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    The specification of sanitaryware and furniture for the bathroom is unquestionably a crucial element of the overall design of the space but getting it right should not be at the detriment of being creative, according to leading bathroom manufacturer Laufen.“All of our ranges from the top down are the work of designers and architects so they are created with a great deal of empathy and understanding. We want hotel designers to take our products and realise their potential,” comments Laufen’s Manager for Global Projects, Ilker Hussein.

    “We provide products that empower designers to push the boundaries in order to make the hotel guest feel enlightened. People want to be challenged and the very best reaction designers can hope for is that guests end their visit thinking ‘I would love to create this look at home’, “What a great idea”. That’s when you know you’ve got it spot on.”

    Indeed, much successful creative design in the hotel sector has cascaded down to the domestic bathroom with just a few strong examples of this being wall-hung sanitaryware, wall-hung furniture and wetrooms. The reason for this is simple – because these designs work on many different levels and inspire people to re-create the look in their own homes. “If it’s a good design that works well then people will want to emulate it,” comments Ilker.

    Good design cascades upwards too, with the trend for colour in the domestic bathroom now being emulated in the hotel environment. Laufen’s Il BagnoAlessi One sanitaryware, for example, is now available in a warm velvety grey finish as well as the standard white, and our Pro furniture which is available in some 38 different colour options, enabling designers to get really creative.

    As well as creativity, the other major consideration for hotel designers is the issue of sustainability – another requirement that is more than met by Laufen. Take, for example, the Il BagnoAlessi One collection first introduced in 2002, with recent additions ensuring it as fresh and contemporary as any award-winning line. Yes, sustainability means opting for low-flush cisterns and water-saving brassware, but just as crucially it is also about how a design looks and ensuring it won’t need replacing in five years’time because it looks dated.

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    Daniel Fountain / 30.05.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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