionals. The presentation will be delivered by Hamilton’s in-house wiring accessory and control system experts, who will be available to visit workplaces throughout the UK to give the presentation. Alternatively, Hamilton can also provide space for seminars if required, including at The Building Centre in London and at one of its manufacturing bases in Bristol.

Hamilton has over 40 years’ experience manufacturing largely British-made electrical wiring accessories and lighting control systems. It currently supplies a range of controls from simple dimmers to the sophisticated scene-setting options found in its Mercury lighting and multi-room audio systems.

“Saving energy and making buildings smarter and more intuitive is such a huge focus at the moment that we thought it would be useful to create a practical, interactive presentation on how lighting and audio controls can contribute to this field,” said Ian Hamilton, managing director of Hamilton Litestat. “We’re very pleased to have been accredited by RIBA, especially within the core CPD curriculum, and would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their understanding and earning credits towards their CPD to get in touch.”

To book a ‘Putting You in Control’ seminar from Hamilton Litestat or for more information, call 01747 860088 or email info@hamilton-litestat.com

Besselink & Jones, Manufacturers of Fine Art Lighting

Daniel Fountain

Besselink & Jones workshops have a wealth of experience and expertise producing classic picture lights and are proud to continue the tradition of outstanding British workmanship with our range of fine art lighting.Picture and library lights use standard candle bulbs or LED-linear, spot or candle bulbs for fine art lighting applications that require a low UV and low heat light source. All of our lights can be wired for the United Kingdom, North America or Europe as standard, we can amend designs such as backplate size and cowl length. Available in brass, bronzes, nickels and chromes; picture lights can be made either wall-mounted or frame- mounted and to your specifications.

Besselink & Jones have a strong heritage of traditional British engineering skills. Our well-established west London workshop has been expertly converting ceramics and other decorative treasures into unique lamps for more than fifty years. We continue to take great pride in our work specialising in brass-turning, crafting in bronze, metal plating, wood-carving, hand-painting and colour- matching. Whichever technique we are using, we understand that there are no short-cuts when it comes to producing well engineered lighting pieces of the highest quality.

Haven Moves Production to UK

Daniel Fountain

Shower manufacturer Haven, part of the Roman group of Companies, is bucking the current trend by moving the manufacture of their sister company’s range of enclosures and bath screens away from China and will instead be manufacturing the products at their County Durham factory headquarters. Roman has proudly flown the flag of British design and manufacture since they were founded in 1985. However, in a move engineered to combat low cost, low quality imports from China, Roman set up sister company Haven in 2006. Haven introduced a range of price sensitive models that are carefully designed by Roman’s team of designers, but to remain price competitive, they were manufactured in China. The company has now decided the time is right to move the manufacture of these products to the UK, so they will be produced alongside their other shower enclosures and bath screens.

This move has been enabled due to the movement of the pound against the US dollar, coupled with higher costs from the Far East, which has seen the price of imported goods experiencing great fluctuation – this is alongside increased shipping costs. Roman has made the decision to take advantage of the company’s own infrastructure and, due to the rapid growth in demand for Haven products, moving the manufacture in-house to Roman now makes sense financially for the company.

Roman began the move of Haven product manufacture to the UK in March 2011, this was then done in two phases with all remaining products being moved to UK manufacture at the end of 2011. Following the move, Roman has been backing the Stoves campaign to promote and support UK manufacture and is promoting all Roman and Haven products as being UK manufactured by displaying the Stoves ‘Made in Britain’ tick logo.

The Haven range is a low cost alternative to Roman’s own range of products which are designed with the highest specification for the luxury end of the bathroom market.

Roman Group Managing Director, David Osborne commented: “Being a British designer and manufacturer is very important to us as a company. Therefore we are extremely pleased to be able to move the manufacture of all Haven products into the main factory in Newton Aycliffe. At Roman we have over 25 years experience of manufacturing showering solutions and prefer to keep a close eye on all our products as they are built and delivered. Due to the current market conditions and the popularity of the Haven products, we are now able to make the move and bring the manufacture of these products in house. We have stringent quality control measures for all our products and this will now be applicable to all the Haven enclosures and bath screens. We are proud now to be able to promote these products as being UK manufactured.”

Ideal Standard Launches ‘Ideal Solutions’ For Hotels

Daniel Fountain

Ideal Standard International, the leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, has launched a new range of products and services designed to provide an all-inclusive solution for selecting, installing and maintaining hotel bathrooms.With this new strategic focus, the company aims to increase its market share by enabling hotels throughout the UK to attract more visitors and additional revenue throughout 2012 in what has become a tough economic climate.

Tony Rheinberg, Ideal Standard Marketing Manager commented, “We understand how valuable the right bathroom can be to both a hotelier and its guests. A hotel bathroom should inspire and excite, be easy to maintain, and look good every day. There is no ‘one size fits all’ hotel bathroom solution and so it’s important to be flexible. At Ideal Standard, we can help with bathroom installations ranging from high-end guest rooms to spas to public washrooms.”

Ideal Standard developed the simple three-step approach – Ideal Vision, Ideal Plan, and Ideal Care – to meet a growing demand in the hotel sector for a single company which can help design, plan and then maintain all aspects of a bathroom. These three platforms will support architects and designers with a full project package – from visualisation, through project planning and specifications, to dedicated customer contact support and maintenance post-fit.

Ideal Vision shows customers the vision of what can be possible with a new bathroom, in an artistic and unique way. Ideal Standard’s comprehensive resources include:
• The Bath Room, a unique resource centre in Clerkenwell, London, which allows you to view, select and build the perfect bathroom;
• Room visualisation – a bathroom vision is brought to life through 3D visuals, showing how different product options will work together;
• Idealspec – a brand new website that holds all the information needed to create comprehensive specification for the bathroom.

Ideal Plan guides and supports customers throughout the project to ensure they choose the right product for the job, and that all components work together. This solution includes project tracking, sustainable thinking to reduce water wastage, installation support and mock–up training.

Ideal Care begins once the products are fitted, providing ongoing support for a business following installation. The Ideal Care package includes low maintenance products which are efficient in use, a bathroom ‘first aid kit’ for easy maintenance, quick delivery of parts and spares, and dedicated customer contact.

High quality for High Security

Daniel Fountain

Wright’s Fine Furniture’s high class installation team, headed by Colin Wright, was asked to supply additional units for Lincolnshire High security prison.The booth and bench seating not only had to look good, but also had to be able to withstand extremely tough treatment.

Wright’s fine Furniture specialise in hospitality furniture, mainly for the restaurant trade. Their portfolio includes Blenheim Palace, The Savoy Hotel, The BBC, Covent Garden Opera Company and many more.

For more information on how Wrights Fine Furniture can help with your project, please contact them on 01743 821 800 or sales-team@wrightsfinefurniture.com. Layout design and site survey are just part of the service.

Handmade Organic Mattress is Latest Celebrity Must Have Item

Daniel Fountain

There are many reasons why celebrities such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow have chosen to buy from innovative mattress manufacturer Naturalmat. It could be that A-listers adore the low carbon footprint, the overall healthier sleeping environment, not to mention their mattresses provide excellent levels of both support and comfort. However it’s the renewable materials contained within Naturalmat mattresses that really makes them so appealing.The most luxurious adult mattress within the Naturalmat range is the Cashmere. Coir (coconut fibre) is one of this mattress’s prime components. Naturalmat use certified organic coir from the only certified organic coconut plantation in the world. Coir fibre is incredibly resilient and fantastically springy, making it a perfect natural component for mattresses. It also ensures unbeatable airflow and excellent support to promote healthy and natural sleep.

The organic lambswool used within the Cashmere comes from Soil Association certified farms in Devon, Dorset and Somerset. It is processed on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the River Dart, which is then recycled back into the river afterwards. Naturalmat add an extract of essential oils during this process, which includes lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. These essential oils render the wool anti dust mite and anti moth. Wool is a natural fire retardant so The Cashmere is chemical free. Wool has brilliant natural properties of ventilation and insulation, as well as being wonderfully soft and fluffy.

The natural latex layer within this mattress comes directly from the milky sap of the rubber tree. Once the sap is collected, it is pumped full of air to create a foamy white froth before it is set in a large oven. The natural elasticity of the rubber gives the latex layer fantastic properties of enduring support. The open cell structure of latex foam makes it naturally antimicrobial, ensuring no dust mites can live in it, so it remains naturally breathable and totally hypoallergenic.

Finally cashmere completes the lavish list of internal layers by adding soft spring and comfort to the mattress. Cashmere is incredibly sumptuous and like wool it is a fantastic insulator.

All Naturalmat cotton covers are treated with a natural anti bed bug treatment which is derived from geraniol (citrus based). In tests this revolutionary process has proven to eliminate any bed bug that comes into contact with the cover within 72 hours. Cotton also has a unique ability to ventilate and wick away humidity and perspiration enabling the body to keep an even temperature.

Revel in Revelry from Axminster Carpets Commercial

Daniel Fountain

The launch of Revelry from Axminster Carpets Commercial is redefining the manufacturer’s stock contract axminster carpet offering with the introduction of its broadest ever collection. With a total of 80 options, Revelry makes available 20 designs in a choice of four universal groundshade colourways. Including new designs, as well as the most popular highlights of the previous stock contract range, Revelry makes finding woven axminster carpet quick and easy. From reception or bar to restaurant or meeting room, the collection possesses enough variety to cater for diverse interior styles.

Gary Bridge, Design Director, Axminster Carpets Commercial explains: “The key to the success of any stock contract carpet range is to ensure that the designs cater not only for a widecross section of locations, but also to a broad range of interior styles. With Revelry we’ve achieved a balance between stylish contemporary and traditional designs and an aesthetic that balances with various interior schemes.

“In a slight change of direction compared to our bespoke or semi-bespoke Ready to Weave concepts, the stock Revelry options are designed to harmonise with existing interiors rather than acting as basis for their creation. Given the short lead times, we see Revelry as perfect for those specifiers and owners who need a quick and fuss-free carpet for their interior.”

Using dark blue, red, black and grey groundshades, the Revelry collection is woven in a 3.66m width in the heart of the Devon countryside with Axminster Carpets’ famous attention-to-detail. Manufactured in an 80% wool 20% nylon mix for the best combination of appearance retention, durability and value, carpets within the Revelry collection are available from stock for quick delivery.

For further information telephone 01297 630630 or e-mail commercial@axminster-carpets.co.uk

Success for Frankled LED Products at ARC Show, London

Daniel Fountain

Franklite officially launched the Frankled brand of decorative LED products at the recent ARC show in London and it was very well received.The products shown are uniformly lit decorative LED pendants containing dimmable gear, integral 3 hour emergency and presence / absence detection ensuring energy savings are optimized at all times. The saving can be up to 80% over tungsten lamps without compromising on aesthetics.

