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    Leading UK shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, have given their enclosures and bath screens the ultimate in glass protection by adding Roman Ultra Care pre-coating to their products. This is a unique glass protection system that has been designed to work in tandem with their award-winning Roman Ultra Care in a bottle.Roman were one of the early adopters of glass protection technology, originally launching this back in 2001. Since then the company have progressed their offer in a number of ways and have been using Roman Ultra Care in a bottle, which won the House Beautiful award for best cleaning product back in 2009. Roman believes Ultra Care is the most durable system on the market as it can be maintained and topped up on an on-going basis by the consumer.

    The shower manufacturer have now taken this glass protection one step further by adding Ultra Care pre-coating as standard to every Roman enclosure and bath screen, from each of their ranges (including their sister company Haven’s products).

    Roman has developed a glass protection system that is designed to become stronger and more effective over time. Unlike most other glass protection systems, the pre-coat can be maintained with Roman Ultra Care in a bottle – this builds up the coating every time you clean. Many other pre-coated glass protection systems diminish in their effectiveness over time, depending on how often the shower is used and how often it is cleaned.

    Roman Ultra Care pre-coat and Ultra Care in a bottle work by creating a chemical barrier that provides protection against the build-up of grime, lime scale and stains. The protective barrier means water glides off the glass with ease. This results in the protected surface remaining easy to clean by simply applying a mild detergent and wiping with a damp cloth.

    By topping up the protection of the pre-coat, the life of the Roman product will be considerably prolonged. The use of the glass protection system also eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and cleaning products during the cleaning process which is beneficial to the environment.

    To ensure your glass protection is given a kick-start, Roman also includes a complimentary starter bottle of Ultra Care in the box, with any purchase from their Sculptures, Desire or Orbital Ranges.

    David Osborne, Managing Director at Roman commented: “Roman Ultra Care is an award winning bathroom protector and it has a 10 year track record for successfully protecting our extensive product range. The addition of the pre-coating is just the next step in the protection of the enclosure – it gives guaranteed glass protection from day one. Being a UK manufacturer we have the flexibility to easily add additional features to our products. The pre-coating is now added during the manufacturing process on our factory flow lines. We are pleased to offer this fantastic feature with no additional cost for our customer or the end user.”

    Daniel Fountain / 20.02.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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