Fameed Khalique launches fabric collection by Pernille Holm

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    Fameed Khalique brings the unique and effervescent fabrics of Pernille Holm to the UK, adding an exciting dimension to his curated collection of distinctive and innovative surface materials for the interior design industry. Contrasts are very much at play in the works of Danish textile designer Pernille Holm. Her fabrics embody a dynamic dualism combining inspirations from nature and her affinity with cultural diversity, bringing the outside world into interiors.

    The colours, textures and surfaces in Pernille’s fabrics are inspired by her connection with the simplicity and serenity of Scandinavian and Greenlandic landscapes, but also reflect a deep veneration for the warm palette of the African continent where she spent her childhood. This combination allows Pernille to channel her impressions of the world through vibrant, electrifying fabrics.

    Pernille Holm effortlessly masters many different working techniques and has an intuitive feel for the full potential of her materials, enabling her to venture into experimentation with unconventional substances, such as sand, stone or broken glass.

    One of Pernille’s methods is to create textiles with three-dimensions as a result of the interaction between the materials, their textures and colours. The result is always a personal and organic expression, one that creates a fascinating tactility and a connection between exterior and interior impressions of space.

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    Daniel Fountain / 16.04.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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