Freed Veneers: Quietly Stepping Into The Future

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    Freed Veneers, established for over 35 years in the wood business, is proud to introduce the most innovative wood flooring product to date. At Freed Veneers we have always been cutting edge with new developments and technologies available to the wood industry. Now with its manufacturing partner Lèn Dilegno based in Italy we are excited to offer the third generation wood flooring product to the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern markets.This innovative product, allows for the expanded usage of wood flooring in areas which have traditionally been avoided. It is the only wood product to be internationally certified for use with radiant floor heating, and is the only wood product which can be used with cement adhesives. It is excellent for sound proofing and is easy and cost effective to install. It is also the only wood product with the capabilities of grouting the joints, which enables the application in wet areas and it is pre-finished with a water based finish. Lèn Dilegno has a wide selection of exotic and traditional wood species. It is available in various colors, sizes and formats and is available in floating and glue down applications.

    Lèn Dilegno is a natural, ecological and highly technical product which holds an international patent. This revolutionary product lends itself for use of both wall and floor coverings. The innovative process of stratifying and adhering several plies of real wood veneers achieves its incomparable stability. The exclusive and patented engineered backing is made up of a combination of recycled, ecological materials.

    In 2000 Gierre Tranciati received ISO 9001 certification, after which it also received FSC certification, an international ONG recognition granted to products made from wood that comes exclusively from ecologically controlled forests.

    Daniel Fountain / 29.05.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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