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    RHA Furniture already provide business lounge furniture for Regus in many locations across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa; this made them the natural partner to provide all of the furniture for their exhibition at the recent Business 2012 event at the O2 in South East London.At the exhibition Regus were promoting their business lounge services, with emphasis on mobile working facilities. Due to a growing number of people working whilst traveling or commuting, Regus has developed their services to include drop-in meeting rooms and business lounges; users simply buy a day pass or swipe a Regus Businessworld card to gain access to facilities whilst they are on the move.

    Anyone visiting Regus at the Business 2012 exhibition, would have been surrounded by RHA’s custom made furniture; people were sitting on high stools, working at Business Bars and ThinkPods, or simply relaxing in Easy Chairs.

    A range of new AV Retail Walls were designed especially for use at the new Regus drop-in facilities; one of these greeted visitors at the entrance to the exhibition and was successful in attracting attention. Its main feature was the video display screen, complimented by a blue strip of light running around its frame and walnut wood panels across the front, from which the printed literature was hanging.

    Several retail wall designs were developed and many of these units will be installed in the new mobile business lounge locations across Europe.

    For more details on custom made furniture please visit: rhafurniture.com

    Daniel Fountain / 23.04.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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