Franklite are also launching the led13 Duo which is a viable LED alternative light source for chandeliers. The end result from these new products is a well lit hotel which costs less to light than the dull minimum wattage lamps so often used to minimize bills.

The Frankled brand will have its European launch at Light and Building exhibition in Frankfurt in April.

Full details of these new products can be obtained from Franklite and demonstrations can be arranged.

Transform the office environment with digital wallpaper

Daniel Fountain

Signbox have seen a significant increase in demand for their digital wallpaper, as more and more companies come to appreciate that this innovative yet cost-effective display treatment can completely transform the look and feel of the office environment. The effect is all the more dramatic now that Signbox have installed a ‘state of the art’ industrial ink jet printer that prints large format graphics at a high resolution of up to 1728 dpi – fine art quality.Any image or graphics can be used to create digital wallpaper – increasingly it’s the ideal solution for new build, contemporary and refurbished interiors. The finished visual effect is striking and can be used to create a fun, stimulating, inspiring or simply aesthetically pleasing workplace environment. It’s a popular option for partition walls, walkways, breakout, meeting and reception areas.

To cater for the demand for digital wallpaper and other large format display solutions, Signbox have recently formed their EG (Environmental Graphics) Division. Commenting on this development, Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, said, “The new division was formed to meet the rapidly rising demand for digitally printed environmental wallpaper. And so that we could be highly competitive on price we invested a six-figure sum on a new Durst Omega 1 industrial ink jet printer. This is a quantum leap in large format print quality, producing truly stunning results”.

All Change at The Modern Garden Company

Daniel Fountain

Bringing together all of the Elements that combine to create the perfect exterior space, The Modern Garden Company have launched a stunning new website for 2012.www.moderngarden.co.uk defines us, the way we do business and the exceptional products and services that we offer to our customers.

The first of the elements, Furniture, focuses on the latest and the most enduring collections from the best exterior furniture specialists, including Paola Lenti, Manutti and Tribu/Versus. Each Collection is described through ambient images and is supported with a description of every item in the series.

Two further elements, Shade and Essentials, will follow shortly along with details of The Outdoor Collective, our newly formed alliance of exterior specialists offering a unique turnkey service for the hospitality industry.

Dixon Turner Introduces the Isometric Range

Daniel Fountain

The UK’s leading independent wallcovering manufacture, Dixon Turner is pleased to introduce Isometric Range to its Newmor Studio collection. The Isometric collection by Newmor Studio is a stunning collection of 8 isometric designs, each creating fabulous 3 dimensional effects in 2 dimensions! By clever use of shading and highlighting, the sense of depth on the wall is amazing, so much so that you feel drawn to touch the surface to see if it actually is a flat surface!

Printed in a wide-ranging palette of colours, the collection offers huge scope for anyone looking for ideas for a dramatic feature wall. Some of the designs are printed onto a metallic base, which gives the deep saturated colours extra sheen and interest. The designs are Flute, Fold, Shade, Canopy, Luna, Origami, Furl and Wave. Each design is available in graphic Black and White and 3 other colourways, but there is a bespoke colouring service available where the Design Studio can colour up the design to a customer’s requirements.

The Isometric collection is produced using the latest digital printing technology, combining the performance of UV cured inks with the flexibility of Newmor’s in house design team and the proven quality of our vinyl.

For more information on the Isometric range or any other Dixon Turner designs, please contact our sales team on: 0870 606 1237, alternatively you can email sales@dixon-turner.co.uk

Naturalmat are Recognised Finalists at DEBI Awards

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Topsham based mattress manufacturer Naturalmat were honoured at the 19th Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) Awards Ceremony, which took place at the Met Office. Naturalmat were selected as finalists in the Environmental Goods and Services Large Business Category by the DEBI judges. Television presenter Dick Strawbridge was the star attraction at the event and presented Naturalmat with their deserving certificate, as well as a bottle of locally produced sparkling wine from Pebblebed Vineyards. Naturalmat are an innovative company who create handmade organic mattresses from natural fibres and fully sustainable materials, some of the organic components used include coir, cotton and Soil Association certified organic wool. Naturalmat mattresses are supportive, anti bed bug, anti dust mite and hypoallergenic. Naturalmat customers are able to get the best night’s sleep possible, as not only are their mattresses incredibly comfortable, but customers can also rest with a clear conscience knowing that their mattress has been created with minimal environmental impact.

One of the key components within Naturalmat mattresses is coir, which comes from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. All coconuts used are grown organically and in an environmentally responsible way. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used, as Naturalmat prefer to use organic compost to encourage a sustainable farming program.
The organic lambswool used within mattresses is cleaned on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the River Dart. The water is then filtered, cleaned and returned to the river without any environmental impact. The dirt is washed out of the wool and then goes into an anaerobic digester to make organic compost.

‘We strive to be great ambassadors for the county and are thrilled to receive recognition from DEBI. The judges have seen that we create a handmade high value product that has been made with minimal energy resources and environmental impact. We have taken extra time and effort to create a sustainable item and this has ultimately led to our success at this ceremony. We are very proud of our Devon roots and strive to promote this beautiful county to the best of our ability to our customers located all over the world,’ said Marie Taylor Naturalmat’s Online Marketing Manager.

Crystal Caviar s.r.o to Exhibit at Dubai International Boat Show

Daniel Fountain

Crystal Caviar are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show which runs from the 13-17 March 2012.
Their stand number is NGP-H9 in the ‘Equipment Supplies and Services’ sector.

Please drop by and say hello!

About the show
With over 750 leading companies and brands at the show, grab a sneak peak now of all the exciting brands, products and world-premiers you can expect to see come March 13.

Whether you are sourcing a new luxury superyacht, small fishing boat or the latest new dive equipment, the Dubai Boat Show, 20th Anniversary satisfies all marine needs.

BUTAQUE contemporary garden chairs

Daniel Fountain

Part of the CIMA collection, an extensive range of modern design garden furniture, these BUTAQUE garden dining chairs, available from Encompass Furniture & Accessories, are pure, minimalist and architectural in design and available in a range of contemporary colours.The high grade stainless steel frame give these indoor/ outdoor chairs an ultra modern look and when used with a Doble or Cuadrado garden dining table from FueraDentro, offer an excellent contemporary dining solution.

As well as being availble in the standard brushed fininsh the high grade stainless steel frames are also available in a range of colour powder-coated finishes as well as electro-polished. These choices mean that the Butaque chair is a perfect choice even for extremely harsh conditions and marine environments.

Designed by European designer Hendrik Steenbakkers, CIMA garden chairs are built to a very high quality from the highest quality materials. Designed for lifelong function, the materials exceed standards for durability and with are great for entertaining family and friends all year round both indoors and out.

The CIMA collection was the first range to be launched by the young design furniture label based on the Prinsengracht Canal in the heart of Amsterdam. This extensive range of clean and aesthetically pleasing modern design garden furniture now includes dining tables, low tables, carver chairs, lounge chairs, sun loungers, lounge sofas, coffee tables, footstools and planters.

Materials employed for the Fuera Dentro CIMA collection include high grade stainless steel, Belgian bluestone, batyline mesh fabric, toughened glass and teak. All these materials are highly weather resistant, allowing you to enjoy your furniture outdoors all year-round; great looks and comfort during the summer, and the pleasure and peace of mind of looking outdoors during the winter months and appreciating the furniture’s clean design and very low maintenance. Batyline fabric is UV, mildew and stain resistant and has a comfortable spring to it. The fabric also has a memory, which returns the fabric to its’ former position when you sit up out of the furniture.

The stainless steel elements to the furniture are optionally available in an electro polished finish. This provides optimum durability and resistance to even the harshest of marine environments.

Shapely Button-Back Seating Harmonises with Interiors

Daniel Fountain

A distinctive button-back option has extended the already diverse range of Panama informal seating by Design at Knightsbridge, with a consignment of dining chairs in the new design chosen to enhance the eclectic ambience at Tompkins restaurant in London’s Canary Wharf.Created to harmonise with contemporary and traditional interiors alike, Panama chairs and sofas are based on traditionally-jointed frames in solid timber, with fixed seats to maintain a tidy appearance. Upholstery can be either fabric or hide and the elegantly tapered legs are available in a selection of standard wood-stains or in bespoke finishes to order.

In addition to the button-back Panama dining chairs installed at Tompkins, Design at Knightsbridge offers coordinating armchairs and sofas: all are characterised by shapely sweeping sides and a practical, compact footprint.

Design at Knightsbridge embraces exclusive collections of seating, tables and occasional furniture created for the international hospitality arena. To view the company’s full portfolio, visit www.design-at-knightsbridge.co.uk

Fameed Khalique introduces Chella luxury outdoor fabrics to the UK

Daniel Fountain

Fameed Khalique, specialist in innovative and inspiring surface materials introduces a pioneering collection of luxury outdoor fabrics by Chella Textiles to the UK. This outstanding and exceptionally durable collection contains the industry’s first solution-dyed acrylic fabrics guaranteed not to fade and to withstand harsh treatment from sun, rain, freezing temperatures and wear and tear.

The technical bit…
Whilst most fabrics are created from fibres that are initially colourless and then dyed, these solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are created when a liquid acrylic solution is combined with precisely-determined colours before the coloured liquid is transformed into fibres.

The fabrics are unique…
These fabrics marry technological innovation with style with over 200 traditional and contemporary designs available, including Solids & Textures, Stripes, Sheers and Patterns. Despite being made out of acrylic, the fabrics recreate natural fibre constructions like linen, velvet and chenille so they look and feel astonishingly natural and are supremely soft to the touch. The fabrics offer something new, beautiful and of utmost quality for both residential and commercial projects, from hotel suites, terraces, pool and spa areas, bathrooms, family rooms and nurseries.

All fabrics are guaranteed not to fade when exposed to sunlight or attract mildew, meaning they can be left out all year round, even bleach won’t affect the solution-dye colour and all fabrics are machine-washable. Custom bespoke patterns and colours are available upon request from Fameed Khalique.

Finishing touches…
Woven from the same solution-dyed acrylic yarns, the Finishing Touch Trim Collection is designed to withstand the elements come rain or shine. The collection is comprised of seven styles of braid, tape, fringe and tie-backs of hand-carved mahogany and opalized quartz, which complement every colour palette.

New bathroom mirrors based on LED from Baulmann Leuchten

Daniel Fountain

At the hospitality show “Internorga 2012” Baulmann Leuchten introduced another illuminated bathroom mirror based on LED-technology. The frame of this new mirror can be produced in polished stainless steel or any painted finishes such as dark-bronze, black, etc. As a standard in the Baulmann bathroom range, the product has a protection rating of IP44, which makes it suitable for the use in bathrooms and wet locations. The warm-white LED, integrated behind the frosted circular diffusor, provides an all-over glare free illumination.

Besides the standard size of dia. 700 mm (with a height of only 26 mm with integrated LED-driver!) this mirror can be produced to almost every individual size thanks to the flexibility of the integrated LED.

