KOBE is awarded the 2012 Trevira CS Club gold membership

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    During a special award ceremony at the recently held Heimtextil international trade fair in Frankfurt Germany the company Trevira, worldwide acknowledged for its permanently flame retardant fibres and yarns, awarded KOBE with its 2012 Trevira CS Club Gold membership.Anke Vollenbröker, Head of Marketing, explains:
    ’The Gold and Silver Club Members gained their status on the basis of established criteria. The criteria does not reflect turnover alone, but also take account of such factors as loyalty, creativity or the international presence. Trevira CS stands as a trademark for the textile fabric and with every new collection our customers are giving the brand significance. If we want to expand our product even more, then the best way to do this is to support companies as KOBE to bring their Trevira CS products to market successfully, and that means on a world-wide basis as well.”

    Being a Trevira CS Club Gold member does not only offer KOBE the standard services available including, for instance, the trade mark test, IMO testing, technical support and trend advice, product literature and certification, and participation in fabric catalogues.

    KOBE may also call upon special additional services that cover a variety of measures, from fast track processing of trademark applications, to offers of participation at trade exhibitions and events, promotion of international projects and communications.

    Roger Duffhuis, Marketing and Sales Director at KOBE: ‘Trevira CS is for KOBE the premium brand for flame retartdant fabrics. End user and designer satisfaction is key to KOBE. With both we have build a strong reputation by developing ‘Trevira CS solutions’ based on superb performance, durability and unique aesthetics. The drive of Trevira CS to innovate and to set the standards for flame retardant fabrics has matched perfectly with KOBE’s position and ambition in the international contract market. Therefore we are looking forward to continuing teaming up with Trevira CS in a close working partnership’.

    Textiles that bear the trademark Trevira CS are permanently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term safety. From the fibre and flat filament yarn through to dyed textured yarns, Trevira is the only supplier in the world that offers the complete range of textile polyester products from the one source. Trevira CS products are suitable for home and household textiles, apparel, automotive interiors, hygiene textiles and technical applications.

    Daniel Fountain / 09.04.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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