Success for Frankled LED Products at ARC Show, London

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    Franklite officially launched the Frankled brand of decorative LED products at the recent ARC show in London and it was very well received.The products shown are uniformly lit decorative LED pendants containing dimmable gear, integral 3 hour emergency and presence / absence detection ensuring energy savings are optimized at all times. The saving can be up to 80% over tungsten lamps without compromising on aesthetics.

    Franklite are also launching the led13 Duo which is a viable LED alternative light source for chandeliers. The end result from these new products is a well lit hotel which costs less to light than the dull minimum wattage lamps so often used to minimize bills.

    The Frankled brand will have its European launch at Light and Building exhibition in Frankfurt in April.

    Full details of these new products can be obtained from Franklite and demonstrations can be arranged.

    Daniel Fountain / 15.03.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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