The pictures are copyright by Baulmann

Signbox release new guide to workplace graphics

Daniel Fountain

Signbox have just released a new guide to workplace graphics; called ‘EG’ (for Environmental Graphics) this comprehensive, glossy brochure should prove an invaluable tool for architects, interior designers, facilities managers, shop fitters, developers, building contractors, property managers and anyone else with a professional interest in the look and feel of the built or working environment.More and more companies are investing in inspirational environmental graphics as they recognise that the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace can have a profound effect on staff, visitors and stakeholders. This growing interest has fuelled a sea change in workplace graphics with Signbox at the forefront of the many new developments like wayfinding wallpaper and digitally printed glass manifestations.

In essence the new EG guide shows the full capability of Signbox’s recently formed Environmental Graphics (EG) division that followed a six-figure investment by the company in a ‘state of the art’ print facility. This revolutionary new print technology can produce large format graphics at fine art quality. The result is bright and visually inspiring graphics that can transform commercial spaces, add value to a business proposition, express the culture of an organisation and, not least, improve the productivity of its workforce.

For a copy of the new guide call the company on 01784 438688 and for further information about Signbox visit www.signbox.co.uk.

Sattara from Dixon Turner

Daniel Fountain

Sattara is a new fabric backed contract wallcovering from Dixon Turner. It is a subtle horizontal textile print effect combined with a natural woven texture. It is both smart and understated.The small slubs in the prints add great depth to the design, and the textile emboss makes it a wonderfully useable wallcovering.

The colour palette has been designed with many end uses in mind; from the beautiful natural shades of ivory, cream and oatmeal, to the deep luxurious golds, chocolate and charcoal shades. Dusky grey green is teamed with rich autumnal red and a cool sophisticated silver grey.

For more information on the Sattara or any other Dixon Turner designs, please contact our sales team on: 0870 606 1237, alternatively you can email sales@dixon-turner.co.uk

Luxury lighting scheme by Chelsom for Windstar fleet

Daniel Fountain

Working alongside cruise specialists McVitty Interior Consultants of London and Trimline Interiors of Southampton, Chelsom have been appointed to manufacture and supply all the cabin lighting across the Windstar fleet, comprising Wind Surf, Wind Spirit and Wind Star. As part of the multi-million dollar fleet refurbishment plan which was launched last Autumn, Chelsom is also in the process of designing bespoke public area lighting on this luxurious fleet.

The bespoke cabin lighting was designed to exude luxury, and create ambience to enhance the rich interior scheme created by McVitty. Being involved by the designers right from the concept stage allowed Chelsom to play a pivotal role in the design, ensuring that the product was perfect for a marine environment.

The bespoke combination wall brackets which offer general bedside lighting together with directional flexi-arm LED reading light, have already been supplied for Wind Surf. Finished in a beautiful satin brass finish, the brackets are completed by silk pebble coloured shades. For the lounge area, the designers specified heavily ribbed blown glass table lamps from Chelsom in smoked grey colour with matching silk shades. For stability, the lamp bases were adapted to be securely fitted to the wooden furniture.

In April, when the Wind Star and Wind Spirit yachts reach wetdock, the same specification of lighting will be installed in both ships, along with additional public areas lighting. For the reception areas, Chelsom is putting together prototype design proposals with McVitty Interiors for large scale central reception pendants which will be stunning.

Will Chelsom, who heads up the Chelsom cruise division comments, ”We are extremely happy with the lighting products we’re supplying to the Windstar projects. In my opinion, McVItty and Trimline Interiors have created the most striking and luxurious looking Cruise Ship cabins I have ever seen. I am so glad that Chelsom can claim to be a part of this superb trio of refurbishment projects.”

Chelsom will be exhibiting at the Cruise Shipping Miami exhibition next month, from March 12-15th where they will be previewing some of the new Edition 23 catalogue lighting products to be launched in May.

New Signbox ‘EG’ division enhances its single point resource offer

Daniel Fountain

Created following a six figure investment in ‘state of the art’ print technology, Signbox’s new Environmental Graphics (EG) division is now fully operational.

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments, “The new EG division was established to simultaneously exploit the extraordinary capability of our new Durst Omega 1 UV inkjet printer and meet the growing demand for digitally printed environmental graphics.“Increasingly companies now recognise that the ambience of the workplace – how it both looks and feels – can positively affect and influence staff, customers, visitors and stakeholders. Environmental Graphics can personalise workspaces with inspirational imagery, text and logos that encapsulates messages and reinforces brand identity. Breakout areas, meeting rooms, internal office spaces, and reception and sales areas can all be transformed into bright, energising spaces that stimulate senses and enhance well-being.

“With our new EG division we can now manage the production process of large format printing in-house. This allows us to be far more competitively priced, yet with a capability to print at high resolution, up to 1728 dpi, direct-to-surface on a range of material from metal to coloured media, as well as achieving perfect results on transparent surfaces including glass, acrylic and film.

“The Durst Omega 1 allows us to manufacture and supply wall coverings, glass manifestation, partitions, banners and screens, with a fine art quality that ensures consistently accurate printing for us to maintain the highest quality benchmarked standards that we’re renowned for.

“The new EG division is very much in keeping with the Signbox ethos of providing a single point resource for consultancy, signage strategy, design, manufacture, project management and installation”.

Now that the EG Division is operational, Signbox have produced a free presentation pack with print samples that demonstrates the extraordinary variety of surfaces and materials that can be printed onto and the finished quality. For a free sample pack call the company on 01784 438688 and for further information about Signbox visit www.signbox.co.uk.

MediaHub HD™ included in Eccleston Square Hotel guestrooms

Daniel Fountain

TeleAdapt is pleased to announce London’s Eccleston Square Hotel has included its MediaHub HD™ connectivity panel as part of ultra-modern in-room entertainment amenity. MediaHub HD wireless music streaming is one of the many technologies that offer that ‘wow factor’ our guests expect from the most high-tech hotel in London,” said Olivia Byrne, hotel director. “In searching for the most cutting edge technology that will impress our guests, we were advised to use the MediaHub HD for its ability to pair guest iPods or other music players and play them wirelessly in the room, without using any cabling or docks. It was intuitive, easy to use and had the contemporary features we were looking for.”

In addition to wireless music streaming, Eccleston Square Hotel guests can use MediaHub HD to plug-and-play all of their portable electronics to enjoy their own music, videos, games and other media through the in-room 46” 3D TV. Other in-room technology amenities include VoIP phones with free local calls, Blu-ray player, personal iPad®, complimentary high-speed Internet, bathroom mirror-embedded TV, and lighting & heating automation.

“When integrating the in-room technologies for this hotel, modern functionality and ease of use were our top concerns,” said Robin Courtenay of SMC, system integrators responsible for designing and installing the hotel’s in-room technology systems. “For added convenience, we also chose to include the PowerHub™ in the rooms with UK, EU and US 110v power sockets so international guests can easily charge up their mobile phones and power their personal electronics devices in the rooms.”

Eccleston Square Hotel provides the latest in hospitality and domestic control technology to provide a high-end environment that guests can control and enjoy. Their ultra-modern in-room amenities have won hotel industry acclaim and were recently named the winner of the European Hospitality In-Room Technology Innovation of the Year award for 2011.

Get creative with Villeroy & Boch tableware at this year’s Hotelympia

Daniel Fountain

Villeroy & Boch are challenging Hotelympia’s visitors to get creative. Show off your design skills by drawing your very own pattern on one of the brand’s iconic NewWave plates. Create the most memorable tableware design and you could you win a voucher worth £250 to enjoy lunch or dinner in the 10 in 8 restaurant of your choiceThe restaurants to choose from include*

• L’ortolan, based in Reading, Berkshire and already boasting one Michelin Star under Alan
Murchison’s name.
• La Bécasse, based in Ludlow, Shropshire now run by the young and highly talented Chef Will Holland and also proudly carrying one Michelin Star.
• Paris House in Woburn which the group opened in February 2010 and was awarded one
Michelin-star in January 2011
• The group’s newest acquisition Restaurant Angélique in Dartmouth, which opened in January 2011.

Just stop by the Villeroy & Boch Stand, No N2019 at Hotelympia where the team will be ready and waiting to help you create your winning plate design. When your artwork is complete the team will upload a photograph of all entries to the H and C News Facebook page, where voting will take place for one month following the show.

The plate that gets the most votes will then be announced in TableTalk, the H and C News website and the H and C News Facebook page. All that’s left for the winner to do is to decide which of the 10 in 8 restaurants you want to experience.

Chelsom Lighting features at K-West, London

Daniel Fountain

Fringed in silk tiers, these elegant cascades from Chelsom feature opal glass pendants suspended from polished stainless steel ceiling plates, above the bar in the highly contemporary K Lounge at the 4-star K West boutique hotel in London’s Shepherds Bush.Created to fill the vast ceiling void and add focus to the bar area, the twin luminaires drop over 3 metres in height from 1200mm diameter solid ceiling panels.

With each single pendant providing the equivalent of 60w light output, the complete cascades offers an abundance of light through fine quality glasses sheathed in a diffusing silk curtain.

Roman adds Ultra Care Pre-coating Glass Protection

Daniel Fountain

Leading UK shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, have given their enclosures and bath screens the ultimate in glass protection by adding Roman Ultra Care pre-coating to their products. This is a unique glass protection system that has been designed to work in tandem with their award-winning Roman Ultra Care in a bottle.Roman were one of the early adopters of glass protection technology, originally launching this back in 2001. Since then the company have progressed their offer in a number of ways and have been using Roman Ultra Care in a bottle, which won the House Beautiful award for best cleaning product back in 2009. Roman believes Ultra Care is the most durable system on the market as it can be maintained and topped up on an on-going basis by the consumer.

The shower manufacturer have now taken this glass protection one step further by adding Ultra Care pre-coating as standard to every Roman enclosure and bath screen, from each of their ranges (including their sister company Haven’s products).

Roman has developed a glass protection system that is designed to become stronger and more effective over time. Unlike most other glass protection systems, the pre-coat can be maintained with Roman Ultra Care in a bottle – this builds up the coating every time you clean. Many other pre-coated glass protection systems diminish in their effectiveness over time, depending on how often the shower is used and how often it is cleaned.

Roman Ultra Care pre-coat and Ultra Care in a bottle work by creating a chemical barrier that provides protection against the build-up of grime, lime scale and stains. The protective barrier means water glides off the glass with ease. This results in the protected surface remaining easy to clean by simply applying a mild detergent and wiping with a damp cloth.

By topping up the protection of the pre-coat, the life of the Roman product will be considerably prolonged. The use of the glass protection system also eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and cleaning products during the cleaning process which is beneficial to the environment.

To ensure your glass protection is given a kick-start, Roman also includes a complimentary starter bottle of Ultra Care in the box, with any purchase from their Sculptures, Desire or Orbital Ranges.

David Osborne, Managing Director at Roman commented: “Roman Ultra Care is an award winning bathroom protector and it has a 10 year track record for successfully protecting our extensive product range. The addition of the pre-coating is just the next step in the protection of the enclosure – it gives guaranteed glass protection from day one. Being a UK manufacturer we have the flexibility to easily add additional features to our products. The pre-coating is now added during the manufacturing process on our factory flow lines. We are pleased to offer this fantastic feature with no additional cost for our customer or the end user.”

Legs Eleven and a Gateway to Heaven for Axminster at BJ’s Bingo

Daniel Fountain

Bespoke woven carpet from Axminster Carpets Commercial has helped to transform the interior of Reading’s BJ’s Bingo as the venue underwent a complete transformation to create a luxurious environment for over 1,000 players. As part of the complete refurbishment of the popular venue, Abstract Design specified some 2,100m2 of woven axminster carpet in a durable 80% wool 20% nylon construction, equipping the main auditorium, new Chatroom and AWP areas with a long lasting, comfortable and striking floor covering.

Conceiving anintrepid contemporary design with a swirl motif and bright colours that are reflective of the building’s purpose to provide a fun day or night out for visitors, Abstract Design looked towards Axminster Carpets Commercial as being the ideal partner to work with in creating floor coverings for BJ’s Bingo:

“Axminster Carpets Commercial were able to deliver a competitively priced product, but more than this they were able to deliver a carpet that was also manufactured within the UK,” comments James Jones, Abstract Design. “Carpet from Axminster is great quality and the company’sgood service levels makes it easy to work with. In short, Axminster Carpets Commercial proved an ideal carpet supplier for the transformation of BJ’s Bingo Hall.”

Axminster Carpets Commercial offers a fully serviced bespoke facility as used by Abstract Design, as well as the Ready to Weave semi-bespoke concept. Manufacturing all woven carpets at its Devon facility, Axminster controls every aspect of the spinning, dyeing and weaving processes involved in production, ensuring some of the most stringent quality control used in the industry, resulting in carpets of unrivalled quality.

Sourcing 95% of its wool from UK flocks, recycling waste into Axfelt underlay, and with the reduced transportation impact of localised manufacturing, Axminster Carpets has one of the lowest environmental impacts within the carpet manufacturing sector.

For further information telephone 01297 630630 or e-mail commercial@axminster-carpets.co.uk

Furniture from award winning Designers

Daniel Fountain

RHA Furniture offers a wide range of furniture from award winning Designers.

Winner of a RedDot Design Award & extremely impressive looking item of furniture, is the i-Sit wing back. The chair achieves the highest standards of both form & function; this is a chair that has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing from all angles whilst delivering the highest levels of comfort. The Flow seating system and Sputnik tables are equally impressive looking pieces of furniture. The Sputnik tables have also won a RedDot Design Award and look great as a standalone piece or when used in combination. The Flow seating system offers many style & layout options, it can be used to form regular lounge seating, rows, circles or serpentine formations; this flexibility makes it ideal for use in hotel lounges, reception areas & visitor waiting rooms.

View details & download the PDF catalogues by visiting the RHA Furniture website.

A complete carpet solution at the luxurious Crowne Plaza Colchester

Daniel Fountain

As a preferred supplier for AB Hotels, Lano Flooring Solutions was called upon to provide carpet throughout the 194-bedroom Colchester Five Lakes Resort.

Now run by worldwide hotel group, Crowne Plaza, the Colchester Five Lakes Resort is the first of its kind in the UK for the chain and provides sporting and conference facilities, luxurious accommodation and fine dining for business and pleasure travellers. Working closely with AB Hotels and Richard Daniels Design (RDD) to develop a suitable flooring scheme, Lano Flooring Solutions manufactured and supplied carpet for guestrooms, corridors and public areas, varying construction and wear quality to provide maximum value from the 5,000m2 of carpet required.

For public areas and corridors, Lano Flooring Solutions manufactured a total of 2,500m2 of bespoke axminster carpets. Working from provisional sketches from RDD, Lano finalised patterns and colours before weaving five different contemporary designs in an 80% wool 20% nylon mix for maximum durability and appearance retention. Ranging from linear designs to full blown circular motifs, the bespoke carpets are varied, reflecting the diverse usage of public areas throughout the hotel.

Within corridors, 1,700m2 of 10-row has been installed to cope with the wear from narrow traffic lanes, while high footfall levels and wear experienced in 800m2 of public areas is being combatted by an 11-row construction, currently one of the most durable axminster carpet constructions available.

Within the bedrooms of Colchester Five Lakes, Lano turned its attention to the value-orientated tufted graphics with the Suite collection specified in a 1,100g/m2 pile weight. Again, in a performance combination of 80% wool 20% nylon, the carpet provides a durable solution for less intensive areas such as bedrooms, helping to maximise value throughout the location.

Kevin Beasant, UK Contract Sales Manager, Lano Flooring Solutions, said:

“Set in over 300 acres, in close proximity to London and with two 18-hole golf courses and a spa, the Crowne Plaza Colchester Five Lakes Resort stands apart as a destination for business and pleasure travellers looking for a luxurious place to stay with some of the finest facilities in the South East of England.With this in mind, it is imperative that the flooring throughout the venue reflects the ambience and quality of the establishment and so working closely with AB Hotels and RDD we developed a scheme that maximised value where suitable and provided durability where necessary. Using both stock and bespoke qualities, the scheme provides the Crowne Plaza Colchester Five Lakes resort with a carpet that makes for an environment that is welcoming and purposeful.”

For further information on all Lano carpet ranges, freephone 00800 5266 5266 or visit www.lano.com

Taking afternoon tea with Heritage Silverware Ltd

Daniel Fountain

Designed for the opening of the Four Seasons Prague at the end of 2011, this contemporary tea stand is a beautiful addition to the ranges available from Heritage Silverware Ltd.Available in a choice of finishes, such as silver-plate or 18/10 high mirror polished stainless steel, it is a simple yet elegant design which will complement a variety of tea sets.

This tea stand design can be adapted to accommodate any size of china plate. Please enquire for further details.

Chelsom Lighting at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London

Daniel Fountain

Bespoke Glass Art table lamps and Connoisseur Crystal floor lamps from Chelsom have been used throughout the 245 Barlow House guestrooms and Chambers suites at the luxurious St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.Flanking the bedsides in the opulent Victorian interiors are unique free-formed solid glass sculpture lamps in a deep turquoise hue, specified by designers G A Design to enhance the subtle scheme of aqua-marine and natural beige. Teamed with crisp cream shades, the fine quality and considerable weight of these hand-made pieces reflects the status of the hotel as an icon of English hospitality.

Elegant cast floor lamps finished in polished nickel with clear crystal sections provide supplementary reading light in the suites. These tall transparent lamps offer scale without dominating the graceful interior.

The 5-star St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is a stunning restoration of a spectacular Victorian Grade II listed building, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1873. Created to offer rail travelling guests a world of grandeur and luxury, the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is still renowned as London’s most romantic building.

Inspired Table Collections from Morgan

Daniel Fountain

Morgan Furniture, the design-led British manufacturer of contract furniture, has produced a new standalone brochure that spotlights their inspiring collections of dining, pedestal, coffee and console tables. Rather than being presented by table type however, the glossy, picture-led content is organised by collection, all of which have been created under the auspices of, or directly by, Morgan Design Director, Katerina Zachariades. The Morgan table portfolio is wide and eclectic. Each table is designed and manufactured in-house with either a timber or metal frame and a versatile choice of tops including inset glass, sandblasted, coloured and patterned glass. Ideally suited to contract environments, bespoke tops can also be ordered such as additional lay-on glass to protect the veneer, or decorative tops of mirrored or bronzed glass, marble or stone.

The 43 colour pages include new additions to existing collections as well as two new collections: Lima and Siena, plus a stunning Seville large dining table to match the existing Seville bar tables. With flared timber legs and suggested two colour timber finish, the new Lima coffee tables have a contemporary and light feel. They are designed to harmonise aesthetically with the existing Lima seating collection and match the varying seat heights. The new Siena tables, offered in metal and timber variants, echo the relaxed but elegant lines of the comprehensive seating collection of the same name. The single pedestal design with four-point cross feet and square or circular table top, has softened edges that are also a perfect match for the newer Metro and Oslo seating collections.

The new taster brochure accentuates Morgan’s design competence and also streamlines the table product portfolio with seating, which is already presented by collection. With distinctive, sophisticated designs, the brochure will help interior designers to effortlessly select tables that will blend together across a range of different functions and, in many cases, match with the seating collection of the same name. To cater for every specification need, however, the function remains to search by product type, for tables and seating, on the Morgan website.

Click here to contact Morgan Furniture in the Directory

Roman Enclosures filmed for brand new Channel 4 series which starts tonight, 7pm on Channel 4 (UK)

Daniel Fountain

Leading UK Shower Manufacturer, Roman, have had their luxury Embrace Wetroom Panel with Designer Motif and space efficient Orbital Bi-fold Door both filmed for brand new Channel 4 series, Home of the Future, which starts February 12th, 7.00pm on Channel 4.What happens if you ask a normal family to boldly go where no-one has gone before – to live in the future? This five-part Channel 4 series, co-funded by one of the UK’s leading energy companies E.ON, and produced by Twofour, transforms the lives of a family, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology and gadgets.

As well as having cutting-edge technology and gadgets to play with, the Perera family in Sheffield will be challenged by scenarios likely to come in the next twenty to fifty years.
Overseen by expert Chris Sanderson, the Pereras will discover how we may work, rest and play – as well as eat, travel, stay healthy and power our homes.

The series looks at the effects of working from home and living in multi-generational households and asks: what will we eat when cheap food is gone and mass-produced meat is unsustainable? And the family face being shamed by their bin if they don’t recycle enough and being temporarily banned from short car journeys (electric and hydrogen-powered, naturally).

But the future is not all bad news as the Pereras discover mind-controlled games, domestic power stations that slash their bills, robots they can control from the other side of the world, waterless washing machines, cars, lawnmowers and vacuums that drive themselves and the joys of growing your own fish supper.

The first episode of Home of the Future airs on February 12th, 7.00pm on Channel 4.

Forbes at Hotelympia 2012

Daniel Fountain

Forbes Group’s stand S2109 at Hotelympia from 26th February – 1st March gives you a chance to take a look at the company’s Buffet-Rite table tops that are currently becoming a specified item among international hotel groups.

Buffet-Rite is a heat-resistant waterproof table top that fits over standard buffet tables, making them double up for outdoor or indoor service. Buffet-Rite’s non-porous, laminated surface shrugs off spillages and wipes clean, resisting stains and keeping its uniform good looks for years with minimal care.

Ask to be shown how Buffet Rite can give your tables a contemporary twist, by simply putting it over a table covered with Forbes’s Silcra stretch cover. Silcra gives a table a completely new look, instantly updating your buffet displays with a sleek, sculpted contour.

On the Forbes stand you will also be able to inspect its popular Alu-Lite® tables, cocktail tables, staging and chairs, as well as its well-known skirtings and conference covers in a variety of styles. New in the fabric range is the Mode cover – a familiar sueded top combined with stretch side panels, updating your conference look while retaining the easy-care durable qualities for which Forbes’s products are appreciated.

Forbes Group is also the European distributor for US brand Forbes Industries, so will be showcasing familiar products like the famous Birdcage brass luggage cart, and room service tables.

A one-stop stand to freshen up your venue with value-for money products developed with professionals in the hospitality industry. Forbes Group staff look forward to seeing you there.

Please visit our website for more information.

Company Profile: Axminster 2: Weaving a legend

Daniel Fountain

Having spun a yarn in Pt 1, now I want to weave you the tale of how the yarn turns into high quality contract carpet. Axminster Carpet’s design library goes back to the days of Thomas Whitty in 1775, with royal palaces representing the peak of their special contract weaving, recognised by the recent award of a Royal Warrant. However the company recognises the importance of their relationship with designers, and their willingness to create bespoke carpets is enhanced by their vertically integrated operation which enables rapid specialist dyeing for matching the designers needs in colour terms, through to their technologically advanced looms (so advanced no photography of the back of the loom was permitted) that cuts the time and cost of changing the loom for custom weaving.Weaving sheds are noisy places. Older generations of weavers, especially in the larger textile weaving sheds of Lancashire, for example, became adept at lip reading to make themselves heard over the clatter of the looms. Carpet looms are not as noisy as textiles looms but the familiar clack and thump of the weaving frames brought a smile to my face as we entered the weaving sheds. There is something magical about seeing wool coming in one end and carpets going out the other.

Of course the starting point is the design. Bespoke design can be presented in many ways. I used art historical references and coloured pencil sketches which were worked up by the designers into detail design. Others make accurate 1:1 scale drawings of the carpet and refer to the tuft box for colours.

Continued on page two

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar to launch in March

Daniel Fountain

A quintessentially English dining experience, Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar will celebrate the best of English when it launches at the end of March 2012.

Located in the 5* London Marriott County Hall hotel, Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar will be the most English of English dining destinations, from the interior design to each cut of beef. Set in the County Hall, built 100 years ago to house London’s government, with views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, few can claim a more inherently English location or vista.

The choice of namesake, James Gillray, a famed caricaturist of the late eighteenth century, reflects the political history of the County Hall’s past, and the intelligence, style and humour of the English personality. James Gillray’s work punctuates the menu and will be exhibited on the walls of the bar and steakhouse restaurant.

An English steakhouse of the finest design, the 110-cover Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar is a homage to top quality beef -35-day dry aged Hereford Cattle from the Duke of Devonshire’s Bolton Abbey Estate in Yorkshire. The menu features nine cuts of steak – bone-out and bone-in – 300g Fillet on the bone, 450g Porthouse and 600g T-Bone steaks. The signature dish, a 1000g ‘Bulls Head’ steak, will steal the show – a 1000g-butterfly cut, double rib steak with the bone in.

As Denver Jeffrey, Director of Food and Beverage, says, “Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar is all about indulging in great English produce – we want it to speak English at every level”. Every inch of the menu reflects this, displaying English food at its best.


The design is sophisticated but unpretentious, playing on the eccentric but charming details of classic lighting and furniture pieces, such as Chesterfield sofa and Waterford chandeliers, all bespoke designs by designers Blacksheep.

The bar offers a sophisticated and stylish Thames-side destination, featuring one of the finest selections of gin in London and an impressive cocktail collection designed by head bartender, Carlos Santos. The newly created cocktail menu is ordered by historical era, from the Georgian era – cocktails such as National Debt, Wife & No Wife and Very Slippy-Weather each taking their name from popular James Gillray sketches – through to contemporary and modern English concoctions. The cocktail collection doesn’t stop there, but gives a nod to the next generation of cocktails – molecular mixology

The Englishness of Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar is evident throughout the bar menu, populated by 10 English beers (and two Scottish beers from Innis & Gunn), 29 English gins (including a few British favourites such as Hendrick’s) and five English vodkas. The bar snacks menu brings Englishness to life in bite-sized morsels – Pigs in Blankets, English Crumpet & Soft Boiled Egg and Venison Sausage Rolls with HP Sauce – England on a plate.

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar opens at London’s County Hall at the end of March 2012.

Fancy a Coffee … Table?

Daniel Fountain

design-conscious’s rich collection of coffee tables by Vibieffe offers a wide choice of models, styles and sizes that will be sure to have something to fit almost any space and requirement. These coffee tables are all manufactured with high quality selected materials with tops in wood, steel, glass, leather and the most beautiful (and serviceable) marble.

Conceived to be versatile, they can easily used separately, in combination with each other and, of course, in conjunction with all of our seating and sofa collections.

Available in a multitude of models, dimensions and heights that can all be mixed and matched due to the continuity of the materials used and most have multifunctional uses – as coffee tables, sofa side tables, bedside tables and occasional tables – we even have a particularly useful table that can be positioned over a sofa arm to serve drinks.

So if you fancy our coffee tables – drop us a line to find out more.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. www.design-conscious.co.uk

Burgess Launches Two New Products at Hotelympia 2012

Daniel Fountain

2012 is going to be a very exciting year for Burgess as we are launching not one but two superb new products!Two years in the making and designed by Broome Jenkins, starting with cardboard modelling and progressing to rapid prototyping, the new Meet-U™ meeting table system includes simple features to allow for agile working and modern technology.

Carefully designed with the user in mind, a variety of top shapes including rectangles, squares, triangles and quadrants link together to form the perfect layout for any meeting room environment. The full range of tables can be further complemented by bridging units, minimising the number of table legs needed and so allowing more people to sit in total comfort around the table layout.

In addition to this we are also launching a stylish new chair range called Orvia, which has been designed by Peter Roth and was modelled on our best selling Vario range.

The Orvia with its unique extrusion and ergonomic design makes it an ideal product for conference and banqueting venues.

Orvia will be available as a side chair, arm chair and task chair, and is complemented by an extensive range of quality contract fabrics and finishes.

It can be stacked, if required, up to ten high and is available with and without linking and numbering.

Come along to our stand S2420 and see both products in action.

Fameed Khalique Launches Outstanding Stone Collection

Daniel Fountain

Fameed Khalique, an expert in innovative and inspiring surface materials for the interior design industry, introduces an extensive range of exceptional quality stone finishes including laser-cut marble and stone, ceramic mosaics and semi-precious stones. Khalique and his team works in partnership with their clients to deliver an exceptional level of service and will see the project through from selection and ordering to installation and sign-off from the client. Their mission is to find and create exquisite and rare finishes that provide the wow-factor in a project.

Marble and Stone
This collection of laser-cut marble and stone is at the forefront of revolving laser saw technology. The effects yield dramatic three-dimensional applications for interior and exterior use. The effects of light and shadow give the tiles a highly decorative value, transforming a wall into a sculptural masterpiece. The technique used to create the designs has been developed to create curved tiles which were recently added to the collection for the first time. The laser-cut natural stone has excellent sound absorbency properties, making the material an ideal application for walls in theatres, cinemas and libraries in commercial projects or within the home.

Mosaics and Ceramics
This collection is expertly crafted in India combining metals with stone, including, brass with sandstone and steel with marble. This unusual way of combining materials and patterns produces an outstanding, contemporary range of wall coverings.

Semi-precious Gemstones
This is an unrivalled collection of over 50 gemstones, available in numerous styles from small mosaics tiles to large slabs (max size 240 x 120cm) and finished products. The dazzling stones are solid or veneered onto a variety of substrates and are hand assembled by the finest craftsmen ensuring the highest quality product offered in the UK. The beautiful yet resilient properties of the gemstones make the collections suitable for numerous applications including walls, floors and as counter- and table tops.

Chelsom Lighting features at The Grosvenor Hotel Victoria

Daniel Fountain

As part of a complete multi-million pound restoration of The Grosvenor Hotel, part of the Guoman Hotels collection, a magnificent crystal basket chandelier from Chelsom takes centre stage; an elegant addition to this spectacular listed interior dating back to 1862. Suspended from a silk covered chain within the vast entrance void, the chandelier has an overall drop of 8 metres, comprising over 300 individual strands of Egyptian crystal secured onto a slim metalwork structure finished in French Gold. Lit from within by sixty-five E14 LED lamps, the fitting adds sparkle and glamour to the reception area whilst subtly highlighting the restored ornate plasterwork and rich marble columns with gold leaf capitals.

Initially created as the first of London’s great railway hotels, The Grosvenor Hotel was a stunning example of Victorian architecture and opulence. Under the careful guidance of English Heritage the restoration, along with the new interior specification by ADS Design, has ensured that this spectacular 4 star, 346 guestroom hotel meets the client’s intention “to skilfully blend the ambition and confidence of a bygone age with the comforts and technology of today”

Factory bar stools from Andy Thornton

Daniel Fountain

The industrial ‘lived-in’ look is certainly in big demand and the Factory leather bar stool from the NEW Urban Vintage from Andy Thornton collection ticks all the boxes. This simple bar stool features a hard-wearing tubular steel frame that is both lightweight and sturdy, providing all the qualities needed in high-traffic environments like bars and clubs.The frames are finished in a tarnished iron patina and have plastic bungs fitted to the bottom of the legs to protect timber and tiled floors. The upholstered seat and backs are available in a choice of either distressed leather, as shown, or hard-wearing washed denim. They are fixed to the frame with leather loops and rivet-style fixings.

The complete range of retro/industrial furniture, lighting and retail display fittings is featured in a 36-page brochure. This eclectic collection is perfect for bars cafes, restaurants and retail environments.

The Urban Vintage range is ever-changing, with newly sourced pieces coming in daily, so please refer to www.andythornton.com for up to the minute stock and availability. And, if you can’t find exactly what you want, you can have it designed and manufactured to order (minimum quantities apply).

A Class act from design-conscious

Daniel Fountain

Class, from design-conscious, is an upholstered seating range consisting of two sofas, three chair varieties and a footstool.The high-backed versions of the sofas and chairs are reminiscent of a classical ‘bergère, or wingback; traditional, with a modern twist. These are a great solution for creating private seating areas with free-standing furniture as it can be easily rearranged if the function of the space changes. The high-back sofas and wing-back chairs also wraps the sitter a cosy, draft-free environment for those quiet, reflective moments – even in busy hotel receptions.

Class has been designed with generous proportions for that extra luxurious feel. When upholstered in different fabrics, Class sofas and armchairs can satisfy different spheres of aesthetic taste. Class upholstery fabric is available in cream, beige and chocolate brown, denim and graphic patterns with a choice of Feet in either walnut wood or brushed metal.

Whatever your scheme, modern or traditional, our Class sofas and chairs will always create a stylish and exclusive personality.

Class is just a small part of the Upholstery ranges we supply, all of which can to be made to suit your specification. Please feel free to contact us for further information. www.design-conscious.co.uk

Headboards with luxury from Mille Couleurs

Daniel Fountain

Mille Couleurs are widely renowned for their beautiful bespoke products, creating rooms that envelop you with style and irresistible comfort. With Mille Couleurs London you can add a touch of luxury to your environment without the luxurious price tag, whether you’re opting for the simple elegance of antique furniture or need a bespoke design for a more contemporary feel.

Our headboards are upholstered with the best quality materials available and with premium attention to detail. They offer soft luxury with a smooth finish, with a sleek, modern design, handcrafted individually and precisely. We can fit just the space around your bed, from floor to ceiling or even wall to wall. We also offer wall lights and sockets neatly fitted on the headboard.

Our craftsmen bring creativity and essential technical skills of the highest level to each and every product – with graduates in interior decoration and upholstery from Geneva and Paris. Each headboard is handmade to the highest standards in the UK.

Our luxurious handcrafted headboards will bring unrivalled style, glamour and comfort to your hotel room.

Ticino and Maya Help Set the Tone at Gleneagles

Daniel Fountain

Seating by Design at Knightsbridge is helping to create a special atmosphere for golfers and non-golfers alike in the clubhouse at the award-winning Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire. From its idyllic position next to the King’s and Queen’s 18th holes, the intimate Dormy Clubhouse allows guests to enjoy panoramic views across the world-famous Gleneagles golf courses. Although the sporting heritage is ever-present, the clubhouse still exudes a relaxed and cosy ambience, thanks to sensitive interpretation by London-based design company Sedley Place. Arranged around a circular central fireplace, the comfortable lounge is complemented both by a distinctive horseshoe-shaped bar and by a restaurant where picture windows present diners with a spectacular vista.

Helping to generate this warm welcome is an array of seating selected by Craig Abbott of Sedley Place from the exclusive Design at Knightsbridge portfolio. The Ticino collection is well-represented in the order, with a dozen two-seater settees, eight easy club chairs and nearly 80 upright armchairs. Created for Design at Knightsbridge by James A Wright, Ticino is inspired by timeless geometry, with its understated styling echoed across a wide selection of product options. Backs are buttoned or plain – as selected for the Dormy Clubhouse.

The Ticino seating is complemented perfectly by 40 Maya upright armless chairs, also by Design at Knightsbridge. Making an equally subtle design statement, Maya features deep and supportive chair backs topped by curvaceous wooden capping rails which sweep sensuously down to graceful tapered legs. In addition to upright armless chairs, the collection includes armchairs in upright and easy forms plus matching bar stools.

Both Ticino and Maya are available in fabric or hide upholstery. Show-wood details are in Cherry, Mahogany, Natural Beech, Wenge, Walnut and Oak, and the seating is manufactured at Knightsbridge headquarters in West Yorkshire, using timber from renewable sources.

Contemporary in style and yet traditional in craftsmanship, Design at Knightsbridge furniture captures perfectly the ethos of a company which traces its heritage back over some 75 years. A dedicated sales division and supporting website are the global gateway to the company’s full portfolio of products and services: call 01274 731900 or visit www.design-at-knightsbridge.co.uk

Meet the Experts at Frank Hudson

Daniel Fountain

Frank Hudson pride themselves on being experts in their field, with the skills and craftsmanship of furniture making passed down through three generations of the Hudson family.Today the company is run by three Hudson brothers who have all been involved in the business from a very early age. All three brothers were brought up in the industry and trained on all aspects of furniture production, design and management. Each added a different string to the bow; Tim – the beautiful finishes; James – a master carver and Tom – quality control. All three now run the business with Tim and James heavily involved in design and tom in customer service and logistics. Together they have taken the company onto a new level, ensuring they are supported by a team who are also experts in their fields.

This not only includes designing and producing the best quality products, but also the experienced sales function headed up by national sales Manager Andy Shingler, the first class service provided to customers, the warehouse and systems they have in place to support this as well as a complete after sales service.

Their belief in the value of good design is reinforced by constantly investing in new ideas developed by Tim and James and by also working with consultant designers including Paul Galley.

Keith Clarke, who manages the contract side of the business and is a trained and talented furniture designer, often sketches beautiful detailed drawings of product design ideas within moments, which can then be sent to the factories to bring to life.

Frank Hudson’s high quality service encompasses a complete warehouse facility based in the UK where the team are on hand to deliver products to customers quickly. The efficient service team ensures customers are looked after from the start of the order process to the after sales service, with skilled on-site craftsmen available to provide immediate solutions to ensure that each piece of furniture remains in perfect condition. Frank Hudson’s attention to detail throughout the business ensures their standing as a high quality designer and producer of beautiful furniture remains intact.

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Daniel Fountain

We live in an age of international travel and commerce. Unfortunately the movement of people all over the world has also lead to the global spread of bed bugs. We can easily transport bed bugs and their eggs through the movement of our luggage, clothing or bedding. It is therefore unsurprising that some of the most affected places in the UK are hotel rooms. It’s certain the 2012 London Olympics will have a huge impact on the UK bedbug population. For example, following the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the number of cases of reported bed bug infestations in Australia has risen by 15,000 per cent. This is a clear warning to UK hoteliers that necessary precautions must be taken, and unlike the London Olympic Games, imported bed bugs will be here to stay. However innovative Devon based mattress manufacturer Naturalmat have come up with an excellent solution for hoteliers. They have created a clean, healthy, hypoallergenic and most importantly anti bed bug mattress. Naturalmat uses a unique chemical free treatment that is based on Geraniol (citrus) in the final finishing of all its mattress covers. In tests this revolutionary process has proven to eliminate any bed bug that comes into contact with the cover within 72 hours, which will guarantee peace of mind for both the traveller and the hotelier.

In addition to Naturalmat mattress covers being anti bed bug, the organic West Country wool used within all Naturalmat mattresses is anti dust-mite, anti moth and anti mosquito. This is achieved through a treatment of essential oils including lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, which is added to the lambswool during the scouring process in Devon using water from the River Dart.

Naturalmat set an excellent example for other mattress manufacturers. They emphasise how important it is to use natural resources and operate a business with minimal environmental impact. These are key consideration behind the creation of every Naturalmat mattress, especially as they are made from sustainable and biodegradable sources, including organic coir, lambswool and cotton.

Naturalmat mattresses provide superb comfort that is long lasting and numerous hoteliers have called upon them recently. In early 2011 Naturalmat successfully won the contract to manufacture all 686 mattresses for Yotel New York City and all mattresses for Z Hotel Soho. Naturalmat have worked with other high profile clients in the past including the Connaught, Claridges and several boutique hotels. Naturalmat already have a busy 2012 ahead of them but they will be unsurprised if further hoteliers decide to invest in their mattresses prior to the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Naturalmat Hotel mattresses ensure that guests really do sleep tight and the issue of bed bugs biting them at night is simply one less thing to worry about.

Spring ahead, think outdoors

Daniel Fountain

RHA Furniture has a wide selection of outdoor tables & seating for restaurants, cafes, hotels & spas.It’s not too early to start thinking about outdoor furniture and with the Olympics fast approaching we are expecting an increase in demand, so it is important not to risk ordering at the last minute.

If you’re looking for contract quality furniture on a low budget you should take a look at RHA’s outdoor Classic collections; featuring designs in metal, wicker, teak and a wide variety of design styles to suit any environment.

Cambi, Arc en Ciel & Pigalle folding tables plus stackable chairs are ideal for pavement cafés & multi-functional spaces. For restaurant seating & tables you should consider Ronda, Antonietta, Varanda, Charleston & Nilo.

For some really impressive looking outdoor tables & seating at trade prices you should take a look at RHA’s Advanced & A4-H2 collections.

Collections such as Net, Heaven, Round and Re-Trouvé are highly aesthetic, with styles to suit both a modern and traditional setting; all made to high levels of contract quality & available at trade prices.

View details & download the PDF catalogues by visiting the RHA Furniture website.

Landmark Boston Marriott Long Wharf Completes Four Year, $30 Million Renovation

Daniel Fountain

Marriott Hotels & Resorts, the flagship brand of Marriott International, and Sunstone Hotel Investors have announced the completion of a four year, $30 million full property renovation of the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. Anchoring this extensive renovation is the reinvented lobby, and the adjoining new Waterline restaurant and bar, where guests can work alone or in groups, eat, drink and socialize throughout the day and evening. This landmark hotel also now offers a new Harbor View Ballroom, an expanded health club and concierge lounge, and completely renovated meeting space, guest rooms and suites. Architecture and interior design firm, BBG-BBGM, re-imagined the 412-room Boston Marriott Long Wharf, showcasing picturesque waterfront views at every turn. All of the hotel’s guest rooms have been newly appointed with ergonomic furnishings, luxurious bedding, iPod clock radios and HD LCD televisions with split screen technology and plug-in connectivity for digital devices. Twelve Executive King Suites and two Luxury Waterfront Suites with private balconies have been added, while the hotel’s largest suite, the Long Wharf Suite, has been completely redesigned. An expanded Concierge Lounge provides comfortable dining and lounge seating, complimentary high speed wireless internet access, a laptop station and colour printer.

On the lobby level, Waterline restaurant offers an inviting bar, communal dining table, cosy booths, and a private dining room. Waterline’s menu features quintessential American cocktails and classic New England fare with a focus on local ingredients. The restaurant also provides service to the reinvented lobby, where guests can catch up on work and emails, thanks to WiFi and plentiful electrical outlets.

The newly-added Harbor View Ballroom features floor-to-ceiling windows, a seasonal outdoor patio and panoramic views, making it a breathtaking backdrop for weddings and social events. All of the hotel’s pre-existing meeting spaces have been fully renovated, from the 8,200-square-foot Grand Ballroom, to the 5,750-square-foot Palm Garden with its soaring 55-foot atrium, to the 2,530-square-foot Commonwealth Ballroom, divisible into five break-out rooms. Now with the Harbor View Ballroom, this waterfront hotel provides 21,000 square feet of flexible, modern meeting space.

A significantly expanded 24-hour fitness centre contains the latest equipment, including stationary bikes, Precor treadmills and elliptical trainers, all with 9-inch televisions. The hotel’s indoor pool and whirlpool area open onto a sundeck overlooking the water.

Focus SB Comes Two by Two and Four By Four

Daniel Fountain

Electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB will be showcasing its bespoke range of control plates to suit other system suppliers at the 2012 Arc Show.The Hastings-based company can engineer the tools needed to make cover plates for many of the popular existing control systems including Lutron, Teleadapt, and Control 4. With no minimum quantity or order charge this gives designers and installers the option to bespoke these items to match the rest of the room décor.

Focus will be displaying its range of AV plates and modules that can be personalised to meet practically any customer’s specific requirements, including Focus’ extensive range of finishes.

Also on its stand will be the HAL lighting control system: “HAL’s modular design enables it to be expanded from a simple switching and dimming operation to a control system that can operate all lighting circuits within a building,” says Managing Director of Focus SB Roger Kemp. “The system can also be operated and programmed using the infrared handset, allowing four or more scene buttons to set lighting ‘moods’.”

ARC Show, Business Design Centre, London. 29 February – 1 March 2012 (Stand M13A)

Chelsom Lighting at London Syon Park, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Daniel Fountain

Blending classic style with contemporary design, London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel features Glass Rocks cascades from Chelsom in each of the 137 luxury guestrooms. Suspended within ornate moulded recesses, the bespoke fittings comprise individual rocks of polished Venetian glass, threaded onto drop wires which hang from polished stainless steel ceiling plates. Each luminaire uses six 35W MR16 lamps which are low energy halogen-equivalent lamps giving sparkle and drama, without the excessive heat and high energy use of conventional halogen.

Themed to reflect the 18th Century “Syon Pleasure Ground” designed by Capability Brown, the hotel aims to offer its guests the best of both worlds – a tranquil escape in the quality surroundings of the Syon House Estate, home to the Duke of Northumberland, teamed with contemporary state of the art amenities for which Waldorf Astoria is renowned.

Lights, Camera, Action! North West Design Centre hosts Hi-Life Best Chef Cook-Off!

Daniel Fountain

A Best Chef Hi-Life Award is an accolade that is respected UK-wide and attracts entries from the crème de la crème of the industry. This time for the first year the event took place in the recently launched specialist theatre kitchen at Dawnvale’s North West Design Centre located in Hollinwood, Greater Manchester. Four of the five finalists were filmed so that those attending the prestigious Hi-Life Awards Dinner taking place at The Midland Hotel on Friday 3rd February can see the chefs and judges in action as well as the outstanding food they prepared on the day. Unfortunately, Nigel Smith from The Villa in Lancashire was unable to attend the event due to a prior engagement.

Judges for the Cook-Off included: Matthew Norman, The Daily Telegraph’s Food Critic, Elizabeth Carter, Editor of the Good Food Guide and Denise Jones, a Hi-Life member and Manager of the North West Design Centre. Chefs prepared one dish in a timed environment and presented them individually to the three judges in the Boardroom.

The North West Design Centre was chosen not just for its superlative facilities and equipment but also its close proximity to the motorway network – less than five minutes from the M60.

The five shortlisted chefs were;

Christopher Cleghorn, ABode Chester.
Phil Fanning, Paris House.
Tom van Zeller, van Zeller Restaurant.
Enzo Mauro, Stock Restaurant.
Nigel Smith, The Villa (not present)

The winner will not be announced until the awards night which will be held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Hi-Life currently has over 3,500 restaurant partners throughout the UK and over 200,000 members of their Club including Platinum Members all of whom enjoy 2 for 1 dining on an annual basis.

This year the event will be raising funds for the Five Stars Appeal.

There are still a small number of tickets to the event available – costing £75 each they include a champagne reception, four-course meal and fabulous entertainment. Tickets can be obtained by e-mailing awards@hi-life.co.uk or call Stacy on 01253 608910.

Villeroy & Boch at Hotelympia 2012

Daniel Fountain

One of the first 2012 diary dates for all in our sector is Hotelympia so do please come and visit Villeroy & Boch on stand N2019 where we will be delighted to show you around our product ranges on show.We will be celebrating NewWave’s birthday with some great new pieces and an extra 10% discount show offer.

We have added some new innovations to Stella, Marchesi and Cera and we would love to show these to you too.

CLICK HERE to register on the Villeroy & Boch Registration page with your chance to win one of three great prizes of £250 Gift Vouchers for 10in8 at L’Ortolan, Paris House, La Becasse or Angelique. Also register with Villeroy & Boch and we will email you a voucher to pick up a complimentary gift at the show.

Signbox: Invitation to the Surface Design Show 2012

Daniel Fountain

It’s just a couple of weeks now until the Surface Design Show at the Business Design Centre, where we will be promoting Signbox EG, our new digital print division.There will be a range of direct-to-surface printed media for the workplace on display as well as a collection of ‘smart surface graphics’ incorporating NFC (Near Field Communication).

This exciting technology also features in Enlighten – our revolutionary new smart poster system that delivers enhanced customer engagement through NFC proximity marketing.

For more information, or to see the products first hand, visit the Signbox stand number 400 at the 2012 Surface Design Show

7th – 9th February 2012
Business Design Centre, London.

If you would like a ticket for the VIP Preview Evening and save £15, please contact enquiries@signbox.co.uk or freephone 0800 970 1313

Work of Light from design-conscious

Daniel Fountain

Some new lighting products from Foscarini, available through UK distributor design-conscious, are definitely making a concerted move away from the tradition archetype of light fittings, where a table lamp must have a base and a shade and are moving more towards being designed as a work of art or sculpture. Obviously new light sources, and in particular LED, is breaking down the traditional barriers to shape the profile of lights that have previously been limited by bulky incandescent and even bulkier fluorescent sources.A beautiful example of utilising LED into a sculptural form is the new Anisha light designed by formidable design team of Studio Lievore Altherr Molina.

This table lamp conceals the LED light source on the underside at the top of the form. This relinquishes the need for a shade and the fluid organic shape of the body itself couldn’t be further from the standard lamp base. The openness of the shape casts a beautiful shadow whilst still effectively lighting the surface of the table. The design embraces the idea of the full and the empty; an object of nothingness, yet fulfilling its purpose with grace and style. Sculptural essence you will fall in love with at first sight.

To complete its minimal essence, the Anisha light has a touch switch integrated into its shape that responds to the simple touch of a finger. It is available in two sizes and two colours: white and red.

The inspiration behind the new Fold wall light designed by Odoardo Fioravanti is the ancient art of paper folding Origami.

Folding a sheet of paper means transforming a two dimensional entity into something 3 dimensional with just a simple gesture.

Fold is a simple form that conceals the light source whilst projecting a direct light upwards and reflecting light off the wall.

Fold is both a serviceable and decorative wall light, even when switched off. The light has a simple aesthetic that is highlighted by the pure white colour of the polycarbonate shade. Available with a choice of halogen or fluorescent source.

The Maki suspension light is also influenced by the simplicity of a sheet of paper. Designed by Nendo the inspiration came from rolling two sheets of paper together. The result is a form that resembles a seashell or a flower; a simple poetic shape.

The light is constructed from two sheets of aluminium, creating an effect that is dynamic yet soft.

While most of the light is cast directly downwards as a soft beam, a little light also filters through the edges, highlighting the curves, giving Maki a charming effect.

Position alone, in groups, or in linear compositions over tables and bar counters, Maki is available in white and grey in a satin finish.

For more information on our stylish lighting ranges, including Maki suspension light, please contact us. For project quantities of 50 lamps or more special colours can be accommodated to your specification. www.design-conscious.co.uk

Disney Imagineering Studio Select Panaz for Prestigious Project

Daniel Fountain

Panaz are very proud to announce the delivery of more than 12,000 metres of fabric for the prestigious Disney Hollywood hotel in Hong Kong.Working closely to a design brief formulated by the Disney Imagineering studio, Panaz were asked to interpret a range of designs showing the Disney theme and the ubiquitous Micky Mouse motifs.

The designs were closely monitored to provide the right impact and the correct ambiance for the hotels many child guests, whilst still appealing to parents. The designs produced are fresh original and accurately reflect the resorts image.

Whilst getting the designs right it was also necessary to provide the functional performance needed for such an environment. The essential qualities required included – anti microbial, Stain resistance and Fire retardancy, three very difficult qualities to apply.

In order to achieve this Panaz harnessed its latest ‘Shield technology’, an advanced nano technology formulated by Panaz and its business partners for use in healthcare environments.

For more information on Shield Technology please visit www.Panaz.com

Axminster Carpets awarded Royal Warrant

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Axminster Carpets has joined an elite group of companies to beawarded the Royal Warrant, a mark of recognition for the supply of goods and services to Her Majesty The Queen for a period of at least five years and adherence to stringent environmental requirements. Awarded to Axminster Carpets in the Queen’s Jubilee year and regarded as a symbol of excellence and quality, the Royal Warrant demonstrates the family-owned company’s manufacturing prowess that has seen it create a world-wide reputation for carpets of the highest quality.

“Being awarded the Royal Warrant is testament to our commitment to manufacturing carpets of the highest possible standard while also striving for exemplary service levels,” comments Josh Dutfield, Group Managing Director.“The Axminster Carpets brand is synonymous with quality, and the Royal Warrant is further evidence of our ability to meet the highest expectations.”

With its Devon manufacturing sites, Axminster Carpets is one of the few carpet companiesstill producing within the UK. The company also has the only fleece-to-floor operation, which sees the manufacturer source British wool and spin and dye its own yarn before the carpet manufacturing process begins.It is this attention-to-detail and complete control of the entire production process that sees the company regarded as one of the foremost carpet manufacturers operating today.

For further information telephone 01297 630650 or visit www.axminstercarpets.co.uk

The Trevira CS Club: stronger cooperation brings success

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In January the Heimtextil international trade fair took place in Frankfurt and for Trevira CS, its premium brand, Trevira presented a new marketing concept to top customers and trade press representatives. The fibre manufacturer from Germany will be supporting its customers even more strongly, with the aim to expand, on a global basis, their brand for permanently flame retardant textiles, which is particularly well known in the contract sector.Key aspects of the concept are new additional measures to protect the brand and to increase market awareness. The main focus, however, is on further improvement of the traditionally close relationships with customers, as Anke Vollenbröker, head of Marketing, explains: “Trevira CS stands as a trademark for the textile fabric and with every new collection it is our customers that give the brand significance. If we want to expand our product even more, then the best way to do this is to support our partners at the separate processing stages to bring their Trevira CS products to market successfully, and that means on a world-wide basis as well.”

The Trevira CS Club – the community of partners

At all stages of the supply chain there are a large number of suppliers who process flame retardant Trevira fibres, finish the yarns or manufacture and distribute Trevira CS textiles. Trevira is introducing a club model, on the one hand to reward particularly important, committed and dedicated partners for their loyalty, and on the other, to grow further business with flame retardant products. All companies that have a trademark contract and use the Trevira CS brand, belong to the “Trevira CS Club“, the members of which have the standard services of Trevira available to them. These include, for instance, the trademark test, IMO testing, technical support and trend advisory, product literature and certification, and also some participation in fabric catalogues. For top partners the Club model envisages award of Silver or Gold status, which can be gained on the basis of established criteria. The criteria do not reflect turnover alone, but also take account of such factors as loyalty, creativity or the international presence of the partner. Gold and/or Silver status are awarded in each case for one year.

Club members with this status may call on special additional services. The latter will cover a variety of measures, from fast track processing of trademark applications, to offers of participation at trade fairs, promotion of international projects and communication measures. Partners will be classified annually, so that other members of the community too will have the opportunity to acquire Gold or Silver status.

Gold and Silver members

The Gold and Silver members for 2012 were introduced on the occasion of a customer event at Heimtextil.

Silver members are
yarn manufacturers Spinnerei Lampertsmühle and Textilgruppe Hof (D), Selvafil (E), Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche and Torcitura Padana (I),
fabric makers Gebrüder Munzert, Pongs Technical Textiles, Rohleder and Spandauer Velours (D), Velours Blafo (F), Fiorete Group, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi, Lodetex and Pugi R.G. (I), Ludvig Svensson (S) as well as the converters Exclusive Wind Design (B), Höpke Möbelstoff-Handelsgesellschaft, Kupferoth Interiors, Schewe Textil and Zimmer + Rohde (D), Lelièvre (F), Panaz and Sekers Fabrics (UK).

Gold members include:

yarn manufacturers Fil Man Made Group and Torcitura Lei Tsu (I); fabric makers Müller-Zell, Schmitz-Werke and Verotex (D), Gaudium (NL), FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano (I), Dina Vanelli (TR) and Creation Baumann (CH) as well as the converters Sonnhaus (A), JAB Josef Anstoetz, Nya Nordiska Textiles and SAHCO Hesslein (D), Kvadrat (DK) and Kobefab International (NL).

In his address Trevira CEO Robert Gregan explained the aim of the new concept: “Working with our customers and partners we want to pool our strengths along the supply chain and exploit the growth potential lying in our strong brand and in the many creative products that are technically and qualitatively outstanding. We are investing in this potential“.

The brand seen from a customer’s perspective

Guest speaker Andreas Heydasch, CEO of Müller-Zell, reported on his experiences gained in 27 years of partnership with Trevira and explained why the brand Trevira CS is important from a manufacturer’s point of view: “With every problem we had solved and with every crisis we had mastered during these two and a half decades our trust in Trevira CS increased. We realized that Trevira CS helps us to be different from our competitors. The worldwide contract-market will continue to grow also in the future, and with our customers, partners and with Trevira we have excellent partners for this concept. We should be proud of our brand.”

Hamilton creates bespoke new role for Jim Berry

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Decorative electrical wiring accessories, audio and lighting controls manufacturer Hamilton Litestat has announced the appointment of new regional manager Jim Berry, who will work mainly with architects, designers and contractors in the London area across both residential and commercial markets. Hamilton created the new role especially for Jim, 31, who recently returned from the Middle East where he worked as a sales director in the electrical industry. He has expert knowledge of the whole supply chain having trained as an electrician and worked in wholesale and manufacturing. The new role with Hamilton involves working with contractors and consultants to tailor wiring accessory solutions for each project, drawing from Hamilton’s wide range of products and bespoke design service.

Jim will be able to meet clients at Hamilton’s dedicated space at The Building Centre in central London and will be primarily based out of the capital, where he lives.

“It’s fantastic to be joining a UK company with over 40 years’ experience supplying mainly British-made products,” said Jim. “What also really stood out for me is that Hamilton can provide a bespoke product design service for projects that require something unique. Whether it’s a particular function or visual design we can produce special products to meet our clients’ briefs, no matter how big or small. Meeting specifiers and answering these challenges is something I’m looking forward to doing with Hamilton.”

China bound for international Sleep Event

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Demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative bathroom solutions for hotels across the globe, Swiss manufacturer Laufen will have a strong presence at all three international Sleep Events, in Europe, China and India in 2012, starting in Shanghai in April.With China now the third most visited country in the world, the Chinese hotel market has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years and is projected to overtake Japan as the world’s second largest tourist market by 2013, with an 8% share of global tourists and the number of hotel rooms set to hit 6.1 million by 2025, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics. The Sleep Event China offers Laufen the opportunity to bring its luxury European brand to this rapidly expanding market.

With accreditation already in place from major international hotel groups including Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, and Palmerston Hotels/ Resorts, the Laufen brand assures high quality, innovative and reliable sanitaryware and furniture specifically designed with the hotel market in mind, coupled with a dedicated international sales team delivering the best possible service throughout the project.

On the back of the company’s extremely positive first outing to the Sleep Event Europe last year, Laufen’s stand at The Sleep Event China will be packed with designs and innovations that meet the needs of the hotel and its guests. Products on display will include Palace, a luxurious collection combining timeless design with maximum functionality. The range features an elegant washbasin with ceramic storage shelf and a co-ordinating WC, bidet, furniture and accessories. Also on show will be Laufen’s Living Square washbasin which is both stylish and practical, and like Palace can be fitted with a matching ceramic shelf below the basin, providing an open storage area. The washbasins in both of these ranges can also be cut-to-size at the Laufen factory to fit snugly into a recess.

“The Sleep Event and Laufen share an ambition: to offer inspiration in the design, development and architecture of hotels across the globe,” commented Laufen’s Director of Export and Project Sales, Russell Barnes. “As one of the leading hotel brands, Laufen will use the Sleep Event China to introduce its innovative and design-led hotel bathroom solutions to this emerging new market.”

Visit Laufen at The Sleep Event China, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 9 to 12 April 2012.

AEB (UK) LTD Secures 120 bedroom Holiday Inn Express Contract

Daniel Fountain

AEB (UK) Ltd has secured the manufacture and installation of a 120 bedroom Holiday Inn Express in Dunstable. The sample room has already been completed in January 2012 with the full Installation during February and March 2012.The company and its individuals have a vast experience of this brand which is constantly developing and evolving improving it all the time.

Declan Hodgson, AEB (UK) Ltd states, “We are very pleased that we have secured this project as we have a lot of previous experience working on Holiday Inn Express contracts and we hope to build on this now and in the future”

All the items are manufactured in the UK and to the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) design and brand standards. This coupled with the company having its own dedicated installation team will ensure the projects success.

Dernier & Hamlyn turns on the lights in Regent Street

Daniel Fountain

As part of The Crown Estate’s £1 billion investment to develop London’s famous Regent Street bespoke lighting specialists Dernier & Hamlyn restored and recreated light fittings in art deco style for the bars and restaurants in the recently completed mixed use development known as Quadrant 3. For Dernier & Hamlyn it was a complex project with the aim of producing light fittings that would help to take the bars and restaurants back to their original style when they were opened in 1915 as part of the Regent Palace Hotel which, at the time, was the largest hotel in Europe with 1028 bedrooms. Since then not entirely sympathetic changes had been made to the lighting and it was The Crown Estate’s intention to re-invoke the unique ambience of the hotel.

Established in 1888, Dernier & Hamlyn has a long and distinguished history in the design and manufacture of light fittings for commercial, historic and residential sites and worked closely with developers Stanhope and main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine at Quadrant 3 which was delivered four months ahead of schedule and under budget.

Based in South London many of the Dernier & Hamlyn team’s varied skills were utilised during this project. For example in the main restaurant three large oval lights made of cast aluminium and glass and eight u-shaped fittings required extensive renovation. Over the years various glass panels had been replaced leaving a mishmash of styles and designs which were removed and replaced, although they have been stored for heritage recording purposes.

In order to replace the glass sections Dernier & Hamlyn first had to produce a variety of straight and curved moulds to produce the various sizes and types of glass panels required which were then installed in the restaurant.

During restoration it was also discovered that the formerly beautiful mirrored columns had been plastered over. Dernier & Hamlyn’s skilled craftsmen have removed this aberration and refurbished the mirrors to their original peach shading to reflect and complement the restaurant’s updated historic lighting.

Dernier & Hamlyn’s joint managing director Jeremy Quantrill comments:
“This was an extremely demanding project but one that we are extremely proud to have been involved in. Helping to reinstate the hotel’s former splendour as part of this major historic restoration programme was very exciting and seeing the lights installed makes me extremely proud of our team and what they are capable of.”

Style Seating Launch DE14 Stacking Chair

Daniel Fountain

This cosmopolitan and elegant chair from Style Seating is ultra functional, lightweight and stackable for ease of storage. Available in a choice of upholstery and frame colours to enhance its surroundings, the DE14 is sure to be a winner and new for 2012!

To discover more, please visit our website.

Axminster Carpets Commercial exhibits at Hotelympia

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Axminster Carpets Commercial will be showing its new Revelry stock contract axminster range, Dunmore tufted stripe collection and the improved Ready to Weave online facility and service at this year’s Hotelympia.The manufacturer will also use the show to underline its position as one of the UK’s foremost hospitality and leisure carpet suppliers, showcasing its capabilities for high quality carpet suitable for everywhere from receptions, bars and restaurants through to meeting rooms and guest suites.

With the 80 strong Revelry stock collection providing specifiers with a wide portfolio of traditional and contemporary carpets, the Ready to Weave concept allowing recolouration of a huge design library in 32 different shades and a bespoke service, Axminster Carpets Commercial offers a complete solution for all hotel environments.

“We are using Hotelympia as a platform to showcase our talents for meeting the needs of specifiers no matter how big or small their project,” comments Richard Lawrence, head of marketing. “Whether owners refurbishing a few rooms to large hotels employing interior designers for a complete refit, Axminster Carpets Commercial has a solution that delivers excellent quality and great value, with the service and speed of UK-based manufacturing.”

Axminster Carpets Commercial is exhibiting in the Interiors & Technology zone on stand S2529.

For further information telephone 01297 630630 or e-mail commercial@axminster-carpets.co.uk

Frank Hudson unveils the spectacular Shakespeare bed at Interiors 2012

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Frank Hudson unveils the spectacular Shakespeare bed at Interiors 2012 at the NEC. The fourth generation family company has returned to its roots in designing and creating a highly detailed and hand carved four poster bed to showcase the carving skills and rich heritage of British furniture making.Perfectly proportioned to become a focal point in any, castle, hotel suite, or feature bedroom each bed is custom made to order. This bed must be seen to appreciate the quality and craftsman ship. It will be exhibited for the first time on Stand G6, Hall 1. Interiors 2012.

There is also a chance to win a sumptuous Chesterfield bed simply by leaving you business card at the stand.

Contact Keith Clarke, Frank Hudson Limited
07738 540287 or visit www.frankhudson.com

Hill Cross Furniture is pleased to present the Cristiana Range

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The stunning range from Hill Cross Furniture comprises side chairs, bar stools and armchairs which add to their already extensive portfolio of products.

The contemporary solid wood Cristiana collection is designed to create impact and style. There are eight design variations to choose from which will allow you to mix and match armchairs, side chairs and bar stools to create your desired look.

These chairs can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice and can be finished to match any wood sample.

This range would perfectly complement any dining area or hotel reception area.